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Chapter 1 – Part 4

「……《Magic Reflection》 is a tremendous ability but……I won’t accept it. This kind of thing.」
「Same here! I don’t want to be enslaved to a summoned beast!」
Rem and Shera shouted.
Tak.u.ma thought.
——I have a feeling that leaving these two dissatisfied like this is going to be bad.
Right now, Tak.u.ma had succeeded in enslaving the two.

However, Cross Reverie’s 《Slavery Ceremony》 was, in the first place, vocabulary that appeared in the setting explanation, and was not the kind of magic that players could use as they like with the proper timing.
The powerful existences in the world that were summoned beasts were, from their standpoint, creatures whose motive was to do as they were told by a small race of people, and did so, that was what their settings were made to be.
Summoned beasts were 『creatures that wouldn’t disobey in a game-like way』.
That’s why, things regarding the 《Slavery Ceremony》’s effect range and limitations have become obscure details. At the very least, suddenly waving a standard of revolt——that kind of method didn’t exist.
The place that he was in, appeared to be a reality that was very similar to Cross Reverie. It was probably a different world kind of thing. As long as this wasn’t a dream……
In this other world, just what kind of effect did the thing called the 《Slavery Ceremony》 have?
——By some possibility, could there be a way to cancel the summoning?
If there is, that would be bad.
In regards to the game, summoned beasts were changed into items when they didn’t make an appearance and were in the player’s possessions.
——What kind of state would “becoming an item” be?
Going by the game’s visuals, a summoned beast would become a crystal. He didn’t think that things would end safely with him becoming a crystal.
While they had the slavery chokers attached, he should give the order to reject the item-ification.
——First of all, I’ll try asking if the enslavement could be called off.
「Oi, you guys, can you not even cancel the magic that you used yourselves?」
The two that were shouting at each other simultaneously looked this way.
Rem squinted her eyes.
「……If we could, we would have done it already. Since it’s normally a magic that doesn’t get cancelled, we don’t know how to undo it. If we go into town, we might be able to find a way but……Or maybe……If the master were to die, the enslavement would be undone.」
His voice slightly shook. Even though he had cultivated his Demon King role play for many years, countering with a 『Hou』 was the most that he could do.
However, it seemed to have been effective. Rem had shrunk away.
「……That is only about the method. If we had the strength to defeat you, there’d be no meaning in going out our way to summon you. We understand……that it would be impossible to defeat you like that.」
It was, a frightened voice.
Due to the Demon King role play up until now and having shown a reflection of magic, for Rem and Shera, Tak.u.ma seemed to be projected as a “considerably strong being”.
Because of that, the trembling of his voice, was probably interpreted as “being angry”.
He was relieved that his original self did not show through.

——Is the current me, strong?

Certainly, 《Magic Reflection》 had activated but, the only thing that was taken from the game world was the equipment……there was that kind of possibility.
The in-game Tak.u.ma had reached the maximum level of 150, mastered various elements of magic, walked around to do research, and was altogether the strongest 『Demon King』.
However, without the menu window and shortcut icons and being in a condition where he couldn’t operate with a mouse and keyboard, there was a possibility where he can’t use magic in the first place.
No, even if he could use magic……
——If the average level of this world isn’t anywhere close 150, it would be bad.
In other words, what he needed to ascertain was his relative strength. Compared to another person or a monster, just how strong was he?
There was a need to see the people of this world’s——in other words, these two’s reactions.
「Oi, you guys.」
The Elf maiden pouted her lips.
「Argh! Stop it with calling us with that “you guys”! It’s because I have the name of the Genius Summoner Shera L. Greenwood, after all!」
——Nn? Greenwood?
It was a surname that he felt that he had seen somewhere in the setting doc.u.ments collection. It was on the tip of his tongue.
But, it didn’t come.
「Hmph……At present, “you guys” is enough. Don’t anger me with too much pointless talk.」
「Uuugh……I, I get it.」
It seemed that it would be a long time before the Demon King role play’s effect would fade away.
However, a day will definitely come where he will have to display his true strength. He needed to quickly confirm his ability.
Since Starfall Tower was only a place for summoning, it was narrow.
He couldn’t help but worry about if he was too weak or, at the same time, if he was too strong.
If a tested out attack magic were to unexpectedly spread out, these two as well as he himself might get caught up in it.
「Are there any monsters around this area?」
「……It’s only to the degree of an occasional beast being driven out from the forest……Though there are more than close to the town.」
Tak.u.ma felt relieved.
Being in a condition where he didn’t know how much of his own strength he had, he didn’t want to suddenly have a battle.
If he were to behave timidly, Rem and Shera would become suspicious of his true ability.
He needed to show them that he was strong.
「Hm……So there aren’t any monsters. What a boring place……Well, it’s fine. I guess I’ll just test it out on some rock or something that’s just laying about.」
Heading towards the stairwell, he started walking.
His recollections were unclear but, he was relieved that there was a stairwell going down ahead of where he was going.
「Hold it! Don’t go about as you please! You’re my summoned beast, aren’t you!?」
From behind, Shera’s voice came.
Rem muttered.
「……He isn’t your summoned beast.」
With small, quick steps, Rem came walking, and lined up beside Tak.u.ma.
She looked up with her cat-like eyes.
A tiny cat-eared maiden. No, well, to be accurate, she was panther-eared. She is a Pantherian after all.
She was expressionless but, because of that, it conversely made one feel and an adorableness from her that was like that of a pure, small animal.
——So cute.
He was driven to the temptation of wanting to pat her head.
Ahh, I want to try helping myself to those cat ears!
However, a Demon King wouldn’t see a cute girl and just pat, pinch, or poke them.
From behind, Shera’s footsteps got closer.
*Chira* (Peek), when he looked, not just her beautiful blond hair, her breast that had a volume that one wouldn’t think an Elf would have swayed.
With a will of steel, he tore his gaze away.
With an atmosphere that was indeed that of a Demon King, he walked as if he were leading the two.
However, right now, the reality was that if an accident were to occur, he would have to rely on those girls.

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