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Horun left the cla.s.sroom.
Angeline didn't immediately chase after her.
Once again, she deeply lowered her head to Bihyakk-sensei.
「I am terribly sorry for disturbing you when you were busy.」
「This really wasn't like you, was it?」
「With the Headmaster's instructions, we were searching for the students that had gone missing.」
「Hou……? In that case, does that mean that the one earlier wasn't a normal student?」
「Horun seems to be an Adventurer.」
「……There is no telling what a Gra.s.swalker's age would be. If she is a first year in middle school, there is no way she would be more than 15 years old on her records, but it is quite suspicious.」
Bihyakk-sensei muttered something to himself.
Angeline breathed a sigh of relief.
「But, thank goodness.」
「Bihyakk-sensei, you really were innocent!」
「Did you doubt me as well?」
「I am sorry. However, I thought that……there was no way that would be the case.」
「And why might that be?」
「I, do not know of any person any more righteous than you, Sensei. Not only are the contents of your lectures wonderful, even as a person, I respect you as a wonderful person.」
Her cheeks became a bit hot.
Bihyakk-sensei shrugged his shoulders.
「My lectures have a bad reputation of being too difficult though?」
「It is just that the students' efforts are lacking.」
He stood up.
He came up right in front of her.
Extending both of his hands, he hugged Angeline.

「Thank you. I have grown accustomed to being distrusted by others.」
Bihyakk-sensei's fingertip touched Angeline's nape. Just from feeling his body temperature, her chest ended up getting hot.
Her breathing became rough.
「S, Sensei!?」
「In exchange, I become deeply moved from being trusted by others.」
「I……believe……in you, Sensei.」
Although he may be old, Bihyakk-sensei was a man.
For him to hug her, a female student was──Although she thought that, she didn't pull away.
After saying "I believe in you" out loud, to pull away would be……
Even though it should have been about something else, it wasn't an atmosphere where she could do that.
Since it didn't seem like Sensei would do anything more than hug her, Angeline entrusted her body to him.
Thanks to their body temperatures, even though it was the winter season, enough time pa.s.sed for them to get sweaty.
「Ahh, this should be, about enough」
Just when she thought that their bodies should separate, instead, the strength of his hug increased.
Bihyakk brought his mouth close to Angeline's ear.
His lips touched her cheek.
「I sure can get used to a Human's skin……」


Angeline's consciousness fell into darkness.
Bihyakk exposed his true nature in front of the female student that was now standing upright.
「Kukuku……For the person acting as the student council president to not be able to resist hypnosis, how pathetic. Well, after having touched her for that long, I guess it's only natural.」

「To think that an Adventurer would be sent in. That d.a.m.ned Headmaster, you should have just immersed yourself on your own worthless research.」
He clicked his tongue.
And then, he extended a hand to Angeline whose expression seemed like she was asleep while her eyes were open. He touched her cheek, then caressed her black hair.
「Do you believe in me?」
「You are excellent, but foolish. This is something to be happy about……There is a need to hasten the project. You'll cooperate with me, right?」
「……I understand.」

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