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Part 5

「So the Master Swordsman has gone back?」
After standing in front of the inn for a while, Krum came out while saying that.
The Demon King Krebskrum.
Right now, she had the appearance of a little girl though.
As usual, she was dressed in a flashy outfit.
With a wide-brimmed hat and skirt, she hid her horns and tail. The one that was doing her makeup was the inn's poster girl Mei.
Diablo replied back.
「It is because Sasala has her role as the Master Swordsman.」
「That is also one cursed by G.o.d -nanoda. What a pitiable one.」
「Did you call it G.o.d's curse?」
「You do not think that she could reach that much strength with just innate talent, do you?」
Diablo thought about it.
──Certainly, Sasala's strength is abnormal.
Even though it should be pretty hard to raise one's level in this other world.
Moreover, although it was only once per day, it was strange that she could avoid taking damage from any and all attacks. It wasn't something that could be explained with it being her const.i.tution.
「Is G.o.d related to this?」
「Obviously. G.o.d's stench is coiled all around her. I do not know as far as the objective of giving such paranormality to a young girl such as her though.」
「How fishy.」
Most likely, it was probably in a different meaning from the G.o.d that existed in his original world that he lived in before Diablo was summoned but……
In this other world, G.o.d existed.
The one that broke the Demon King that existed at the beginning was also G.o.d.
The one that sealed the Demon King Krebskrum in Rem was also G.o.d.
The one that gave the power of miracles to Lumachina was also G.o.d.
The one that granted the apt.i.tude as the Master Swordsman to Sasala was also G.o.d.
He couldn't clear his heart of doubt.
Diablo tilted his head.
「What is that "G.o.d" or whatever thinking? If they can give that great of a talent on a whim, and is strong enough to be able to seal the strongest Demon King, then saving the people on the verge of a crisis shouldn't be difficult either.」
「Who knows? Maou has no idea -nanoda.」
Even the High Chief Priest Lumachina said that she was "unable to understand G.o.d's thoughts".
That might be the way it is.
Maybe G.o.d doesn't have an objective, and is something like a natural phenomenon……
Does it merely feel like they possess a will? Is that possibility even possible?
Krum flutteringly shook her hand.
「Well, it's fine. Let us stop this talk about G.o.d -noda. It makes my tail itchy.」
「Certainly……For two Demon Kings to be discussing about G.o.d, it sure is strange.」
「Diablo, let's go have lunch!」
「Very well. Where is Edelgart?」
「She has work from today on -nanoda.」
Now that she mentioned it, it seems that the bakery 《Peter》 that is in the South District was resuming business from today on.
It felt like things were gradually returning back to the ordinary days.
Guided by Krum, they headed to the North District.
Suddenly, he became worried about the gazes of the people that were walking down the road.
「Krum, is it alright for you to be walking about? Isn't the fact that you are a Demon King exposed?」
When she fought against the Great Demon King Modinalaam, her figure was seen by many soldiers.
Even if she was disguised and hiding her traits, there should be quite a lot of people that knew her ident.i.ty.
Krum nodded.
「People that would do Maou wrong will not appear!」
Is it because, while they know that this child is a Demon King, a great number of people saw her as she fought to protect the town?
So it's because they are grateful that they won't reject her.
However, there is a surprising number of people that move not based on reasoning but on emotion.
「……There are various types of guys even among the Races. You must be careful. For example, there are idiotic guys as well.」
「Do not kill. Do not die. Obey orders──right? I remember so be at ease -noda.」
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
He felt like she was more grown up than before.
A child's growth is fast. He didn't know if he could call her a child though……
They revisited the North District restaurant that they had ate at before with Rem and Shera, 《Apetisan》.
When they entered the store, the owner came out from the back.
「Welcome, Krum-sama!」
So she was totally a regular customer.
It was cheap for being in the North District, but even so, there was no doubt that it was a high-cla.s.s restaurant but……
He could imagine Edelgart's hardships as she was earning the money for her food expense.
Krum spoke.
「You should be at ease -noda, Diablo! It is because this time is lunchtime after all!」
「U, umu……」
If it were night, then the courses would start from 10,000 F (Furis), but when it's noon, it seems that one could eat with 3,000 F.
──Even so, isn't it pretty expensive?
At this town's market prices, one night at an inn would be 3,000 F though.
Krum took a seat while humming a tune.
「Yosh! Today I feel like having the A lunch -nanoda!」
While looking at the young Demon King that was in a good mood, Diablo thought about the money that was in his own pockets.
The waiter came by.
「Dear customers, what will you have?」
「Hmph……I have already had a meal……Well, just bring me some bread and water or something.」
He arrogantly declared the cheapest order he could make.

