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Part 1

Morning of the third day──
Diablo woke up earlier than usual, and headed to the dining hall alone.
On the bed, Rem and Shera were still asleep.
They would probably wake up if given another thirty minutes though.
Thinking that he should have breakfast together with them, he asked Mei, who was at the counter, for only coffee.
He sat down in his usual chair.
Those that would go on journeys, they would finish up breakfast before sunrise, and would have already departed.
Maybe because it was a time in between that and normal hours, there weren’t any other guests.
He was alone.
Without having internet, a book, or TV to look at, and without playing any games, he absentmindedly sipped his coffee──this kind of time, he didn’t have it in his original world.
「……It sure is peaceful.」
Things like the Great Demon King that was expanding their power in the west, the unsettling movements of the royal palace, or the mystery of how he was summoned……They all felt like distant affairs.
*Tatata* The sound of footsteps coming down the stairway was made.
Someone burst into the dining hall.
The one that raised their voice and appeared, was Rem who was still in her sleep-wear.
He was startled by her immodest appearance.
「Wh, what is wrong, Rem!?」
Discovering Diablo and going “Haa~~~”, she breathed a sigh of relief. She put a hand on the wall and looked exhausted.
「Since you weren’t in bed when I woke up even though it was still early, I thought that you had gone alone.」
「Me, go alone?」
「……It was because you mentioned going on another journey after returning to Faltra City.」
Suddenly, he remembered the conversation they had in the country of the Elves.

「First, it is Faltra.」
「……After that, will we be headed to a different place? I believe that there was a request from Sylvie saying that she wanted us to partic.i.p.ate in the city’s defensive battle though?」
「This is necessary for the sake of that.」

Diablo even planned to depart today.
The objective, to level himself up.
As a result of that, he wasn’t sure if he should take Rem and Shera along. He might be able to concentrate better if he were alone.
──So I also had the hand of leaving them behind?
He thought that for a moment, but after thinking about it carefully, the negotiations for the inn and the carriage shop, they were mostly left to Rem. When they were sleeping outdoors, she would also make the fire and do the cooking.
And Shera, even in times where they were taking a short break, she could pick fruits and berries, and could hunt. She was also good at discovering watering places.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, those kinds of factors didn’t exist, and Diablo didn’t learn how to do them.
──Isn’t it impossible for me to travel alone?
Folding his arms and looking self-important, he leaned his body on the back of his chair.
「Hmph……It would be faster if I were alone, but since I felt like drinking coffee this morning, I took it slowly.」
「I will be going together with you after all!」
Rem placed her hand on her own chest.
It was an expression full of determination. That was fine but……
Her appearance right now, although he had become used to seeing it when they were sleeping, when in the bright dining hall, she was so lightly dressed that it seemed like her precious spot would show through, and Diablo felt like he would blush.
He averted his gaze.
「I, I get it, so go and get changed. What do you plan on doing if other guests come?」
「Eh? Ah……Hyaah!?」
Probably having panicked quite a bit since Diablo wasn’t in the bed, it seemed that she had forgotten her own appearance.
Rem, who had become bright red down to the nape of her neck, hurriedly left the dining hall while covering her body with both hands.
「P, please wait for me! I’ll get ready right away! Absolutely wait, okay!?」
She dashed up the stairway.
Even though the square surface of the cloth isn’t different from her usual appearance, it must still be embarra.s.sing to be in her sleep-wear in a bright place huh──is what Diablo thought.


Part 2

With everyone together, they had breakfast.
On the table, the usual bread, sausage, and soup were lined up.
In addition to Diablo, there was Rem and Shera. And then, there was Krum and Edelgart.
──Now then, it’s fine to take Rem and Shera along but……
How should he explain his objective?
He worried over that.
It seemed like something inconsequential, but it was an important matter for his Demon King roleplay.
The thing called a Demon King was the last boss, something perfect and final in terms of abilities. They were something that would complacently wait in the Demon King Castle as the Hero slowly raises up their level.
However, if he were to develop as a Warrior-type, then he would surely work hard and go through various difficulties. It wouldn’t go similar to how things were up until now.
Above all, going to the Master Swordsman Graham to request for their teachings, that was definitely not Demon King-like.
While his thoughts weren’t settled──
Rem asked him about it.
「……Diablo, isn’t it about time that you told us? About where we will journey to and for what purpose?」
While stuffing her face eating, Shera talked.
「Hom hu fink ov hit, ve diffent heea avou hit」
「……Don’t talk while you are eating.」
「Gokun! I said──Come to think of it, we didn’t hear about it.」
It seemed that Shera wasn’t too worried about it. Since she originally had a personality that didn’t think too deeply about things, she probably thought that no matter where he went, it was only natural that they would go together.
So it was too unnatural if he hid it any longer.
Diablo started talking from the information that wouldn’t damage his Demon King image.
「Do you know of the one that lives in the mountains in the northern part of the Demon King territory, the one called Master Swordsman Graham?」
「Master Swordsman?」
Shera tilted her head.
It seemed that Rem, who was a respectable Adventurer, knew of them.
「……I have heard of them. That they point out how to go even further past the limit for those that go down the path of the sword.」
「Umu. He is that sort of existence.」
「So it wasn’t just some fairy tale.」
「It seems that Emil has received his instruction.」
There was no guarantee that it was just like the game, but the fact that he went to meet with the Master Swordsman probably meant that he was greater than level 80.
If he was formerly around level 50, in this short amount of time, he had grown quite a bit.
It was a speed that nearly reached the game’s speed.
However, the fact that the Master Swordsman gave him the “go around to various countries quest”, it means that he hasn’t reached the qualifications to take the limit breakthrough trial.
It seems that he hasn’t reached level 99.
Diablo also intended on developing as a Warrior-type. If he was going to fight against the Great Demon King, he wanted to be no less than level 100 which surpa.s.sed the limit of the Races.
Krum, who was having her meal at the next table over, opened her eyes wide.
「Hou! Diablo, so you intend on taking up the sword as well -nanoda na!」
「Ah, well……」
Having suddenly struck on the heart of the matter, he was fl.u.s.tered.
Wasn’t leveling up not Demon King-like?
However, even if he denied it with only words, there wasn’t any meaning to it. In the end, in order to fight against the Great Demon King Modinalaam, there was a need for growth.
He was at a loss on how to answer.
Rem nodded with an understanding face.
「……So that’s how it was. As expected of you, Diablo. Even though you are strong even now, to think that you wouldn’t forget the desire to improve yourself even further!」
「Diablo, are you going to become even stronger!? Amaーzing!!」
Shera’s eyes sparkled.
Krum talked sounding impressed.
「All Maous possess powerful abilities the moment they were born. They are things that do not even have the concept of becoming stronger -nanoda.」
「Ugh……Th, that is true. Since I am also a Demon King……」
──So as I thought, leveling up isn’t Demon King-like. How should I explain this!?
At this rate, my image will crumble!? is what he thought as a cold sweat went down his spine.
Krum stood on top of her chair as if it were a speech pedestal.
「But, just like 《Insanity》, there are also fellows that absorb other Maous.」
「U, umu.」
「So Diablo is, a Maou that becomes stronger -nanoda na!」
That’s it!
Feeling like he was about to involuntarily raise a voice of delight, he somehow resisted it.
Expressing a cool smile, he magnanimously nodded.
「Hmph……As I am the true Demon King, I am the strongest even in ambition. Isn’t that only natural?」
He wiped off a cold sweat in his mind.
He felt uneasy thinking that his Demon King roleplay would crumble from him leveling up as a Warrior-type, but he was saved.
So it was all thanks to the image that he had built up until now.
Also, the sincerity of Krum, Rem, and Shera were also precious.
From the next table over, Edelgart murmured a retort with scornful eyes.
「Master Swordsman~ is, person of Races? Demon King-sama~……cannot rely, on Races.」
She sharply pointed that out.
However, in regards to that, he had thought of an excuse.
Diablo curved the ends of his lips.
「Hmph……And that is why you lost.」
「It does not matter if they are of the Races or a Demonic Being, if someone is usable, then use them. If they are hostile, then defeat them. That is simply all……To obsess over blood, how narrow-minded.」
Edelgart puffed her cheeks.
「Demonic Beings become stronger if they receive magical power from a Demon King. However, the people of the Races become stronger through training. If you also wish to be useful to Krum, then do not only earn small change at the bakery, but also do not shirk in diligently studying.」
「Already~ know!」
Going *Pui*, she turned to the side.
Edelgart had a position where she could be entrusted with an army of Demonic Beings, but she had a side that was much more childish than Krum.
Diablo had a thought.
──I don’t know if I can rely on the Master Swordsman and level up either though.
There were various points that the MMORPG Cross Reverie and this other world differ on. Really, what kind of being was the Master Swordsman?
Right after breakfast, Diablo’s group received the carriage, and headed to the Demon King territory.

