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Part 1

The location was moved to the first floor of the 《Relief Inn・Hideout Store》.
The first floor dining room was simply a room meant for offering meals to the guests, and without having to do business as a restaurant, it had the appearance of a n.o.ble's dining room.
In that room, there was only a single large long table. There were several chairs. Flowers and paintings decorated the walls, and there were no menu notices.
The Feudal Lord Galford sat at the chair in the back of the room. Boris and the escort soldiers were kept waiting outside of the room.
In a way that they sat opposite of each other, Diablo's group of three and Sylvie also sat down in some chairs.
──It's not like we've done anything bad.
Even though that should have been the case……
In terms of the mood, he felt a kind of pressure like they were a group of boys and girls being called to the student counseling room after having had a secret meeting at the back of the school building.
To think that he, who had never even talked to a woman, would fall into this kind of situation!
Just as much as he had lacked that kind of resolve, he became excessively unable to calm down.
As he kept silent, Rem began to talk in his place.
「……Lord Galford, what business might you have with us today?」
「Yesterday, there should have been a decree asking for your urgent attendance but, did you not receive it?」
Diablo felt like he had been handed a highly colored letter from the inn's poster girl Mei, but remembered thinking "it'll be fine to just read it later……" and tossing it to the side of the bed.
If he had a personality where he didn't postpone things he didn't have an interest in, he wouldn't have gone off the right track of having a proper social life.
Maybe having guessed everything, Rem took charge of the conversation.
「……Naturally, Diablo is neither a subordinate to the other Adventurers nor to you the Feudal Lord. To issue an order to make him report to them personally, then what kind of authority do they think they have.」
「It is the King's authority. All subjects that live in the Lifelia Kingdom have a responsibility to obey His Majesty the King.」
Rem looked daunted.
「……The Lifelia King……gave an order?」
「……That is a strange story. Although I believe that it was inevitable for the King to possess an interest in Diablo due to the subjugation of the Great Demon King, it has only been three days since then……Wouldn't an express messenger giving the report of victory only have just reached the royal capital by now?」
If an order from the King were to come, it should have taken at least another three days.
Galford shook his head sideways.
「This is not really something that should be talked about with a mere Adventurer but……when it comes to important matters that involve the fate of the nation, a special means of communication is used. The fight with the Great Demon King Modinalaam was reported to the royal capital in detail──that is how I would like for you to think of it.」
It seemed that even for Rem who usually spoke as calmly as possible was unable to hide her surprise.
「That sort of means of communication existed!?」
「It was only recently created, and this was the first time it was used though.」
「……That is something that is extremely interesting but……let's return to the real issue at hand. What did the Lifelia King want?」
「The command given from His Majesty was given when the report about the victory against the Great Demon King was made. To bring Diablo to the royal capital……And that was already three days ago.」
It seemed that it was delayed for a while with the reason of "medical treatment and recovery from exhaustion was required", but it was already at the limit.
Beside them, Sylvie shrugged her shoulders.
「As expected, Diablo-san's achievements this time can't be hidden. Before when the 100 Demonic Beings were repulsed, it was insisted that it was due to "all of the Adventurers" though.」
Galford nodded.
「Umu……The Great Demon King Modinalaam was unbelievably strong. Enough that he was able to destroy the barrier that repelled any and all Demon Kings of the past from the front. When we fought against the 《Demon King of the Brain Enkvalos》 thirty years ago, even I couldn't be counted as war potential, but this time, I was powerless.」
「It can't be helped. You didn't even have the Hero's buff after all.」
「If a report that an enemy that formidable was driven away with only Faltra's small army force and some Adventurers were to be made, then it would definitely become the cause for mistakes in plans of national defense from now on. Hiding this any longer would be contrary to national interest──that is the conclusion I came to.」
He had smoothly confessed that he had "hidden the matters about Diablo from the King before" though.
Since it would be a pain, he left it at not making a retort about that part.
Diablo hated politics.
He didn't want to think about it, and the didn't want to get involved with it.
Galford spoke.
「I am merely a government official that has been entrusted with territory. When it comes to the orders of His Majesty the King, the significance is completely different.」
Rem nodded.
「……Certainly, if we were to go against the King's command, we would be cited for treason. From now on, we might end up becoming unable to stay in the Lifelia Kingdom……」
「Umu. His Majesty is a sagacious personage, but he also has a side where he becomes emotional when things do not go his way. It would be safer to avoid any unnecessary friction.」
──Isn't that what it means to not be sagacious? Rather, isn't that just childish? is what Diablo thought.
Sylvie spoke as if to persuade him.
「Diablo-san, this conversation isn't full of demerits, you know? Being granted an audience with the King is an honor for the commoners, and surely there will be a reward for having subjugated the Great Demon King after all!」
Shera tilted her head.
「Is Diablo a subject of the Lifelia Kingdom? Am I one too? I'm an Elf of the Greenwood Kingdom, you know?」
Rem shrugged her shoulders.
「……If you live in the territory of the Lifelia Kingdom, then even if you are someone of the Greenwood Kingdom, you still carry the responsibility as its subject. There were notices of that even on the Faltra City gates.」
「Was that how it was?」
「……You even have the responsibility to pay taxes, you know?」
Rem gave candid advice to Shera who had not read that notice.
Incidentally, Diablo also hadn't read it. He had yet to memorize the letters of this other world.
Going "Hmph……", he snorted.
「I understand what you all wish to say. So I am to "go and meet with the Lifelia King".」
Galford nodded.
「If needed, then I can also lend you an army carriage. As well as an escort.」
「I'll also be going, Diablo-san.」
Sylvie brought her body close.
Both Rem and Shera seemed to be thinking that they would naturally be going to the royal capital as well.
Diablo stood up from his chair.

