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Part 1

Two weeks later──
The calendar had changed to November. Even if it was a warm region, the strong winds felt cold.
Shera leaned out from the carrier of the carriage as far as she could.
「It’s Faltra!!」
「……Be sure you don’t fall out.」
Rem who was at the driver’s seat said that while making a wry smile.
Diablo nodded in a composed manner.
「So we’ve finally arrived.」
「……It’s good that we didn’t run out of food. I was wondering what would happen to us when we were kept from moving for three days due to that thunderstorm that happened on the way here.」
「Umu, it was long.」
There was a double meaning to Diablo’s words.
After departing the Greenwood Kingdom of the Elves──
They escorted Rafleisha to the Dark Elf Village of Blackwood, and they would travel for fourteen days to get to the Fortress City Faltra.
Finally, they had arrived.
It was a long journey.
However, it was not only in that meaning──Rem had finally talked to him normally again.
She was the type to quietly be mad for a long time, but this time, it seemed that she really could not stomach how he had gone along with Rafleisha’s seduction. She didn’t even speak for a long time.
Her p.r.i.c.kling gaze had finally returned to the friendly atmosphere it had before.
Diablo breathed a sigh of relief in his mind.
──Let’s stop going with the flow from now on.
He firmly decided that.
At around noon, the carriage pa.s.sed through Faltra City’s eastern gate.

Rem pulled the reins, and made the horses walk slowly.
On the roads, crowds of people were coming and going, and it felt like they would b.u.mp into them. On both sides of the main street, stall holders had opened up shop. Having changed into a marketplace, they were spurred on by the crowds.
「……This town is the same as usual. It isn’t on the same level as the royal capital though.」
Since Diablo was bad with crowds of people, he shut himself in the carrier. It was better since he was riding the carriage, but he would feel sick just looking at crowds.
Shera spread out both hands.
「There was so many more people in the royal capital, wasn’t thereー.」
「……It was much easier to drive carriages in the royal capital though since the roads were wider.」
「Rather, aren’t there more people than before?」
「……That’s certainly true.」
「Is there a festival or something?」
「……There shouldn’t be any plans for that, but something might have happened.」
Shera changed topics.
「I’m really hungryー. Why don’t we have lunch?」
「……At this rate, it looks like it might take some time before we reach the inn, so that might be good.」
「I want to quickly meet up with Krum-chan, but she’s probably gone out anywayー.」
「It did seem like she had recently gotten into an eating tour after all.」
Seeming to be pleased with the food of the Races, it seemed that Krum would always be outside at midday and in the evening. Everyday, she would be eating at some shop.
She had a personality that respected food the point that she said that she would “stop destroying the Races since the biscuits were delicious”.
Among the Demon Kings of the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there were those with nicknames such as 《Demon King of the Brain》 and 《Demon King of Insanity》, but for now, would her’s be 《Demon King of Appet.i.te Krum》?
The funds for her eating tour are said to be earned by her subordinate, the Demonic Being Edelgart, doing a part-time job at the bakery 《Peter》.
「It would be good if problems haven’t occurred but……」
Shera turned around at Diablo’s muttering.
「What are you talking about?」
「It seems that Edelgart is working at the bakery, you see.」
「Ahh, that’s the store that sells the biscuits that Krum-chan loves so much, isn’t it.」
「She should be in disguise though.」
「Mei-chan’s make-up, it’s amazing, so I’m sure she’s fine.」
Krum had horns and a tail, and Edelgart had scales and reptilian-like eyes. For those connected to the demonic, they were moderate characteristics, but it would surely be a major incident if they were discovered.
Even though a lot of noise was made over Diablo’s horns alone……
Rem, who was holding onto the reins, asked a question.
「……Shall we try going over there?」
「Let’s goー.」
Shera raised her hand.
Right now, they were in the eastern district, and the bakery 《Peter》 was in the southern district. The inn 《Relief》 was in the western district.
It would be a bit of a detour, but the path might be less crowded if they leave this main street that had changed into a marketplace.
「I do not mind.」
And that is what they ended up doing.


Part 2

They entrusted their carriage to a carriage shop. The southern district was a neighborhood of merchants, so carriage shops were all over the place.
Not only could they entrust it with them, they could even be asked to water and fodder to the horses and inspect and repair the frame of the carriage.
Since they had gone on a long journey, they also asked to have it inspected.
Diablo’s group of three walked to the bakery 《Peter》.
In front of the store, there was a crowd.
Rem tilted her head.
「……It seems that it’s packed, doesn’t it?」
「It is a bakery with delicious food, and it is lunch time after all!」
He didn’t deny Shera’s words, but he wasn’t satisfied with them. Something was strange about it.
Diablo gazed at the customers, and noticed the ident.i.ty of the out of place feeling.
「A majority of them are men.」
「……Now that you mention it, it’s strange. There would be more female customers if they were just buying bread though.」
「There sure is a good smell in the airー.」
The irresistible fragrance of freshly baked bread didn’t change even in another world. Since there were few chances to eat delicious things, the appeal of it doubled instead.
Even for Diablo who wasn’t picky about his food, he didn’t think of going to a different place since it was crowded.
「……Well then, why don’t we go in.」
Rem said that with a tone as if she were about to go into a fight.
Shera also followed in after her.
He hadn’t seen anything like a queue in this town. In cases where it was crowded, if they waited elegantly, they could squeeze themselves in between those that came afterwards.
The residents didn’t have the concept of “making a line and going in order”. There weren’t even people that disputed about manners.
Rather than it being due to being another world, it was probably just a difference of cultural practices.
However, even without lining up with good behavior, the inhabitants of the town weren’t outlaws, nor were they of a savage tribe. He couldn’t even find people who exercised violence in the first place.
It was a place where a kindhearted-sounding young man could come up from the side, and, while saying 「Pardon me」 and making a slight bow if their shoulders touched, would buy bread ahead of him……
It was that sort of culture.
──Well, since a Demon King lining up for something is a bit strange in terms of image, it really helps me though.
Diablo’s group entered the store.
There was a counter, and it was possible to buy bread from there and leave. Since gla.s.s was a super high-cla.s.s item, there was no show window. The goods were lined up behind the counter, and they were bought by either pointing at them or using the good’s name.
The clerk was a young Pantherian girl that had the appearance of a maid.
Apart from that counter, the interior of the store had become an eat-in cafe.
There were about forty chairs, and that was a lot in proportion to the s.p.a.ce of the place. They might have been increased in response to the crowding.
There was an explanation when freshly baked bread and coffee came out.
Rem was surprised and pointed her finger.
「……Diablo! That, what is that?」
「O, ou.」
Shera’s eyes also went round.
Edelgart in her battle uniform was there.
She didn’t have make-up that erased the scales of her skin, and her reptilian-looking eyes weren’t hidden either.
She was clearly a Demonic Being.
She only had an ap.r.o.n on her waist.

──Her ident.i.ty is exposed, isn’t it!?
In her hand that usually gripped her spear, she now held a tray, and had tableware piled up on it. She called out to a male customer that had taken a seat.

