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Part 6

Diablo charged his magic.
──There is no conclusive evidence, but this place is suspicious. Let's check it.
「O light, gather, 《Shining Lance》!! More! Even more!」
In his held up hand, a shining spear came forth.
It was a somewhat peculiar magic, and its activation was slow.
At first, it had the length of a javelin, but by pouring magical power in, this magic could be made bigger and increase its power and effect time.
The spear at the end of Diablo's hand had doubled in size.
「Even more!」
Reaching a length where it could reach the roof of a school building, rather than being called a handheld spear, it reached a size where it was like a siege weapon.
It was a battering ram.
「Ah, awawa……」
Horun shuddered and backed away.
Diablo swung his hand down.
「Pierce through! Break it! 《Shining Lance》!!」
With this, if it was a miss, then the old unused well would end up being annihilated but……

An ear splitting scream resounded throughout not just the academy, but also throughout the Eleventh District.

The ground tore.
Diablo jumped back.
Horun also hurriedly followed after him.
「I told you to move back, didn't I!」
「Something like this, was impossible to predict -ssu!」
The well was blown away by the magic. From the ground beneath it, something that seemed like an ashen snake appeared. However, it was excessively huge.
If it was a snake, then it had a size that seemed like it could swallow an adult whole.
Piercing its center, the 《Shining Lance》 remained pierced into it.
Again, the tear in the ground spread out, and they could tell that that thing wasn't a snake.
It was a tongue.
What came out to the surface was a head that had the form of that of a human's, and the thing from before was its tongue. Even just its tongue was gigantic enough for it to look like the soil at the bottom of the old unused well.
It had no skin.
Just like the anatomical model in that room in the old school building, its muscles, veins, bones, and internal organs were exposed.
It wasn't just a gigantic head, even a body came crawling out.
Its skeletal structure was greatly different from that of the Races.
It had four arms, and six legs.
Its spine stretched out long like a snake, and the end of the tail was still within the hold.
Horun pointed at it and shouted.
「It's a monster -ssuー!!」
「That is the Destruction G.o.d Europa. It seems to be incomplete though.」
The Europa that appeared in the MMORPG Cross Reverie was covered in metallic scales.
Horun sent her gaze around at the surroundings.
「D, Danna! What about the students that had gone missing……!?」
Her voice trembled.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
As expected, it seemed that it was partially different from the game. So it was made more concise, more easier to understand, and more dramatic.
The magic rituals performed in this other world were more malicious, more abstruse, and worse indications.
Diablo clenched his fists.
「The Magician that called this guy from the next world……he didn't gather some girls and offer them up as sacrifices……To this Destruction G.o.d that was called in a fragmented state──he offered up sacrifices one after another!」
「Th, then……the students that had gone missing are!?」
Give up on them──are the words that he swallowed down.
There was no need to expressly say them.
More importantly, dealing with this repulsive monster as quickly as possible took priority.
Diablo pulled the 《Tonnerre Empereur》 out from his pouch.
「Let us test out just how strong you are in this other world. Destruction G.o.d Europa, take this──《Grand Tornado》!!」
If it went just like the game, the enemy was of the Earth and Water element.
What was effective against it, was Wind.
With the force of a local typhoon, the atmosphere went berserk.
Europa screamed out.
*Bakin!* A sound that seemed like metal breaking was mixed in with the scream.
The magic storm vanished.
One of Europa's four arms fell to the ground. It broke into pieces as if it were gla.s.swork.
Diablo curved the ends of his lips.
「Hmph……Without your usual shield, it seems you really are brittle.」
Maybe because it was in an incomplete state, even its extremely troublesome special action couldn't be performed.
──Like this, I can overcome it!!

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