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Part 1

His name was called.
He thought "whose voice is that".
He felt like it sounded like Shera's voice, but another young girl came to mind.
──Was it Rem?
「Diablo, please wake up.」
Ahh, this time it was definitely Rem's voice.
What came into his view……
There was no mistake it was Rem.
However, her attire was not her usual equipment, the 《Layer of Secret Stone》.
It was like a pure white wedding dress……No, it was too transparent for that. It had an appearance like that of alluring underwear.
Next to her, Shera was also there.
As expected, she also had a similar outfit that made it difficult for him to figure out where to place his eyes.
Getting onto their knees on the bed, they brought their bodies closer.
──You guys……what're you doing……!?
He couldn't properly put his thoughts into words. This wasn't time for his Demon King role play.
Rem whispered close to his ear.
「……Diablo, it's your fault.」
Shera joined in.
「That's right, it's Diablo's fault.」
──I'm the one to blame!?
He thought about what he was to blame for. There were too many things that came to mind. To begin with, it was because he didn't have any self-confidence that he had a communication disorder. If he was told that he was to blame, he would end up thinking that he should start apologizing from the fact he was born.
When he looked back on his life up until now, there were failures, regrets, setbacks……and evasion……
Diablo tried to crawl away and escape.
For some reason, he felt that way.
──Why am I trying to run away from Rem and Shera who are in transparent dress-like attire this desperately?
The reason was……
*Hyu* A sensation of floating in the air.
*Gotsun!* He hit his head.
Since he had a st.u.r.dy body, it didn't hurt all that much, but he slowly became embarra.s.sed.
When he opened his eyes, Diablo had fallen off from the bed and onto the floor.

「S, so it was a dream.」

He breathed a sigh.
He thought it was strange for Rem and Shera to suddenly wear that sort of outfit.
The reason for both the absurd scene and his own strange action was clear. Dreams were that sort of thing.
Being too tired and seeing a strange dream, was not a first for him.
──I wonder what time it is right now?
It was dark outside the window.
Singing voices could still be heard from the main street.
It doesn't seem like he slept for several hours.
The lack of the numerous cultural conveniences that were in modern j.a.pan was surprisingly not all that troubling to his lifestyle, but he at least wanted a clock.
*Don don don!* His door was vigorously knocked on.
He was surprised by the sudden event.
Diablo jumped up from the floor.
However, letting out a rushed voice wasn't Demon King-like. Taking a deep breath, he regained his role play.
「Who is there!? How noisy!」
『It's terrible, Diablo-san!』
The voice that came from the other side of the door, was Boris.
He shouted at him.
「So stubborn! I told that I wouldn't go to the celebratory banquet, didn't I!?」
『Rem-san has! Made an attempt on a.s.sa.s.sinating Celestine-sama!』
He was unable to understand the meaning of his words immediately.
Diablo's thoughts came to a standstill.
During that time, Boris continued his words.
『Not long ago! Rem-san, she visited the Magician's Guild. In the middle of her giving a report to Celestine-sama, she attacked her with magic!』
「That's absurd!」
『Th, that is how I feel as well but……there are many eye-witnesses……』
「Where is Rem……!?」
『According to the reports, it seems that she was cornered at the western ramparts.』
He was relieved that she was alive, but it was not a situation that he could happily welcome at all.
Diablo arranged his equipment.
He put on his mantle that he took off, and continued talking while putting on his boots.
「What of Celes!?」
『Rem-san's attack missed, and after that, due to the presence of the Adventurer's Guild Guildmaster, it seems that the a.s.sault ended at being an attempt.』
──What's going on?
He was nothing but baffled.
Rem always held grat.i.tude towards Celes. Even this time, she should have gone to make a report out of feeling a debt of grat.i.tude for being allowed her freedom.
Did it seem like she was going to be confined at the Magician's Guild? No, the current Rem was no longer a vessel of a Demon King. There was no reason to constrain her.
Besides, if it was something that the Magician's Guild side had started, the need to expressly do it in front of Celes was……
Diablo held his magic staff in his hand, and came out from the room.
Boris moved to the side.
「Please go to the former site of the west gate. If she hasn't made any big movements, it will be at the ramparts that haven't crumbled near the gate.」
Uttering *Umu!*──He suddenly felt discomfort about something.
「Boris, did you say that Rem attacked with magic?」
「Not with a Summoned Beast?」
「It seems that it was Chemical Elemental Magic.」
*Zowa* A chill ran down Diablo's spine.
「Was that really Rem!? She is a Summoner! She isn't able to use Chemical Elemental Magic strong enough to kill a person!」
Boris's face rapidly turned pale.
「Ah, ahhhh!」
「This matter, tell it to Rose and the others! I will head out first!」
Normally, with this much of an uproar going on, everyone probably would have come out from their rooms.
However, Sasala was totally exhausted and sleeping.
Rose was also in a similar situation. After pouring magical power into her, she ended up in a state similar to falling into a deep sleep. The need for self-restoration was probably a cause.
What about Edelgart? Since she was nearly extinguished in the earlier battle, although she is a Demonic Being, she is probably far from being in normal condition.
Those girls couldn't be counted on.
Diablo rushed out from the inn.

──Rem, right now, what is going on with you!?

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