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Part 1

Diablo floated up with Flight Magic.
He approached the Demon King castle from the sky.
Black snakes grew out from windows on the castle. They wriggled about.
Since Modinalaam had opened the gate, he thought that he was being invited in but……
Things weren't that easy.
The black snakes came attacking one after another.
「Do not, get in my way! 《Explosion》!!」
Diablo fired his magic. Since he had seen them fight against the Demonic Beings, he had a grasp of the black snakes' individual strength.
Each and every one was generally about as strong as a large-sized Demonic Being.
They couldn't be defeated with low level magic, but he was able to wrench open a gap to advance through.
If he were to use powerful magic, he would certainly be able to blow them away with a single attack.
However, that sort of large magic also had large openings. In a situation where he was constantly receiving attacks from all directions, prioritizing evasion and finishing with the minimum attacks needed was part of the basics.
His feeling of wanting to save Rem was strong.
Receiving everyone's support, there was a boiling feeling deep in his chest.
However, contrary to his vigorous a.s.sault, Diablo's head was rapidly growing colder.
He had an entire grasp of the countless, hectically moving black snakes, and would fire magic at the most efficient place.
At times he would circ.u.mvent, at other times he would push through……
「I'm through!」
Diablo disinterestedly cut through as if he were doing work, and broke through the defensive net of black snakes.
Modinalaam was a shadow of his former self.
He arrived at the imitation Demon King castle.
An especially large black snake blocked the way as if it were the gatekeeper.
Its oral cavity that looked like it could swallow even a giant whole, let alone a person of the Races, made a sound and opened. It was lined with teeth that were like swords.
Diablo swung his Magic Staff, the 《Tonnerre Empereur》.
「Scatter away! 《Flare Burst》!!」
From the inside of the black snake's mouth, to the inside of its body, there was a series of explosions.
It ruptured from the inside.
Just like how when Demonic Beings died, the black snake turned into particles of light, and vanished.
──It had so-so strength.
Rose and Krum would have been able to win against it without a problem. Maybe even Lamnites.
However, for Shera and Edelgart, it might have been too much in a one-on-one fight. For Sylvie, it was unknown. It was doubtful for Galford as well since he had just recovered from being seriously injured.
If the soldiers and the Adventurers were to fight, there probably would have been a considerable amount of victims, is the guess that he made.
Impatience was taboo.
Even so, I need to stop Modinalaam before this Demon King castle gets close to Faltra City, is what Diablo thought.
He pa.s.sed through the thrown open gate.
He walked into the imitation Demon King castle.
The air was cloudy.

There was a b.l.o.o.d.y smell like the exhaled breath of a beast.
This imitation Demon King castle was a shadow of Modinalaam's former self.
In other words, Diablo had done something like entering the inside of his opponent's body.
Going a few steps ahead, he casted Light Magic.
It illuminated the surroundings.
The perfectly level corridor continued on further inside. Curtains were hung on the curt walls.
There was no way there were any windows.
In that case, were they hiding something?
The curtains swayed.
That wasn't it.
From the other side of the turned up curtains, a rhinoceros beetle bigger than a person came rushing out.
Diablo fired magic on reflex.
It was almost automatic.
He had a habit of pressing the shortcut key at the same time when he was surprised, but in this other world, it was represented as making the chant for the magic.
The rhinoceros beetle was blown away.
That also turned into particles of light and vanished.
──So he's kept Demonic Beasts in his body.
If it were a simple capturing of a dungeon, he would have advanced while scattering magic as a diversion.
However, Diablo cautiously walked while hurrying on ahead.
It was so that Rem wouldn't get rolled up in his magic.
He kicked open a door that was at the depths of the corridor.
It was a s.p.a.cious room.
Inside, a shadow moved.
What the Light Magic that Diablo fired had shined on was──
It had the head and body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and snake for a tail.
Diablo clicked his tongue.
「A Chimera huh. You're keeping quite a troublesome fellow, aren't you.」
This Demonic Beast possessed a barrier that nullifies magic. On top of that, its defense against physical attacks was also high.
It was a monster that he would want to avoid battle with if possible.
However, when being chased by a Chimera, it would turn into an even more troublesome situation.
Diablo transformed the 《Tonnerre Empereur》 into a sword.
「Hmph……Very well. Although I leveled up as a Warrior-type, I have yet to test it out in actual combat. This is a good chance to try it.」
Time was precious. He went all out from the start.
The Chimera howled.
It leapt at him.
Diablo readied his Magic Sword.
「《Heat Sonic》!!」
Suddenly, it was. .h.i.t with eight successive Martial Arts. That attack was increased sevenfold due to the Magic Sword.
The tough Chimera easily turned into particles of light.
Diablo gazed at the Magic Sword that he held in his own hands.
──To think that I could defeat a Chimera this easily!
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, it was a monster that had given him a hard time multiple times. And yet.
That being said, in exchange for that immense offensive ability, he consumed an enormous amount of SP.
Unlike MP, it would automatically recover if given some time but……
From the depths of the s.p.a.cious room, *hitari, hitari*, the sound of feet treading on the floor could be heard.
Diablo made a wry smile.
──Well, there were a lot of black snakes as well after all.
Several Chimeras appeared as if to surround him.
Grrrrr, grrr, grrr……
Diablo tightly grasped his sword.
「I'm in a rush, so I don't have the time to play with all of you. Come at me all at once! I'll tear you all limb from limb!」

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