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Part 1

Central District——
Faltra City is a fortress city hardened with a solid and very long rampart. If looked at from the sky, it had an octogonal shape, and towers were erected at the places that would be the corners.
Those towers were buildings made for the sake of a large-scale ritual magic that repelled Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts. It operated by making the Magician’s Guild Guildmaster, Celestine Bordorel’s magic power as its power source.
Within the walls, a great number of buildings were lined up, and there was a main street that was wide enough for army to march in that connected the east and west gates.
At the center of such a street, it wasn’t as strong as the outer walls but there was also a solid wall. It was an inner wall that surrounded the central district where the estates of the Feudal Lord, n.o.bles, and extremely rich people were at.
Rather than a rampart that would be useful during times of war, its main purpose was to prevent crime. Nevertheless, it was a thick stone wall and had a height that went to the roof of a three story building.
There were gates only on the east, west, north and south.
Because people that came in and out were strictly surveillanced, the heavily armed infantry holding halberds were all standing in a line.
They weren’t military personnel, but local knights that were under the direct command of the Feudal Lord.
Diablo walked lined up with Sylvie. Rem and Shera came along behind them. Shera had changed into her usual green clothes.
Frequently having coaches pa.s.s through it the main street was a stone paving that was laid out.
On the way——Sylvie said “I think it would be best if you know now” and started talking about the Feudal Lord.
Although he had the guise of having no interest, Diablo steadily listened.
「Let’s see……before talking about the Feudal Lord, I’m going to talk a bit about Faltra City first, okay? How important this town is……just as you guys know, this place is the Races’ foremost line. The Lifelia Kingdom’s dominion is spread out on the east side and that’s where many people of the Races live. There are a lot of large towns and several of them are defenseless in that they don’t have ramparts and armies to fight against Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts. In other words, it would turn into something terrible if they were invaded by an enemy army. And then, to the west side of Faltra City, the Demon King’s territory is spread out.」
「……You mean the former Demon King’s territory, right?」
Rem supplemented.
Sylvie nodded.
「Yeah, although it doesn’t feel like it since the Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts are active, it’s the former Demon King’s territory. On the 124 year of Lifelia Kingdom’s calendar, the Demon King appeared and from here to the west, it became the Demon King’s territory. And then, on the 135 year of the kingdom’s calendar, he was defeated by someone……that’s what was said. 《Demon King of the Brain, Enkvalos》 was……」
A name that he knew of came up.
「Ahh, that guy was the first——」
Stopping in mid-sentence, Diablo then shut his mouth.
——Me defeating him was something from the game. Rather, it’s the same name as the game’s Demon King!?
By going ahead of the other Players and defeating 《Demon King of the Brain, Enkvalos》 first, Diablo acquired 《The Demon King’s Ring》.
He recalled——
Enkvalos had an ability that reflected magic. For that reason, it seemed that other Players challenged him with Warrior-types as the core. But, Warrior-types were established to have low magic defense (POW). They easily received bad statuses like 《Confuse》 and 《Sleep》.
Because Diablo’s specialty was Solo Play, bad statuses were the same as instant death, so he was abundant with counter-measures for them.
Also, he was blessed to have learned magic that gave physical damage for the times he had to go against monsters where magic wouldn’t work on them.
In the early days where there wasn’t much information, his being able to crush the 《Demon King of the Brain, Enkvalos》 on his first challenge of it was due to huge fortune……and the Player Skills that he had tempered.
In his world, that was something from two years ago.
「Come to think of it, I haven’t confirmed it. What year is it now? How many years ago was it that Demon King Enkvalos was defeated?」
「Right now it’s the 284 year of the Lifelia Kingdom’s calendar. It’s been about thirty-something years since the Demon King vanished.」
「I see.」
——Could it be that this other world has its time flow about ten-something times faster than the world I was summoned from? No, I guess that would be weird. If I defeated the Demon King thirty-something years ago, that would mean that Diablo would be somewhere in this other world.
Should he just think that the Demon King’s names were only the same and that it was a different existence from the one of the game?
To begin with, the 《Demon King of the Brain, Enkvalos》 was something that a majority of the Player would defeat in the story quests.
——Would it turn into a talk of “how many millions of Demon Kings were there?”