「Welcome~ ba……ck? Demon King-sama? Demon King-sama!」

The customer delightedly said 「I came again, Edel-chan」, and showed a slovenly expression.
Rem and Shera were shaken by her being in her Demonic Being appearance.
Diablo made a conjecture.
「Is this……that?」
Wasn’t it something like a maid cafe event?
「……D, do you know something about this?」
「Is it alright!?」
Diablo lowered his voice, and told the two of them.
「You should take a closer look. The customers do not consider Edelgart as a genuine Demonic Being.」
「……Now that you mention it.」
「No one is scared at all.」
To begin with, Demonic Beings are creatures that hunt people of the Races.
If one were waiting tables at an eat-in cafe, then it was only natural to believe that it was a cosplay of a Demonic Being.
A Dwarf guest that was lined up next to them started talking about it even though he wasn’t asked about it.
「Fufufu……At first, Edel-chan’s make-up being Demonic Being-like became the talk of the town, and then even other clerk-chans started imitating her. And that is why this place had started to be called a “Demonic Being cafe” by the regulars.」
「Wasn’t the customer called a Demon King?」
「Delightful, isn’t it? It’s because the Peter-sans are great at playing along.」
The shopkeepers of this place were three Gra.s.swalker siblings. It seemed that the three of them together were said to be Peter.
To be told that she was Demonic Being-like by customers and turn that into a selling point, their commercial spirit was strong.
Waiting for a while, Diablo’s group was also guided to some seats.
Edelgart came over.
「Looks like you’ve been working well.」
「Diablo-sama……Back? Welcome, ba~ck!」
The current Edelgart, she works under the Demon King Krebskrum──under Krum. Since he had turned that Krum into his slave, she treated Diablo as her superior.
He didn’t know how much of an effect 《Slave Magic》 would show went used on a genuine Demon King but……
It was standard that things like Instant Death, Paralysis, and Petrification would not work on those of the boss-cla.s.s.
Rem looked up and down Edelgart.
「……Didn’t you have make-up put on you, by Mei-chan at the inn?」
「Rain~, fell.」
It seemed that she got wet and the make-up came off.
He understood this after traveling for a bit, but without being restricted to Faltra City, rainy weather was rare. It seemed that it rained more closer to the mountains, and it was more sunny in the plains.
Rain gear wasn’t popularized because of that.
n.o.bles had hats and coats, but normal people didn’t use covering against the rain. Umbrellas didn’t even exist. Since there wasn’t any waterproof cloth, there wasn’t any way to make them.
Rem talked with a look of amazement.
「……On rainy days, you should have just taken the day off.」
「Suddenly, being absent, from work is~ bother, to store?」
「Ugh……That is a sound argument but……」
She didn’t think that she would be persuaded about the awareness of responsibility in a job by a Demonic Being.
Shera suddenly raised her voice.
「Demon King Roll!」
Diablo thought that his heart stopped. He privately called the way he acted as a Demon King as a “Demon King role play”.
Shortened, it was a Demon King role.
He panicked thinking that the secret he hid at all costs had finally been exposed.
Edelgart nodded at Shera’s words.
「One~, Demon King Roll.」
When he dropped his gaze onto the menu──
Mixed in with things like the Demonic Being Galette, the Demonic Beast Pancake, and the Magic Pie, there was the Demon King Bread Roll.
Diablo breathed a sigh, and wiped off the cold sweat.
So it wasn’t as if he was exposed.
Rem called out to him.
「……Is something wrong? You are looking pale.」
「Ah, no……It’s nothing.」
「……I am thinking of having a Magic Pie. What about you, Diablo?」
「Cheese Bread.」
The menu limited to the Demonic Being Cafe was attractive as well, but the cheese bread of this store was superb.
Since he was planning on leaving the town again, he wanted to eat it before that.
「……Well then, three coffees along with all of that.」
「Certain, lyー」
Edelgart went to the back to give the order.
Looking at the way she worked, not only did she wait tables, she also did quite a bit of chatting with others.
Customers that gave personal narratives, customers that solely talked about their hobbies, customers that drank alcohol during the day.
There were drunkards and customers with loud voices, but being a cafe, there weren’t any customers that were that boorish.
Rem gazed at the store interior.
「……This sure is a peculiar store, isn’t it?」
「Is it unusual?」
「……Yes. To begin with, cafes had only been made a thing recently.」
It was only recently that a certain cafe that was popular in the royal capital opened up a branch store in Faltra City’s central district. It was a high-cla.s.s store that the common people could use due its location and its prices, but stores that imitate it have increased one after another.
He thought that this place was also one of those, but the atmosphere was quite different.
Since Edelgart came carrying the bread and coffee at just the right time, he tried asking about it.
「Who was the one that thought of this store?」
「Peter? Friend, saw~ at royal capital? Saw!」
She was hard to understand.
Rem digested it.
「……Since a friend of the shopkeepers of this place, saw a similar store at the royal capital, they decided to imitate it, is that it? It wasn’t a so-called cafe, but a place where Demonic Beings serve the customers?」
「Demonic Beings~, wrong. Over there, mamono?」
She asked several questions to Edelgart who was lacking in words as usual and got some information out of her.
「……It would seem that the one in the royal capital is a Monster Girl Cafe. It seems that the ones waiting the tables have horns and fangs attached and cosplay as them.」

──What’s up with that, I want to try going there.

It sounded fun.
If I knew about it when we stayed at the royal capital, I would have gone──is what Diablo thought, but he didn’t let it show on his face.
A Demon King going to a Monster Girl Cafe was a considerably hard thing to do.
──Someday, I’ll secretly go there, alone!
He secretly resolved to do that.
Nevertheless, just who would have thought of the business conditions of a Monster Girl Cafe? Even though even normal cafes had just been made recently.
Diablo was summoned from his original world, and was transferred to this other world.
Since he had the appearance and abilities of his game character, so it might be a bit different from a normal transfer but……
Could there be other transferrees similar to him?
Taking a cup of coffee into his hand, he thought about that sort of thing.

Part 3

According to the carriage shop, the back axel was warped.
Since the body is close to new, you must have either carried some pretty heavy luggage, or climbed steep differences in level, is what they were told.
Diablo was reminded of Rose.
In order to repair the damage on her, she was lying on the maintenance bed that was on the lowest floor of his base, the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》.
With her weight, the reason was probably because they drove it on plains that weren’t paved.
Rem negotiated with the carriage shop, and she was able to get them to repair it within their budget and done in about three days.
Since they had entrusted the carriage to them, they headed towards the western district on foot.

Half past three──
Around the time the sun had gone down a bit, they arrived at the 《Relief》 Inn.
Their dearly missed home, it wasn’t like that is what it was, but he did feel relieved.
The poster girl Mei waved her hand.
「Wow, welcome back☆ Rem-chan, Sherchan, Diablo-san, have been doing well -nya?」
「AH! Krum-chan!」
Shera rushed over while shouting.
It seemed that she had just come back after going out.
Krum opened her eyes wide.
「Oo, so you’ve come ba……Uwaah!?」
Shera jumped at her and hugged her closely.
「We’re backー!!」
「U, umu……What happened, Shera? The aura you are clad in is different. I wondered who you were.」
「Hoe? Did something about me change?」
Letting go of Krum, Shera stared at her own hands and legs. She was able to see the flow of magical power.
However, it seemed to be a different kind of change from that.
Even Diablo did not feel that Shera was any different from before.
Rem talked with a pensive look on her face.
「……Could it be, does it have anything to do with how she became Queen?」
「Hou, so you became something like that, Shera.」
「Yup! I got married to Diablo.」
Since her talking voice could be heard even in the dining hall, the customers were surprised, and became noisy.
Mei clapped her hands.
「That’s amazing -nya! Congratulations on your marriage☆」
「Thank you, Mei-chan!」
「But, what do you mean by Queen?」
「Erm……Actually, I, was the princess of the country of Elves. And now I’m the Queen.」
Mei turned her gaze towards Diablo.
「The King -nya?」
「Hmph……Since I was asked to do so, I merely went and became it.」
It seemed that there was some sort of change in Shera now that she had become the Elven Queen.
He didn’t get it at all.
Come to think of it, when he had brought Lumachina along, something similar had happened. Lumachina evaluated Krum as having a “sinister, dark, evil power”, and Krum made a racket saying that Lumachina “had G.o.d’s stench”.
It seemed that a real one could tell.
Since Diablo was only doing a Demon King act, he was nothing more than a Demon Magician.
Krum folded her arms.
「Well, it is fine. I am displeased with G.o.d’s stench getting stronger, but Shera is Shera after all. You have done well to come back safely -noda. Maou shall praise you -noda!」
「Ehehe, thank youー.」
Rem took out a bag.
「……We stopped by 《Peter》 on our way back. We bought some biscuits, but would you like some?」
「Ooh! You are thoughtful as usual, aren’t you, Rem!」
「……Thank you.」
When she held one out without delay, Krum accepted it with her mouth.
Her speech and att.i.tude sounded conceited, but her behavior was like a puppy being fed.
Diablo asked a question to Mei.
「Were there any problems?」
「It’s all fine♪ But since Edelgart-chan has recently been going out without make-up, there might be rumors about her going about?」
「With how things are going for her, it shouldn’t become a bother.」
「Since the Feudal Lord of Faltra City is a strict person, be careful, okay☆」
「I know.」
It wasn’t known to the public but Diablo had fought against Faltra City’s Feudal Lord Galford before.
Having somehow won against him, Diablo made him believe that “opposing Diablo isn’t profitable”.
However, since he was the Feudal Lord, if he came to know that a Demon King and a Demonic Being were in the town, he wouldn’t be able to stay silent.
He needed to hide the ident.i.ties of the two girls.
「Diablo, let us go!」
With a snap, Krum pointed outside.
「Did you not hear us? When everyone was talking, you thought “it does not concern me” as usual, didn’t you?」
「Hmph……Do not say something so foolish.」
──Since it’s exactly as you said, you made me get fl.u.s.tered, you know!?
Rem followed up.
「Seeming to have a recommended restaurant, Krum invited us to go there.」
「Biscuits are supreme, but there is something called appropriate cuisine for dinner -noda. You should enjoy the wonderful treat to dinner that Maou has chosen.」
「Fumu……I shall go along with that.」
Frankly, he did not have many expectations of it.
He had tried eating the cooking of several stores, but all of them just grilled the meat and put salt and oil on it. The taste overflowing with rusticity wasn’t bad, but there weren’t any stores that he felt were special.