「How ridiculous! If he desires an audience with me, then it should be the King that comes!」

Everyone around him became speechless.
──I feel that if I go against the King's commands, then things will unmistakably become troublesome.
However, a Demon King that is obedient to a King is uncool.
That being said, if it weren't for this Demon King role play, Diablo wouldn't be able to even have a proper conversation.
Surely he would make an untactful verbal slip.
It will be h.e.l.l if he goes. It will be h.e.l.l if he doesn't go.
In that case, he wanted to avoid troublesome things.
While letting his hikikomori and NEET thoughts go at full throttle, he let them out with Demon King-like words.
「If he wishes to have me obey, then he needs to make me submit! An army of 1,000,000 wouldn't be enough to do that though!」
Galford folded his arms and groaned.
「……As I thought.」
It seemed that he partly predicted that he would not obey the command.
Sylvie spoke sounding worried.
「Diablo-san, it would be best if you reconsider, you know? It's because you'll end up having to abandon your lifestyle in this town after all.」
That would be troubling.
However, if he were to go, he was able to predict that he would say──
"I am Diablo! A Demon King of another world!"
in front of the King.
And even if he were to endure the self-introduction well enough, at some point he would surely speak out Demon King-like words.
Far from just his lifestyle in the town, it seemed like he would lose his life.
In that case, it would be better to not go to the royal capital.
If he were to think about it more carefully, there might be a more appropriate and smart choice.
However, if he had a personality that could act after taking careful consideration of the distant future, he would have live a more productive life in his original world. He most likely wouldn't have offered up his life to a net game to the point where he was given the nickname "Demon King".
──If were able to skillfully converse with important people, then I wouldn't be suffering from communication disorder!
Galford spoke as if to make sure.
「Rem Galeu, Shera L. Greenwood……Are you two fine with that? I do not believe that can be said to be a wise choice though.」
Shera laughed.
「Ahaha……If Diablo decided that, then it's fine. I am the Greenwood Queen anyway, so if I can't stay in the Lifelia Kingdom, then we just have to go back to our country.」
「That is impossible. It will just turn into a war between the Lifelia Kingdom and the Greenwood Kingdom.」
「Ehh!? Th, that would be troubling thoughー.」
So there was that kind of possibility as well, is what Diablo thought as he clicked his tongue.
However, for better or for worse, Shera had a personality that didn't think too deeply about things.
「Even if that's the case, if Diablo decided it, then wouldn't that be fine? I mean, he is the Greenwood King after all.」
This talk isn't getting anywhere──Maybe having thought that, Galford moved his gaze to Rem.
「And what is your opinion?」
「……Roughly, it is the same as Shera. If Diablo has decided on it, then I would like to respect that will of his.」
Faintly, her cheeks were dyed red.
「……I, am Diablo's wife after all.」
It wasn't Galford who asked the question, but Sylvie who had opened her eyes wide, kicked back the chair, and stood up.
「Ehh!? Rem-san, is that true!? Diablo-san, you got married to two people!?」
It seems that he did.
Even he himself found it hard to believe.
How did it turn out like this?
However, it was a fact that the gave them the 《Marriage Rings》.
Although it provoked his shyness, simply denying it would be too disrespectful of Rem's feelings.
Above all, thinking that something like this would happen, he properly came up with a statement. Since he was always role playing, preparation was important.
Diablo puffed out his chest.
「Hmph……I am a Demon King. I am free to call my property however I want!」
It's been decided──is what he thought.
Those were the words that he took half a day to think of.
Sylvie, as if to persuade her, spoke to Rem.
「Is that really alright?」
What is with that way of asking that sounds like you're asking "what part of this is fine"? Is that a deed done knowing that this Demon King's mentality is like tofu? What will you do if I start crying?
Diablo faltered in his mind.
Rem nodded.
「……My feelings, have already solidified. That being said, it would be disrespectful if no one were to go to the royal capital……I shall go as his representative. I am his wife after all.」
She emphasized that "his wife after all" at the end.
Shera leaned her body forward.
「Ah, in that case, I'll go too! I'm his wife too after all!」
「……Weren't you going to go back to the Greenwood Kingdom?」
「If Diablo isn't going back, then I won't go back.」
He had no plans of returning to his country.
It wasn't like he hated the country of the Elves but……
This other world had few pleasures even as it was now. Even so, Faltra City had an abundance of cooking variety, and he was able to enjoy things that were like street performances and the theater. If he were to learn the letters, there were also books.
In the Elves' Greenwood Kingdom, there nothing but fruits and music. He wouldn't deny that they were wonderfully refined, but no matter how good it was, he would get tired of it if it was the same thing everyday.
Galford came to a conclusion.
「Fumu……Well then, both Rem Galeu and Shera L. Greenwood will go to the royal capital as representatives. As both of you are wives……moreover, since one is of royalty, then His Majesty will be able to save face. Would this be a problem?」
He sought confirmation, but Diablo turned his back to him as if to say he had no interest.
「Hmph……If they say that they want to go, then I have no reason to stop them. They should just do as they wish.」
You two, please take care of it! While thinking that in his mind, Diablo left the inn's dining room behind.

