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Part 5

An inn employee told him.

──Food is it? For places that run into the night, you’ll want the Tenth District. It’s a really lively town. The public order is a bit bad, so be careful!

To get to the neighboring district, it would take more than thirty minutes on foot. When he thought “as if I would walk that much just for some food”……

A carriage was going around for free.

The royal capital, is amazing.

So convenient.

Although it was of a small country in the remote countryside, since Diablo had become king of the Greenwood Kingdom, he should take lessons from administrative stuff like this but……

Since he didn’t want to get involved with politics, he didn’t think about it.

When he waited at the bus stop, or rather the carriage stop, a large-sized box carriage came and stopped in front of him. How there wasn’t a schedule for it was charming.

It was a system where one could get on without having to buy a ticket, and people who wanted to get down would jump down on their own when it stopped at the next stop, or when it got close to their destination. It was a wild infrastructure.

《Tenth District》──

At the center, there was a large red-light district.

On the several streets that ran in every direction, bars and restaurants were standing side by side, and were very lively. Store barkers were raising their voices.

On the wayside, drunkards were loitering, singing, or amusing themselves with chatter.

Men and women, young and old.

Due to the Gra.s.swalkers, since it seemed like children were drinking alcohol at first glance, he ended up getting startled, but they might have been older than him.

──Rather than being lively……it’s a chaotic town.

Diablo gazed at the street.

The royal capital’s scale was larger than he thought, and its appearance was different from how it was in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.

In the game, it was drastically simplified.

That was only natural──If the first town was thirteen times larger than a midway town, it wouldn’t be an RPG where one has adventures in a fantasy world, it seemed like it would become a city adventure where one resolves town events.

If it took about one hour to go from the central royal castle to leaving the main gate, it wouldn’t end at just being a s.h.i.tty game.

This other world was a Middle Ages European fantasy world, but the scale of this royal capital Sevenwall was so large that cities of Middle Age Europe couldn’t even compare to it.

Since there were a lot of dangerous existences such as Demonic Beings and Demonic Beasts, did the people of the Races tend to gather in safe places?

However, with the Middle Age culture level, when too great of a number of people live in a single place, agricultural land and pastures would become lacking. There should be a limit to the supportable population of a certain area.

The royal capital’s food situation seemed to be satisfactory.

In that case, do they have crops that give a large harvest for the area? Has a means for large-scale transportation been established?

Diablo had no interest in politics, but since he liked fantasy worlds, his interest in the structure of the town swelled up.

「Putting that aside, where should I eat……Nn?」

While he was walking down the main street, a signboard suddenly entered his eyes. He couldn’t read the letters, but he recognized the mark.

That picture of a mermaid is!?

Diablo took out the medal.

There was no mistake.

──It’s the Monster Girl Soapland!

*Jittori* His hand was sweating.

What should he do?

It did have a somewhat indecent feeling to it……

Since the door was closed, could it be that they weren’t open?

No, the letters that indicated that it was OPEN were on the door. He could read this much.

The stores of this other world, there were many of them that would have their doors closed even when they were open for business, and when they weren’t, there should be a notice that indicated CLOSED.

In other words, they were open for business right now.


But, he was scared that it would be a wierd store.

As he stood there stock still, the store’s door opened from the other side.

A woman who wore clothes where the center of the chest was largely exposed had appeared. She seemed to be an Elf as she had long ears. Her golden hair was grown out long, and half of her face was hidden.

Elves had slim bodies and small chests.

His gaze was unconsciously drawn to the bold slit that seemed like it went up to the hipbone part of her skirt──and then their eyes met.

「Ara, are you a customer? Welcome. If it’s now, then you can enter right away.」


「Wah! A medal!」

She pointed at the medal that Diablo had in his hand.

「Ah, no……this is……」

「Well if isn’t the symbol of a special guest! Come, come, right to the back!」

「You’re wro……don’t……」

「There’s no need to pay. It’s fine even if you just have a look at the girls we have here right now. Come on in, come on in!」

The Onee-san hugged Diablo’s arm.

When he thought that she was flat chested, there was surprisingly a soft sensation, and when her well-featured face that seemed like CG got close, his thoughts became paralyzed. Elves were overall beautiful to the point that they were praised as being “close to divine” in appearance.

He couldn’t resist her.

Rather, he wanted to lose to temptation.

By the time he noticed, Diablo had stepped inside the store.

When he pa.s.sed through some red curtains, the dim store interior entered his view.

He reflexively gasped.

The ones relaxing on sofas that were arranged in a circle were completely different from the young ladies that he had been imagining. He had completely thought that it was a store where there would be girls cosplaying as monsters but.

It wasn’t something as “mild” as that.

The Oni-looking girl’s horns, he could only see them as real horns that properly protruded from her skin.

Is the green skinned girl a Dryad? In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, they should have been introduced as female-type monsters.

And then, the girl whose lower half was that of a snake was most likely a Lamia. The snake feel was so real that there were sound effects.

No matter how he looked at them, they were the real things.

「……What……is this!?」

Right in the middle of the lively royal capital, there were monsters!?

The Elf Onee-san that acted as a barker stood at the reception counter.