Part 3

When Diablo escorted the damaged Rose back to his base, the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》, he brought back some different equipment.
After starting their journey, he put them on.
With gold hemming on black, it was armor that was flashier than before.
He also had a mantle and gauntlets with similar designs.
These would increase the amount of experience obtained──They were equipment that had that sort of effect. It was unknown if they would have an effect even in this other world but……there was merit in trying it out.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, since he reached the upper limit of the Magician’s level, he hadn’t used it all this time, but when he was first starting, he frequently equipped it.
Even though this was his first time equipping it in this other world, he somehow found it strangely nostalgic.
Since its abilities as armor were low, there was a bit of danger to using it, but he decided to prioritize developing his Warrior-type level right now.
However, he kept only his 《Distorted Crown》 equipped. Feeling that he would seem pathetic if it was exposed that his horns were just decoration, he didn’t take it off.
Even his weapon, he chose one for earning experience points. The long sword that hung on his waist, it was the 《Seraphic Sword》 that Warriors greater than level 70 could equip.
When compared to weapons of the same level, its offensive ability was lacking, but it had an effect of increasing the amount of obtained experience points.
──Can I use it?
If it was only equipping it, it was possible even in the game.
However, even if a Magician used a sword and metal armor, they couldn’t make use of the abilities.
In this other world, it seemed possible to develop multiple Cla.s.ses.
In that case, even for himself who was currently a Magician, he should be able to use a Warrior-type weapon.
The 《Seraphic Sword》 was for use for those level 70 and up.
Before, Diablo received an evaluation of being around level 40 as a Warrior from Emil. In fact, aren’t I a bit higher than that──that is what he thought, but even if he was generous in evaluating himself, it didn’t feel like he would be level 70.
To use the 《Seraphic Sword》, he would need to level up.
With that being the case, against the monsters that he would normally blast away with magic, he purposely challenged them in close combat.

Diablo struck his sword on it.
The shining blade pierced the neck of the gigantic snake, the 《Madara Snake》, that appeared from the lake.
Blood scattered about.
──Kuh……So I can’t cut it down!
The 《Madara Snakes》 in the game were around level 60. In this other world, they had the impression of being a bit weaker.
This time, receiving cover from Rem’s Summoned Beast and Shera’s bow, they safely defeated it.
──But if it were a one-on-one, it seems like it would be a pretty close fight. As I am now, would I be around a level 50 Warrior-type?
He keenly felt it when the battle was over.
Even if this place was another world, it was still reality.
There is no result screen when there is a victory. A cheerful BGM didn’t ring, and fanfare when obtaining a level up or a rare time doesn’t exist.
It was dull.
Above all, there was no actual feeling of obtaining experience.
Numbers weren’t displayed.
He understood the reason why people adored games over work and studies.
Reality, was just too bland.
By defeating this monster, would he get experience points? How much more experience would he need to acc.u.mulate before he can level up? Was the equipment working?
He didn’t know at all.
「A s.h.i.tty game.」
「……What’s wrong, Diablo?」
「It is nothing.」
He felt respect for Rem who had developed as far as level 50 as a Summoner which she wasn’t suited for despite having this depressing system.
Right now, he had no choice but to believe that he was earning experience points just like in the game.


