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Hey there guys. Just watched episode 10 and…ugh. There’s something I find questionable in this episode.

Well going from the start, about the whole magical power pouring scene, Edelgart sure knows the hand position for that, ehehehe. And the way Diablo was speaking as he was denying it in his mind, hilarious.

Oh, and another thing about this scene. Did he really have to rip up her spats? Couldn’t he just slide them off her?

Some other gripes I have are the lack of mentioning the Demonic Being priest and the fact that the magic circle amplifies the magical power being poured in, but those are minor things that just popped into my head as I watched.

Next, that *pop* sound when Krebskulm’s laughing stopped, I got a good chuckle and it just stayed in my mind.

As for Krebskulm herself, I don’t really have any problem with her. I guess she sounds a bit more childish than I thought she would be, but I’m fine with her voice as it is.

Oh, and although I don’t really remember when it was supposed to happen but I was kind of expecting to hear the biscuit song as they were walking. Or is that supposed to be when they are walking to or from the bakery or whatever. Either way, I just want to hear a bit of the biscuit song.

Next is what I find the most questionable. It’s Ourou, or “Eulerex” here (I don’t understand this. Could someone explain this to me? I am seriously ignorant of other languages. Is Eulerex supposed to be p.r.o.nounced as Ourou or Oulou in some other language). What the h.e.l.l is up with the design of his character? He’s supposed to be an owl. With that…mustache? Beard? Whatever it is, I couldn’t tell that he was an owl.

Plus, they cut out his scene in which he bargains with Krebskulm to exterminate only some of the Races in exchange for an increase in Demonic Beasts. That gives a bit of an explanation as to where Demonic Beasts come from as well as shows that Ourou is more of an intelligent Demonic Being that is willing and able to manipulate or at least persuade Demon Kings. Without that, he’s just a Demonic Being that quickly resorts to violence, just as shown in the show. It also skips the part about there being factions among the Demonic Beings, but that’s just another minor world building detail that is unimportant to this what seems to be one season show, but still.

For the fight scene, I don’t really have much to say. Actually, nothing really to say. Or at least, nothing I can really think of.

Next up, Krebskulm’s shortened name. Yeah… Still prefer Krum. Going by how they p.r.o.nounce it, I would go with Kulm. But not Klem. I prefer listening to j.a.panese over seeing/reading j.a.panese (as you can probably tell by my terrible naming skills, though I might also just be terrible at naming) so if I heard Krebskulm’s name first rather than read it, I wouldn’t have gone with Krebskrum or Krum. But still, not Klem. Just listen carefully to when they say it and tell me that it sounds like they’re saying Klem. Oh, and seriously, for any of you that just read the subt.i.tles rather than actually listen, please do listen to the shows you watch. It’ll help you learn j.a.panese a bit and give you an even deeper understanding of the characters and feel for the show than reading subt.i.tles could ever do. And it will just make watching it even more enjoyable.

Ahem, anyways. Kinda wish they showed how they disguised Krum so that they could walk about, but that should (or I at least hope) be shown in the next episode.

Next, for the magical power rubbing replenishing scene, I kind of wish they showed Krum stripping. And I (half) don’t mean the actual stripping. I mean, how does she even take that off? Are the clothes magic? Or are those actual clothes?

Also kind of wished that Krum and Shera moved more up and down his arm rather than looking like they were moving their hips forward and back instead of up and down. But at least Diablo looked like he got a “happy ending” at the end. So shiny.

Finally, I’m happy that they showed some flashbacks for Alicia. Fleshes her out a bit more. But you know, it seems more like she should just have hatred for Humans rather than all of the Races. I mean seriously, screw Humans, am I right? Ugh, is YHKO rubbing off on me? Or more like most isekai novels. I dunno. I’m just tired of Humans and want more demi-humans and monster races.

Whoops. Sorry about that. Anyway, here’s what you’re actually waiting for. The next chapter part of the novel. There’s not enough for a donation part, but it’s close.

And sorry, nothing extra this time either. Been really busy at work, and just generally depressed I think. Oh well. Things sometimes just get really busy at work, ya know. It’ll pa.s.s.

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