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Part 7

「Now you've done it, Adventurer.」
From behind, a voice was raised. It had an irritated tone to it.
In this situation, there was only one person that would say something like that.
Diablo turned around.
「Europa's Magician huh.」
It was a elderly Demon. He wore a dark red robe.
From what he had heard, if he was correct──
The one that called out his name was Horun.
The other party expressed a bold smile.
「Add "-sensei" to that.」
「Did you really……turn the students that had gone missing into sacrifices to that monster -su ka!?」
「Even after searching throughout the academy, there weren't any students that were found, right? In that case, there is no meaning to that question. It's a meaningless question that someone who bungled up would make.」
Ignoring Horun who was having a fit, Bihyakk glared at Diablo.
「I had heard that you would be coming but……To think that you would see through everything this quickly……I can't think of you as a mere Adventurer. Including that Chemical Elemental Magic with a surprising amount of power from earlier, what what are you?」
Diablo didn't feel like giving his name.
The feeling of anger was overflowing to the point that it surprised even himself.
「Why, did you call out something like this?」
「This world is warped. It has such bad taste that there are even torture tools designed to only to torment people of the Races. It needs to be destroyed.」
「And that is why, you fed those female students to that monster?」
「Even with magical power, without intelligence, they would only be used by others in the end. In that case, it would be better if I used them more effectively.」
「Getting obsessed by some idiotic delusion. You, you are nothing more than a homicidal maniac.」
Diablo turned his Magic Staff towards him.
He suddenly remembered.
If he remembered correctly, going by how things played out in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, the Destruction G.o.d Europa would be completed after absorbing the Magician that summoned it.
The gigantic Europa behind him didn't take any action right now.
──Is the one that possesses the destructive impulse, this man?
「In that case! I will defeat you, and obstruct the ritual! There is no longer any point in begging for your life, Bihyakk!!」
「You, just how much do you know? Why is it that, let alone Europa's name, you know even the whole aspect of the ritual……Even though this is Ritual Magic of my own development.」
Even if Diablo explained it to him by saying "I learned it in the game", he would never understand.
Or maybe, being Magician that could call out something like this, he might know something about it.
Maybe even the reason why Diablo was called to this other world.
However, it was because he possessed enough strength to do that, he needed to be defeated here.
Protecting the people of the Races, that is what Adventurers do.
「Get burnt away, 《Flare──」
「Is it alright for you to be doing that?」
Bihyakk turned his gaze to the old school building.
Diablo suspended his Charge.
On top of the roof, there was a female student.
In an instant, he remembered the young flower vendor girl──Merci.
However, it was a different person.
It was a young Human girl with black hair and gave the impression of being intellectual. She was wearing the Magic Academy uniform.
Horun shouted.
So it was the student council president that appeared in the earlier story.
Since it was said that she had gone missing that morning, he had completely thought that she had also been turned into a sacrifice though.
Bihyakk spoke.
「She has been given the order "if your name is called, jump off after counting to five". Will you just let her die by killing me?」
Diablo broke into a run.
He might make it in time if he fires his magic then starts running after that.
However, what if he didn't make it in time?
Wouldn't he then be the same as Bihyakk who made the girls into sacrifices to try and destroy the world?
He had no intention of being a champion of justice.
But even so, he at least wanted to save a life that could be saved when it was in front of him.
Horun also ran over, but she was slow.
Diablo used the Martial Art 《Sword Smite III》. With explosive acceleration, he dashed to the old school building in one go.
Furthermore, cancelling the side swipe, he flew through his boots, the 《Empty Sky's Dance》.
At almost the same time, Angeline threw her body off without any hesitation.
Diablo caught her.
Making a groan, the young lady that was held in his arms opened her eyes wide.
She made a surprised looking expression.
It would seem that the 《Hypno》 had been broken.
Either the effect time had pa.s.sed, or it was broken by a strong impact.
Diablo let her stand on the ground.
「Are you alive!?」
「Y……yes……J, just what……did I……? I was hugged, by Bihyakk-sensei……Eh? Who, are you?」
「That d.a.m.ned sc.u.mbag.」
──Sounding so self-important and talking about the world, he's just a simple s.e.xual hara.s.sment teacher, isn't he!
Finally, Horun came running.
「D, Danna! Angeline-san!」
So slow. Even though Thieves should also have acceleration-type Martial Arts, it's like she doesn't have a handle on them.
That being said, Horun did rapidly level up.
Moreover, she is in the middle of studying magic.
Since he was always thinking that things were his own failures, Diablo decided that he couldn't criticize others' failures.
He left Angeline to Horun.
「Properly protect her.」
「Ah……I, I understand -ssu! I absolutely will!」
The person in question was bewildered.
「Eh? Horun-san, what's the meaning of this!? What is……!? Hii!? Wh, what is that!?」
Finally, it seemed that she noticed Europa.
With the time, place, and situation having suddenly changed, there was a person she didn't know, and moreover there was a gigantic monster that she had never seen before.
Even just the fact that she didn't lose consciousness was something to be admired.
Diablo stood as if to protect the two of them.
In front of the Destruction G.o.d Europa, there was a dark red robed Magician.
──So in the end, it's the same layout as the game.
There was a sense of deja vu.
Bihyakk smiled.
「Farewell. The fact that I will not see the destruction of this world filled with malice, is my only regret.」
The tongue that still had the 《Shining Lance》 stuck in it must have been hard to use.
When Europa grabbed Bihyakk with its hand, it casually threw him to its mouth.
Angeline raised a scream.
Horun also grimaced.
Diablo made preparations for battle.
「Here it comes……From here on, it's the subjugation of the Destruction G.o.d Europa!」

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