Part 2

The next day, morning──
Rem and Shera departed in an army armored carriage with an attachment of thirty Local Knights as the escort.
The precautions were considerably strong.
Rem let her face out from the carriage window and let out an anxious sounding voice.
「……I feel like I'm going to be sick.」
「You haven't even departed yet. That carriage for army use is bigger and heavier than our carriage. It surely won't shake as much.」
「……I hope that's the case.」
Rem was weak with vehicles.
On the other hand, Shera looked like she was having fun.
「I'm going to buy a lot of souvenirs for you, Diablo!」
「No need.」
「We're going to meet with Alicisan, Horun-chan, and Lumachinsan after so long. I can't wait.」
There were no telephones in this other world.
Although a postal network was developed, the fees were expensive, and it would take time. It couldn't be used to easily.
Due to that, they were completely unable to grasp the situation of Alicia and the others who were in the royal capital. It would be nice if they were doing well though.
──Come to think of it, that method of communication between the royal capital and the Feudal Lord, is it something done through magic?
Feudal Lord Galford got close to him, and muttered.
「To think that I would be entrusted with these two by you……Do you remember? How we fought concerning Shera L Greenwood when she was still a princess.」
That felt like something from quite a long time ago.
Right after he had saved Shera who had been kidnapped by Prince Kiira, she looked like she was going to be taken away by Galford next, and Diablo fought him.
「How ironic. If I had outmaneuvered you at that time……Faltra City would have surely been burnt down by the Great Demon King Modinalaam around now.」
「This time, it was just a whim of mine. Don't expect me next time.」
「Is it really alright to entrust them with me? There is one open seat in the carriage though?」
If he stayed in this place any longer, it felt like he would end up going together with them. Diablo raised one hand and tried to leave.
Shera was waving her hand, and Rem was looking anxious.
「We'll be going nowー」
「……We will, send letters.」
He would be separated from the girls for a short while.
He felt unease from being away from them but……
If they were going to have an audience with the King, just having these two go would surely make things go more smoothly than Diablo going together with them.
At the very least──there was nothing more dangerous than him ramming his Demon King role play into the King, is what he thought.
Galford gave instructions to the captain of the escort group.
「These people are the Queens of Greenwood, and are headed to the royal capital in order to have an audience with His Majesty. Swearing on the honor of Faltra City, they must be escorted there safely.」
「It shall be done even if it costs us our lives!」
「Large armies of Demonic Beings are always surging forward. Even within our territory, you absolutely must not let your guard down.」
After that stately exchange, the carriage departed.
While hearing the rousing of trumpets at his back, Diablo returned to the inn.

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