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Prologue – Part 1

Vol. 3 Ill.u.s.trations | Table of Contents | Next Part

Part 1

The base that was the foremost line in the western edge of the Lifelia Kingdom──Fortress City Faltra.
To the north, there was a series of impenetrable mountain ranges, and to the south, there was the large Seplia Lake. The forest that spread out on the eastern bank of that lake was called the 《Kohigashi Forest》. The 《Kohigashi Forest》 was located to the southeast from Faltra City.
Unlike the dangerous western bank, since it was technically the Races’ territory, the possibility of encountering Demonic Beasts and Demonic Beings was low, and not many large beasts came out either.
In this world, it seemed to be used as a moderate hunting ground of the townspeople.
In the game it was “a place to earn experience points by Players that finally managed to somehow arrive at Faltra”.

Lifelia Kingdom date, Year 164, Month 6, Day 8──
Diablo’s group had come to the 《Kohigashi Forest》.
More than one week had pa.s.sed since they had fought the Elves and Feudal Lord Galford near here. Diablo had already recovered from his own physical conditions (like his MP consumption).

Sunlight came shining through the gaps of the many trees.
There was the sound of birds chirping.
It was filled with the scent of gra.s.s and earth.
Diablo crossed his arms, leaned his back on a standing tree──and gazed at Rem and Shera.
Shera was drawing a figure on the ground using white sand.
「Is this alright?」
「……It’s considerably sloppy but……Since this is your first time, let’s leave it at that.」
Though Rem frowned, she allowed it.
Shera waved her hands, flapping them about.
「It isn’t my first time~. Since I summoned Diablo, this is my second time, isn’t it?」
「……At that time, the one that had drawn the magic formation was me.」
She breathed a sigh.
Rem Galeu was a short young Pantherian girl, and the panther ears on her head, her long and narrow tail, and her hair that went down to her waist were all a beautiful black color.
Normal Pantherians had orange colored hair and their ears and tails were colored with amber as the basis, but Rem was one of the black panther colored ones.
A 《Slavery Choker》 was attached to her neck.
Although some childishness was left behind, her looks were beautifully arranged, and her almond-shaped eyes and her tightly closed mouth made one feel the strength of her determination.
The one that that Rem was coaching was the newbie Shera on being a Summoner.
Shera L. Greenwood was an Elf. Having slender limbs that were long, and torsos that were also thin. Hair that was like melted gold, and cerulean blue pupils that were like the ocean──they were a race that was beautiful enough to be called the closest to the Divine Beings, and moreover, she was a the princess.
It’s not exactly because of that, but the breast that should have normally been moderate, in Shera’s case, was very abundant. Even though she was wearing the typical hunter’s clothing, it looked like it was about to burst, and if that wasn’t already enough, her cleavage was emphasized.
「Ermm, so I just have to place this crystal at the center of the magic formation, right?」
「Be sure not to step on the lines.」
「I know that……Ah!?」
「J, just barely! It’s alright!」
Ahaha. Shera laughed so as to pa.s.s off her blunder.
When she slouched down and was working, the two bulges on her chest swayed, going “tayun tayun”.
Having involuntarily stared at them, Diablo hastily averted his eyes.
──A Demon King wouldn’t get their eyes stolen away by cleavage!
Diablo was a man that had an outward appearance of having sinister horns growing from his head. He was a Demon that had birthmarks on his face and body that looked like tattooes. Ever since he was summoned, he claimed that he was a “Demon King of another world”.
However, his pompous and br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence att.i.tude, all of it was a Demon King role play. In reality, if he didn’t act out this role play, he would have a communication disorder where he wouldn’t be able to sufficiently talk.
「Hmph……Even though Chemical Elemental Magic is much stronger than something like a Summoned Beast.」
「That’s because, Diablo, you are special~.」
Shera pouted.
Rem also had the same opinion about this.
「……Even if we were to use Chemical Elemental Magic, I’m sure we wouldn’t produce enough power to defeat a Demonic Being like you would, Diablo. Besides, in battle, a Summoned Beast can act as a shield.」
「Well, it’s fine. Hurry up and finish the ritual. After all, no matter what abilities you try to gain, in the end, it will be towards battle.」
Shera nodded looking delighted.
At her feet, there was a figure drawn with white sand. With several circles as the foundation, there were symbols and letters inlaid.
