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Chapter 1: Trying Out Talking with Demonic Beings – Part 2


Part 2

Although there was a decrease in Adventurers that accepted quests, bathing at a place that was used for harvesting medicinal plants was bad──Because of that, they moved a bit further downstream.
They found a convenient sandbank. At the inner part where the river curved, there was an arched portion where sand and gravel piled up.
Since the river’s current was more gentle on the inner part than the outer part, it was just right for bathing.
Also because the sandbank was lower than the surroundings, it didn’t seem like they needed to worry about being seen in their swimsuit appearances.
「……Nn? The swimsuits?」
「What’s wrong, Diablo?」
He was asked that by Shera who was tilting her head.
「You two, do you not have swimsuits?」
「What’s, that?」
「……”Swimsuit”, is it? Is that some kind of tool?」
「Will the two of you enter the water while still wearing your clothes? Thought that might be good since you will also be doing your laundry as well.」
Shera laughed at Diablo’s words.
「Ahaha, if we did that, we’d catch a coldー」
「……That’s true. Our clothes would also be damaged.」
Shera placed her equipment on the sandbank. They were the gathered medicinal plants, her bow and arrows, and a small pouch that had small change and Summoned Beast crystals inside.
She started to loosen the string of her clothes.
「Since we’re taking a bath, of course we’ll be naked, you know, Diablo?」
「……This is also, one of the reasons why I do not like bathing. Parting with my equipment in front of another person.」
「We’re not just other people, we’re companionsー」
「Good grief……」
Although Rem shrugged her shoulders, she didn’t deny it.
She also put down her equipment, and undid the hook on her backside.
Diablo started pouring sweat for a reason other than the heat.
So there were no swimsuits in this world!? That’s strange! In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, even swimsuit equipment was implemented normally!
He went into a slight panic.
Without showing any particular signs of embarra.s.sment, Shera took off her hunter’s clothes. *Purun* Her abundant chest shook.
Rem was blushing, but, covering her small chest, she took off her lightweight armor. There were small pink spots on her well-shaped bulging mounds.
As if he had been struck on the tip of his nose, Diablo bent backwards.
「……Is something wrong, Diablo?」
「Are you alright? Did something happen?」
The two of them made worried looking faces.
Rather, he questioned if the two girls were alright.
「N, nwell……Aren’t chu guys embarra.s.shed?」
He reflexively showed his true self.
Rem hid her stomach with her other hand.
「……Th, that is not something that should be said. Other places aside, taking off one’s clothes in when bathing is only natural. Not looking at another person’s body even if you can see it is proper manners.」
「That’s right, that’s right. Things like being a pettanko (flat-chested) despite being a Pantherian, saying stuff like that is a breach of manners, you know?」
「Haー!? How could you say that, you b.o.o.bs Elf!」
「So mean!?」
While they were quarreling, the two of them started undressing their lower halves.
Shera put her fingers on her shorts, and Rem did so for her spats──could they be called that? Since this world didn’t have anything like elastic polyurethane textile, was it cotton? Or could it be clothes that were made from magic like raw materials. In any case, she grabbed hold of her spats.
They brought them down.
Their rounded a.s.ses, and the girls’ secret places were──Before he was about to see them, Diablo turned his back to them.
This was the first time since he came to this world that his heart pounded this much.
He might die from a heart attack.
If he had a personality where he could still behave unreservedly even after seeing a girl’s nakedness, or was able to stare while being l.u.s.tful, he probably would have had a slightly different life.
──Haa, I really am incompetent, aren’t I.
While he was sighing in his mind, he pa.s.sed the situation off with his words.
「I do not like whimsical things such as bathing. The two of you should clean off your smell by yourselves.」
The two matched each other’s voices.
「I don’t stink, you know!?」
「I do not stink!」
In any case, Diablo turned his back to them.
Only the rustling sound of the flowing stream, and the voices of the girls could be heard.
Rem had a sigh mixed in with her voice.
「……Thanks to you, my image has been terribly ruined. I wipe down my body everyday and I won’t smell even if I do sweat a bit. A Pantherian’s sweat doesn’t smell.」
「Is that true!?」
「……It, it doesn’t smell, and it is not at all salty.」
「Hehー, let’s see, let’s see?」
「Hyah!? What are you licking that place for!?」
「Fumu fumu, true, it isn’t salty……Maybe? Hehー, why is that?」
「……I absolutely won’t tell you the reason.」
「I wonder if Elves are the same. Rather, we don’t sweat all that much. We’d be exposed when hiding in the forest if we gave off a smell after all.」
「……We Pantherians are the same. Our ancestors seemed to have hunted in the plains.」
「Is that soー. Want to try licking my sweat too?」
「Bah!? I do not have that kind of hobby.」
「Then, I’ll just lick you.」
「Stop it, not a second time!」
*Bashan!* There was the sound of water.
「Ahー, you dove into the water.」
「Fufun, with this, my sweat has washed away.」
「I’ll also, dive inー!!」
There was another sound of water.
*Basha basha* They were moving violently.
「Why, are you clinging on to me!?」
「Ehehe! You see, in the Elven country, whenever everyone took a bath, they would hug each other close like this, or chase after each otherー. But since I was the princess, I always washed my body in a place separate from everyone else……」
「……I see……Hyauh!? Why did you rub my b.u.t.t!?」
「I’ve thought this before, but, Rem, you’ve got a lot of muscle.」
「You just have way too much flab even though you’re an Elf!」
「It isn’t flab! It’s only in my b.r.e.a.s.t.s, you know!? Look! Look, look! My stomach is nice and slim, and my waist is the same!」
「Kuh……This is! It’s all just flab!」
「Hyan! If, if you do that so roughly……Nnn……If, if you don’t do it gently……Don’tt.」
「Why you, this! This flab is!」
「Fuaun! Nn, nnn!」
While hearing the *basha basha* sound of water and Shera breathing heavily through her nose, Diablo started to feel that it was unbearable.
──Wouldn’t it be alright for me to look for a bit?
It’s not like he was told to “not look”.
If it was only a moment’s glance……
While pretending to look around at the surroundings, Diablo sent his eyes to his back and peeked behind him.


Shera’s scream resounded.
「Wah! Sorr……ッ!?」
No, this urgent sounding scream, something’s wrong!
Diablo was about to apologize, but he noticed that something was strange.
Rem shouted.
「Th, this guy is……Could it be, are you a Demonic Being!?」


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