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Part 7

『Subjugation of the Destruction G.o.d Europa』
A Quest limited only to the summer holiday!
An opening notification of the subjugation event directed towards those of high levels from the MMORPG Cross Reverie administration.
In the royal capital's magic academy, an extremely powerful monster was summoned!
Party up with sufficiently high leveled Adventurers, and head towards its subjugation!
(Hosting period is 8/1 ~ 8/31. It is possible to partic.i.p.ate in the subjugation quest after the introduction story.)

It was that sort of game event.
Naturally, Diablo didn't make a party and challenged it solo but……
──That is fine.
The problem was that the introduction story of that event was pointlessly elaborate.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there was a 《flower vendor》 NPC in the royal capital plaza that was implemented from the beginning.
A single townsperson that had nothing special about them.
That NPC, looked exactly like the young Pantherian girl that was in front of him. It felt like if this little girl were to be turned into a 3D model, then wouldn't she be that NPC. Cross Reverie didn't have real-type modelling that went that far, but they grasped the characteristics well.
With a homely appearance, despite the words 「Would you like a red flower?」, the flowers couldn't be bought in the game.
It wasn't like he wanted it though……
Among the Players, this NPC secretly became popular.
The neat and clean, lovely flower seller-san.
However, there were also foulmouthed Players that said foolish things like "a flower vendor of the Middle Ages, that's jargon for prost.i.tution", and that would cause a dispute on the Internet.
What about Diablo?
──Of course, I was of the neat and clean faction.
Those with corrupted hearts would see that NPC as indecent. How ridiculous.
When the event 『Subjugation of the Destruction G.o.d Europa』 started, the flower vendor NPC started selling 《Purple Flowers》.
It was simply that the color of the flowers that she held was different but……there was a strange uneasiness.
Around the same time──
The Adventurers received a request from the Headmaster of the Magic Academy that said "thirteen students have gone missing so I would like for you to search for them".
Why was that only released after things had gotten that far!?
Since it wasn't like Cross Reverie was a detective game, but after a bit of investigating, it was figured out that it was a suspicious Magician.
When they were followed, it would lead to a single room of an old school building.
On top of a magic formation that was drawn on the floor, the young girls that had gone missing were there having been captured.
Among them, although it was in a student uniform, someone that looked like that young flower vendor girl was also there!? It seemed that she was a student of the Magic Academy.
Just when the Adventurers thought that they could rescue them, the offender, the Magician activates the ritual.
Through the cliched "movie where the Player is unable to do anything", the young girls are offered up as sacrifices and the Destruction G.o.d Europa is summoned from the underworld.
From there it was a battle.
Just as the administration warned, it had considerable strength.
In fact, there were even impressions that it was stronger than Demon Kings. Even Diablo was unable to do anything in the first match and was defeated.
Since the rewards were just as wonderful for the challenge, it was popular as an event.
Even Diablo orbited around it.
However, no matter how Europa was defeated, even after the event had ended, the young girls that were sacrificed never returned.
After indifferently accepting the rewards for the subjugation, that was the end.
There were even Players that sent complaints about the story where the girls couldn't be saved no matter what happened.
However, in the end, they were NPCs without any names.
They were victims for the sake of the introduction story that enlivened the battle. They were Pa.s.serby A. The Players that were strangely empathetic were at fault.
He understood that but……There were also days where his feelings were saved by the NPC that always responded to him with a smile when he talked to her.
Diablo had a thought.
──Isn't there any way to save that girl?

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