Part 4

「This is extraordinarily delicious!? What, in the world is this!?」
「Fu fu fu」
Krum made a triumphant look.
Even Rem and Shera were surprised.
The place was a restaurant of the northern district, 《Apetisan》. They were taken to a high-cla.s.s store, but the prices were considerably fair.
Despite that, the taste was surprisingly refined.
The meat was properly soft, and there was no trouble in biting any of it off. The sauce was a sweet and salty type, and mashed potatoes and a salad came along with it.
As if it were only natural, it was bustling with many customers.
Krum used a knife and fork, and ate elegantly. Since she had eaten everything by using her hands before, she had shown remarkable growth.
「*Uma uma*……This is what true cuisine is! The cuisine of the Races, is delicious. It had turned into quite something -noda!」
Rem and Shera also gave rave reviews.
「……This store, it is wonderful. This is my first time having such tender meat.」
「The mashed potatoes and the salad are amazing tooー. This might be the first time I thought something was even more delicious than the vegetables we eat in Greenwood!」
Diablo stared at the meat dish.
「It’s enough to make you think that it wasn’t made with the same meat as other food.」
It wasn’t boiled or minced, the meat was genuinely tender. Was the quality of the meat different? Wasn’t it close to the taste he at in his original world?
It was difficult to imagine in this other world that didn’t have refrigerators, but was it aged?
As he was having his meal while thoroughly savoring it──
The entrance of the store suddenly became noisy.
「What is it?」
Hearing something that sounded like the angry voice of a man, the customers started to get worried. Even the waiters became uneasy and couldn’t calm down.
Three Adventurer-style men wearing lightweight armor entered.
The man at the lead shouted.
「Oraa! Don’t stand around there! Lead us to our seats!」
Even if it is a store with fair prices, as expected of a store in the northern district, it was different from a cheap bar. Those sorts of fellows were rare.
From the back of the store, a man with a business suit appearance who seemed to be the manager came out.
「I am terribly sorry. Since it will be a bother to the other guests……」
「We are customers you know!?」
「Don’t screw with me!」
The Adventurer who had a vein surface on his forehead drew the sword on his waist.
The two behind him kicked away the furnishings.
The manager shrank away.
「How could you do such a thing……」
Female customers raised screams, and a surprised waiter dropped some plates. Things had become outrageous.
Diablo have rose up from his seat.
Getting ahead of him Krum jumped out.

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! How could you do such foolish actions in a place for pleasant meals -noda! Know some shame!」

She released some bloodl.u.s.t.
It seemed that the Adventurer-style ruffians didn’t understand the difference in ability.
「What the h.e.l.l, a little girl? An Elf? The stench of a Demi-Human!」
「You d.a.m.ned fool……You have made Maou mad. You should atone for that personality and lack of intelligence through a violent death.」
Krum opened up her right hand.
In that hand, a small black sphere appeared.
「Ha? Is that Chemical Elemental Magic? Guhahahahahahaha!」
In this other world, a majority of Adventurers believe the idea that “Chemical Elemental Magic is weak”.
While one’s level was weak, the fact that there was nothing but spells lacking in firepower stood out.
Since even one’s stamina, defensive power, and evasive power were low, the start of it made it a misfortunate Cla.s.s even in the game. There were many cases where one wouldn’t have any good battle results, die before they realized it, and become a burden to their party.
However, in the game, it was possible to level up in a short amount of time. It was only difficult in the first few days.
The firepower rapidly increased, and it would be possible to defeat things before one could get attacked.
It was a Cla.s.s with extremely outstanding offensive ability after growing it. It shouldn’t be made light of.
And then, there was one more thing they were mistaken about.
Krum wasn’t a Chemical Elemental Magician, she was a Demon King.
Diablo shouted.
「Do not kill them!」
「Be crushed! 《Thanatos》!!」
The small black sphere that Krum fired hit the ruffian’s sword.
A swirl of black and purple spread out, and the sword was sucked up.
「U, uoah!?」
「Let go of it!」
Hearing Diablo’s voice, the ruffian hurriedly opened his hand.
Like how sugar melts into coffee, the sword vanished into the swirl.
*Bota bota* Blood dripped down.
「Uaaah……My fingers are……!?」
It seemed that since he was slow in letting go, his fingers were caught in the magic.
The man’s companions raised screams and backed away.
Krum pinched the iron-made choker that was fitted on her neck.
「Since my master said “do not kill”, I had no choice but to let you off with just your sword……d.a.m.ned blockhead.」
Diablo stood beside her.
「Suddenly firing magic that surpa.s.ses the limits of the Races like that. For these kind of guys, you could have repelled them with a single hand.」
「Are you telling Maou, to touch this kind of sc.u.m? How filthy.」
「Good grief.」
Diablo took a long sword out from his pouch.
The blade dimly shined.
Three pairs of pure white, pigeon-like wings opened up from the sword guard.
《Seraphic Sword》
Seeing its majesty, the ruffians backed off.
Krum knitted her brows.
「You, what is that, that divine sword? Such bad taste.」
「Don’t say that. For the sake of a certain objective, I expressly brought it out from my 《Treasury》.」
Diablo turned the weapon towards the men.
After being glared at, seeming to have finally sensed the difference in ability, they finally turned their backs to him.
Scrambling to be first, the ruffians ran away.
Krum looked dissatisfied.
「Are you letting them get away?」
「Hmph……Leave them be.」
Of course, for Diablo, he couldn’t stand those guys, but all the same, he didn’t want to be a murderer.
That being said, if he were to hand them over to the Local Knights, the fact that Krum used super high level magic would be made public.
He wanted to avoid having the Feudal Lord have an eye on her.
Diablo put the sword away.
Rem and Shera rushed over.
「……Everything seems to be alright now. I was wondering how things would turn out.」
「Krum-chan, you don’t have any injuries, do you!?」
「There is no way Maou would fall behind that thoughtless person.」
「Thank goodnessー.」
「……Rather, I was in suspense wondering if you would seriously injure them.」
Rem breathed out a sigh.
It would have been a serious injury if they were in his original world, but this other world had priests. There were also recovery potions. Let alone fingers, even lost limbs could be restored.
With those men having been driven out, the strained atmosphere inside the store subsided.
The employees appeared all together, and went around apologizing to the customers for the uproar.
The man with a business suit appearance talked to Diablo’s group as they went “good grief” and tried to return to their seats. He introduced himself as the owner of this restaurant 《Apetisan》.
「Dear guests, I have caused you some trouble.」
「……It was misfortunate, wasn’t it.」
「Yes. I am thinking of closing the store for today. Dear guests, I believe it would be best if leave the northern district quickly.」
He brought up something strange.
Rem asked him about it.
「……What do you mean by that? Those people from earlier, are you saying, that they weren’t just some drunkards?」
The owner talked sounding apologetic.
「Y, yes……Since about two months ago, the Measmos Family started demanding money from us. When we refused, at the beginning, it was at the level of dumping trash in front of the store but……Recently, they have been doing this sort of thing where the subordinates march into the store……At this rate, the store will……」
「What do you mean by the Measmos Family?」
Shera tilted her head, and Rem explained.
「……If I had to put it bluntly, they are a criminal syndicate. They threaten merchants and demand money, and they also steal and scam.」
「That sort of thing exists!?」
「……The Local Knights are investigating, but they are a bunch that don’t leave behind evidence after all.」
「I mean, the people from before!」
「……Even if they were caught, they would surely insist that they “don’t know anything about Measmos”. There wouldn’t be much meaning to it.」
「Diablo, can’t you do something?」
Shera gazed at him with eyes that seemed to implore him. Even if she said that, they were a bunch that were like the yakuza or the mafia. It probably wasn’t a problem that could be resolved that easily.
If possible, he didn’t want to get involved with them.
「Hmph……For a foolish bunch like them──」
「It’s annihilation -nano da!」
Krum raised her voice.
After going “Eh?” and looking at her face, anger was burning in her eyes.
「You, you won’t say that we should leave them as is, will you!? They are a vermin that have built a nest in our base, you know.」
「U, umu, naturally, it is annihilation.」
「Yosh! Let’s go -noda!」
「You should wait. Do you know the location?」
「You don’t, do you? Man, it is unfortunate. If only we knew their location, I would have completely annihilated them but. We will have to try again another day……」
Although he was making a bewildered face, the owner raised one hand.
「Um……If it’s the Measmos Family’s estate, then I know the location.」
Krum leaned her body forward.
「Then lead us there!」
「Y, yes.」
The owner nodded.
It as no longer an atmosphere where he could say that he “didn’t want to get involved with them”. Not just Shera, even Rem who was usually composed was making a motivated face.
Come to think of it, Rem had become an Adventurer in order to defeat the Demon King that was sealed within her. It was her nature to try and resolve things if there was a problem.
Diablo breathed a sigh in his mind.
「Krum, try not to stand out too much, got it?」
He had whispered that into her ear, but he was doubtful if she could hear him. The young Demon King’s red eyes were brightly blazing.


