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Horun was allowed to go down the path of a Magician.
Gathering her luggage, she showed her face in the inn's common room.
Rem was alone, reading a book on the sofa. When she raised her head, she saw Horun and expressed a smile.
「……So that is the Magic Academy's uniform. It suits you very well.」
「Really -ssu ka!?」

「……Since I will have to nurse Shera, I can't escort you there but……Take care.」
「Yes. Shersan, is she alright -ssu ka?」
「……She's already recovered enough to be fussy over her meals. It's enough that it would be alright to kick her out of bed, but the carriage preparations are not done yet.」
「I see -ssu.」
Stagecoaches travelled on the Lifelia Kingdom's highways.
However, for the Elves' Greenwood Kingdom which was a secluded region and the country of the Dark Elves which was regarded as dangerous, stagecoaches would naturally be unable to travel there.
That being said, it would be difficult to walk there.
Since they received a reward from the Church, Diablo's group purchased a carriage.
However, with the remodelling of the frame and the arrangement of the cart-horses, it would take ten days. When it took that much time, they could feel relieved even if it was a long journey.
Horun also had the feeling of wanting to go together with them to the country of the Elves but……
「Be safe out there -ssu.」
「……Of course. When we depart the royal capital, we plan on showing our faces at the academy.」
「Waah, thank you -ssu! Um, by the way, where's Danna?」
「……Who knows? He seems to have been out since morning. He should have known about your departure day……It's probably something he's doing in his own way of thinking.」
「True -ssu ne.」
「……Surprisingly, it might be because, if he sees your face, he'll find the parting to be painful though.」
「Ehh!? Even though Danna is a Demon King!?」
「Fufu……It was a joke.」
「Right -ssu yo neー. Besides, for him to feel sorry about parting with me……that's unbelievable -ssu.」
Rem held out her right hand.
「……No matter what anyone says, we are your adventure companions, please don't forget that. Your hard struggles, I will never forget them for the rest of my life.」
Horun gripped that right hand with her own right hand.
「Me neither! And then, the next time we meet, I'll have become an Adventurer that you can rely on more -ssu!」
「……I will say that if you are aiming to become a Magician, becoming a Summoner is more pragmatic.」
Come to think of it, Rem was a Summoner, wasn't she──is what Horun thought at this late point in time.
Lumachina came to pick her up.
「It's about time for us to go, Horun-san.」
「Yes -ssu!」
They left the hotel.
They headed to the Eleventh District.
At the place where the Royal Magician's Guild was at, the Magic Academy that Horun enrolled in was also there.

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