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Part 8

It's large build was filled with magical power.
Its body that didn't have skin became covered with scales with metallic properties.
Two horns grew out from both Europa's back and chest.
It shouted *Kishaaa!*.
The tips of the horns shined.
A semi-transparent sphere sprung forth, and enveloped Europa.
Its official setting name was 《Curtain of the End》──and its nickname was "Barrier".
During the time that was up, whether it was physical attacks, magic attacks, attribute attacks, or penetrating attacks, all of them would be completely defended against.
On the walkthrough sites, it was considered to be a "representation of a state where it wouldn't receive damage rather than being a means of a powerful defense".
Just like a last boss, although Bad Statuses like Sleep and Petrify won't work, Debuffs like Decrease Attack and Decrease Speed could be given.
Diablo didn't rely on those though.
What was troublesome about the Destruction G.o.d Europa wasn't only this 《Curtain of the End》.
It would stack up countless Buffs on itself.
Double Attack, Accelerate Movement, Void Recoil, Increase Attack Count, Grant Penetrating Effect……
Its base Stats aren't all that great, but through these countless self-Buffs, the Destruction G.o.d Europa's instant maximum Stats surpa.s.s the successive Demon Kings.
It made a threat going *Goaaaaa!*.
Diablo finished changing his equipment.
In his hand, he held a Wand.
Its main body was silver, and on its tip, there was a decoration that looked like a crown attached to it. The gem that was inserted there had a dull shine.
Horun asked about it.
「Danna, what is that!?」
「It's an SSR-Cla.s.s equipment, the 《Asterisk Dispel Wand》.」
「The current Destruction G.o.d invalidates any and all attacks, and strengthens itself with multiple layers of Support Magic.」
「That's outrageous -ssu!」
「All of those things──I will tear them off!」
Diablo swung the 《Asterisk Dispel Wand》.
A flash ran out.
*Don!* The air trembled.
The 《Curtain of the End》 that enveloped Europa, and the other Buffs were dispersed.
Diablo made a fist pump in his mind.
──Yosh! The conquering strategy from the game worked!
Horun stood at the ready.
「Even I can at least make an attack!」
「Stop it! When Europa receives an attack, the 《Curtain of the End》 will be put up once again.」
「That's terrible -ssu!」
「That is why, with a single attack of Maximum Magic……」

A man with a deep red long coat stood in front of Europa.

「……Thanatos the Immortal!?」

Part 9

He gave a speech facing Europa.
「I've finally found you, you d.a.m.ned source of the wicked magical power! What a sinister form……However, you have no luck. This Thanatos the Immortal will defeat you!」
「O, oi, stop it!」
Diablo's voice didn't get through to him.
It would have been fine if he could attack first, but for magic that could defeat the gigantic Europa with a single attack, a befitting Charge was needed.
Thanatos already had his black-lacquered sword in hand.
「Take this! Secret Sword 《Overkill (Supreme Ruler Darkness Killing Dragon Slash) ・Destruction》[1]ッ!!」
That's a bit cool──is what Diablo ended up thinking.
Horun had half-closed eyes.
「Why, is that person, shouting out the Martial Art with a loud voice -su ka? Is it a chant -nan su ka? Is it really needed -nan su ka?」
Black flames rose up from Thanatos's black-lacquered sword.
Those flames took the form of a dragon, and swirled about.
Together with a shout of fighting spirit, he made a slash.
The slash deeply pierced the body of Europa who had neither an all-around defense nor Buffs.
Thanatos shouted.
「Did that do it!!」
──Why would he say those words.
That is a cliche for when the opponent hasn't been killed.
Despite that, being a Royal Palace Knight, his attack had quite amount of power, but it didn't have the firepower to defeat it in a single attack.
Going *Gishaaaaaa!*, Europa shouted.
And then, the four horns shined once again.
The semi-transparent sphere, the 《Curtain of the End》 enveloped its atypical large build.
Not knowing anything, Thanatos once again fired his Martial Art.
「In that case! Secret Sword 《Rising Force (Wickedness Rending Annihilation h.e.l.l Slash) ・Revision》[2]ッ!!」
It was a slash that made the ground tremble.
His level was by no means low. There was no mistake that his level was greater than 100. The technique names that he shouted out were merely things he named on his own, and he was a high firepower, superhuman strength Warrior-type vanguard that used standard Martial Arts.
However, the 《Curtain of the End》 shut out the attack.
Thanatos raised a voice of surprise.
The many Players that had fought against Europa for the first time surely made that same kind of voice.
It was the typical killing on first sight.
And the side that was dragged into that, would not tolerate that.
Diablo turned his body around.
「Run, Horun!」
「Y, yes -ssu.」
While saying that, she carried Angeline. Their physique difference was that of an elementary schooler and a middle schooler, but being a level 80 Thief, she had the physical strength to carry a man with a large build.
Angeline raised a small scream, but she preserved enough of her sense to not struggle about while in this situation.
Europa raised two of its now three arms overhead. In those hands, a sword of stone and a sword of water were created.
It struck them at Thanatos.

The numerous Buffs were also restored at the same time as the 《Curtain of the End》.
An attack stronger than that of Demon King's──Strong enough that even the ground collapsed with just one attack.
That was done several times.
The red long coat was torn to pieces, and Thanatos turned into sprays of blood and pieces of flesh.
With just the after-effects of the attacks, the old school building started to collapse.
The attacks of Europa in a buffed state had the power of Maximum Magic. Those were unmistakably unleashed continuously.
To confront it without a plan would be suicide.
The weapons that it used looked like swords, but the damage targets were everything within its range. At any rate, there was no other choice but to take some distance.
While running, Horun asked a question.
「Danna, what about the wand from earlier!?」
「It will take one hour for its magical power to fill back up before the next time the 《Asterisk Dispel Wand》 can be used!」
Its number of uses were unlimited, but it was equipment that required time.
「That's no good -ssu! If that thing is let loose for an hour, the academy will……no, the royal capital will get wrecked -ssu!」
「I know that!」
Noticing the disturbance, students and teachers started coming out of the blue brick school building and into the schoolyard.
An atypical monster.
Moreover, it had partially destroyed the old school building with a single attack.
As expected, there was no one that was gazing at the situation with a carefree att.i.tude. They were raising screams, and running away.
Europa moved.
──Its speed!?
「Dammit! So it's fast!」
Since it had a large build, he expected that it would have slow movements, but the distance was steadily getting closed.
Most likely, the one it was targeting was Diablo.
Maybe it was an effect of Bihyakk's consciousness. Or maybe it was because he had shot the 《Shining Lance》 at it.
Diablo ran towards a side gate that was at the end of the schoolyard.
Over there, there was a single carriage that was rushing over.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: 覇王暗黒殺龍斬・滅, read as:オーヴアーキル・滅
[2] Original: 邪破滅殺地獄斬・改, read as: ライジングフオース・改

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