Part 5

The sunshine had fallen to the other side of the western rampart, and the surroundings have become dim.
At the edge of the northern district, it was a place where redevelopment seemed to be popular. Since it was already late in the day, there wasn’t much pedestrian traffic.
There were many buildings that Diablo did not recall.
It seemed that Rem also had similar thoughts.
「……It’s as if it’s a new town.」
The owner who was guiding them spoke.
「Not too long ago, a huge explosion had happened, and the cemetary and rampart disappeared.」
「So it was that place!」
Diablo hit his hands together.
On top of coming through a route different from usual, since the place had changed completely, he hadn’t realized.
It was the place he fought at when Krum had awakened and turned into the Demon King Krebskrum.
It was none other than Diablo’s Maximum Magic 《Apocalypse Abyss》 that had blown away the whole region.
The owner added on to his explanation.
「This area had belonged to Faltra City, but the wrecked ground was leveled, sold to n.o.bles and merchants, and I heard that the rampart was rebuilt with that capital.」
「What about the gravesite?」
Shera asked that question.
「A majority of the remains and tombstones had vanished……However, I have heard that the cemetery was relocated outside of the northwestern wall.」
This time Rem tilted her head.
「……It is said that cemeteries outside the wall are devastated by wild animals. I’m amazed that the n.o.bles agreed to that, you know?」
「It seems that there are plans to build a third rampart even further out than it.」
「So selling the land wasn’t just to rebuild the rampart, but to create the funds for a new one as well.」
「Most likely……Ah, there is the Measmos Estate.」
The owner pointed his finger.
At the end of the main street, there was a splendid estate that was a size larger than the surrounding buildings.
The iron gate was even bigger than the one at the Feudal Lord’s estate, and seemed to claim as if they themselves were the rulers of this town.
Rem and Shera, who could see in the dark, gazed at it.
「……There are two guards in front of the gate. There are most likely several people on the inner side of the gate as well.」
「At the windows, there are people holding bowsー.」
「Good work guiding us here -nano da.」
Krum said that to the owner.
Although he was worried about them, if they could resolve things, then the store could continue to exist──that is what the owner’s face was saying as he looked like he was about to cry at any moment.
If possible, Diablo wanted to do something about this.
Taking along Krum, Rem, and Shera, Diablo went forward to the front of the estate.

A scary faced gatekeeper stood in their way.
「Who the h.e.l.l are all of you? What do you think this place is?」
It was easy to predict that if he were to ignore him and Krum stepped forward, it would turn into a uproar. That being said, neither Rem nor Shera stood up in front of the scoundrel.
Having no choice. Diablo took the lead.
「Hmph……This place is the den of the punk called Measmos or something, is it not?」
The gatekeepers seethed with anger.
「Did you just say punk!? Don’t screw with me! I don’t know who asked you to do this, but Measmos-sama ain’t some small timer that a mere Adventurer can do something about! If you say anything strange, I’ll beat ya ta death, got it!?」
It seemed that there was no mistake that it was this estate.
Krum put up one hand, and let magical power flow out.
「Yosh, it’s annihilation -nanoda!」
「Wait, wait!」
In a rush, Diablo stopped her.
「Why is it no good -nanoda!?」
It’s because I don’t want to stand out──it was hard for him to say that. It would be troubling if Diablo were believed to be afraid of the Feudal Lord.
「Y, you see……Guys like this, they are arms and legs so to speak. We must find the head.」
「I see.」
「Rather, what would happen if the head were absent? It would make it pointless, would it not?」
「Fumu fumu, you are wise -nanoda!」
「Naturally! For I am the true Demon King after all.」
「Maou is also a Maou though! Wa ha ha ha!」
「Fuーha ha ha!」
With two suspiciously dressed people that were loudly laughing in front of them, the gatekeepers exchanged words with each other.
「What should we do?」
「Should we call the Local Knights?」
These guys, unlike bandits, they had an outward appearance of being a business organization. They did not balk at conveniently using the Local Knights when there were problems.
And then, for Diablo, he did not want them to call the Local Knights. It was because he did not want the Feudal Lord Galford to know about Krum.
「Oi, you all. Guide us to where Measmos is.」
「Wh, what kind of stupid c.r.a.p are you saying!? We can’t let him meet with someone that doesn’t have an appointment!」
「If it’s an appointment, I do have one. Didn’t he just forget to inform you?」
It was a lie.
However, the gatekeepers looked at each other.
One of them said 「I’ll go check」 and went inside.
Diablo nodded.
「It would seem that he is in the estate. Well then, let us go meet with him.」
「So we’re entering here, right -noda na!?」
「Umu. However, I do not like meaningless noise, so I will do this……」
Diablo touched the iron gate.
The remaining gatekeeper shouted 「Don’t touch that!」, and tried to draw his sword.
Going faster than him, he activated his magic.
「Corrode and fall……《Rust Burst》!」
On the surface of the gigantic iron gate, red rust appeared, and in the next instant, it crumbled under its own weight.
The gatekeeper became dumbfounded and stood stock still.
「Uh, ah……!?」
Diablo’s group calmly walked onto the grounds.


Part 6

Shuffling about, guys that were either Adventurers or mercenaries came rushing out from the estate. They seemed to Measmos’ private army.
They possessed surprisingly high level weapons. They seemed a bit more able than the guys that gather at the Adventurer’s Guild.
「To challenge me with only that level, how foolish.」
Diablo stuck out his right hand and fired 《Lightning Arrow》.
When he had just come to this other world, he was worried about not having a staff in hand, but he had already gotten used to it.
Arrows of light flew.
They ran through the soldiers. Those guys raised screams and collapsed.
Krum made a curious-looking face.
「You used quite the plain magic, considering it is you, didn’t you? What happened to that thing that you used on Maou, that thing?」
「I think you said it was 《Apocalypse Abyss》.」
──That would turn this whole area into a vacant lot again, you know!?
「Hmph……I said that I do not like noise.」
「You used it on Maou, did you not?」
「You could not be defeated with normal magic, you see. It is not needed for the bunch here.」
「I don’t understand? The guy called Measmos, he might be considerably strong. Or rather, it would be interesting if he were -noda!」
「Do not expect much.」
What would happen if he really were strong.
《Apocalypse Abyss》 was a spell that could slaughter a gigantic Demonic Beast. A person of the Races that would require that, as if there would be one──is what he thought.
Above all else, if he were that strong, he probably wouldn’t use a crime syndicate in a provincial town. That sounded like he would be a person that would be cut above the rest in the royal capital.
He destroyed the entrance door.
He gave the order 「Be sure to monitor things from the sky」 to Shera. If the Local Knights came running, or if there was anyone that ran away from the estate, there would be a need to deal with them.
At times like this, Shera’s Summoned Beast 《Turkey Shot》 was handy. By sending the bird-type Summoned Beast out to fly, it was possible for the pract.i.tioner to share its field of vision. According to Shera, it was something like seeing things from the sky while naked. No, the naked part probably had nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it.
They randomly went through the estate.
Opening door after door, a great number of subordinates came out each time. There were mercenaries that wore black mafilike suits, or lightweight armor.
They systematically blew them away.
Krum stopped her feet.
At almost the same time, Diablo also noticed.
There was a man slowly walking from the end of the hallway. His atmosphere was different from the others.
Muscles that were like armor.
He had an extraordinary look to him. His eyes were sharp, and there were sword cuts on his cheeks and forehead.
Let’s leave it to him──having looks that said that, the other guys withdrew. So this meant he was fairly skilled.
That man opened his mouth.
「Good grief……To think that there were fools that would barge into the estate of the Measmos Family……It seems that you didn’t know that I was employed here, did you?」
A black suit that withdrew to being alongside the wall muttered.
「Uugh……《Scarface》 has finally come out.」
「Is he strong?」
The one next to him asked that question.
「He really is……Having partic.i.p.ated in the Orc subjugation operation that happened three years ago, he is a man who is a living legend that was said to have defeated the group’s leader, a 《Grand Orc》, in a one-on-one fight.」
「Wha!? A Grand Orc!?」
「Moreover, he did it barehanded.」

