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Part 8

Diablo stared at the young flower vendor girl.
Suddenly, an unpleasant thought crossed his mind.
──Since this girl is selling purple flowers, isn’t the event 『Subjugation of the Destruction G.o.d Europa』 in progress!?
How could he check?
Above all, Diablo was no good at talking to girls.
As expected, a Demon King.
There was no other choice than the Demon King role play.
With an arrogant att.i.tude, he folded his arms, and looked down at her.
「My name is Diablo. A Demon King of another world!」
Since he had declared that he was a Demon King so abruptly, the young girl’s eyes darted about.
「I shall allow it, la.s.s. Go ahead and state your name!」
Since what Diablo was used to was making this speech to challengers, it was strange as words being sent to the flower vendor.
She made an expression that seemed like she was troubled.
「Ahー……I’m, Merci」
「Fumu, Merci huh……It would seem you are selling flowers?」
「Very well, I suppose I will buy some.」
Even though he intended on checking to see if the event had progressed……
He unconsciously blurted that.
The thing that he wanted to know no matter what when he was a Player. The truth that had caused a dispute.
Merci made a face that said she was bewildered.
Diablo glared at her.
「What’s wrong? Surely, you are not going to say that you won’t sell it to me, are you?」
「……Erm……How much, do you have?」
「Hmph, do not look down on me.」
Taking a small bag out from his pouch, he took out several coins. There were copper coins, silver coins, and gold coins.
Incidentally, one gold coin was 80,000 F (Furis). If economized, he could live on it for one month.
There were more than ten pieces of them.
He didn’t know the market price of flowers in the royal capital, but they shouldn’t be more expensive than this. To begin with, if he went outside of the town, there were flowers that were blooming on the roadside.
Merci opened her eyes wide.
「Gold coins!? And so many of them! Onii-san……so you were a rich person.」
「It’s Diablo.」
「That name……where have I……Well, whatever. Well then, come over here!」
──She is a flower vendor, right?
Could it be that what was in the basket were actually just samples, and the real ones were in a nearby flower shop? Surely that was the case.
Diablo chased after her.
They entered a narrow back alley that was in between buildings.
A bare amount of moonlight illuminated that area.
Merci took off her green robe.
Diablo went *gyoh* in shock. The attire that she hid in her clothes were unrelated to being neat and clean.
The area to her chest was really open, and she had a lascivious appearance.
The eyes that she looked at him with were muddy.
*Perori* She licked her light colored lips.
Her hands slowly raised up her own skirt. He could see her purple underwear.

「It’s 10,000 F (Furis) if it’s the mouth, 30,000 F it’s for all the way, ‘kay? If it’s just for the underwear, then 5,000 F is fine★」
「………………I see.」
Diablo quietly looked up at the starry sky.
──Tonight, the moonlight, is strangely stinging my eyes.
*Horori* Sweat spilled from his eyes.
*Gugugu* Merci brought her body closer.
「Hurry up and decide. If we get caught by the State Knights, then it’ll be bad for you too, right, Onii-san?」
「Ah, well……」
If he had the boldness to be able to have fun with a young girl in a back alley like this, he wouldn’t have been loitering in the plaza while having a self review meeting.
Naturally, he didn’t have the mental strength to answer her expectations.
He was nothing but perplexed.
Merci boldly pressed her body on him.
「Well then, this will be a service for you★」
Diablo had his hand grabbed, and it was brought to her chest. There was a perfectly round and soft sensation in the palm of his hand!
He could tell even from on top of her blouse.
Despite her small build, she was an owner of quite the amount of volume to it.
It wasn’t like they were big enough that his fingers sank into them, but maybe due to her youth, it was quite perky. It was a jam-packed touch.
Even though it was the winter season, the cloth was thin, and Diablo could feel her body temperature in his hand.
Was she not wearing underwear either?
At his fingertips, he touched the tip of the protuberance.
Merci leaked out a coquettish sigh.
She expressed an obscene smile.
──Having gone this far, what should I say to escape……No, what should I say to stop this kind of conduct?
Diablo groaned.
Merci’s hand extended down. She rubbed the center of his pants.
「Ara, looks like you’re already ready?」
「Ugh!? No……」
「Well then, it’s about time……that you decide.」
Her other hand went close to Diablo’s ear.
*Pachin!* She snapped her fingers.
Merci’s eyes suspiciously shined.
That was what she muttered.
Diablo felt like cold water was poured on his thoughts that had gone pink.
At the same time, the 《Demon King’s Ring》 on his left hand lit up.

