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Three days after the decisive battle against the Great Demon King──
Finally, the barrier that wards off the demonic was reconstructed.
Galford gave the declaration of victory, and the town was in an uproar of cheers.
Even when the sun had set, it seemed that the excitement still continued. At this rate, wouldn't they really have the celebratory feast for a whole month?
It was an immense war that could make him consent to that idea. There was a considerable amount of victims.
The survivors were told that they needed to live the dead's share of life.
Diablo decided in his heart that he would "do even the dead's share of lazing about".
《Relief Inn・Hideout store》
Today as well, Diablo just idled about on top of the bed the whole day.
His HP, MP, and SP had already recovered, and he had even lost his feeling of exhaustion.
However, somehow, he lazily pa.s.sed the time.
──Ahh, slothful days, are the bestttt!
Idle days where he did nothing were supreme bliss.
He even thought that he lived just for the sake of this.
Snacking on some of the wild strawberries that were placed on the side table, and drinking the remaining tea in his tea cup, he then lied back down on the bed.
When he closed his eyes, sleepiness descended upon him……

His name was called.
Deja vu. He felt that something similar had happened before.
「……Please wake up, Diablo.」
It was Rem's voice.
He opened his eyes.
What jumped into his vision was──
It was unmistakably Rem.
However, her attire was something daring that made him troubled as to where he should place his eyes.
It was white like a wedding dress. However, her skin showed through more than it did through her normal underwear. It hid more than her being naked, but it instead attracted his gaze more than being naked would, and his gaze couldn't leave her.
Getting close, Shera was also there.
For her, only the volume portion of her chest was more fiendish.
On the inside of her transparent attire, *yusari, yusari*, her huge bulges swayed.
Getting on her knees on top of the bed, she slowly approached.
「Wh, what are you doing!?」
──Isn't this a dream!?
Shera's hand was placed on Diablo's knee.
From the realness of that sensation, he was confident that this was not a dream.
「You made Rem your wife too, right, Diablo?」
In truth, he planned on making a bit more arrangements and figuring out the timing.
Like consulting Shera beforehand.
Due to Modinalaam, he ended up having no choice but to hand it over in that situation.
That is why I am not at fault.
Rem muttered.
「……Bigamy, is not allowed in the Lifelia Kingdom.」
After thinking about it, even in the MMORPG Cross Reverie, it was a system where bigamy was not possible.
「However, Diablo is the Greenwood King. In that country, would that be allowed?」
Hearing that question, Shera tilted her head.
「I wonderー? Since no one has done it before, I don't know.」
「Rather, wouldn't Diablo be able to decide that? He is the king after all.」
Hearing Rem's words, Shera nodded.
「That's rightー. He is the king after all.」
Diablo became anxious.
──Becoming king and having my first political measure be "approval of bigamy", isn't that too imbecilic?
Just what would the cabinet minister Durango whom he had left domestic affairs to and Shera's mother (the Queen Dowager) have to say about it.
Shera combed up her golden hair.
「Well, things like the law don't matter.」
Is that alright!?
Even Rem agreed with that.
「……That's true. It doesn't matter. Diablo, from what I've heard, you and Shera……Um, you haven't……properly done that yet, right?」
「Ahー, ehー.」
Diablo's gaze was swimming about.
Shera puffed up her cheeks.
「Even though you said to leave it to you.」
Honestly, he was sorry about that.
For Rem, she had turned red not just at the cheeks but even down to the nape of her neck.
「……And so, including m, me……Doing it all at once, um……fait accompli……No, shouldn't we construct a proper relationship, is the conclusion we arrived at.」
So they arrived at that.
He was worried about their thought processes.
Shera came forward.
「Well, enough of the complicated stuff so, let's do it? Let's properly, do it? What, do we do?」
「……First is, a kiss.」
「You sure are well-informed, aren't you, Rem?」
「……I'll say this now but, I don't have any practical experience, okay?」
Rem's hands were placed on Diablo's shoulder.
They were placed gently, but due to both Rem and Shera's hands, his body's freedom was s.n.a.t.c.hed away.
She whispered close to his ear.
「……It's your fault, Diablo……Even though I waited for you, to think that you wouldn't even come to my room over these past three days.」
Shera nodded.
「That's right, it's Diablo's fault. I didn't even know that we hadn't properly done it after all.」
「I, I was……It was because I was busy!」
He was busy lazing about on the bed.
By no means was it because he found interpersonal relationships to be a pain and was avoiding them……
When he turned his gaze to the left, he met eyes with Rem. Her panther ears moved going *pipipi*.
When he turned his gaze to the right, Shera's b.o.o.bs filled his view.
──With this, it might already be done for.
His sense of reasoning.
Going to Diablo's mouth, the two young ladies brought their lips closer.
Both Rem and Shera had their breathing become rougher than usual.
The two's lips went and……

To be continued

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