The man called Scarface lightly clenched both of his fists and took a stance. It was a natural stance that had no strain.
Diablo was not familiar with empty handed martial arts, but he could feel the awesomeness of it.
──It seems that he’s a 《Monk》.
Not using weapons at all, or using defensive gauntlets to protect their limbs at most, it was a Cla.s.s that did not rely on equipment.
Being a derivative of the Warrior-type, its physical abilities were high.
「It is a principle of mine to not strike women and children but……it is different if it is for work. I have no intention of going easy on you. Remorse in the next world.」
Krum tilted her head.
「Are you, Measmos?」
Rem told her in a low voice.
「……He just said that he was employed here.」
「So he isn’t Measmos! Even though Maou said that she had come here to meet with Measmos, it has been nothing but misses! Where is he -noda!?」
Scarface expressed a fearless smile.
「If you win against me, I shall tell you.」
「Is that so! In that case, I shall face you. Come at me -noda.」
「Against a child like this……This truly is an unpleasant job.」
The moment it seemed that the opponent stepped forward──the distance had already been filled. At the same time, he fired his left fist.
*Paan!* A loud sound resounded.
Krum’s face──or rather Diablo’s right hand that was stuck out in front of it, caught the opponent’s attack.
He showed a composed-looking expression, but it hurt quite a bit. He probably couldn’t put strength into his right hand for a while.
Scarface displayed an astonished expression.
「You caught……my fist!?」
「I suppose that is it for a normal attack. Martial artists should use 《Martial Arts》.」
「Tsk……To think I would have to unleash this against an opponent of the Races! 《Claw Rush》!!」
The opponent’s fists shined.
Diablo used 《Omit》, and instantly activated his magic.
「《Flare Burst》!!」
However, before the attacks of both sides, the match was decided.
It was Krum’s front kick. Having no beauty of an unarmed martial arts kick, it was an ill-formed kick where only her toes were kicked out. However, it was abnormally fast.
On top of that, the moment it made contact, it exploded.
Scarface, without even being able to guard against it, was promptly sent flying in a showy way. Breaking through the estate’s stone wall, and into the yard.
Having lost its target, Diablo’s magic was cancelled.
Krum put her hands on her waist, and stuck out her chest.
「Funmu! Take that!」
「You went too far.」
「I held back enough to not kill him, you know?」
「Didn’t he say that he would tell us Measmos’s whereabouts?」
「Ahh, oh shoot -noda!」
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
Rem and Shera, maybe due to having sensed the difference in ability, weren’t impressed or surprised.
However, Measmos’s subordinates were astonished, and froze up.
Their voices trembled.
「Im, impossible……!? Is this, a nightmare?」
「With a kick of a small girl……the legendary man was……!?」
「This is a lie, right……!?」
Diablo made a coercive tone of voice.
「Oi, you all, I will ask this only once. If you value your lives, then answer me.」
They got Measmos’s whereabouts from the subordinates.
They kicked open the door.


Part 7

Measmos’s office──
In a leather-covered chair behind a huge desk sat a self-important past middle-aged man. Around him, there were four muscular guards standing ready.
Alongside the wall, men that they recognized were standing there.
Shera pointed at them.
「It’s the people that act violently at 《Apetisan》!」
「……There’s no mistaking it.」
「Wha!? You all, you’re from before!?」
The ruffians faltered. It seemed that they did not get the treatment for the fingers yet.
Diablo ignored them and looked at the past middle-aged man that was reclined in the leather-covered chair.
「So you, are Measmos.」
「To think……that you would make it this far……」
With a mortified expression, sweat surfaced on his forehead. So he already knew that the subordinates that he could rely on were defeated.
Measmos himself was of advanced age, and neither SP nor MP could be felt from him. He wasn’t the type that had fighting strength.
──I guess I should strongly threaten him so that he’ll stop his crimes.
「Ku ku ku……Measmos, you have been doing as you please in the town I have made my base, haven’t you.」
「We will ma.s.sacre you -noda!」
Krum shouted.
That was an announcement of murder, and not even a threat of it.
Measmos grimaced.
「Y, you guys……Who are you? Which organization were you hired by? Was it the Commerce and Industry a.s.sociation? The Adventurer’s Guild? The Feudal Lord?」
Krum loudly made a declaration.
「I know not of any organization! This is revenge for disrupting our delicious meal -noda!」
So that’s how it was.
He thought that it was for the sake of helping the restaurant that was in trouble. He didn’t really understand the order of precedence of a Demon King.
「I’ll pay double! Even triple! Won’t you work for me!?」
She said that she wasn’t hired by anyone but──it seemed that she was too disconnected from Measmos’s common sense.
Rem asked a question.
「……Measmos, do you intend on mending the unjust acts that have been done in this town?」
「What matter are you talking about?」
「……The men over there, they did hara.s.sment at 《Apetisan》. There are even a great number of witnesses.」
He was unnaturally surprised.
「What did you sayー!? Oi, you guys, so you were doing such bad things! I’ll hand you over to the Local Knights!」
「N, no way……」
So Measmos was intending on insisting that the responsibility was not on himself.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「Hmph……Did you think you would get me to consent with that third-rate acting?」
「I, I get it! I’ll leave Faltra City! How does that sound?」
And then he would commit crimes again in another town.
He was a troublesome opponent. This is why he didn’t want to deal with crime syndicates.
He didn’t want to kill him, but would it be alright to let him go……?
Krum kicked the ground.
*Ton* Making a small sound, she instantaneously drew near Measmos.
Of the four guards that should have been protecting their employer, none of them moved. They probably couldn’t even chase after her with their eyes.
It was a speed where even Diablo could do nothing but watch.
Measmos raised a scream-like voice.
Krum’s eyes shined bright red.

「I said that I would ma.s.sacre you, person of the Races!」

Measmos wasn’t given the time to resist.
Krum side swiped her right hand.
A torrent of magical power would blast away the man’s head, right before that──Shera’s shout of 「Krum-chan!」 resounded.
Having its angle slightly changed, the attack went *jyuu* and went past right over Measmos’s head.
The past middle-aged man, became a past middle-aged bald man.
His head remained, but the hair at the top of his head was completely gone. Behind him──the back of the chair and even the furnishing and the stone wall behind that had vanished.
As if she had torn a painting, the things that were at the end of Krum’s right hand completely vanished.
Diablo was astonished in his mind.
──What incredible speed! An attack I’ve never seen! Was it chantless magic? Or was it an attribute attack?
The awakened state Krebskrum had a way of fighting that was like a child throwing a tantrum. She fired high-powered attacks in rapid succession, but her movements were crude.
Without a doubt, the current Krum was stronger.
If he were to end up fighting her, some sort of strategy would surely be needed──that is what he thought. She was just that strong.
Since the wall made of stone was simply stones piled up, once a hole was opened up, the top came falling down. A loud sound was made, and the wall collapsed.
And then, since this building was a structure where the roof was supported not by pillars but by the walls, the ceiling came down. Normally, they should have been running outside.
However, due to Krum’s intimidating air, Measmos was frozen up like a frog being glared at by a snake.
Even the guards, having been shown overwhelming strength right before their eyes, they couldn’t do anything.
The men that stood alongside the wall became unable to stand.
Rem and Shera gulped and watched attentively.
Even Diablo.
──No, wait? If I keep quiet here, won’t it seem like I was “shocked by Krum”?
Something like that wasn’t Demon King-like.
Diablo snorted.
Krum turned around, and even the gazes of the others turned towards him. Thinking that he had something to say, everyone’s attention gathered on him.
──This is bad. I haven’t thought of anything to say though!
「Hmph……Fuuーha ha ha!」
For now, he bought time with a loud laughter.
Krum pouted her lips.
「What is so funny -noda, Diablo?」
「Something like ma.s.sacring him, that is lenient. I just thought that you were unexpectedly “kind” despite proclaiming to be a Demon King, you see?」
「Hou? Well then, what do you think should be done -noda?」
Thinking about it while they were talking, he tried saying something that would surprise everyone around.

「Measmos, I will not allow you to leave this town!」

The one who raised a loud voice saying 「What did you say!?」 was Krum.
Shera asked him about it.
「Why would you say that, Diablo!?」
「Hmph……To not even understand that, how deplorable.」
──Since I just randomly said that, I don’t get it either though!
However, Rem nodded with understanding eyes.
「……So that is how it is. As expected of you, Diablo. I am always surprised by your discernment.」
「It would seem that you understand.」
While praising her with a condescending att.i.tude──He begged saying “Rem-sama, please do something about this!” within his heart.
She started talking.
「……Even if Measmos left Faltra City, he would surely do nothing but commit crimes in other towns. That is why he would not allow him to leave town.」
「But then wouldn’t he just do bad things again in Faltra City?」
Rem shook her head at Shera’s question.
「……At that time, he would not be let off with just this. That is what Diablo is warning him of.」
「Ahh, now I get it!」
「……As for me, I would expect him to apologize to all of the people that he had troubled up until now, and do respectable business.」
「That’s right! It would be good if he did that!」
「……At any rate, at a time where we hear about infamous things about him again, it won’t be settled with just his hair. That is what you mean, right, Diablo?」
As if seeking a score for her answer, Rem gazed at him.
He replied with a nod.
「It seems that you understand my intentions.」
「Thank goodness.」
*Pan!* Krum put her hands together.
「Ooー, that is amazing -noda! Certainly, it feels like that would be better -noda!」
And then, *ban ban*, she hit Measmos’s shoulder.
「Did you properly hear that!?」
「Y, yes.」
「You should say something along those lines -noda!」
「Ugh!? I, I understand! I will apologize and acc.u.mulate good deeds!」
Measmos got up from his chair and fell prostrate.
Krum magnanimously nodded.
「Umu, I shall believe those words only once -noda. Once you deceive Maou, you will be eaten by a hundred Demonic Beasts. Keep that in mind!」
It is so nice and Demon King-like to have Demonic Beasts obey──that is what Diablo thought.