Part 4

One week since they entered the Demon King territory and headed north.
They arrived at the foot of the mountains called 《Heavenly Mountain (Tenzan)》.
It had this kind of name, but it had no relation to the aircraft with cute legs.
The town at the foot of it, as if it were in the territory of the Races, had a peaceful atmosphere.
The figures of Adventurers and soldiers stood out more than they did in Faltra City, but the sadness and gloom that recluses seemed like they would gather couldn’t be felt.
In the town that was surrounded by a wall, stallholders were lined up on both sides of the main road.
An oyaji selling spit-roasted meat called out to them.
「Welcome! Welcome! It’s Giant Toad meat! It’s nice and tender!」
「……It looks delicious, doesn’t it, Diablo.」
「That is a frog monster, you know?」
「Diablo, they’re also selling fruits I’ve never seen before!」
「Are you sure they aren’t poisonous?」
Rem and Shera were festive in the town they’ve never been to before.
Although they had various reasons for it, these girls that chose the Adventurers’ way of life, they basically liked journeys.
The root of Diablo was a hikikomori. Being wary would take precedence for him.
──It was a village that was nothing but a recovery point with no peculiarities in the game though?
「It is quite lively, isn’t it.」
「……Intelligence gathering, Diablo. Let’s buy some skewers, and hear some talk from the stallholder.」
「If we’re buying, then fruits would be good too!」
「Do as you like.」
Since Diablo was bad at conversing with other people, he had Rem and Shera gather information.
After a while──
*Hagu hagu* Rem was munching on a skewer of what looked like chicken meat.
「……This town, 《Sodmas》[1], since it is said that the Master Swordsman is here, it seems that people with confidence in their own abilities gather here. There are also many people that have opened dojos.」
「So it is a town of Warriors.」
「……In the end, even famous blacksmiths and doctors came, and now, despite being in the Demon King territory, the fighting power has been well-regulated to the point that monsters won’t even get close to it.」
「So that is why it is this prosperous.」
「……It is because for Adventurers and merchants, a place where they can sleep with a peace of mind is important. It seems that there is also a large carriage shop.」
「Fumu, if the Master Swordsman’s location is nearby, I suppose we can deposit our carriage there.」
Shera, whose cheeks were stuffed with fruit, raised her hand.
「Nn! Nn!」
「Talk after you finish eating.」
「Ngu ngu! Puhah! Graham-san’s house, they said it’s on top of the mountain!」
Shera pointed at the Heavenly Mountain.
Diablo knitted his brows.
「So we’ll have to climb……」
With the angle steadily becoming steep after the gentle slope, the mountain summit reaches the clouds.
Diablo hated walking.
It would be possible to climb it with this level 150 body though.
「Ah, also, they were selling this.」
Shera held something out.
It was light brown, small, and round.
「What is it?」
「They said it was a 《Master Swordsman Manjuu》.」
「……I also saw something called a 《Master Swordsman Wooden Sword》.」
「Waー, that sounds fun!」
──Are these hot spring town souvenirs!?
He felt that the development of the MMORPG Cross Reverie, upon having full knowledge of this other world, had taken various considerations during the step of making it into a game.
If someone played for a long time and became level 80, they would no longer be a beginner.
In real time, that would be about two months.
If that Player were to find 《Master Swordsman Manjuu》 in a town they just arrived at, it would seriously dampen their excitement.
He wanted a more austere atmosphere.
In any case, if they were going to be mountain climbing from here on, they couldn’t use the carriage.
They decided to deposit it.

The carriage shop──
Close to the town’s outer wall, there was a large warehouse. There was also a gra.s.sland surrounded by a tall fence. Several horses were pa.s.sing time as they liked.
The owner of the carriage shop was a hard-faced Dwarf who might have been a former Adventurer. They were a race that had dog like ears and tails.
Seeing their carriage, the Dwarf narrowed his eyes.
「That’s a nice carriage. Did you buy it at the royal capital?」
「……Yes. You could tell?」
The talking was left up to Rem. Negotiating with a merchant as the other party, it was too difficult for Diablo who was bad at conversing with people, and for Shera whose thoughts were gentle.
The Dwarven shopkeeper nodded.
「It’s the work of an acquaintance of mine. He seems to be in good health.」
His mouth was covered by his beard so they couldn’t tell what his expression was, but his voice sounded like he was feeling nostalgic for the past.
「……We have come to meet with the Master Swordsman. We would like to deposit our carriage here for a while but can we ask this of you?」
「With the Master Swordsman? So you’re gonna climb the Heavenly Mountain.」
「If we need to.」
The Dwarven shopkeeper looked at Rem, and then gazed at Diablo and Shera.
「It seems you have some confidence in your abilities, don’t cha? You did journey through the Demon King territory with a carriage and came to this town after all.」
「In that case, right now, it would be best if you don’t.」
They were told something strange.
Rem asked him about it.
「What do you mean by that?」
「There’s a thing called the 《Evil Monkey (Jyaen)》. I don’t know if it’s a Demonic Being or a wild animal, but it is an outrageous monster that has been appearing frequently since about half a year ago.」
「……Is that an unidentified monster?」
「According to the guys that fought it──it is a giant monkey densely covered in thick hair, and even though the words of the Races can’t get through to it, it seems to skilled in using the sword. And then, it seems that it targets Adventurers that have skill.」
「Eh? It purposely chooses strong looking Adventurers?」
「The story is that when each of them defeated a strong monster, they would suddenly get attacked by it.」
「……Could it be that it chose to attack when they were exhausted?」
「I wouldn’t understand the thoughts of a monster. I just warned you.」
「Yes, thank you very much.」
The Dwarf prompted them to put the carriage in the warehouse.
「I’ll take care of your carriage. I’ll go and make the contract for custody. That sort of thing needs to be done properly.」
Despite his hardy and rough outward appearance, he was the type to thoroughly do his job.
Doing just as she was told, Rem moved the carriage.
「I will put it in the warehouse.」
「Do it slowly. Oya, your horses are a bit thin. Aren’t you working them too hard?」
「……Since it was a long journey, they might be tired.」
「Want to try giving them a potion?」
「……What will the price be?」
Rem worked out the conditions with the shopkeeper. She is quite something. Even if she retires as an Adventurer, she seems like she’d do well as a merchant.
Diablo looked at the surroundings.
It was a carriage shop that could be found anywhere.
Being surrounded by the st.u.r.dy ramparts, it had a leisurely atmosphere that could make one forget that this was in the Demon King territory.
Suddenly, his eyes stopped on a wagon that was in front of the warehouse. On the things that were loaded on it.
Diablo rushed over to it.
「This is!?」
With an outward appearance of a golden apple, its leaves had the shape of stars.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there existed an item that closely resembled it.
──Could it be, isn’t this 《Gold Fruit》!?
When this was consumed, it would turn into experience points.
It was an item where one could gain experience points equivalent to several hours of leveling in the game.
Naturally, they wouldn’t normally be found in a huge mound like this.
It was an SSR item that would only be obtained at special times like accomplishing an event, subjugating a boss monster, or conquering a dungeon.
If put on sale at the market, it would be priced at a super-high amount, and all Players desired it.
If this Gold Fruit turned into experience points just like it did in the game, then it was something amazing. Several hours worth of experience point within the game, how many days worth would that equate to in this other world?
For there to be a whole wagon load of that here……
Could be a normal fruit that only has a similar appearance?
The Dwarven shopkeeper talked.
「Those are fruits that are collected on the Heavenly Mountain over there. The color isn’t bad, but at any rate, it tastes awful. It is called Gold Fruit though.」
──So it’s Gold Fruit as I thought!?
Shera took one of the fruits in hand.
「Heeー, even though it looks delicious?」
She bit it.
The moment she did, her expression dimmed, and she hurriedly spit it out.
「Ueeeh! Beh! Beh!」
The shopkeeper held his stomach and laughed.
「Wahaha! It’s an article that not even hungry wild animals would eat, you know? It’s bitter even if it’s boiled or grilled, and just no good.」
「Wh, why……was something like this gathered?」
「Gold Fruit is a variety of medicinal fruit, you see. When it is crushed and turned into fertilizer, the growth of vegetables is good. When scattered on gra.s.slands, it becomes hard for insects to appear.」
──The taste huh.
In the game, since something like taste was unknown, there weren’t any Players that would hesitate in using it.
The Dwarf caressed an old scar.
「There were rumors that Warriors from long ago liked Gold Fruit but……Well, it isn’t something that people of the Races would eat.」
「My tongue, is tingling~」
With Shera still making a displeased looking face, the shopkeeper poured water into a cup.
「There are even stories of mice that ate that and died. It might be poisonous. That is why you shouldn’t put unfamiliar things in your mouth.」
「T, tell me that earlierー!?」
Diablo glared at the Gold Fruit with a serious expression.
Since Gold Fruit was a valuable article in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there weren’t any Players that ingested a large quant.i.ty of them.
If it was life-threatening, it would be a problem.
There was no guarantee that it would turn into experience points even in this other world.
Rem, who had signed the agreement to deposit the carriage, pointed towards the main street.
「……Let’s forget that questionable fruit, and have a proper meal. Also, I believe it would be best to prepare some mountain climbing tools.」
「Yeah, yeah, I want to eat some delicious fruits!」
Shera raised both of her hands.
Diablo didn’t object to that.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: ソドマス. Probably a shortening of Sword Master

