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Part 1

Lifelia Kingdom Calendar, Year 165, January 10──
Rem and Shera were in a room in the Royal Castle Grandios' n.o.ble visitor building.
The cuisine that was prepared as lunch was lined up and filled a large table.
「The food here is delicious, isn't itー」
Shera smacked her lips at the gourmet food that was the height of luxury and could be prepared as much as requested.
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……At the very least, fix up your attire.」
Shera's appearance was still in her sleep-wear of a shirt and panties.
「Butー, we won't meet with the King today either, right?」
「……The audience will happen depending on His Majesty's mood, but I'm sure that we won't be called immediately.」
They weren't told in detail but there were still several days worth of waiting for their turn──is what they were told by the old butler.
Ever since the year started, the Lifelia King hasn't been in good health, there were also political and military emergencies, and the audiences haven't progressed as planned.
Shera spoke after eating a fruit.
「I wish they called us at a time when he could meet with usー.」
「……That's true. I did say that I would like to come by another time though.」
「Was it no good?」
「……"Your attendance at the castle was already secretly reported to His Majesty. If you were to take leave of the castle without completing the audience, there is no telling what His Majesty's impression of you will be. I cannot recommend it" is what I was told.」
Shera tilted her head.
「What language is that?」
「……It's the common language of the Lifelia Kingdom. In other words, since the fact that we are in the castle has already been reported to His Majesty, he will get mad if we return without meeting him──that is what it means.」
「It would have been fine if he just said it normally like thatー」
「……It is something called wording befitting of one's rank and location though.」
「Well, since we've gone through the trouble of coming here, it'd be better to meet with him. It'd be a lot of trouble to come here again after all.」
True. There was five days worth of distance on carriage between the Frontier City of Faltra and the Royal Capital Sevenwall. If the weather turned bad, then several more days would be needed. It wasn't a place where they could simply make round trips to.
「……I won't deny that it is difficult to come and go here but……isn't the reason why you want to say at the royal castle because of the meals?」
「Eh? Ehehe……That isn't true at allー. But, Rem, why don't you eat too?」
「……I hate having meals more than the proper amount. It is because it will make my movements duller.」
「I also eat the proper amount~」
「……Shera, haven't you gotten a bit fatter?」
「Ehー? I've never gotten fat, you knowー」
Rem looked at her with scornful eyes.
「……if we don't have the audience soon, Shera, it feels like you'll end up looking like a barrel.」
「I said I don't get fbuah!?」

The white door was politely knocked upon.

『Excuse me for disturbing in the middle of your meal.』
It was the voice of the old butler that was a bit too helpful with everything.
Rem opened the door.
「……Is something the matter?」
He made a respectful bow.
「Pardon me for disturbing during your rest. Shera L Greenwood-sama, Rem Galeu-sama, there is a gentleman who wishes to have an audience with you.」
「……Who are they?」
「It is His Excellency, Duke Noa Gibun.」
Rem and Shera exchanged glances. They both shook their heads sideways at each other.
It seemed that neither of them were acquainted with him.
「……He seems to be a gentleman who we do not know of though?」
「Duke Gibun, despite still being young is a possessor of excellent intelligence, and was appointed the most responsible post of cabinet minister by His Majesty the King. Not only was he granted the t.i.tle of Duke, there have also been rumors that he will eventually be conferred the role of prime minister. As presumptuous as it may be, I surmise that he has something important to talk to you about before the audience.」
「……I see.」
Could the intention be to evaluate them to see if they are characters worthy of an audience?
The old butler added on to his words.
「Among the local n.o.bles and merchants, there are many that exert great efforts in order to obtain Duke Gibun's acquaintance. I believe it to be of great fortune and honor to meet him now.」
「……What kind of business would a person as important as that have with us? Since we will prepare right away, could you please wait a bit?」
「As you wish. Well then, I shall go prepare the lounge. A guide will come by in thirty minutes.」
An expression of relief rose onto the old butler's face.
So his enthusiastic flattery of the duke, and his saying that it was a fortune and an honor was all done out of consideration to make it so that Rem and Shera wouldn't refuse the meeting.
If something as rude as turning away the future prime minister were to happen, even the old butler who had conveyed the message might buy his displeasure.
For the sake of the butler that enthusiastically did his professional duties, they decided to meet with this person called Duke Gibun.
The old butler exited the room, and closed the door.
Rem locked the door.
「……Shera, your clothes.」
She unreservedly took off her sleep-wear and tossed them about.
And then, just as she was putting on her usual green outfit, an incident occurred.
「……Is something wrong?」
「M, my chest, it……hurts……」
「Could it be that you're sick!?」
Or maybe, was there poison served in the food!?
Shera spoke while loosening the leather straps that were on the back of her clothes.

「My b.o.o.bs, they might have gotten bigger.」

Rem's eyes became cold.
「……You useless meat Elf.」
「So mean!?」
「Please hurry up and get ready. No, you should just excessively consume food here. I will meet with the duke alone──As Diablo's wife.」
「Wawah, I'm also his wife!」
「Then wear your clothes properly. Your disgraces are also Diablo's disgraces after all.」
「Ugugu……These clothes, they're able to be adjusted with leather straps to match the body's shape but……they might already be at their limit.」
Elves had slim bodies as a racial trait, and the women had moderate sized chests.
Only Shera was unique and her chest was excessively large. Because of that, her voluptuous body became unable to enter the Elven royalty clothing.
The leather straps of her clothes creaked.
「Uuuー, my b.o.o.bs are too big, and now it's hard to move aroundー」

Looking down at her own body that had no discomfort when putting on and taking off clothes, Rem gritted her back teeth.
──No, being this way makes me more nimble after all!

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