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Part 3

An explosion strong enough to shake the royal capital Sevenwall.
That was due to the composition magic that crushed the Destruction G.o.d Europa.
Diablo was rocked in the carriage, and entered the royal castle Grandios.
In the game, he didn't feel this way but……
It was magnificent.
The gigantic structure was already enough to uplift a person's mood.
Suddenly, he noticed that there was a uniqueness to the structure of the ramparts. The ramparts of the Frontier Town Faltra were things where stones were piled up.
Even in the original world that Diablo lived in, there were castles from the Middle Ages that had a similar structure.
Grandios's castle walls had no seams.
It were as if it were a structure of concrete.

He didn't care about it in the game, but.
This other world, wasn't a game.
As long as there were buildings, someone would have to create them, and maintain and improve them.
──Well, this is a world with guns after all. There might be building material similar to concrete, right?
In the pa.s.senger cabin of the carriage, there were only two people.
Opposite of Diablo, a large man was sitting there. That large man──Maximum Abrams asked him a question.
「Diablo-dono, just where were you able to obtain such great ability?」
His face was an intellectual type that was a mismatch with his muscular body. His black hair was in a 7:3 split, and he wore black rimmed gla.s.ses.
「Hmph……If you work as an Adventurer, you naturally gain ability.」
That was how it was in the game though.
「Well now, Diablo-dono, your Adventurer registry had happened only last year. Before that……were you an Adventurer in another country?」
He had investigated down the finest details.
Diablo thought "this is hard to deal with".
Without confirming or denying it, he snorted and glossed over it. Even if he were to tell him that he had leveled up in a game and was summoned to another world with his game character's appearance, he probably wouldn't understand him.
Even he himself was still unable to understand it.
He asked a question in return.
「You have done an investigation about me but……instead, you are the suspicious one here. How did you gain that much ability?」
The Royal Palace Knights were all considerably strong people. It was certain that they were greater than level 100. Even Maximum who managed them, there was no mistake that he had some considerable skill.
This other world was different from the game.
They couldn't revive if they died, damage truly hurt, and healing and restoration wasn't something as simple as a single click.
Even for Diablo, after having come to this other world, he came to understand that after expanding as a Warrior type.
Maximum curved his lips.
「Fufu……The same way as you, Diablo-dono.」
──So you were also a game character!?
He didn't say anything like that.
That was a typical "lure". If he were to make a slip of the tongue from a trick of that level, he wouldn't be able to do his Demon King roleplay.
If he were the same as himself, he should have used language from their original world.
Going by the movements of his lips, Maximum was talking with the Lifelia Kingdom language.
The theory behind it was unknown but──despite Diablo using the language from his original world, he was able to have conversations with the people of this other world.
He couldn't read the letters though.
In other words, Maximum who was using local words even though there wasn't a need to was unmistakably different from himself.
「What useless drivel.」
「That might not be the case. Diablo-dono, it would seem that you have a basis to declare that I am not in the same circ.u.mstances as you. How very interesting.」
He stuck with his behavior of being full of composure, but he was frightened in his mind.
──This man, he's dangerous!
「About that basis……oh, it would seem we've arrived.」
The carriage came to a stop.
The door was opened, and Maximum went down first.
As if being on watch, a man with a deep red long coat was there. He was a blond haired Elf and had a black-lacquered sword hanging on his waist.
「You should refrain from any dubious behavior. If you make any suspicious actions, I, Thanatos the Immortal, will cut you down!」
It was a self-introduction that seemed like he contracted chuunibyou but……
He really might be immortal. Even though it looked like he was killed by Europa once, he is alive and uninjured.
「Thanatos, he is His Majesty's guest right now, you know?」
「That's, true but……」
After Maximum glared at him, Thanatos backed down.
Judging by his att.i.tude, Maximum really was quite the influential person. What a troublesome opponent. He didn't want to confront him if possible.
Diablo got down from the carriage.
「I am busy. Hurry up and let me meet with this King of yours.」
「Well now, I was only ordered to "bring you along". What comes after is up to His Majesty.」
The location was the royal castle's courtyard. He had visited it many times in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
At the back of it, there was an imposing castle gate.
Other than Maximum and Thanatos, there was a surprising amount of people such as guards and stable boys in the area.
Without having to wait at all, an old butler came walking up to them.
He made a very deep bow.
「Welcome, it is an honor to have you visit. King of the Greenwood Kingdom──Your Majesty Diablo Greenwood.」
「The Lifelia King, His Majesty Darouch Sandros, is waiting for you. Please, come this way.」
Thanatos raised a loud voice.
「He's immediately having the audience!?」
「To think that His Majesty understood the weight of the matter……」
Even Maximum had made a face that said he found this unexpected.
His tone was courteous, but that didn't stop the fact that it was quite a disrespectful way of speaking.
Being brought along by the old butler, Diablo went inside of the building.
Maximum's group did not come along with him.
He quietly breathed a sigh.
He felt that he didn't want to confront Maximum if at all possible. He didn't think that he would lose in a one-on-one battle, but it felt like his acting would be seen through.
If he didn't have his Demon King character on, Diablo would find even holding a normal conversation difficult.
Putting it bluntly, if someone a.s.serted that it was all an act, he felt like it would turn into him being only able to reply with "ahーuhー".

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