Part 5

The next day──
It was sunny, and was perfect hiking weather.
It seemed that the mountain trail went as far as the 《Master Swordsman’s Hermitage》. Stone posts with directional markers engraved were put up at regular intervals.
As expected of a place that was turned into a tourist attraction.
If not for the fact that this was a mountain in the Demon King territory, this climb would have had a bit of a picnic feeling to it but……
After walking for a bit, Demonic Beasts promptly appeared.
Since they were only a large black wolf, 《Black Fang》, and a gigantic ashen bear, 《Giant Grizzly》, there wasn’t any particular problem.
They were enemies that were about level 80.
Even so, when it came to the monsters of this region, he couldn’t easily win against them with the abilities of a half-baked Warrior-type.
In the end, he kicked them about with magic.
Six hours after leaving the town at the foot of the mountain, Sodmas, and climbing the mountain──
The summit was still far, but halfway up, it turned into a steep slope. Rather, it might be best to call it a cliff.
Rem frowned.
「……What part of this, is a path?」
A stone post was driven into a cliff.
The arrow pointed up.
「So it is telling us to climb.」
「……Looks like it can’t be helped.」
「Do you think it would work if I treat it like I’m climbing a tree?」
Shera placed a hand on the rock surface of the cliff. With it being treated as a path, it didn’t seem like it would break that easily.
For the Elves that lived up in trees, a cliff of this level wasn’t any trouble.
Rem also climbed quite easily. It was said that the ancestors of the Pantherians lived in the plains, but being cat-like, they also specialized in tree climbing.
The two of them swiftly climbed the cliff.
Diablo put his fingers on the protrusions of the rock surface.
──Although I could use Floating Magic, I guess I’ll stop with the cheating.
Although he was in the middle of growing as a Warrior, since he had the body of a level 150 Magician, climbing a cliff should be no trouble……
He casually looked up.
He ended up looking at Rem and Shera’s b.u.t.ts from directly below them.
「Nn? What’s wrong, Diablo?」
「……Did something happen?」
「It, it is nothing.」
Diablo returned his gaze to his hands, and focused on climbing the cliff.
It didn’t take that long of a time.
They scaled it.
Turning wide and flat, it was a shelf halfway up the mountain. On the mountain trail stone post, there wasn’t an arrow but letters engraved on it.
「……It says “arrived”」
Rem read it aloud.
Turning around──the town at the foot of the mountain looked miniature.
Shera sprawled out on top of the gra.s.sland and lied down.
「Fuah~, so we’ve finally climbed it.」
Matching with her breathing, her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s moved up and down.
Having climbed up the mountain, it was much cooler than ground level. Despite that, Shera had sweat coming out on her forehead.
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……It wasn’t that difficult of a cliff.」
「Ehー? It was really hard, you know.」
「……You just have too much needless flesh attached.」
「Ah, that might be it. Rem, since you don’t have a chest, it looks like you could climb easily.」
「I’ll push you off, you know!?」
「Stop it, stop it.」
While listening to the two of them mess around behind him, Diablo sent his gaze around.
On the plain that seemed like people had leveled it, there was a building at the center of it. There were no tiles on the roof, but having been made with wooden pillars and earthen walls, it vaguely had a j.a.panese style ambiance to it.
And then, in the surroundings of the estate, weapons were planted in the ground. Swords, spears, axes, sickles, hammers……
At a glance, they didn’t seem like valuable arms, but they were not poor quality articles either. They were carelessly thrust into the ground.
Rem lined up next to him.
「……If these are for decoration, then I would have to question their aesthetic sense, but it also looks like an old battlefield.」
Diablo nodded.
「So that building is the hermitage that the Master Swordsman lives in.」
「……Most likely.」
「Let’s go.」
He started walking.
Shera, who was lying down, hurriedly stood up.
「Hawaー, wait upー.」