「Nfufu……Which monster girl would you prefer?」

*Gokuri* Diablo gulped.

*Doku doku doku doku……* The sound of his own heart was loud.

He was gushing sweat, and his throat was dry.

His gaze was swimming about the inside of the store.


With a dry voice, that was all he could squeeze out.

The Onee-san nodded.

She then brought her lips close to Diablo’s ear.

With a sweet charming voice, with a sweet tone, she whispered sweet words.

「That’s right. Dear customer, which girl would you……like・to・do・it・with?」

Come to think of it, if he had the personality that would have fun at a store like this, he wouldn’t have run away from his first night with Shera, and things would have ended without keeping Rem waiting for three days.

He didn’t have any confidence in himself.

That is why he feared actions that would expose his original self.

──By displaying unsightliness due to my inexperience, wouldn’t I be laughed at, made fun of, and lose face? No, I would lose face!

*Gaku gaku* His body trembled.

The Onee-san seemed to have guessed something from Diablo’s appearance.

「Ara ara, since you have a medal, I completely thought that……Well then, should we keep it at a just a ma.s.sage?」

──A ma.s.sage?

He grew somewhat calmer.

With his breathing calming down, he asked the reception Onee-san a question.

「Aren’t they, real monsters?」

「Araー……Onii-san, it looks like this truly is your first time here. They are of the Beastman Race. Although they are mostly not any different from the people of the Races, they aren’t recognized as being part of the Races. For reasons like there are too few of them, or that they are hostile towards the Races.」

「So monsters cla.s.sified as wild animals.」

「But, the girls that are here, they are nothing but good girls that love the people of the Races, you know?」


Even among the Races, there are fellows that desire the destruction of the Races. Would it be strange for there to be some among those made out to be wild animals to be friendly with people of the Races?

「All of them, they are nothing but girls that love the Races’ ●●●●●♪」


「Arara……Onii-san, despite your appearance, you’re quite innocent, aren’t you. Could it be, you’re a virgin-chan?」

「I-I-I-I am not a virgin!」

A pro’s eyes couldn’t be deceived.

This was completely an away game for him.

His back was pushed by the Onee-san.

「Now, now, in that case, I’ll just give you the personal experience course, even if it’s just a ma.s.sage. ‘Kay?」

「A ma.s.sage huh……」

「From stiff shoulders, eye strain, lower back pain, muscular pain, and joint pain, the effect is immediate. There is even a skin beautifying effect, and age prevention.」

It sounded like she was saying random things.

Diablo was guided to a bed that was part.i.tioned off with curtains.

As if switching places with that Onee-san, the monster girls that were relaxing on the sofas earlier came in.



「Is that, something we could say~?」

An Oni girl with a high-pitched voice, a Dryad girl with broken language, and a Lamia girl whose ending words and torso were long.

「For now, we’ll take off your armor.」

「Iron……not good with.」

「Onii-san, you’re such a hu~nk! Your skin, it’s so smooth!」

Seeming used to it, they took off his armor in no time, and took off his clothes.

Diablo was overwhelmed, and froze up.

──This is……with Monster Girls!?

「Look, it’s just going to be a ma.s.sage.」


「Rather, you’re going to ascend to the heavens~」

Is it really and truly only going to be a ma.s.sage? Is what he thought, but Diablo couldn’t let his words out.

The power of the Oni girl who was doing acupressure to his shoulders, was pretty serious. It was in the middle of hurting and feeling good.


And then, the Dryad girl’s hands touched Diablo’s cheeks.

An aroma like he was in the middle of a forest wafted about, and his body was enveloped in humidity that was just right. The tension in his muscles faded.

The sensation of her gentle and moist skin that seemed to stick to him, it was his first time experiencing anything like it.

The Lamia girl touched Diablo.

Amazingly, with her tongue.


「Uu, kuh.」

His voice unconsciously leaked out from the soft and warm stimulus.

The Lamia girl spoke sounding bashful.

「Ah, this is also a ma.s.sage, okay~? I~ don’t have any strength in my hands~ and since my scales would hurt, I’ll make you feel good with my tongue~」

The Oni girl continuously applied her acupressure.

「I can only see that as you having a taste of him though.」

「Mu~~~. Same to you, make sure that you don’t break any bones again~」

「It’ll be fine since I’ve practiced over and over again.」

「Same here~, I’ve practiced a lot~」

「In your case, you’ve practiced not letting them come with a ma.s.sage, haven’t you.」

「Ehe, ehehe~. Nrero, nrero, pero pero.」

Diablo received the instrumental trio’s mix of pleasant, painful, and s.e.xy stimulus and moaned.


And then, he felt his body get hot and simmer.

Before, when his emotions got intensely worked up, there was the sensation that magical power would overflow out of him, and this was close to that.

Diablo’s magical power was transmitted to the monster girls that were touching his body.

The Lamia girl who was crawling her tongue along him went *bikun* and her body trembled.


「Wait!? What’re you d……Nnnn!?」

This time, the Oni girl that was doing acupressure on his waist bent backwards.

Her eyes rolled back.