It was officially announced that the number of all Players of the MMORPG Cross Reverie nation-wide was more than three million and something-hundred thousand.
Sylvie continued her story.
「Well, at any rate, with 《Demon King of the Brain, Enkvalos》 defeated by someone, the Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts in the former Demon King’s territory didn’t show themselves for a while. However……in these past few years, several of the Demonic Beings have appeared. Just the other day, there were about a hundred-something of them, right? Rumors like “hasn’t the Demon King revived?” have come up.」
「So they don’t know?」
「It’s only to a point that a fortune-teller of the Imperial Capital said “his revival is near”. I think that the Demon King has started to revive somewhere. And then, the Demonic Beings are acting in order to revive the Demon King.」
In regards to that, it was something that Shera also said before.
*Gyu*……Rem pressed down on her own stomach.
Diablo nodded.
「He probably has yet to revive. I say this because when I fought with the Demonic Being called Edelgart that was leading the hundred-something Demonic Beings, she said “saving the Demon King was her mission”.」
「Eh……!? If that’s true, that’s some amazing information, isn’t it!?」
「Though, it’s the words of a Demonic Being.」
「Y, yeah. But just in case, I’ll report that to an acquaintance of mine in the Imperial Capital.」
「Do as you wish. More importantly, were you not talking about the Feudal Lord?」
「Ahh, sorry……At any rate, the former Demon King’s territory right now has had Demonic Beings appearing to the point that it’s already no different from when the Demon King was present and is dangerous. If the Demon King revived, I think that the number of Demonic Beings would also increase. The foremost line meant to keep them in check and protect the Races’ dominion is this fortress city, Faltra.」
She was saying that if this town were to fall, half of the Lifelia Kingdom would be stolen away by the Demonic Beings.
An event where things fell into that situation wasn’t in the game, and it was unknown if things might actually turn out like this in this world.
However, only the fact that a great number of people like he had never seen before would die was certain.
「……So that means that the one entrusted with such an essential location is this place’s Feudal Lord.」
「That’s right, you know, Faltra City’s Feudal Lord is an amazing person. To put it plainly——he’s a hero.」
Shera tilted her head.
「A hero?」
「Thirty-something years ago, he fought in the frontlines during the age where the Demon King was still there, and defeated several Demonic Beings.」
「Heh~, he sure is an amazing person~.」
「Ahaha……Shera-chan, that was so light.」
「I mean, Diablo fought against them too, you know? The Demonic Beings.」
「Yeah, that’s, because he played a historic role. Rather, no matter who you talk to, that was an abnormal incident that no one would possibly believe, you know?」
Since Shera’s comparison target had become Diablo, Sylvie was troubled.
Conversely, it could be said that he was strong enough that he couldn’t be compared to anyone else.
Diablo asked a question.
「The Feudal Lord, about what level is he?」
For this world, it seems that the Adventurers in the vicinity of Faltra are about level 20.
The famous Rem is about level 40.
The one that was said to be the strongest of the Warrior-types was level 50.
In the game, it was said that the reasonable level for the area of Faltra City was 60. When compared to that, they were unbelievably weak, but it seemed that they had the reason of “since they were putting their lives on the line, they avoided danger.
It being peaceful without the Demon King for these thirty-something years might also be one of the main causes.
Just how high would the level of the Feudal Lord who partic.i.p.ated in war and experienced many life risking battles be?
Sylvie folded her arms and groaned.
「U~n……There’s no mistake that he’s strong. But he’s never had his level measured……It’s because he’s not an Adventurer. There might be a measurement recorded at the Imperial Capital, but he’s not a person with an atmosphere where you can just lightheartedly ask such a thing.」
「It would seem that he’s a person that’s hard to talk to, isn’t he?」
「Ahaha……Would you call it a rigid personality? He is a bit frightening.」
Although he took an att.i.tude that said “don’t worry about it”, his anxiety increased.
Displeasing the other party with something that he himself was not expecting was the thing called a communication disorder.
And then, since he was a rigid person, he would have a lot of points to get mad about.
Diablo completely could not imagine a future where they would get along.
——Will it be alright with me doing something like a Demon King role play? No, I can’t just stop it at this point.
If he didn’t make up his character like this, he wouldn’t even be able to talk in front of such a celebrated person. To begin with, if it were his original self, he probably would have shut himself away in his room.
Running away from various things.
Giving up.
——This is pretty unbelievable, isn’t it. To be on our way to meet with the leader of this town. Since I’m making up my character and feeling like it’s a game, I’m somehow able to take action.

