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Chapter 1: Trying Out Meeting the Feudal Lord – Part 7


Part 7

They aimed for the Western street’s 《Relief Inn, Twilight Store》, from the Southern District’s shopping district.
Even walking within the jumbled crowd of mixed up people of the Races was something that Diablo had become greatly accustomed to.
──At first, there were too many things that bothered me and I would immediately get tired, but now it’s only as troublesome as walking in Akihabara on a holiday. Huh? That’s pretty troublesome.
The sky was still bright, but it was probably almost time for dinner.
Children getting their hands pulled by their mothers, pa.s.sing by men on their way back home, overtaking people, getting overtaken by people.
It was peaceful scenery.
Suddenly, Rem talked sounding uneasy.
「……Is it really alright to be this carefree and leisurely……No, I do think that Diablo has a farsighted and deeply-laid plan.」
Shera nodded.
「It kind of, makes you feel impatient, doesn’t it……Especially……I feel like, “even though I’m the cause of all this, is it alright for me to be shopping?”」
Seeing the peaceful state of the town, it probably contrarily looked like it would be crushed by the fact that war was drawing near.
However, he didn’t have any means of stopping it right now.
He had thought of several, but there weren’t any tactics that could stop it with certainty. For that reason, he was in the middle of hastening his various preparations.
Diablo thought that he wanted to lighten the girls’ worries.
But since he himself was a poor talker, he couldn’t speak with them very well.
However, by thinking “if I did it as a Demon King”, he was able to say what he normally couldn’t say.
「There is no need to worry. I had said that I would a.s.sist you……Just leave everything to me.」
Those were words filled with self-confidence that would make his original self want to die out of embarra.s.sment if he had said it.
Shera expressed a smile looking delighted.
Maybe she got a bit more spirit.
「Yeah! We have Diablo after all! And there’s also Rem and Alicia-san. I’m sure that something like a war won’t happen. This, this is different from when I ran away in the dark forest while being alone and afraid. I have companions after all!」
Rem made a reluctant looking face.
「……It’s not like I’m Shera’s companion or anything. I’m just acting together with Diablo and you just so happen to be nearby for some reason.」
Not having any calmness, her black panther tail was swaying. Surely those words were to hide her embarra.s.sment.
While talking, they walked in a line.
The lead was Diablo, and lined up behind him were Rem and Shera, and at the very back was Alicia.
That Alicia raised her voice.

「What are you doing!?」

Diablo hastily turned around.
Right behind them, there was the Gra.s.swalker twins that attacked them at the inn.
The twins forced Shera down, then carried her on their shoulders.
Although they looked like children, he didn’t know their ages. And then, if they had the STR of a Warrior-type, they were plenty strong.
「Yahh!? L, let me go!」
Shera raised a scream, but they didn’t mind her and carried her off.
──To think that they would attack right in the middle of town like this!
Shera was able to even discover Elves lurking in the forest, but if it’s in the middle of town with a lot of people of the Races, she couldn’t even tell if the people approaching them possessed malice against them or not.
Because of that, Alicia became vigilant and walked at the very back, but walking while maintaining file of their group through a crowd of people was impossible.
It seemed that they aimed for when they were even slightly separated.
Alicia drew her sword.
「I am a State Knight! You Gra.s.swalkers over there, stop right there!」
Not stopping when told to stop, the criminals of another world are the same as those in his world. If they were to take Shera to where the Elves were, they would obtain one hundred million Furis──prize money that equaled a lifetime’s worth of income.
At the place where the twins were running to, there was a carriage waiting.
As expected, if they were to run away through the town with a carriage, even Diablo was doubtful that he could catch up with them.
Having said that, he couldn’t use magic.
In this place, there were a lot of townspeople, and many of them still hadn’t realized that there was turmoil going on. They were ordinary people that weren’t even Adventurers. If they were dragged into the magic, it wouldn’t end with just injuries. Rem’s Summoned Beasts were also dangerous.
Diablo chased after the Gra.s.swalkers.
「We’ll stop them before they get on the carriage!」
Rem and Alicia continued with him.
Before their eyes, a War Axe holding Dwarf and a muscular Pantherian were standing in their way.
「Whoa there! As if we’d let you pa.s.s!」
「Why don’t we have you play with us for a bit!」
These guys were also Adventurers that attacked them at the inn.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
「Move out of the way!」
He swung the War Scythe that was in his hand.
──I guess I’ll have them resign by breaking a bone or two!
The steel handle flexibly bent.
The metal handle sunk right into the guarding Pantherian’s shoulder.
Making a conspicuous sound, bones broke and the Pantherian Fistfighter was brushed away. Even the Dwarf that was lined up beside him was mowed away together with him.
「What in the world!?」
The two attackers were lying on top of each other and fallen on the ground. At that time, as expected, the surrounding people were separated from them. This wasn’t an easygoing world where people could survive by s.p.a.cing out and watching after seeing other people with their weapons out
The Dwarf and the Pantherian that were collapsed on the ground squeezed out their voices.
「H, he’s too strong……Wasn’t he, a……Magician……?」
「What negligence……」
Even while saying that, those guys stood up. So it really was impossible to stop them with one attack.
Alicia stopped her feet.
「Please leave this place to me!」
She was a tactful one.
But still, though he did brush the attackers aside, it finished without killing them. It seemed that Diablo’s STR and the 《Trial-Made Great War Scythe》’s affinity was just right. It wasn’t bad as a weapon to go easy on someone.
Noticing the disturbance, the people of the town evacuated to the sides of the street.
The nuisances disappeared.
Diablo ran with all his might. This was the first time since he came to this world that he went all out.
《The Hollow of Jet Black》 increased his body parameters. On top of that, he had a level 150 body. Although he may be a Demon Magician, his AGI exceeded the limits of the Races.
He accelerated with every kick, as if he were speeding downhill on a bicycle. The surrounding scenery flew behind him.
One of the twins raised their voice.
「That guy is fast, Nii-san!」
「He sure is fast, little bro……Is it acceleration magic? But, we’re already at the carriage……We can get away.」
──I’ll absolutely catch up with them!
Someone appeared from within the crowds that did nothing but watch from the sides.

A Warrior clad in golden armor stood in front of the twins.

Since they had a helmet on, he couldn’t tell who it was. Going by their body, they were Human.
The golden armored Warrior drew the long sword on their waist.
A flash!
The tip of the long sword looked as if it had disappeared.
Two consecutive slashes that were much too fast──It was the Martial Art 《Double Smash》. It was a slash from the left, and a slash from the right, but they were fired almost simultaneously.
The twins groaned.
「N, Nii-san……」
「Guh, we were……so close……」
*Batari, batari* The twins collapsed at the same time.
Shera fell to the ground, and landed on her backside.
During that time, Diablo caught up to them, and confronted the golden armored character.
Were they helped out?
However, the enemy of the enemy is a friend──that wasn’t necessarily the case. Diablo decided to be vigilant.
First, he decided to ask for their name.
「You, who are you?」
Kukuku……From inside the helmet, there was a low laughter.
The golden armored Warrior showed their face.
「My close friend, it would seem that you were much too surprised from my level up, aren’t you? I’m sure that’s it, I’m sure of it! Since my sword and armor became useless from the fight with the Demonic Being the other day, I got everything made brand new. How is it, this golden armor! It’s awesome, isn’t it!」
──So it was this guy.
The golden armored Warrior loudly gave his name.
「My name is Emil Byushelbelgel! The ally to all women and ally to allies of women!」

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