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Part 2

The tea lounge of the Royal Castle Grandios was a private room, and seemed as if it were a room in an art gallery.
There was a round table that could seat four people at the center.
It was something made out of blue crystal, and joining points couldn't be found. Just how large the crystal was originally was beyond imagination.
On the chairs that had the backs made out of Dragon eggsh.e.l.ls that were cut in half, the seats had Great Bear fur attached to them.
On the walls of the cylindrical room, garden scenery was painted. That delicate wall painting, it seemed as if the murmuring of a stream could be heard, as if there was the aroma of flowers in full bloom, and as if small birds were flapping their wings.
Rem was overwhelmed and lost her voice.

「This tea, it's really delicious, isn't it.」
Shera, without being bashful, enjoyed the black tea that was served. The pure white tea cup that she picked up with her fingertips was most likely porcelain ordered from an eastern foreign country, and the cost of just one of them surpa.s.sed their own annual income.
Shera really is royalty born and raised in the earthly paradise, the 《Blessed Forest, Greenwood》──that is how Rem was impressed on a strange part of her.
For a while, they waited with just the two of them.
Before long, the place that had a tree painted was opened.
Without having a guard accompanying him, a man came in alone.
His luxurious shawl indicated that he was a Lifelia Kingdom Duke.
──Duke Noa Gibun.
He had blond hair, blue eyes, and a well-featured beauty, but he didn't have a cold impression, and instead expressed a gentle smile. He looked like a short haired young girl.

Rem was strangely reminded of Diablo.
Even though they didn't resemble each other at all. Could it be due to his facial features that had no distortions and seemed too perfect? That alone is what they had in common.
Standing up from the chair, she showed etiquette as a lady.

Right now, she wasn't the Adventurer Rem Galeu, she was a queen of the Greenwood King Diablo, the position of being his representative.
Shera stayed seated, and tilted her head a bit.
Seeing the contrastive two, Noa didn't turn towards either one of them and made a bow.
「I am Noa Gibun. It is an honor to meet you.」
「I'm Shera L. Greenwood.」
「I ask that you forgive my rude action of visiting you so suddenly today.」
「It's fineー.」
Seeing the all too natural exchange between the two, Rem felt awkward. Rather, she ended up worrying that her humbling herself was inappropriate.
「……I am Rem Galeu.」
She just barely announced her name.
For an instant, Noa made a face that said he found it surprising.
Come to think of it, should she have given her current surname? Since Diablo became the Greenwood King, his full name has become Diablo Greenwood.
Now that she has become his wife……

Rem Greenwood?

*Bo* Rem's cheeks became hot.
Shera tilted her head looking like she found it curious.
「What's wrong?」
「……It, it's……nothing.」
When Rem shook her head left and right, she shook off the delusion that came to her mind.
Incidentally, the "L" in Shera L Greenwood indicated her connection to the Greenwood Kingdom royal family lineage.
Even if Diablo and Rem had become royalty through marriage, since they weren't descendants of the royal family, they wouldn't have it attached to their names.
Since the royal family's bloodline possessed an important meaning to the Greenwood Kingdom, it needed to have a clear differentiation.
Rem asked a question.
「……What kind of business do you have with us?」
Noa expressed a personable smile.
「No matter what His Majesty's intentions are, it is a rule that before an audience, a retainer such as myself would inquire about some stories from the guests. This is just a formality, so please forgive me.」
「……I see, I get it now.」
His gaze turned to both of their necks.
「I have heard rumors that those are 《Slavery Chokers》. Is it the truth?」
Reflexively, Rem made a gesture as if she tried to hide the choker with both hands.
She was still embarra.s.sed about it when it was formally pointed out.
Shera, who didn't mind the smaller details, nodded.
「Yup, it is.」
Noa added another question.
「Due to Diablo-sama's Magic Reflection, the two of you had those placed on yourselves──Is that rumor, also the truth?」
Rem half rose to her feet.
Her heart pounded.
「……Duke Gibun……Where, did you hear that!?」
His gentle smile wasn't disturbed.
「I am here for the sake of the Lifelia Kingdom's peace and prosperity. I am not so lazy that I wouldn't gather information or monitor someone important that is of equal rank as a Demon King.」
「Since when……」
「May I have the answer to the question?」
Rem, after worrying over it a bit, determined that it was pointless to hide it.
「……That rumor is the truth. We had thought of enslaving Diablo like a Summoned Beast, and as a result of having the 《Slavery Ceremony》 reflected, these chokers were placed on us.」
How interesting──is what Noa muttered.
After that, he answered her question.
「You asked about when we turned our eyes towards Diablo-sama, correct? It was ever since Diablo-sama had driven away the invading Demon King Army in Zircon Tower City.」
「……I see.」
A great number of soldiers had seen that fight.
The thing called war, regardless of its result, would have its details reported to the royal capital.
Slaughtering countless Demonic Beings through powerful magic, and furthermore having slayed the enemy general that even seemed to have been immortal, it was only natural that Diablo would catch their interest.
Rem put a hand to her mouth.
Immediately following that battle, Diablo eliminated the Church's Cardinal Inst.i.tute in the royal capital.
Noa thinly smiled.
「Is something, bothering you?」
「……It is about when Diablo had come to the royal capital. ……We, had fought in order to take the Church back from the Cardinal Inst.i.tute.」
「I have received a report about that. Even His Majesty is unable to interfere with the Church. The fact that you all had saved the High Chief Priest, and endeavoured to normalize it, I cannot hold back my feelings of grat.i.tude and respect.」
Rem had a thought.
──At that time, the ones who a.s.sa.s.sinated the members of the Cardinal Inst.i.tute that ran away, were the 《Royal Palace Chivalric Order》.
If they were monitoring Diablo's movements, she could consent to how they appeared at the perfect opportunity. And then, if that were the case……

The one who directed the a.s.sa.s.sination, wasn't it Noa here?