They saw the stone inner wall that surrounded the Central District.
In the built high wall, there was an elegant gate.
There was a great number of guards and they inspected the people that pa.s.sed through.
Sylvie said 「I’ll go get permission to pa.s.s through so wait here」 and trotted off to where the guards were.
She went into the shed that was at the side of the gate. Inside there was probably where the procedures were done.
Diablo and the others gazed at the gate and waited.
As they did, one of the soldiers that was in front of the gate approached them. All while his armor was making clanking sounds.
「Oi, you Demon over there!」
The heavily armed infantryman that had a helmet that completely covered his head raised his voice as if to intimidate them.
In Diablo’s mind, he was panicking.
——He means me!?
Come to think of it, this happened before when they were going through a place called Fort Bridge Ulg, and he was called to a stop by a guard as a suspicious person.
That time was peaceful……or maybe it wasn’t, but, at any rate, he was able to pa.s.s through without things becoming a problem.
Surely, this time would alright as well.

「What do you want? Being like that towards this Diablo……You had better have a suitable amount of resolve.」

He had no idea how the face that was hidden by the helmet had changed.
On the breast of his armor, he had the crest of the dominion. So this guy was a local knight under the direct control of the Feudal Lord. He was a person with a considerable amount of fighting spirit.
He did not become timid.
「I have no reason to overlook a suspicious person like you!」
The guard pointed the tip of his halberd toward Diablo’s head.
What he had equipped was 《The Distorted Crown》. It was a protector that had a Auto-HP Recovery effect. He didn’t care about it in the game but it was written in the explanation that 『When worn, the wearer’s visual will turn devil-like』. Specifically, they looked like they had “devil-like horns” growing out of them.
They were really convenient for his Demon King role play but……
——Thanks to these horns, I sure do look really suspicious.
However, Rem, Shera and Sylvie, they almost certainly thought that the horns “truly grew out from his head”.
Saying something like 「Actually, they come off」 at this point and taking them off, that would really be uncool. I think only a beautiful, big breasted female Demon King would be forgiven for such a joke.
Also for the sake of preserving his majesty, he couldn’t take the horns off.
And then, a 《Demon》 was one of the species of the Races. They were born from Human parents, but because they had inherited Demonic Beings’ blood for some reason or another, they had birthmarks that looked like tattoos on their face and body. In terms of ability, although they were inferior to the other races in physical ability, they excelled in magic.
Even among the Races, there are a lot of cases where Demons are especially made targets for discrimination and persecution——that was only a setting in the game, but in this world, they really did receive such unfair treatment.
If Diablo were a Human, he probably wouldn’t have been suspected to this point.
With a tug, Rem pulled his sleeve.
She warned him with a low voice.
「……You can’t, Diablo……The crest of Faltra City is on that person’s breast, right? That is proof that he is a local knight. If things grow worse, you might get arrested.」
Shera huddled with them looking frightened.
「What, what? Is it a scary person?」
For Diablo, it’s not like he wanted to make things grow worse because he like it.
However, being called suspicious even though he didn’t do anything, he was bothered by that.
「Hmph……It’s not like had burned down the town, right? What problem do you have with me?」
「Wha!? Burn down the town!?」
「I have not done anything yet.」
「Uugh!? “Yet”, you say!? What are you planning on doing from now on!」
——Ahh, I really am a poor talker.
「Just put an end to this already……After all, you’re just going to say that my horns are suspicious, aren’t you?」
The guard raised his voice.
「That isn’t the only thing! How you’re leading slaves around in the middle of the day like this is also suspicious!」
「Did you say slaves!?」
「Umu! Moreover, they’re two young and pretty women!」
——Oi!? Isn’t that just jealousy!?
On Diablo’s left and right, Rem and Shera who were called slaves embarra.s.singly made gestures to cover up their necks.
Other than times like this where they were called as such, they didn’t seem to mind it anymore but……
The two of them, they had boorish chokers attached that didn’t suit their slender necks.
They were 《Slavery Chokers》.
This was the result of the accident where the 《Slavery Ceremony》 that was done to Summoned Beasts was reflected due to the effect of Diablo’s 《Demon King’s Ring》.
With the guard having no way of knowing such circ.u.mstances, he seems to have mistook them for slaves.
——Since there weren’t things like slaves in the game, I don’t really get all of this. Is leading them around in the middle of the day something suspicious? Or could it be that this guard is just strange?
If this place were a cold location, they could at least coil around a m.u.f.fler to hide it, but the area of Faltra was warm enough that they could settle with just a single blanket at night.
Because of that, it couldn’t be helped that the girls were mistaken for slaves. However, he couldn’t just keep silent about it.
I won’t allow you to call these two slaves, is what he wanted to say.
Just how would he explain it all?
It was way too difficult to talk about the whole story from the beginning. He was bad at talking for too long, so he decided to abbreviate it a little.
Hold on a second? If he wouldn’t allow it……What would he do? It would probably effective if he were to emphasize on that part a little bit.
Thinking about this and that, Diablo opened his mouth.