Part 9

Merci went and stood upright.

Even though she was standing, she looked as if she were sleeping. Her eyes were open, but there was no expression.
Diablo was fl.u.s.tered and called out to her.
「O, oi!?」
She replied with a flat tone.
He had absolutely no idea what was going on.
「You, did you use some kind of magic?」
「Explain it to me.」
「……《Hypno》. In my case, about three minutes……Hypnotism.」
「Did you say hypnotism?」
「……They will listen to orders, or like, feel like they “did” it even though they didn’t.」
Going *mumu*, Diablo pondered.
To think it would go as far as forcing orders and altering memories! The fact that their appearance would clearly be strange was a weak point, but it was quite the powerful magic.
「And the activation conditions are?」
「……Contact for more than thirty seconds. Skin to skin.」
「Eh? To touch directly……」
When I groped your chest, it was through the clothes──is what he was about to say, but then he remembered that Merci was touching Diablo’s hand the whole time.
This wasn’t the time for it, but he also remembered the sensation of the young girl’s chest and felt bashful.
Diablo shook his head, and cleared away the lewd feelings.
「Hmph……It’s quite the powerful magic, but it has a suitable activation condition. Bad Status-type magic also has the possibility of being resisted.」
「……It’s because dere dere men……have weak resistance.」
Is that how it is?
He had never tested it before, but it was a likely story.
Thank goodness he was able to reflect magic.
If he were to get manipulated with hypnotism by a young girl like this after having gone out of his way to come to the royal capital, it wouldn’t just be pathetic.
Around the time three minutes pa.s.sed──
Going *Ha!* Merci returned to normal.
「H, huh? I……?」
Diablo folded his arms and breathed a sigh.
「To think that flower vendor girl was doing prost.i.tution fraud with 《Hypno》……」
Merci became fl.u.s.tered.
「Wha!? Why……was it exposed……!?」
「I said that I was a Demon King, didn’t I? Something like your crafty magic, won’t work on me.」
It was simply just reflected from the 《Demon King’s Ring》’s effect, but he wouldn’t go out of his way to tell her that.
Her panic was terrible.
「No……Sorr……Don’t……F, forgive me……」
She trembled ferociously.
He had no intention of frightening her that much though.
「You, you’re a student of the Magic Academy, right?」
「Hii!? Stop……Don’t tell the academy! I’ll get expelled!」
So as he thought, she was a student.
It was the same setting as that 《Flower Vendor》 NPC.
「If you do not want to be expelled, then why did you do something so stupid?」
「Ugh……Since my family’s poor, the academy’s teaching material fees……with just Kasan’s earnings, we wouldn’t be able to pay for them……There are also others like the enrollment fee and the tuition fees, so a lot of money is needed……I didn’t know before.」
Diablo clicked his tongue in his mind.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie event, was the NPC that was acting as a flower vendor also standing in the plaza for that sort of reason?
And then, she was turned into a sacrifice.
She couldn’t be saved.
If the 『Subjugate the Destruction G.o.d Europa』 event was in progress even in this other world……
──That kind of s.h.i.tty story, I’ll pulverize it!!
He asked a question.
「La.s.s, if you do not want to die, then answer my question.」
「Hii!? Am I, going to be killed!?」
「Answer me!」
「Ha, hahi……」
Trembling ferociously, she cried large tears. In truth, he didn’t intend on threatening her to this point though.
「Haven’t students being going missing at the Magic Academy?」
「Fue? Erm……ah……They have. That’s when Sensei told us……That we shouldn’t go out alone.」
She was totally alone, and moreover, she was loitering the town at night, wasn’t she. This d.a.m.ned fool.
──I guess I should barge into the Magic Academy and hinder the ritual. I’ll crush the culprit while the sacrifices are insufficient!
He returned his gaze to the trembling Merci.
There was no way he could allow something so dangerous to happen again.
Diablo once again took the small bag out from his pouch.
He handed it over.
「You should stop doing such a stupid act.」
「Eh!? Eh!? Eh!?」
「I will give you gold. If it isn’t enough, then work properly for it.」
──So even though I was a NEET in the original world, I’m saying something like “work properly” huh.
He was a bit embarra.s.sed.
Merci accepted the small bag, looked at the gold coins inside, and then her face blushed.
「U, um……I, really, can’t do “anything”, you know?」
「I didn’t hand that over with that sort of intention!」
It wasn’t like there was a need for something in return though.
Suddenly, he came up with something.
「Do just as I say. If you don’t want to die that is!」

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