Part 6

He quietly opened the entranceway’s sliding door.
Rem’s eyes went round.
「……Diablo, have come here before?」
「No? Why?」
「It is because you opened this door without any hesitation.」
「Come to think of it, I didn’t see any sliding doors in the Lifelia Kingdom. In certain regions, there are many doors with this sort of style.」
「……So that’s how it was.」
She looked at the door with curious eyes.
It seemed that Shera held more interest in the interior of the building.
「A wooden house!」
The floor was treaded down and hardened dirt, and wooden pillars were erected on top of level stones. It was architecture techniques similar to buildings of old j.a.pan, which weren’t seen in the Lifelia Kingdom.
The inside of the building, rather than an entranceway, it was more of a storeroom, and had quite a bit of width to it.
Going in, on the right side there was a wall, and on the left side there were six wooden doors.
One of the wooden doors was slightly opened.
──A dog?
Triangular and erect dog ears could be seen from the gap of the door.
*Piku* The dog ears moved.
From the other side of the wooden door, a fragile voice was raised.
「U, um……Are you guests? Or……a, are you scary people?」
It was the voice of a girl.
The Master Swordsman Graham should be an old master. The setting was that he was a recluse that lived alone, but in this other world, does he have servants?
At any rate, since they were asked, it would be best to introduce himself.
「I am a Demo──」
「Of course we are guests! We are not scary people!」
When Diablo tried to do his usual self-introduction, Rem cut in.
And then, she whispered into his ear.
「……If you say that you are a Demon King, you might not be teached, you know?」
「Is that so?」
Master Swordsman Graham is a Human, but he would teach without discriminating races.
However, representation of Demon Kings and Demonic Beings receiving his teachings didn’t exist in the game.
──I guess I’ll leave the negotiations to her.
From the other side of the wooden door, the voice came once again.
「R, really?」
「……Yes, we have no malicious intent.」
「Haa, thank goodness.」
Finally, the wooden door opened.
What they saw from the gap wasn’t a dog, but a young Dwarven girl. She had pointed dog ears and a bushy tail.
Her age was probably around seventeen years old.
Dwarven women had characteristics of having big b.r.e.a.s.t.s despite being short like children, and having dog-like ears and tails.
She wore a j.a.panese style outfit that wasn’t seen in the Lifelia Kingdom.
Fidgetting, she peeked at Diablo’s group, then dropped her gaze to the ground.
「U, um……Welcome.」
「……I am an Adventurer called Rem Galeu.」
「Ah……I am called Sasala.」
She bowed very deeply.
In the Lifelia Kingdom, there was no culture of bowing. It was either a handshake or a slight bow.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, a country with a j.a.panese style cultural sphere was also introduced. The setting was that it was an eastern foreign country that was on the other side of the ocean. Did an eastern foreign country exist in this other world as well?
Rem asked her a question.
「……Is the Master Swordsman here?」
「Erm, it will take a bit of time but……」
「We will wait.」
Rem made an immediate reply.
They had climbed up this mountain, so they would wait even if it took a day.
The young Dwarven girl──Sasala nodded.
「Th, thank you very much……Well then, so it’s a company of three. Um……Could you please wait inside?」
She invited them inside of the wooden door.


Part 7

It was a wooden floor.
At the center of the room, there was a sunken hearth. Around that, there was a carpet of hemp cloth.
There were no chairs or tables.
It was a structure where pillars supported the wooden framework roof. There were white mud walls, but there were parts where the color was different. Were they frequently repaired?
Sasala withdrew further into the estate.
Only Diablo’s group of three remained.
「……I can’t really calm down.」
Since there was no custom of sitting on the ground in the Lifelia Kingdom, Rem twisted her body on the hemp cloth.
Shera arranged her legs and sat in a W-position.
「Since the Greenwood Kingdom sits on gra.s.s, I guess I’m okay with this sort of thing.」
Diablo sat down cross-legged.
After a while, Sasala finally returned.
She carried a large tray.
「S, sorry to keep you waiting.」
When they thought that she had brought something, there was a heap of pasta placed on round plate. Also, there was light brown soup.

She placed it out in front of Diablo’s group.
「Um……By all means.」
In addition to the cooking, what was placed before their eyes were, chopsticks. This was his first time seeing them since coming to this other world.
Rem picked up the chopsticks.
「……What is this?」
「I, I’m sorry. It’s just, soba is something you eat with chopsticks.」
Diablo stared at the pasta that was served on the round plate. Certainly, it is grayish, and there wasn’t any sauce put on it.
And then, next to it, the light brown liquid──He thought that it was soup, but was it soba dipping sauce?
「You’re telling me this, is soba!?」
「Y, yes. It is Master Swordsman Soba.」
「Master Swordsman Soba!?」
Sasala repeatedly nodded.
Rem made a doubtful expression.

Shera looked like she didn’t mind at all and held the chopsticks with both hands. No matter how she tried to scoop up the soba, she had a hard struggle.
「Yah, tou! Soba is really hard to eat, isn’t itー」
「You do it like this.」
Diablo used the chopsticks normally, and picked up the soba.
Among the ones that raised cheers, Sasala was also one of them.
「That is amazing……So that is how they are supposed to be used……You are very knowledgeable.」
「Wait. You are the one that brought them out, you know?」
「Ah, um……It was something that the book of secrets that Founder-sama left behind said to have prepared……But there are many things that I don’t really understand.」
「Erm……That is the first Master Swordsman.」
「So that’s how it is.」
Just by looking a bit at the way Diablo held the chopsticks, Rem became able to use the chopsticks. As expected of her.
It seemed that it was impossible for Shera no matter how she tried, and since she gave up and was about to just grab it with her hands and eat it, Sasala brought out a fork for her.
The flavor of the Master Swordsman soba was──
「It’s appearance is a bit strange, but the taste has a feeling that says “this isn’t it”.」
「Hawawa……Is, is it no good?」
He didn’t know how she procured it, or if there was buckwheat flour in this other world, but it seemed that she was able to obtain that was something similar to it.
Even the making of the noodles, it seemed that she wasn’t completely off the mark. It at least had the smell of soba.
「How the noodles are easy to cut, it may be due to the fire when boiling it being weak. And how it’s too soft is due to there being too much water when kneading it.」
He remembered that was how it was described in a manga.
Online games had many repet.i.tions of simple work. Due to that, there were times where he would look at manga or watch anime when things were going well.
Making a complete change from her timid-looking expression, Sasala became seriousness itself.
「Fumu fumu……Fire and water……」
「First of all, it shouldn’t be served on this plate, but on a draining basket. It will probably become considerably better with that.」
「A draining basket?」
「If it’s a container where water can fall through, then anything would be fine though.」
「I will……try making that.」
Sasala nodded looking delighted.
Shera quickly ate everything. Putting aside its degree of perfection as soba, for a body that had been mountain climbing this whole time, it seemed to have felt pa.s.sably delicious.
Rem also continued.
「……Thank you for the meal. Diablo, you’ve forgotten the important matter.」
「Ohh, that’s right.」
「The soba dipping sauce. It is too watery. At the very least, the condiments」
「……That is not what I mean. Wasn’t our objective, not the Master Swordsman Soba, but to ask the Master Swordsman for their teachings?」
「That’s right.」
He had completely forgotten about it.
Sasala’s eyes went round.
「Ah, you aren’t guests……but pract.i.tioners……!?」
「But, earlier……you said that you weren’t scary people.」
「So you meant it that way. I am terribly sorry……We came to meet with Master Swordsman Graham and wish to receive his instruction as Warriors.」
Sasala made a disappointed-looking face.
「Araa……And here I thought that someone finally came to eat some soba after such a long time.」
「……The Master Swordsman, where might he be?」
In response to Rem’s question, after a bit of a pause, Sasala answered.
「E, erm……Right here.」
「……In this estate?」
「Yes. They are right here.」
「……Could you allow us to meet them?」
「U, um……You’ve already met.」