Rem once again started lecturing.
「Listen well, this magic formation──each and every component of it holds significance, it arranges the flow of magical power, and it is the key to causing a precise phenomenon in the world. 」
「……The time, place, magic formation, incantation,……and above all, the pract.i.tioner’s magical power and concentration are important. What takes place by having all of these things together is 《Ritual Magic》 and the 《Summon Magic》 that you are trying to do this time.」
「That’s pretty, bothersome, isn’t it~.」
「Even though it seems like it, this is the basic of the basics. Although you only have to throw the crystal when using a Summoned Beast to call it out, and things like Chemical Element Magic’s 《Aria Magic》 can be used only by putting it into words, 《Ritual Magic》 requires much preparation. Incidentally, things that are activated with only the magic formation are called 《Formation Type Magic》. Since it isn’t suited for battle, Adventurers don’t use it, but since they can act as a Dungeon’s traps──」
「Don’t go falling asleep.」
*Peshi peshi* Rem hit Shera’s head.
──So that’s how it is treated.
Diablo recorded that in his mind’s 『Other World Version Cross Reverie Walkthrough Memo Book』.
Since 《Ritual Magic》 and 《Formation Type Magic》 were only seen in events in the game, Players didn’t have the option to use them.
That’s why, even if he saw them produced in the movies, this was the first time he saw the finer preparation work for it.
Naturally, in exchange for the labor taken to make it, one could expect a much greater effect from 《Ritual Magic》 than other techniques.
Rem gave the instructions, and Shera stood in front of the magic formation.
「……It might be hard to understand but──summoning a Summoned Beast from another world through a ritual is called 《Summoning Magic》. And then enslaving what appears is the 《Slavery Ceremony》, and through this, the Summoned Beast is turned into a crystal.」
「Come to think of it, Diablo wasn’t turned into a crystal, was he?」
「That’s because he isn’t a Summoned Beast, but a Demon King of another world……Also, the 《Slavery Ceremony》 was reflected after all.」
「Then, we’re the ones that are going to be turned into crystals!?」
「……I haven’t tested it out but……I haven’t heard stories of people of the Races being turned into crystals. In terms of magic, the 《Slavery Choker》 is something similar, so it might be better to think of being turned into crystals as “a Summoned Beast’s ability”.」
「Is that how it is?」
「When a Summoned Beast is brought out from a crystal, the Summoner’s magical power is consumed. With Diablo being here, is our magical power being consumed?」
「Ah, it’s not.」
「Going by that fact, Diablo is a Demon King of another world, and not a Summoned Beast──that is clear. Well, me being the Summon Master is an unshakable fact though.」
Once again, they quarrelled about “which one of them had summoned him” but……since they had gotten used to it recently, they immediately got back on topic.
Diablo made a sigh of relief in his mind.
Immediately after he had been summoned to this other world, he was fearful of whether or not he would be turned into a crystal.
To tell the truth, Diablo wasn’t a Demon King of another world, but simply an invalid gamer that only acted as a Demon King in the game……
At this point, it was embarra.s.sing and he wasn’t able to reveal it. It was a secret that he absolutely needed to keep hidden.
Rem explained a point.
「Calling out a crystallized Summoned Beast is also called 《Summon Magic》. Both enslaving them and setting them to work, it’s all a chain of magic after all.」
「Fumu fumu. It’s like how going to a restaurant and putting food into your mouth are both “having a meal”.」
「……That’s a good comprehension of it, considering it’s you.」
With a *Fufun!*, Shera puffed out her chest.
「Then, why don’t we hurry up and try out doing the 《Summon Magic》!?」
「Right……Please pour in magical power into the magic formation.」
「Un! Teyah!」
「You don’t need to shout.」
「Nn~, come to think of it, I did practice it with Rem, didn’t I.」
Shera smiled with a broad grin, and wiggled her fingers about.
Rem’s face went red.
「I-if you keep saying such stupid things, I won’t teach you anymore, got that!?」
Remembering that, on a night a few days ago, the two girls did it while playing around, even Diablo blushed.
He cleared his throat so as to pa.s.s it off.
「Eei, hurry up and do it. I don’t have time to spare!」
Though, to tell the truth, he didn’t have any quests and was just idling about at the inn……
Shera nodded.
「Un, I’ll have a go at it!」
She thrust her hand out near the magic formation.
The figure drawn with white sand burned as if oil had just been set on fire. However, the color of the flames was green.
Heat couldn’t be felt.
Was this a torrent of magical power?

