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Part 1

The next day, January 10──

The Magic Academy was enveloped in a restless atmosphere that it never had before.

“It seems that the president has gone missing”

The story from the High School section spread in a flash, ad there was no one that didn’t know about it by noon.

All of the lectures became self-study, and for the sake of an emergency meeting, none of the teachers came out from the staff building.

Even the students of the Middle School Section First Year Cla.s.s F couldn’t calm down.

Everyone harbored anxiety, and the cla.s.sroom was in chaos with those that put that anxiety into words, those that instead tried to laugh it off, and those who just got angry.

In a corner, Horun had kept silent.


She was fully aware that her own failure had invited her current situation.

When it became the lunch break, the homeroom female teacher came along.

Without even rebuking the noisy students, she walked in front of Horun.

「The Headmaster is calling for you.」

「……Got it -ssu.」

「You, just what did you do?」

「……It’s because……I didn’t do anything.」

With an uneasy face, Babylon, who was on top of the desk, stared at her.


「……Even so……I need to do something about it.」

Being told by the homeroom teacher that she might have to leave early, Horun carried her leather bag and headed to the staff building.

She walked the pa.s.sage there.

From the other side, a man wearing a dark red robe came along.


Step, by step, the distance got smaller.

It wasn’t even a suspicion anymore.

She was already confident about it.

However, Horun couldn’t grasp the evidence.

She glared at him.

「……I absolutely won’t forgive you -ssu.」

「You can’t do anything anyhow.」

Without even looking her way, Bihyakk vanished into the Middle School Section building.

Part 2

It was vexing.

However, what should she do?

What should she say to the Headmaster? While worrying about that, Horun finally arrived in front of the room.

She knocked on the door.

Come in──Hearing the Headmaster’s voice from inside, Horun opened the door.

It was a plain room that wasn’t any different from before.

However, the Headmaster wasn’t the only one in the room.

The one sitting down on the sofa was──

A Demon that wore a mantle and had ominous horns. His sharp and cool eyes looked her way.

His mouth slightly loosened.

Horun felt as if she were seeing a dream.

Her lips trembled.


That man was Diablo.

Next to him, there was a Gra.s.swalker that was waving her hand. If she remembered correctly, she was the master of the Faltra Adventurer’s Guild.

「It’s been a while hasn’t it. Do you remember me? I’m Sylvie.」

「Y, yes -ssu. It has been a while -ssu.」

Horun lowered her head.

The Headmaster nodded.

「They seem to be your acquaintances.」

「Yes -ssu.」

「I’m surprised. Diablo-sama over here, to think that he was the hero that drove away the Demon King that invaded Faltra City.」

Horun also only heard the rumors about it.

──A Demon King had revived in the west, and called themselves the Great Demon King. A town in the former Demon King territory was completely destroyed by an unprecedented large group of Demonic Beings, and the people of the Races would most likely be unable to win against them.

There was no mistake that they would eventually attack as far as the royal capital.

But there was an Adventurer that defeated that feared Great Demon King! It seemed that they were a Demon Magician.

Their name hadn’t been circulated, but Horun believed that Diablo had won against it.

「I was the one that brought him here. So give me pleーnty of thanks.」

Horun turned her consciousness at this late point in time at the female student that was sitting next to Diablo with a triumphant face.

「Who are you -su ka?」

「You, saying that to your senpai……I’m Merci of the High School Section Second Year Cla.s.s A, remember it. Well, being in Cla.s.s F, you might not even be in the academy next year though.」


A compet.i.tive spirit raised its head, but she put that aside for now.

The Headmaster narrowed her eyes.

「Renowned Adventurer Horun-san, hero Diablo-san, and Guildmaster Sylvie-san. It sure is rea.s.suring to have you three here. Please locate the students that have gone missing.」

「Ha!? Renowned Adventurer!?」

Merci stared at Horun.

Diablo tilted his head, and Sylvie was holding down her mouth and holding back her laughter.

──This is extremely embarra.s.sing!

The renowned part was originally something that Lumachina said. That was probably the case for her.

The Headmaster also didn’t have any ill will.

However, to be called a “renowned Adventurer” in front of Diablo and Sylvie who knew about her true ability.

She wanted to dig a hole and jump into it.

Diablo spoke.

「Hmph……Just leave everything to me.」

The Headmaster nodded.

Horun instinctively trembled.

She couldn’t feel even a fragment of kindness, rather it was a frightening atmosphere, but she found that to be reliable from the bottom of her heart.

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