Rem tilted her head.
Sasala stuck out the index finger of her right hand, and poked her own nose.
「Right here.」

「I, I am, the, the Thirteenth Generation Master Swordsman Graham Sasala……desu」


Part 8

Rem tilted her head even more. Enough that her head had become completely horizontal.
Sasala hung her head down.
「I, I am sorry……As I thought, I really don’t look like it……I do understand, though.」
「No way!? Are you the Master Swordsman!?」
Being pressed by Rem so vigorously, Sasala looked like she would run away at any moment.
「Auu……I’m sorry that someone like me is the Master Swordsman!」
「……W, with all due respect, aren’t you not armed with a sword as well?」
「It was because I was making the soba.」
「Y, yes. Since a Master Swordsman made it, it’s Master Swordsman soba……Just kidding……」
Sasala blushed and became teary eyed, then hung her head down. If it was embarra.s.sing to the point of crying, then she just should not have said it.
Diablo was surprised.
Dwarves didn’t have long lives like the Elves, nor were they a race whose outward appearance was everlasting like the Gra.s.swalkers. She was probably around seventeen just like how she looked.
Even if she dressed herself up a bit to look young, she wouldn’t give the impression of being an “old master”.
She wasn’t a man either.
Being a Magician, Diablo hadn’t met him within the game, but he had seen his graphic on the net.
He held a j.a.panese sword that had a crest of a crescent moon engraved on the pommel.
He should have been a man, a white haired elder, and a Human.
She was completely different.
──So I guess this means she is a different person from the Master Swordsman of the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
Only Shera was composed.
「Heeー, so Sasalchan was the Master Swordsmanー」
「I am sorry……For not looking like it.」
「Isn’t that fine? I mean, even for me, although I’m the Queen of the Elves, I don’t look like it, right?」
「Eh!? Aren’t you a very important person? Why would you come to a mountain in the Demon King territory?」
「I guess it’s something like, going along with my husband.」
Looking at Diablo who Shera had pointed at, Sasala darted her eyes about.
「Th, the Elven King……?」
「You are a Demon, right?」
「Various circ.u.mstances had occurred.」
Going “ha~”, either being astonished or relieved, she breathed a doubtful sigh.
「So the world, has people of all kinds, doesn’t it.」
When she said that, he thought that a young girl who brings out soba being the Master Swordsman was also quite odd.
It seemed that Rem wasn’t fully satisfied though.
「……Since when did you, become the Master Swordsman?」
Sasala folded her fingers to count.
「Erm……Since about half a year ago, I suppose.」
「……So it was recently. Your predecessor, where would he be?」

Sasala, who had been answering the questions while having a nervous att.i.tude up until now, suddenly covered her face.
She mumbled.
She said something, but it was such a low voice that he couldn’t hear her.
Rem was surprised. Come to think of it, Pantherians had an excellent sense of hearing. Enough that they could sense the footsteps of their prey in a prairie.
「……He had died!? I have asked such a rude question.」
「N, no. He had already exceeded a hundred years old after all.」
The life expectancy of Humans of this other world seemed to be around 50 years. If he reached 100 years old, he could be said to have lived to a ripe old age.
And then, Sasala succeeded after him.
Rem talked about their own circ.u.mstances.
「……We are Adventurers, and we require strength in order to fight against the Demon King army. We had heard that we could receive instruction if we come here but?」
Sasala made a perplexed expression.
「……Were we mistaken?」
「I, only know about the sword……Rem-san, you are a Magician, right? And the other two as well, aren’t they a Magician and an Archer?」
Shera shook her head sideways.
「I’m a Summonerー.」
「Is, is that so.」
The person herself denied it, but he felt that Sasala’s diagnosis wasn’t mistaken.
Rather, for her to see through the fact that Diablo was a Magician even though he was currently wearing Warrior-type equipment, as expected of a Master Swordsman.
「……Just as you say, I am a Summoner. Even so, as I am now, I cannot fight against the Demonic Beings. I want to develop Warrior-type abilities.」
「Uーn……If it is to develop your physical abilities, then I believe it should also fall within a Magician’s growth」
「……That is, true but.」
Unable to keep silent, Diablo cut in.
He shook his head left and right.
「It is because the enemy is not of that level that we came here. It will not do if I do not ascend to a high level as a Warrior as well.」
Sasala was keeping a low profile, but it seemed that the qualifications for her instruction being strict was the same as the game.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, without taking things like the Demon King army’s invasion into consideration, those that did not reach the criteria would be turned away at the door. Even for Diablo who had reached the highest level as a Magician, since he did not satisfy the condition of being a higher than level 80 Warrior-type, he was unable to meet with the Master Swordsman.
However, this place was another world.
Like this, he was able to converse with the Master Swordsman. If he skillfully asked her, there should also be the potential to receive her instruction.
First, there was a need to have her understand that danger was closing in on the Races as a whole.
He was secretly nervous.
──Calm down. It’ll be fine if we talk to her normally.
When he wasn’t performing his character through his Demon King roleplay, he would become unable to let words out smoothly.
However, if he was too overbearing, the talks would get complicated. As friendly and gentle as possible, .
Diablo expressed a smile.