Rem muttered.
「……The Race of Elves possess the attribute of “Wind”, but the magical power of Shera herself might be suited to the “Fire” attribute.」
Diablo held interest. From the start, he was into the Fantasy MMORPG enough to make him lose his footing in real life. His interest in that type of topic was strong.
「Do the people of this world carry an attribute by the moment of their birth?」
「Yes. However, there are cases where the attribute changes when an incident that can change one’s mental state is experienced. This is only my impression but……I believe that the attribute of magical power responds to the state of one’s mind. Severe feelings are of the Fire attribute.」
「Severe, is it?」
He didn’t get the impression of severe from the Shera that was usually bubbly laughing.
「Throwing away her position of princess, and casting aside both her family and hometown to go out travelling all alone──I cannot call that anything but severe.」
「Fumu, that certainly is true. That being said, are you the same?」
「……I am “Earth”. To begin with, Pantherians are of the Earth attribute, but my current state of mind is, of endurance.」
「I see……」
So the mind of Shera, who had rushed out from the Greenwood Kingdom that didn’t allow her freedom, was a severe “Fire”.
And Rem, who was made into the cage that sealed the soul of Demon King Krebskrem, was an enduring “Earth”.
「From what you can see, what of me?」
「Ah, no, of course, a Demon King is one that cannot be measured on the same scale as those of the Races, but I have grown an interest in the impression that lesser people have from seeing me. I allow it, tell me of your diagnosis.」
His real intention was that he “had a keen interest in Rem’s attribute diagnosis”, but a Demon King that asked other people about himself wasn’t cool. That’s why he pompously enquired about it with his Demon King role play.
Rem started thinking with a “Fuumu”.
「……Demons possess the “Darkness” attribute……Ah, of course, Diablo, although you are a Demon King, since you have a similar appearance, you might also be similar in attribute. Before, when we were doing the level judgement at the Adventurer’s Guild, the mirror became pitch black. Thinking back to that time, you really might be of the Darkness attribute, don’t you think?」
「That’s true.」
When speaking of Demon Kings, the Darkness attribute comes to mind. If one of the other attributes were to be said, the image would be a bit different.
「……However, the state of mind of the Darkness attribute is, deception……That’s what I believe.」
「Diablo, could it be that you have a large secret……and……no, it’s nothing. It’s simply something like fortune-telling. To begin with, generally cla.s.sifying the complex and multifarious minds of people into the six attributes is a rude story after all.」
Rem wryly smiled looking ashamed.
Diablo also smiled, looking like he was composed.
In his mind, his heart was throbbing, thinking if his Demon King role play was seen through.
Their idle talk was suspended, and they looked over at Shera.
She continued to pour magical power into the magic formation with zeal.
Rem nodded.
「……It’s vexing, but Shera seems to have talent for this. Even though this is her first time, the gate to another world is stable.」
「What kind of Summoned Beast will be called out?」
「That, depends on luck.」
It being a luck gacha is the same as the game.
Going through harsh troubles and gathering the raw materials for the sake of a summoning, and once it was tried out, it was a low cla.s.s Summoned Beast……He had often heard of such stories. In the case of the walkthrough site, the comment fields of the rare Summoned Beasts were filled with screams of 『It’s not coming out』,『Not implemented yet』, and 『Tsuchinoko』.
Rem leaned forward.
「It’s come.」
*Gou!* Wind was rolling, and it blew at the magic formation that was clad in bluish-white flames. The white sand was whirled up, and concealed their field of vision.
On the other side of that, the silhouette of a Summoned Beast was floating.
「I did it!」
Shera shouted.