「What!? Magical power!? Th, this……much of it!?」

Although her voice was trembling, she didn’t take her hands off from Diablo. *Zoku zoku* Her face blushed, and she raised a flirtatious voice.


The Dryad girl winced.

「……Magical power……amazing.」

「Haa, haa, haa……」

Diablo repeatedly made rough breathing.

Due to the stimulus that he couldn’t understand, his consciousness was hazy.

There was a time where he felt too good when he received a skillful ma.s.sage and felt like he would fall asleep, and this was close to that.

Without particularly intending to, he extended his hand.

He grabbed the Dryad girl’s arm.

「Hii!? Nnnnnnnnnnッ!!」

As if she were struck by lightning, her body convulsed.

*Gakkuri* She sank to the floor.

Diablo finally regained consciousness. When he realized it, the monster girls were exhausted.

──What happened here?

The curtains opened, and the reception Onee-san peered in.

With the disastrous scene before her eyes, her eyes went round.

「Oh my!? Girls, what happened to you!?」

「Uuu……The cushtomer……wash amashing.」


「Nhauun~, moree~」

The Oni girl, the Dryad girl, and the Lamia girl had all climaxed, and were exhausted with expressions filled with ecstasy.

The Onee-san’s complexion went pale.

「……No way. These girls……in no time at all!? But, it should have been a ma.s.sage.」

Diablo didn’t know what had happened.

However, it seemed like he had done something.

He quickly put his clothes on.

「Hmph……That was pretty good, but it would seem that it was too early for them to take me on!」

He declared something arrogant that seemed to fit.

The Onee-san shrank away.

「You, just what are you……!?」

「Steel yourself and listen──I am Diablo! A Demon King of another world!」

To name himself with a triumphant look in this kind of store, even he found it questionable but……If he could behave in a skillful manner, then he wouldn’t have had his many hardships.

The Onee-san shrank back.

However, her face was flushed. She gazed at him with blazing eyes.

「The Demon King-sama……of the Night!」

──Isn’t that, a bit different?

He couldn’t exactly correct her at this point though.

「Fuuーha ha ha!」

Making a loud laughter so as to deceive her, Diablo left the store.

There was a lingering memory of the monster girls’ ma.s.sage, so his view wavered a bit.

However, his body of a level 100 Warrior prevented the disgrace of him clumsily losing his balance.

The reception Onee-san chased after him until she was outside of the store with her eyes still moist.

「Demon King-sama! By all means, please come by again! More cute monster girls, will be waiting♪」

She was a pro.

However, with the surrounding gazes of bustling street gathering on him, it was embarra.s.sing to the point of being maddening.

Diablo desperately endured keeping his face from turning red, and boldly smiled.

「Hmph……It was quite the feast.」

Although he was overwhelmed and had simply received a ma.s.sage while he was s.p.a.ced out though.

When he remembering his own inexperienced speech and conduct, it felt like fire would come out from his face. In his mind, he was already holding a self review meeting, and piled it as a shameful memory. So it was another communication failure.

Diablo left the store at a quick pace.

Part 6


Even though it wasn’t like he had ran, he was exhausted like the time he had fought against the Great Demon King.

He was moist from sweat, and his heart was pounding.

Rather than what happened immediately following the conduct, he felt like his physical condition was going to go crazy from the shame of when he remembered it.

「……d.a.m.ned fool.」

He made an insult that would reach no one.

It was towards his own worthlessness.

If he had a bit more backbone, with the monster girls, it would have been more proper.……

However, he was unable to imagine his own figure doing things well with girls.


──I would have, like to, talk with them more properly.

Even though he wanted to try asking things about monster girls. He was filled with regret.

Suddenly, he noticed someone getting close to him.

In Diablo’s gaze, which was looking down, small legs that were wearing loafers appeared.

A girl?

Diablo lifted his head.

A young Pantherian girl with an innocent face stood there.

「Good evening, Onii-san. Um……Would you like a flower?」

*Dokun* Diablo’s heart leapt.

He opened his eyes wide.

She had small triangular panther ears, her hair was orange and done up in twintails, her eyes had a slight cross[1] and her eyelashes were long. She had a simple green robe. Her tail was coming out from the hem. In the basket that she held, there was a bouquet of purple flowers.

Maybe because he had spent too much time staring at her, that young girl blushed and hung her head down.


「Y, you are……!?」

Diablo involuntarily grabbed her shoulders.


The scene of a man who had a large build for a person of the Races grabbing a young Pantheiran girl who, if he had to say, had a small build, it was nothing but disturbing.

Since she had gone as far as raising a scream, the surrounding gazes gathered on them.

Diablo hurriedly took his hands away.

「Whoops……Sorry. I just……You resemble someone that I know. Forgive me.」

「With your acquaintance?」


It wasn’t an acquaintance.

He one-sidedly knew about them.

A young Pantherian girl that was within Diablo’s knowledge.

It was, a 《Flower Vendor》 NPC that appeared in the MMORPG Cross Reverie.

While taking care so as not to frighten her, Diablo looked at the young girl.

──As I thought, they’re similar.

In front of him, the young Pantherian girl tilted her head.

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