He continued to smile and waited for Rem's words.
This place was the royal castle.
If she were to make a mistake in even a single remark, it would be like being within the belly of a monster.
It would be better to not say anything unnecessary.
Suddenly, Shera opened her mouth.
「This cookie, it's delicious! Can I have one more!?」
The tension that was like a strained thread was broken.
Just when they were wondering what she would say……
Noa let out a smile.
「I am glad that they suit your tastes. That apple tart is something that recreated the taste of my birthplace. I can prepare as much as you like.」
「Hoorayー!! I'll make it a souvenir for Diablo.」
Since it would take five days to get to Faltra City, it would just spoil──is what Rem thought as she breathed a sigh.
「……At any rate, we only came because we were summoned here……For Diablo, whether it be as an Adventurer or as the Greenwood King, he has no intention of confronting the Lifelia Kingdom. I believe that how he risked his life to protect the people from the Great Demon King is proof of that.」
Noa nodded.
「Yes, of course. We are not doubting Diablo-sama. Just as I had said not too long ago, the time we gained interest in his personage was when he drove away the Demon King army. And then, this time's invitation was for the subjugation of the Great Demon King……Most likely, words of praise will be given from His Majesty.」
「So that's how it was……」
*Hoh* Rem pressed down on her chest.
Noa lowered his voice.
「……By the way, I do have one concern.」
「It is about those 《Slavery Collars》.」
「Wh, what about them?」
「They will appear to be 《Slave Chokers》 to those that do not know your circ.u.mstances. If the Greenwood Kingdom were to send slaves to an audience with His Majesty, it would be an impoliteness equivalent to a declaration of war.」
She had thought about it, but they couldn't help what they couldn't take off.
Even Shera made an anxious-looking face.
「No way……」
He then came with a proposal.
「I am also a bit well-versed in magic. I can make it so that they can't be seen by others but, how about it? There is also the need to confirm that there were no strange orders that were made after all.」
Before, there was a time where Shera's choker was made to be invisible to match with her marriage ceremony.
At that time, the Greenwood Kingdom's prime minister, Durango, had cast Concealment Magic on it. It was extraordinarily advanced magic, and not something that could be imitated so easily.
Rem pondered over it, but it didn't seem like there were any other hands to play.
「……I understand.」
Shera agreed, and the conversation was settled.
Noa nodded, and stretched out his right hand.
「Fumu…………I see……」
He displayed a serious expression.
A discomfortable feeling like inviting some unknown person into their home was felt, but this was also his job.
Even if there was no problem with their position and speech and conduct, if someone that was given the order for a.s.sa.s.sination through the 《Slavery Choker》 was allowed to meet with the king, it would affect the fate of the nation.
After confirming that there were no strange orders, he used Concealment Magic.
At the same time as Noa's muttering, the chokers became invisible.
With just that, they could tell that he was a Magician more outstanding than Durango.
Despite having the position of cabinet minister as well, to think that he would be such a high leveled Magician!
If one touched the choker, they would be able to tell that it existed, but it would be unable to be seen by those around them.
Noa made a bow.
「I apologize for the trouble. With this, I believe that His Majesty's heart will not be disturbed, nor will the chief va.s.sals have any absurd misunderstandings……」
*Zushin!* The room shook.
Rem displayed a puzzled expression.
Shera tilted her head a bit.
「An earthquake?」
「……It only shook once. As if it were an explosion of magic.」
This place, even within the royal castle, was particularly close to the center. If it were an explosion that could reach even that place, then it must have been an explosion with quite the scale.
A Magician that could cause that large of an explosion, there weren't that many of them.
──Could it be, Diablo!?
However, he should be in Faltra City.
The door was knocked upon.
From the other side, a nervous voice was made.
『Your Excellency, I have an urgent report.』
Noa, still expressing a smile, once again bowed to Rem and Shera.
「I am terribly sorry for being in such a hurry. Since it would seem that some sort of turmoil has occurred, I will excuse myself here. Since I can guarantee the safety of this place, you have no need to worry. By all means, please relax and be at ease until the day of your audience.」
「……We are Adventurers. There might be something we can be of a.s.sistance with.」
「Fumu. I do not know how things are in the Frontier City Faltra but……In this royal castle, I would like for guests to be like guests, and believe in me and the State Knights.」
His tone was courteous, but it was a clear refusal.
「……Is that so.」
Rem backed down. There was no point in buying his displeasure here. They would only be staying here for a few days until the audience anyway.
However, on the evening of that day, they were called to the audience room.

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