「Ku ku ku……A Demon King has awakened. The Races will surely be destroyed.」

「Hii!? Wh, what are you saying all of a sudden!?」
Rem followed up.
「……If we Adventurers lose to the Demon King, then the Races will be in big trouble, that is what he means.」
「The Demon King was revived?」
It seemed that Sasala didn’t know. So the information wasn’t circulated to her since she was living this deep in the mountains.
「It is the 《Demon King of Insanity Modinalaam》. Have you heard of them?」
「I haven’t.」
「It seems that guy is absorbing other Demon Kings one after another, and calls itself the Great Demon King.」
「The Great Demon King……is it?」
Her reaction was weak.
Sasala spoke sounding apologetic.
「I, haven’t seen a Demon King before so……I don’t really understand.」
So since she didn’t know about it, the threat of it wasn’t transmitted.
Rem and Shera explained this and that, but it seemed that the actual feeling of it didn’t quite well up inside of her. Even so, it seemed that the situation alone was transmitted to her.
「I see. So due to the Great Demon King Modinalaam, Zircon Tower City and the Elven country……Things became disastrous for them.」
「So you understand now, do you?」
Diablo folded his arms looking self-important.
He asked for her instruction.

「Master Swordsman, it would be best for you to teach me kenjutsu!」

「T, to be told that in such a high-handed manner, this is a first……desu.」
「Is it a problem in the way it was said!?」
「Uuu……That’s not it……If it isn’t a person that has learned the way of the sword for a certain length of time, it’s more like I can’t teach them, or rather, there would be no meaning if I did teach them……」
「How can you tell that I am less than that even though you haven’t even tested me!?」
It might be understood when someone becomes a Master Swordsman. In reality, Diablo was self-aware that his level was lacking.
However, there was the possibility that the Demon King army would invade any day now. He couldn’t withdraw so easily.
Sasala answered as if she lost the mental battle.
「Hawawa……I, I understand……Then, I will test you.」
「Yosh! It would seem my sincerity got through.」
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……It doesn’t look like anything but you making her listen to you by threatening her.」
No way.
Diablo looked at Sasala once more. She was now on the verge of tears.
Subtle feelings of guilt were……


Part 9

They came out to the yard where the weapons were planted in the ground.
Sasala pulled out one from among them. It was a single edged longsword.
「I will, use this.」
Shera yawned.
It seemed that she started nodding off while Diablo and Rem were negotiating. No wonder she was so silent.
「Munya munya……Ohー yeah? I wonder why there are so many weapons stuck in the ground here? In this yard.」
Rem tilted her head.
「……I find it hard to understand.」
Sasala made her eyebrows go into a ハ shape, and mocked herself.
「Th, that’s true, isn’t it. As I thought, it really is weird, isn’t it……Ah, haha……My predecessor was a person who had a principle of saying that it was fine if he had one swing though.」
Diablo made a conjecture.
「It is for the sake of the attribute, isn’t it? The attributes of earth, water, fire, wind, light, or darkness are in every weapon. There are also differences by their cla.s.sification such as being a sword, spear, or axe. Normally, one would use weapons that suit themselves, but there are also those that change it to match their opponent.」
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Players that would change to match their enemy were in the majority.
There were also those that would develop only one attribute to the extreme and fight with only that no matter where they were though.
However, in this other world, a pouch that could store any number of weapons was a super valuable article. So far, Diablo had not seen any other than the one that he possessed.
Inevitably, it seemed that people who could use multiple weapons were very rare.
Rem and Shera were impressed.
Sasala was surprised.
「Th, this is……my first time seeing someone that understands that.」
For some reason, her cheeks were flushed. She unblinkingly stared at him with moist eyes.
Diablo felt like he was going to feel bashful.
「Hmph……It is common sense. Isn’t just that the level of the guys you met up until now were just too low?」
She let out a smile and then spoke.
「It feels like, as an Adventurer, you’re probably stronger than someone like me. If you use magic.」
「How unfortunate. If you had walked down the path of the sword……I would have liked to teach you everything.」
「You said that you would “test” me though?」
「If you can stop my sword even once, then you pa.s.s.」
Sasala readied her single edged sword.
Wind coiled about her.
──Is it a Wind attribute sword?
The surrounding atmosphere made a complete change.
Rem and Shera gulped, and had gooseb.u.mps on their skin.
Even Diablo felt that his heartbeat had sped up.
She was a different person.
The timid Sasala that was there up until just now and the Sasala that readied her sword right in front of their eyes, they were completely different people.
Unknowingly, Diablo’s hands were sweating.
──This intimidating air, it’s much greater than Galford’s or Baduta’s!?
It was about the same as when he faced off against the awakened Demon King Krebskrum. His instincts as a Gamer told him that this was dangerous.
Even so, he couldn’t run away.
He drew the 《Seraphic Sword》 that was on his waist.
「If I can stop it even once, you say? Certainly, the sword is not a weapon I am strong with but……Do not look down on me.」
Up until now, whether in the game or this other world, he had fought against a great number of enemies. He had conceit that he would evade or stop the attack of a high level Warrior.
Sasala took one step, approaching him.
「You don’t understand, do you……About your own self.」
「What did you say?」
「When fighting against a high-ranking Magician, a Warrior must always make preparations to close in the distance. If some distance were to be taken, they would have a hard time getting close. At the same time, vigilance against magic is also needed. It is because there is certain magic with power that cannot be endured so easily.」
「It would seem that you are well-informed with Chemical Elemental Magic as well, aren’t you?」
「I am a Master Swordsman after all.」
In this other world, Summoned Beasts were regarded as important, and Chemical Elemental Magic was treated lightly.
However, it seemed that for those that surpa.s.sed the limits of the Races, they properly understood its strength.
Sasala took one more step closer.
It was a disadvantageous distance for Magicians.
However, Diablo claimed to be strong even in close combat.
It was a distance where a sword could reach him, but it wouldn’t be a problem if he evaded it. More importantly, he prefered quick decisive battles done with magic where contact is the activation condition or with high-powered magic where bullet speed is slow.
It was because Diablo, who always fought alone, was weak with wars of attrition.
Sasala spoke.
「This is, a Warrior’s distance.」
「Do not think of me as being the same as normal Magicians. Even at this distance, I will not fall that far behind.」
「That is because your opponents were being vigilant of magic.」
「Being vigilant of the opponent’s attack, is only natural.」
「It is because magic cannot be caught with a sword……From hereon, I will fire a slash with all of my power packed into it, without being vigilant of magic. If you can defend against it──you pa.s.s. A Master Swordsman will instruct you.」
「Very well.」
The intimidating air suddenly vanished from Sasala’s whole body.
The rampaging tempest completely vanished, and it felt as if not even a light breeze was blowing.
「……Here is my slash.」
A bird quickly crossing the calm sky──It was that kind of attack. Without any preparatory motions, her sword extended out.
Sasala’s sword caressed the nape of Diablo’s neck.
The skin was torn and fresh blood gushed out from the artery, that sort of thing didn’t happen.
It was because it was the back of the blade.
So the single edged sword was for the sake of that.
──I couldn’t see it!?
On Sasala’s face, there wasn’t a smile.
「Originally, sword attacks are launched by firmly stepping on the ground……When the opponent is a high-ranking Magician, it will be done while moving and while preparing to move away at any time.」
「Impossible. Up until now, I had fought against enemies that resolved themselves for simultaneously striking each other down.」
He accepted that her abilities were high.
There was the possibility that the Great Demon King Modinalaam was about as fast as this Master Swordsman──Thinking that, he decided to develop in the Warrior Cla.s.s.
The plan was correct. Diablo believed that it was great that he met with the Master Swordsman.
However, he was hesitant to consent to Sasala’s claim. If they weren’t being vigilant of magic, then anyone could hurl attacks of great speed──He had not thought of that at all.
She made a mysterious looking face.
She lowered her waist, and swung her sword once again.
This time, he just barely saw it but……It still wasn’t a speed where he could stop it with a sword.
Her single edged sword touched Diablo’s right shoulder.
「With this, it was a bit slow, right?」
「Slower than the last one……」
「Look, this one, is fast.」
Again, she fired an extreme speed slash.
He tried to bring his sword out to catch it, but before he did that, his right leg was. .h.i.t by Sasala’s sword.
Diablo claimed to be strong in close combat, but this girl was extraordinary.
He couldn’t respond.
Diablo gritted his teeth.
「To think that there was this much of a difference……It’s greater than I antic.i.p.ated.」
She lowered her sword.
Her atmosphere returned to normal.