Part 8

The next morning──
The dinning hall of the 《Relief》 Inn.
Diablo’s group took a somewhat late breakfast.
At a four-person table, Rem was on the right side, and Shera was on the left side. On the opposite side sat Krum and Edelgart.
With her right in between Shera and Edelgart, it took the form of them looking after Krum.
It was the usual bread, sausage, and soup that they had, but the taste of the 《Relief Inn》 that they hadn’t had in a long time felt strangely delicious.
It felt as if they had returned back home.
Beyond the entrance of the dining hall, the inn’s front desk was there. From there, the poster girl Mei’s small scream of 「Hii!?」 could be heard.
Diablo turned that way.
「Did an insect appear or something?」
「……Mei-chan doesn’t seem like she would be surprised with something of that level though.」
Rem tilted her head.
Incidentally, this Rem was courteous in her speech, but there were many times where she would purposely address people without an honorific. The Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster Sylvie, the head of the Magician’s Guild Celestine, the High Chief Priest Lumachina. And she even did it with Diablo.
She would not obey anyone──as if it were the embodiment of her pride of that.
However, only with Mei did she lose to her persistent demand of calling her “Mei-chan”.
Shera also turned her gaze to the dining hall entrance.
Her wooden spoon fell from her hand as she raised a scream. Wondering what was going on, Krum and Edelgart also chased after her gaze.
A stern man not appropriate for the dining hall had come in. He wore a military uniform, and a single blade sword hung on his waist.
Diablo instinctively half rose to his feet.
In order to hide his agitation, he cracked a joke.
「Kukuku……Is that alright? When a public character uses a dining hall in a uniform, it seems that complaints will come from virtuous citizens, you know?」
「Are you having breakfast this late? Adventurers really do live slovenly lives.」
The one that appeared was the Feudal Lord of the Fortress City Faltra, Chester Ray Galford.
He was accompanied by two Local Knights as his escort.
The other customers hurriedly stood from their seats.
Galford was known for being strict, and the only one who would confront him was none other than Diablo who tried to criticize him.
They didn’t want to get dragged into any trouble──that is probably why they did that.
Diablo asked him a question.
「What do you need?」
「Today, it is not with you. There are certain suspicions, on that child over there.」
It seemed that Krum caught his eye.
She brushed her hair away looking irritated.
「Who are you -nanoda?」
Before things grew worse, Rem cut in.
「……He is the Feudal Lord of Faltra City, Krum.」
「Feudal Lord?」
「……The development of the town, a lot of it was done due to this man’s work. Krum, even the bakery and restaurant that you love, they are there thanks to his management.」
「Ooh, is that so -nano ka! That is quite great, isn’t it. I shall praise you -noda!」
She had the appearance of an innocent little girl.
However, the eyes of Galford who was gazing at Krum weren’t smiling at all.
Thanks to Krum’s physical appearance, he also seemed like a deviant but……even Diablo had the prudence to not say that out loud.
Shera leaned forward so as to cover her.
「Erm……What do you need, with Krum-chan?」
「I had obtained some very interesting information from a secret agent that infiltrated a certain organization. That child Krum, she had used a technique that he had never seen before, and of all things, she claimed to be a “Demon King”.」
It seemed that a spy on the Feudal Lord’s side was mixed in among the Measmos Family’s henchmen. Was he a guard, or a ruffian?
──You’re surprisingly zealous about your work, aren’t you, d.a.m.ned Galford.
Rem objected.
「Feudal Lord! Krum is still a child!」
「Be at ease, for I have not truly accepted it. I intend on having her examined by the Magicians. I shall have her accompany me to an army facility.」
「Th, that is……」
Things became bad.
If someone who could see the flow of magic were to examine her, they would most likely notice something.
At the very least, they would probably be able to tell that he was not a person of the Races. Whether she was a Demon King or a Demonic Being aside.
And then, Krum was not good at keeping secrets.
「That is needless -nanoda! Maou is Maou! What is there to hide!?」
Rem pressed down on her own forehead and hung her head down.
Shera’s eyes were spinning.
Edelgart looked like she would start a fight at any moment. It looked like she was trying to ask that they get Krum away while she was fighting.
Naturally, Galford antic.i.p.ated that.
「I have prepared two layers of barriers surrounding this inn. If you take any strange behavior, you all will surely lose much. You should just follow what I say.」
Diablo glared at him.
「So you intend on stirring up trouble with me, do you, Galford?」
「That is not my intention, but there are also things that I cannot overlook. For example, if a Demonic Being were to slip into my town……」
In this place that had such a dangerous atmosphere, the inn’s poster girl Mei was able to step in. Behind her, there was also the figure of a man that seemed like a customer.
「Can I have a moment -nya?」
Galford didn’t take his eyes off of Diablo.
「I believe I should have given the order that no customers be allowed in?」
「Nn~, he isn’t a customer -nya. It seems that he wants to say his thanks to Krum-chan☆」
Mei stepped to the side.
The one that came, was the owner of the restaurant 《Apetisan》.
Noticing that even the Feudal Lord was here, he bowed his head several times.
「Th, this is, I am terribly sorry for cutting in on what seems to be an important discussion. It’s just, would you allow me, to say at least a few words?」
Galford nodded.
After the owner gave a bow to him, he lowered his head to Diablo’s group.
「Everyone, I am truly grateful for all that you have done! After that, a person of the Measmos Family came and promised that they would “no longer demand any money”. They even made an apology for all of the matters that had happened up until now!」
「Umu umu.」
Krum folded her arms and displayed a satisfied looking expression.
The owner’s eyes were moist.
「Thanks to all of you, it seems that I’ll be able to keep the store running. And just when I thought that I had no choice but to either pay the money or close up the store……T, truly……Thank you very much!」
He had a tearful voice which showed just how distressed he was about this.
Shera cried in sympathy.
「Uuu……That’s great! That’s really great!」
「……I do think that it is great but……How did you figure out our whereabouts?」
Rem asked him that question.
While wiping his eyes, the owner expressed a smile.
「Since she is a very young girl that goes around to stores alone and gives criticism like a professional, Krum-san is famous among the restaurants of Faltra City. And although this may be rude of me, everyone else is quite characteristic as well.」
Now that he mentioned it……
A Demon with horns (the truth is that its only an effect of the equipment, so it only looks like that though)
A black haired Pantherian (a majority possess hair and tails that go from orange to red)
A big chested Elf (generally they are flat chested)
Moreover Rem and Shera had 《Slavery Chokers》 attached to them. People walking about with these on were rare.
──Could it be that we stand out more than I thought we did?
It seemed that he could figure out that they were staying at this 《Relief》 inn after doing a bit of investigating.
Krum expressed a smile towards the owner that stated his thanks several times.
「That is good -noda! But the one that told Measmos to do good things was Diablo after all. Maou had intended on ma.s.sacring him -noda! As I thought, Diablo is great!」
Galford, who was listening in away from the table, twitched his eyebrows.
He felt that she said something unnecessary.
The owner of 《Apetisan》 withdrew.
And as if to replace him, a person in charge of another store appeared.
It seemed that this one had paid a large amount of money to Measmos. “It seemed like I was going to go out of business, but you saved me!” is how they were thanked once again.
Even after that, one after another came by……
Before long, a line was made outside of the inn.
When the tenth person came about, Galford opened his mouth.
「It is about time to go.」
Rem made a protest, and Edelgart clenched her fists.
Galford stopped them by putting out one hand.
「There is, no longer any need for Krum-kun to accompany me.」
Going 「Hoeh」, Shera, who had hugged Krum closely so as to protect her, raised a surprised voice.
What did he mean?
Rem asked him.
「……May we hear the reason?」
「There is no way there would be a Demonic Being that would be thanked by this many citizens. I am busy. I have no time to investigate unlikely suspicions, that is what it means.」
「……Y, yes! Krum is a very good girl!」
「If that is the case, then it is truly welcome.」
Abruptly, Galford approached Krum. His right hand extended to his sword.
「You, what would you do if a Demon King drew near Faltra City?」

「No matter who they are, those that hinder Maou’s meals, they will be given destruction -noda.」

It was an immediate reply.
Going *hmph*, Galford’s mouth loosened and he left.
Withdraw──That is the order he gave to his subordinates.
Not just the two Local Knights that accompanied him, there was most likely a great number of subordinates that surrounded the inn.
When Galford left the inn, the thing that was like a feeling of oppression vanished.