Part 6

After finishing their meal──
Krum went to where Edelgart was employed at, 《Peter》, to buy biscuits.
He was invited to go along, but he had something else that he needed to do.
Diablo walked through the town alone.
──I need to do something about the 《Marriage Rings》!
He tried looking in jewelry stores and magic tool stores, but none of them sold any.
While breathing a sigh, he left the nth store he visited.

「Yaa, Diablo-san!」

The one that called out to him, was a female pervert.
That's not it, she the Adventurer's Guild Master that wore attire that had excessively little cloth──Sylvie.

「You're kind of lacking energy, aren't you? Is it because Rem-san and Sherchan went to the royal capital?」
「That's not it. It is something that has nothing to do with y…………」
As he said that, he suddenly thought of something.
Sylvie looked like a child, but she was a well-versed Adventurer.
She was also well-known.
──Wouldn't she know something about 《Marriage Rings》? It seems like it's worth trying to ask her about it.
He unblinkingly stared at her.
Sylvie shrunk back.
「Wh, what's wrong?」
This was pretty difficult. He had to ask her the question while doing his Demon King role play without harming his Demon King solemnity.
Diablo snorted.
「Hmph……I desire 《Marriage Rings》. You had best hand them over!」
「Ehh!? I have to give one to Diablo-san!? A we……a wedding……ring!?」
Her face went red.
It seems that his intentions weren't transmitted to her very well.
「Wrong! You are mistaken, Sylvie! What I desire, is two of them!」
「Two of them!?」
The misunderstanding was not undone.
She fidgetted her body.

「Di, Diablo-san……You're already married to Rem-san and Sherchan, aren't you? For you to say something like that despite that, I find that really questionable……Rather, it's troublesome for me as well. Even in terms of age, we're actually fairly far apart……And look, even before the matter of being man and woman, we each have our own positions to think of, see? Ahh, but, if you really want to then……」
「Wait! Calm down!」
The one that was shaken up was actually Diablo though.
Having no other choice, he explained from the beginning.
「T, to begin with, I only possessed one set of 《Marriage Rings》 but……」
Since they would end up standing around talking, he was taken by Sylvie to an open cafe and they settled down there.
On the road in front of the small shop, sun shading parasols and chairs were lined up.
With the style of the coffee shops that started in the Central District, there was an increase of stores that imitated them.
With a wooden mug in one hand, Sylvie spoke.
「──In other words, the 《Marriage Ring》 you gave to Rem-san was the pair to Sherchan's, is that it?」
「Then, while the people themselves don't know, Rem-san and Sherchan have gotten married?」
「So it would seem.」
「Uwaah, Diablo-san, you've done something terrible!」
「Ugh, guh……」
That was a sentence that pierced his chest.
Going *Ahaha*, Sylvie laughed.
「Now now, if you didn't know about it, then it can't be helped.」
「And so, you want to do something about it before it gets exposed.」
Diablo nodded.
Sylvie folded her arms.
「Nn~, wouldn't it be fine if you prepare 《Marriage Rings》 before Rem-san returns, and then switch them?」
「Or, how about telling them honestly, and having them understand?」
──That's impossible.
He didn't like being thought of badly by others, and he suffered from communication disorder. Definitely disappointing someone was something that he feared.
Diablo leaned his back onto the chair looking self-important.
「Do not look down on me! Are you saying that this Demon King is unable to obtain a mere ring with a SR-cla.s.s rarity? Are you ridiculing me!?」
「Do you have any leads? On obtaining 《Marriage Rings》.」

It's because he didn't have any that he consulted Sylvie.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, the couple-exclusive event to obtain the rings provided them.
He tried going to the Adventurer's Guild, but things like that didn't exist there.
He was troubled that only troublesome places were realistic.
Sylvie made a bitter smile.
「Well, this is a request from you, Diablo-san, who saved the town so──It's fine, okay? I'll help you out.」
He involuntarily leaned his body forward.
He then rushed back into a dignified pose.
「I will allow it, work to your heart's content for my sake!」
「Then, why don't we go on an expedition──To the 《Dark Green Cathedral》!」

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