Part 10

Sasala bowed very deeply.
「S, sorry……Are you hurt anywhere?」
Diablo was disheartened.
「I’m surprised. This is the first time I’ve been overwhelmed this much. I suppose I should say as expected of a Master Swordsman. I have nothing but admiration for you.」
「No way……I, I have no merit other than swinging a sword.」
She shrunk her small body even more.
Diablo bit his lip.
He felt that the conceit he had up until now was smashed up.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, he piled up complete victories to the point that he called himself a Demon King.
He often left behind records in events.
He defeated many formidable enemies with his superhuman reaction speed and judgement.
Moreover, this other world, for various reasons, should have had lower levels than the game overall.
However, he was cut the moment he noticed!
This kind of defeat, he hadn’t experienced it even in the game.
──What is going on?
It was said that to be instructed by the Master Swordsman, the Warrior level needed to be greater than 80. In that case, would a Warrior greater than level 80 be able to stop that Sasala’s slash?
It was hard to believe.
But, did he have no choice but to accept it?
Emil said that he had received instruction.

「I was told by my Shishou, to expand my horizons! So now I am studying under a person called the Master Swordsman Graham who lives in the northern mountains.」

He had certainly called the Master Swordsman his Shishou.
Since Sasala said that she had taken over as Master Swordsman half a year ago, he probably wasn’t talking about her predecessor.
If he was inferior to the Great Demon King Modinalaam, and to the Master Swordsman, then it was just as he predicted. It is for that reason that Diablo felt the necessity to develop as a Warrior-type after all.
However, this and that were different stories.
──I, am inferior to level 80?
He wasn’t satisfied with that.
Seeming worried, Sasala peeked at his face.
「U, um……Are you really alright? Any injuries……?」
「There are none. There is no need for concern.」
「Is that so. Erm……Well then……About the instruction……even if I teach you, if you can’t see my sword, then it’s impossible.」
He was aware that his level was lacking, but to think that it would be this overwhelming.
Diablo was bewildered.
Falling in defeat, his bluff through his Demon King role play would crumble. He had harbored that sort of anxiety as well but.

──Right now, I’m, extremely, excited!

It was a feeling of excitement like when he had first started the MMORPG Cross Reverie.
He had also felt it when he had just arrived in this other world, but after understanding his abilities as a Magician and increasing his rea.s.surance, the excitement vanished.
However, he could become even stronger!
Diablo tightly gripped the sword in his hand.
「Fu, fufufu……」
「Have you come to understand?」
「You have my grat.i.tude, Sasala.」
「Eh? Eh?」
「I will definitely show you that I can stop your sword.」
She nodded.
「Yes. I am sure that if you train for about ten years, then you probably will.」
「Sorry but……I cannot take things that slowly.」
「B, but, training is something done steadily so……」
「It was my loss! I will come again.」
Diablo turned his back to her.
Rem and Shera were waiting.
Or maybe they had lost their faith in him due to his defeat──is what he thought, but there weren’t any signs of disappointment or contempt on their faces.
Rather, they were showing smiles of appreciation.
「……It must have been hard. This is my first time seeing you lose.」
「Sasalchan, she’s really strong, isn’t sheー. I also couldn’t see her sword at allー.」
「……As expected of the Master Swordsman. Doesn’t it seem that she is faster than the Faltra Feudal Lord and the Head of the Holy Knights Baduta?」
「Un, she was much faster than that Baduta person.」
There was no doubt about that.
But, one could stop it if they were a level 80 Warrior──if that is the case, then he himself is probably too weak.
Diablo admitted his defeat, and descended the mountain.

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My Beautiful Teacher

My Beautiful Teacher

My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 792 Author(s) : Ram de Night,黑夜de白羊 View : 630,391

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu Volume 8 Chapter 3 summary

You're reading Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu. This manga has been translated by Updating. Author(s): Yukiya Murasaki. Already has 642 views.

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