「I’ll erase you without leaving behind any ashes.」

——Hn? Wasn’t I lacking a bit in words?
Raising a scream, the guard readied his halberd.
「Uoooh——!? You’ve revealed your true colors, haven’t you, you d.a.m.ned Demonic Being!」
Even Rem and Shera panicked.
「Di, Diablo!? You don’t have to get that angry! We’ve already grown accustomed to being misunderstood like this!」
「That’s right! Whatever the case may be, to not leave behind even ash is just too pitiable, you know!?」
「Stupid Shera, the problem isn’t about the ashes, you know!?」
「Y, yeah, that’s true! But, if there isn’t any ash, it’d be troubling when making the grave, wouldn’t it!?」
The guard started trembling enough that you could tell that he was even though he was wearing armor.
「Uugh……Getting erased……by a Demonic Being……These guys……They’re debating over whether to leave ashes or not!? d.a.m.n it! Don’t underestimate Faltra’s local knights! Even if my blade can’t reach you, I can at least show you that I can oppose you enough to inform my comrades of the crisis!」
He was completely in the mood to fight.
Diablo panicked.
——If things get worse with this local knight, it’ll turn into me getting an investigation, won’t it?
If that happens, he’ll get separated from Shera.
He’ll become unable to protect her.
And above all, Diablo needed to stop the war between the Humans and the Elves.
This wasn’t the time to be questioned by a guard in a place like this.
Certainly, he might be to blame for the way he talked. However, he thought that the guard was strange for arbitrarily deciding he was a Demonic Being just because he had horns growing out of him for a bit and because he was leading girls that looked like slaves around.
Right now was a critical moment that would decide if war would occur or not.
It should be alright to forgive him. He himself was carrying the heavy responsibility of avoiding the war.
The guard might get angry about the slight exaggeration and the insufficient wording but……
It’s can’t be helped. Let’s talk about the circ.u.mstances.
Surely, he’ll come to understand.
Diablo resolved himself, and decided to explain the critical situation that was drawing near this town.

「If you oppose me, this town shall be turned into scorched earth.」

「d.a.m.ned Demon! I absolutely won’t let you!」
The guard raised his halberd over his head.
——That sure is strange!? Why is it that everyone flies into a rage everytime this happens!?
He wasn’t willing to be one-sidedly struck at.
Reluctantly, Diablo took out 《The Staff of Tenma》.
However, just like the attacker from before, it seemed like he would kill him if he were to use magic.
What should he do?

「Hold it, hold it, hold it——!! This person might be like this but he isn’t a dangerous person!」

A small shadow rushed in between Diablo and the guard.
It was Sylvie.
The guard raised a surprised voice.
「Y, you……Aren’t you the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster!? Why are you sticking up for a Demonic Being!?」
「Calm down, okay? Although this person has horns, he’s someone of the Races. He’s accepted a request from me and the Feudal Lord, and has now come to meet with the Feudal Lord.」
「……This guy isn’t a Demonic Being? Is he not dangerous?」
「Y, yeah……He’s a normal Demon, probably……I wonder if there isn’t any danger? Diablo-san, you aren’t dangerous, right? I’d really like for you to say that you “aren’t dangerous”.」
Sylvie took a glimpse over this way.
If she went that far to say that, to Diablo, there was no mistake.
He nodded looking composed.
「”I’m not dangerous”. 」
「Thank goodness! So, with that being the case, we’ll be going on through, ‘kay? That’s fine, right? Right? Right?」
Sylvie put both hands together and slightly tilted her head.
The guard staggered.
「……C, cute……Ah, no! I, I understand. Since it is the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster talking, I shall let you through.」
The guard lowered his halberd.
Not just Slyvie, Rem and Shera also breathed a sigh of relief.
Diablo also felt a similar relief but since making that kind of behaviour wasn’t Demon King-like, he kept it only to his inner thoughts and hurried on.
「Let’s go!」
「Yeah, let’s hurry, let’s hurry.」
「……Good grief.」
「Hey, hey, as I thought, it would be troubling if ashes aren’t left behind, wouldn’t it?」
Diablo led the three in going through the gate and entered the Central District.

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