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Part 1

The seemingly burning setting sun shined upon the ruins of the city gate that had turned into rubble.
The sun sank into the distant hills.
The soldiers and adventurers were giving first-aid treatment to the injured and placing them on stretchers. The severely wounded were carried to the church. It was the same for the corpses of those that died.
Voices that gave praise to Diablo and the others, were not there.
The feeling that those that had watched the battle against the Great Demon King had harbored, was fear. Their expressions said it all.
──I'm not thinking "even though I protected you all".
That was how he was even from when it was a game.
Even when Diablo had defeated a Raid Boss, which was originally specified to be subjugated with a large number of people, going solo, there weren't particularly any people that praised him.
Since the lives of the inhabitants of this other world were on the line, there wasn't anyone that scorned his efforts, or arbitrarily decided that he had cheated even though there was no proof. In that respect, it was better.
Diablo, accompanied by Rose and Sasala and with Shera hanging on him, returned to the town.
*Tatata* The light sound of footsteps came running towards them.
Krum waved both of her hands.
「Diabloー!! You did well to do away with the Great Demon King -noda!」
「O, ou. Are you, alright?」
「Of course -nanoda! Maou is st.u.r.dy after all!」
She was already acting quite spirited, but upon taking a closer look, there were things that looked like countless scratches left on her skin.
Even though it was glossy skin that looked like porcelain before……
He thought that it would be nice if there weren't any marks that would remain.
Edelgart was standing behind Krum. She should have had serious injuries to the point that she was close to vanishing, but she was completely healed.
As expected, a little fatigue could be seen on her. She had a face that looked like an office lady waiting for the last train on a Friday.
Even further from behind, Rem came walking.
「Thank you for your hard work, Diablo……As expected of you, I can no longer find the words to describe it.」
As he was about to reply to her in a way that sounded cool, he suddenly noticed.
Her complexion had gotten worse.
「Is something the matter, Rem?」
「……Ah……Do I look that bad? Maybe because I was bracing myself up until a little while ago, I was fine, but I might be nauseated from the 《Transfer》. I am sure that I felt exhausted the moment I thought that the Great Demon King was defeated.」
「As usual, you are weak against vehicles.」
He couldn't say anything as to whether or not 《Transfer》 was a vehicle though.
Rem hung her head down.
Diablo was fl.u.s.tered in his mind. He didn't think that she would be that depressed about it. To think that his communication disorder to exhibit itself at a time like this!
However, a Demon King that took back his previous remarks, wasn't Demon King-like.
As he was searching for his next words, the sound of metal armor was made, and some Local Knights had come up to them.
Placed on the stretcher that they carried, Feudal Lord Galford was being carried.
His left arm was gone, and even his right arm was broken. There were traces of him flashily bleeding from the abdomen, but it seems to have already stopped.
He was deathly pale to the point that no one else could compare and he had a complexion like that of a corpse. Compared to him, both Rem and Edelgart were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with health.
While lying down on the stretcher, Galford moved only his head, and looked at Diablo.
His now purple lips moved.
「To have defeated, that Great Demon King……You are beyond imagination.」
「Hmph……He was not an opponent that could even be called a hard fight!」
He himself who had leveled up, the Master Swordsman Sasala, and the Magimatic Maid Rose. And then, the magic reflecting ring. If even one of them had been missing, the result could have been dangerous, but since they had obtained precious victory, he decided to go all out an emphasized his strength.
The other day, Galford had tried to take Krum along to get her examined. It would probably be better to make him think that it would be dangerous to antagonize Diablo.
He curved his lips.
「You are……」
He had tried to say something, but since his voice was too low, Diablo couldn't hear him.
The Local Knights made a bow and carried the stretcher off.
Diablo asked a question to Shera who was dangling onto his left arm.
「Did you not use a potion on Galford?」
「No, I did use one. But with just one, he only healed that much. I tried to use one more on him, but he told me that it was no longer needed.ー.」
So when it comes to a Warrior greater than level 100, an SR-cla.s.s HP Recovery Potion is unable to heal them all that much.
That being said, when it came to SSR-cla.s.s, those were valuable articles.
If it was just to use for himself and those around him, he had enough in reserve where he didn't need to worry about there being any left over.
However, if he were to use them on even the injured people of a large-scale battle, as expected, he wouldn't have enough.
If his life wasn't in danger, then he would leave the rest to the priests of the church.
Getting full of himself and using them without reserve, only to be lacking it when it was truly needed──that sort of thing, is something he absolutely wanted to avoid.

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