Prologue – Part 2

Previous Part | Table of Contents | Interlude

Part 2

It was a Summoned Beast that had a size of about a basketball.
It looked like a rotund and stout turkey. It had black feathers, and possessed a tail that that looked like a folding fan. Flapping its wings, it was slowly flying.
Its black round eyes were repeatedly blinking.
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……That is a 《Turkey Shot》.」[1]
「So cute! This, this! This is the kind of thing that I wanted!」
Shera was letting out a smile looking delighted.
「……As your first practice use, it might be just right.」
「Is it? This, what does it do?」
「……Putting it plainly, it isn’t a strong Summoned Beast. Among those of the Wind attribute, I believe it is one of the weakest. Probably at the same level as the 《Sprite of Wind》……If it’s only about fighting strength, it’s inferior.」
「It’s Skill is something called “Shared Vision”. It’s an ability where you yourself are able to see the things that the Summoned Beast sees.」

「Ah, isn’t that pretty handy?」
「Do you really think that it would be useful in reconnaissance? Since it consumes magical power, it can’t be used for long periods of time. Though, it might be handy at times when you’ve lost your way……」
「So vague.」
Shera made a dispirited looking face.
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「Although there are various Summoned Beasts out there, in the end, the ones that are st.u.r.dy and high in offensive ability are strong.」
「I see……」
「What will you do? You don’t really need to go all the way up to the 《Slavery Ceremony》, you know?」
「No. Since its a Summoned Beast that went through the trouble of coming out, I’ll contract it.」
Shera pulled out a gem from her waist pouch.
It was white.
Diablo c.o.c.ked his head in puzzlement. He hadn’t seen that in the game.
「What is that?」
「Nn? I don’t really get it, but it kind of seems to be needed?」
Rem frowned at Shera’s reply.
「……I had properly explained it to you yesterday. That is a 《Contract Magic Gem》. It is utilized in the 《Slavery Ceremony》.」
「Yeah, that’s right, I, I remember that, you know?」
So there was something like that. In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there wasn’t anything like the 《Slavery Ceremony》. Was it because it was too verbose in terms of game production that it was omitted?
Or maybe, there might be a different reason──The 《Slavery Magic》 that enslaves Summoned Beasts seems to be of the same nature as the 《Slave Magic》 that turns people of the Races into slaves. It’s likely that, even in that magic, 《Contract Magic Gems》 are also used.
In the game, components related to slaves were thoroughly eliminated.
Rem held out a white gem.
「……Diablo, although you seem to have no interest in Summoned Beasts, it might prove useful in the investigation on removing our 《Slavery Chokers》. I believe that if one is a Magician, it would be good to hold onto at least one.」
「That’s true. It’s not like it is something that will get in the way either.」
Diablo accepted the 《Contract Magic Gem》.