Part 9

The sun sank.
It was almost time for dinner.
Diablo was alone in their room.
Rem had gone to meet with the Magician’s Guild’s Celes to report that the Demon King’s soul had been completely taken out of her.
Edelgart worked at the bakery today as well. She might be the most admirable among them.
And then, Shera and Krum were in the room next door.
The two of them were playing there.
Shera would teach her a song she made, and talk about their adventures.
Since he was alone for the first time in a while, Diablo had a water tub prepared in his room.
It was in place of a bath.
It healed the fatigue of the long trip──he wasn’t able to relax enough to say that, but when would be the next time he would be able to take things slowly like this.
When washing his body, he wanted to properly wash it.
Right when he was about to take his clothes off, the door was opened.
「Ooh, so you were here, Diablo.」
「What do you need?」
The one that entered the room without even knocking was Krum.
She had hidden her 《Slave Choker》 and her tail that was a sign of being demonic with flashy clothes.
「Shera had fallen asleep -noda.」
「When you all were singing?」
「When she was telling stories of your journey. She was well asleep -nanoda.」
「She might have acc.u.mulated a lot of fatigue. Various things had happened in her homeland after all.」
「Before she fell asleep, she said something that I was very curious about -noda.」
──Is it about the Great Demon King?
Once she knew of its existence, how would Krum act. He didn’t think that she would join forces together with them and make a united front but……what would she think of Diablo’s group as they fight against the Great Demon King?
Krum asked him a question.
「It seems that marriage is when men and women of the Races join together, right?」
「So it was about that!」
「Am I mistaken?」
「No……Well, you aren’t mistaken. I became the King of the Greenwood Kingdom, and Shera became the Queen.」
There was probably no need to purposely talk about how he had failed at the bridal night.
Krum talked sounding curious.
「It seems that the Races do the thing called marriage.」
「Do you all not do it?」
「Umu! The Demonic Beings do not do it either. Ah, but, since Edelgart said that “Demonic Beings bear children”, they are the same as the Races aren’t they -nanoda na!」
「What did you say!?」
That was a setting that wasn’t stated in the MMORPG Cross Reverie. He couldn’t even imagine the appearance of those grotesque monsters raising children.
However, Edelgart’s appearance, it was attractive even from the point of view of the Races. Would she also eventually become pregnant with a Demonic Being child?
For a moment, he imagined it, and got a strange feeling.
「What about……Demon Kings? Having children.」
「I do not know. Maou has never gotten married, or given birth to a child -noda. Maou has never heard of the other Maous doing so either.」
According to the legends, it seems that the current Demon Kings are fragments of the first Demon King who was smashed by G.o.d.
「So Demon Kings only revive……」
「It is because I have not tried before. If I did, it surprisingly might be possible. Should I do the thing called marriage?」
「Diablo, you know the method of making children, correct?」
「Fu, fuhahaha! Of, of course, I obviously know about it!」
He unconsciously averted his gaze.
「Yosh! Then teach it to Maou!」
──What, did she say?
Something like child making, he had erotic game level knowledge about it, but having no actual experience with it, there was no way he would have the confidence to teach her about it.
Besides, although Krum was a Demon King, her appearance was nothing but that of a little girl.
「It is impossible for children.」
「What are you saying? Maou has lived for so many months and years that it is it a pain to count them all. Well, Maou was sealed within Rem for a long time though.」
「Ahー……In other words……The thing known as child making, it is something that adults do, and no matter how old you are, you have the appearance of a child so……」
Krum pouted her lips.
「I told you I am not a child. When I go to restaurants, I am treated as a splendid lady you know!? Ahh, should I ask the fellows that treat me like that?」
「Wait wait!」
「So it is no good. In that case, as I thought, you should teach me.」
「Ah……Uh……I, I get it……Then, eventually. For I am busy right now.」
「Umu! It is a promise -nanoda!」
It was a whole faced smile.
A smile as if a kindergartener had gotten a promise that they would be bought a stuffed toy. To teach a child that would make this kind of expression about child making, he thought that it was an out even in another world.
Saying “come to think of it”──she changed the topic.
「It seems that there is a fellow professing to be the “Great Demon King”, isn’t there?」
So Shera also talked about that.
He felt that this was an important matter that should have come before the matter of marriage but……he didn’t really understand the order of precedence for a Demon King.
「It is the 《Demon King of Insanity Modinalaam》. It seems they are absorbing the other Demon Kings.」
「Fumu fumu……The method of becoming stronger with that, Maou has also thought about it thoughー」
It has been nothing but surprises.
「Krum, are you able to do the same!?」
「There is no way that there is anything that fellow can do that Maou cannot -noda! However, when absorbing others, the thing known as myself would fade.」
「So it isn’t just their abilities but even their personalities that get mixed in?」
「I have not tried it, but I only have the knowledge of it. Maou does not want to lose herself -noda.」
「That is only natural.」
「However, 《Insanity》 desired it personally -noda na……That is very like that fellow -noda.」
「Do you know Modinalaam?」
「We were originally one after all.」
I see, so it’s something like siblings, is how he understood it.
If there isn’t a great difference in their abilities……
「Modinalaam seemed to know the whereabouts of the other Demon Kings. Most likely, they were able to detect their magical power. Krum, is it possible for you as well? I would like to know that fellow’s location and movements.」
She tilted her head in contemplation.
With a snap, she pointed at the window.
「It’s that way, very far.」
「That’s plenty! If it gets closer, be sure to tell me. When I am not here, ahー……Let’s make arrangements so that you can contact me.」
Surveillance from the Feudal Lord and the Adventurer’s Guild should be attached to her anyways. Let’s ask them to serve as a method of contact while they’re at it.
Krum nodded.
「If I notice something, I shall tell you -noda.」
「It concerns whether or not this town will be protected. I leave it to you.」
Fortress City Faltra is a key location that connects the Demon King territory and the Lifelia Kingdom territory. If this place were to fall, a great number of the people of the Races would become victims.
Suddenly, he spoke out doubts that he had for a long time.
「Demonic Beings are considerably strong even when alone. They take tactics that are different from the ones that the troops of the Races take. It should be possible to ignore Faltra City that has a barrier that wards the demonic, and attack the towns behind it. Why do they always attack from the front?」
Even in the game, and in this world’s history, the Demon King army’s invasion pattern was unchanging.
Krum stuck out her chest.
「Isn’t that obvious? If there is a fight, there is meaning to showing off one’s ability. Sneakily hiding and attacking the back, what would that conflict be for!」
「Fumu……I see.」
So going around doing schemes to do this and that wasn’t Demon King-like.
Attacking from the front, obtaining victory, and displaying strength, that would become a symbol of fear.
Krum went *don* and hit her own small chest.
「Do not fear, Diablo! During your absence, leave it to Maou -nanoda!」
「I shall place my trust in you.」
There were times where he felt unease from their sense of values being too different, but he did not have any doubts of the fact that Krum’s abilities were excellent.
If a large army of Demonic Beings were to attack, she would not lose. The Feudal Lord Galford was here as well after all.
Krum pointed her finger.
「Putting that aside……What is this -nanoda?」
At the water tub that was placed on the floor.


Part 10

Excitedly, Krum took off her outfit.
「Yosh, wash me!」
Diablo thought about it.
──How did it turn out like this?