Shera recited a short spell.
「……By the name of Shera L. Greenwood, I command thee. Answer to me, belong to me, obey me.」
And then, she opened her thin cherry blossom colored lips, and held the white magic gem in her mouth.
The Summoned Beast 《Turkey Shot》 descended towards the ground, and then became quiet as if it were sleeping.
On its head, *Chon*──Shera put her lips on it.
From near her lips, a faint red radiance shined through. Did the 《Contract Magic Gem》 shine?
*Jii* Shera stared at the Summoned Beast.
On the 《Turkey Shot》’s neck, a black light coiled about.
*Vuun*……A low pitched tone that would remain in one’s ears resounded. A *Gachi!* sound that was similar to the sound of something being locked followed after.
It was the same as before when the 《Slavery Chokers》 were attached to Rem and Shera.
However, what was attached to the 《Turkey Shot》 was a small choker that matched its thin neck. Because its feathers were thick, it was mostly hidden.
Shera’s eyes were shining, and she looked this way.
Rem nodded.
「It was a success.」
「I did it!」
「Fufu……It’s great that there wasn’t a magic reflection.」
「Ueh~. I wouldn’t want to be enslaved to a 《Turkey Shot》!」
The girls started laughing.
Diablo also expressed a smile as if he had gotten hooked into it.

Suddenly, he remembered some information on the walkthrough site.
「……About that 《Turkey Shot》……Since you can also use the bow, it might make for an interesting combination, you know?」
「There is a way of using it like a UAV[2] and Sniper combination in FPSs, that’s what the walkthrough site had……」
「Eh? Eh?」
Not only Shera, even Rem was bewildered. That was only natural. There was no way they would know of that terminology. He redid his explanation.
──Though, I the things possible in the game might not necessarily be possible in this world as well.
Diablo separated a bit from the two, and placed a copper coin in the gap of some undergrowth.
「Are you able to see the coin from over there?」
「In that case, try having that Summoned Beast fly over.」
Shera nodded and concentrated.
「Erm……Go take a look!」
The 《Turkey Shot》 that had received an order flapped its wings and flew up.
It was certainly was dull.
However, even if it were to be shot down, there would be no damage to the pract.i.tioner.
Shera opened her eyes wide.
「Wawah! I’m flying! Ah, I see it!」
「If you can tell the location, wouldn’t you be able to hit it with an arrow as well?」
「Leave it to me!」
With movements that had no hesitation, she took out an arrow from the back of her waist. At the same time, she prepared the bow that she carried on her back.
Without looking like she took aim at anything, the arrow that was fired into the sky with a pop──
drew a parabola, and fell near Diablo.
To the copper coin that was placed in the gap of some undergrowth.
It was shot exactly in the center.
「I did it!」
In the game, there was a specification where it wasn’t possible to set one’s sights on an opponent that one couldn’t directly see in their field of vision. However, when the field of vision is expanded through the Summoned Beast 《Turkey Shot》, it is possible to make them an attack target by knowing where they are from the sky.
Even in reality, as long as the location was known, the rest depended on their skill with the bow.
Rem raised a voice of astonishment.
「How could this be……!? I had never thought that there was such a way of using it……. As expected of you, Diablo. Even though you come from another world, to think that you would possess knowledge deeper than our own.」
「Hmph, it’s simply something I realized after thinking about it a little. I am a Demon King after all.」
In reality, he only remembered a bit of material of a walkthrough page. There were millions of Cross Reverie Players. With that many of them, there would be eccentric ones among them──and it seemed that there were some that went through trial and error to see if there was a way to use the 《Turkey Shot》 that everyone treated as a failure.
Rather, Diablo was in admiration to something different.
It was Shera’s skill in the bow and arrow.
With that way of firing that could only be seen as her shooting randomly, to think that she could shoot through the coin. It seemed like Shera’s true ability as an Archer was at a considerably high level.
He extracted the arrow that was stuck in the ground. The copper coin that it had gone through was split right in half.
Shera came rushing over.
「Thank you, Diablo! I, I thought this……might be a bit of a failure, but now I’m extremely pleased with this child!」
He wasn’t accustomed to being shown grat.i.tude. To hide his embarra.s.sment, Diablo coldly averted his eyes.
「Is, is that so……」
「Ehehe, I’m going to practice a lot and raise my level!」
「……Practicing is good and all but……Wouldn’t the thing that is going to rise with that practice be your Archer level?」
Shera received a shock from Rem’s sharp tsukkomi.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Not sure if I translated that correctly. Original: ターキーショット
[2] Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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