Diablo gave an explanation about the water tub.
「This is, something to wash the body with.」
It seemed that she did not understand.
「Since the Lifelia Kingdom is arid, it doesn’t have the smell of sweat, but even so, I feel like I want to be hygienic, you see.」
「Fumu fumu……?」
「To begin with, do Demon Kings have the concepts of “hygiene” and “unsanitary”?」
「Occasionally, you use words that I do not understand the meaning of, don’t you -noda na!」
──As I thought, with the cultural sphere of the Middle Ages, she doesn’t understand.
Since germs and viruses weren’t discovered (although it was unknown if they even existed in this other world), there wasn’t the concept of sterilization.
Even so, fortunately enough, toilets existed in the Lifelia Kingdom. Bathtubs weren’t popularized, but they did exist among the n.o.bles and in high cla.s.s inns.
Underwear was also widely used.
In the Middle Ages of his original world, both toilets and underwear weren’t popularized. It was said that they would put a pot in the corner of the room, and dump it into the back alleys from the windows……
So harsh.
He occasionally read about it in literary creations where the story was staged not in other worlds but in the real Middle Ages but……
No matter how cute of a heroine they were, they would do it on the wayside. Moreover, since paper was a super high-cla.s.s item, something like toilet paper did not exist. And if they were commoners, they would also have no underwear──Diablo ended up thinking about such things. It was something quite harsh.
Putting that aside, he tried to teach Krum about the concept of hygiene, but it was difficult.
Getting tired of it midway, he drastically simplified it.
「Ahー……In other words……Since it feels good, I wash myself.」
「I see! So it feels good. That is important!」
It didn’t get through to her, but he got her to consent to it.
However, after that, he received an unforeseen request from Krum.
「Maou also wants to try it out -noda!」
「Mu? That it, I do not mind but……」
「Well then, I shall have you wash me!」
The moment she said that, Krum took off her outfit.
Diablo panicked.
「Wh, what!?」
「What is it? When washing the body, you take off the clothes, right?」
「That is right but……」
*Shun* The ends of Krum’s eyebrows dropped.
「Is Maou not allowed?」
「Ah, no, it is not a problem even for Demon Kings but……」
There was a huge different problem.
An unpleasant sweat went down along his back.
However, if he prohibited her from even trying it out even though she had finally gained an interest in it, Krum would be baffled, as well as be sad.
──Now that I think about it, since she is still a child, just washing her body wouldn’t be a problem, right?
Krum was a Demon King, so she didn’t particularly have a being that could be her parent.
The origin of the Demon King might exist, but just like the origin of G.o.d, it wasn’t told even in the legends.
Right now, they themselves were parent subst.i.tutes.
Wasn’t this the thing known as child rearing!?
Diablo settled his resolve.
「Umu! There shouldn’t be any sort of problem! Probably.」
「Yosh, then wash me!」
Krum excitedly took her outfit off.
She became stark naked.
Her chest was slender with no ups and downs, and her ribs were faintly showing.
Her skin had not a single blemish like that of a doll, and was so perfect that it seemed like a work of art.
Even down below, it was smooth and completely different from that of an adult, but tried to not look all that much.
──She really is a child.
Krum tilted her head.
「What is wrong -noda, Diablo?」
「Ah……No……It is fine. It is completely wholesome after all! If there were someone that would call this unwholesome, then their head is simply unwholesome. I am merely washing a child after all. Now then, sit within the tub.」
「Fumu fumu」
Doing as she was told, she quietly settled down in it.
It would be small if Diablo were to use it, but when Krum got in it, it was like a bathtub.
He placed a water jug in the tub.
He wet a cloth with water.
「Since it will be a bit cold, be sure to endure it.」
「Is it as much as Ice Magic?」
「It is not that cold.」
Thinking about it closely, even if he shot 《Absolute Zero》──one of the strongest Water attribute magics, and causes any and all kinetic energy to be completely lost for eternity──on her, it probably wouldn’t get through to Krum.
It would only seal her movements for an instant.
Diablo put the wet cloth on her leg.
*Biku* Krum’s waist went up.
「Hyahyah, it is cold -noda!」
「I, I see……Are you surprisingly weak to cooling-type attacks?」
「I can endure it, but cold things are cold.」
「I see.」
「Your magic as well, it was at the level where I lost an arm, but it was quite painful after all?」
「……I find it questionable how you could compare the coldness of a wet cloth with the spell 《Absolute Zero》.」
In this other world, he had not fought against a serious Demon King. His opponents had either lost their presence of mind, or was sealed……
He was having feelings of unease for the fight against the Great Demon King Modinalaam that should happen in the near future.
For the time being, he concentrated on what was in front of him.
Diablo washed Krum’s legs with the wet cloth.
Seeming to have grown accustomed to the coldness of it, she now twisted her body seeming like she found it ticklish.
Her beautiful white skin that was like porcelain, when he touched it, it was soft and silky. Even though it was only wet, the cloth slid without getting caught on anything.
Having come to this other world, many unforeseen things had happened.
However, washing a Demon King was something he had not considered even in his wildest dreams──he was submerged in that strange deep feeling.
After her legs, he washed her arms.
Since she said that it would be fine to wet her hair as well, he washed away the sand and dust with water. He also washed the horns that grew out from her head.
──So these are the real thing huh.
Krum’s horns had a way of growing where her scalp became hard and projected out. In Diablo’s case, they were an effect of his 《Distorted Crown》, and he only looked like he had horns.
As if to ascertain the feel of the material, he caressed them with his hands.
*Piku* She made a slight movement.
「Mu……Did it tickle?」
「Umu, it is because it is not touched by others all that much.」
「So you have senses in your horns as well……」
*Chon chon* He poked it with his fingertip.
Krum drew her head back.
「Hafuu……St, stop it -noda, Diablo……That place, it looks like it is a bit delicate.」
「Let us leave it at pouring water on it.」
Diablo’s horns were for decoration so there weren’t any sensations in them. This is a good reference──is what he thought.
And then, he washed Krum’s back.
Her torso was slender, and she had thin flesh to the point that he could tell the ups and downs of her spine.
From her tailbone area, a tail with scales like that of a dragon was grown out. It was a characteristic tail that was bifurcated at the tip.
Since it was swaying left and right, Diablo grabbed it with his hand.
「Krum, I shall wash this place as well, got it?」
「Hau……D, do it gently, okay?」
「O, ou.」
She probably wasn’t aware of it, but those were suggestive words.
Putting water on it, he wiped it with the cloth.
*Fururu* The muscles along Krum’s spine trembled.
「What is wrong?」
「N, no……It just felt a bit cold……maybe, -nanoda. Do it quickly, okay?」
Diablo made a wry smile.
「Even though you can endure Absolute Zero, it was cold?」
「That is how it felt -noda.」
Krum’s cheeks were dyed red.
──This is child rearing. This is child rearing. This is child rearing.
While chanting that in his mind, Diablo moved the cloth.
When he wiped the base of the other side of her tail, Krum reacted with a start.
「Was it cold?」
「Hafuu……I am fine……」
「I see.」
Since she was a Demon King, he didn’t think she would catch a cold, but thinking that he should finish this quickly, he wiped with the wet cloth.
「I, I suppose that’s it?」
「Do it……further……in -noda」
Krum raised up her hips.
Her tightly closed legs were opened.
Going *kapaa*.

Isn’t that place no longer the base of her tail, but the base of her legs?
Diablo involuntarily hardened up. It wasn’t in the strange meaning, but people come to a standstill when surprised.
While looking over her shoulder, Krum expressed an alluring smile that wasn’t like that of a little girl.
「Fufu……You, even though you can boldly stand off against Maou, you are a strange fellow that becomes nervous at times like this -nanoda」
「Ugh!? I, I am not nervous. You as well, even though you can endure my absolute magic, to start twitching just from some water, you are an odd fellow.」
He faltered for a moment, but since it was an important spot, it needed to be hygienic.
From behind Krum, he stuffed his hand in between her legs.
He pressed the wet cloth on her lower body.
「Hmph……Maou wouldn’t do that with just some water……Hyau!?」
「You did.」
「Th, that was different -noda! That just now, it was because you suddenly pressed and hit me. Look, do it once more -noda.」
「Like this?」
「Nn……Uuu……O, once more.」
「Like this, right?」
「Au……It, it was because you caressed, that sort of place……Nnn……」
「N, now then, I suppose that is enough?」
「You can’t.」
Krum closed both of her legs, and held the hand that held the cloth in between.
「Hafuu……A bit more……It is no good if you, don’t properly wipe it -noda……Nnn」
「I think that it is already plenty clean though……」
Krum’s eyes had a dazed and bewitching feeling to them.
Diablo moved his hand as she requested.
She twisted her body.
「Nn……fuu……nn……I see……This is, quite……haun……I understand……maybe, -nanoda.」
「What did you understand?」
「Certainly, washing the body……feels good.」
「It, it does, doesn’t it!? Washing away the sweat is something that feels good.」
「Nn……That it……does……hafuu……nn……nn……ah……It feels good, Diablo.」
「Ah……ah……nn……A, a bit more……」
「O, ou.」
*Bikun* Krum arched her spine.

──It was probably because the water was cold, surely.

*Fururu* She trembled.
*Chupapa……* A sound started to be made, and in the water that was gathered in the tub, a gold color mixed in.
Diablo reflexively half rose to his feet.
「Fuan……Nnn……Ah……It, it looks like……it came out.」
「So it came outー」
「Nhaa~……Diablo. Washing the body……it feels good -noda naa」
「Y, yeah, so you understand.」
With an absent minded expression, Krum nodded.
After that, he thoroughly washed her again.

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