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Part 1

A scream shook the air and ground.
It was in front of the box that released a flash of light.
It was black and had head like that of a goat.
It had the wings of a bat on its back.
Its size was about twice that of a person of the Races. It was two sizes smaller than Demonic Beings with large builds. It didn't have that much muscle either.
Rather than being toned, it had an impression of being thin, slender, and lanky.
Despite this, its intimidating air couldn't even be compared with anything else there. Just by hearing its voice, even Emil had his body freeze in fear.
「Wh, what in the world……is that……!?」
「That is……the Great Demon King.」
The voice of Galford, who has said that, trembled.
Leaking out a groan, the Archer Yuan went down to a knee.
「Uuu, this is a lie right……There's no way, we can fight against that thing……」
「Even if that is the case, we cannot give up.」
The Healer Churon wielded his staff.
Through several uses of Healing techniques, Emil's wounds finally healed up.
Emil held a long sword in his hand.
Since his own large sword was smashed by Ryoka, this was the equipment of someone else──
It was the sword of the Blocker Glutas who had died.
「I will be borrowing this, Glutas……」
With the long sword dyed in blood in hand, he stood up.
It was an outrageous opponent.
It was beyond imagination.
If it had to be likened to something, it was feeling of despair where if he were told to jump off a precipitous cliff where the bottom couldn't be seen……then he felt that that would be better.
Even so, he tightly grasped the sword.
「I will absolutely not fall!」
「Fumu……Your foolhardiness to not run away, I shall praise that alone.」
Galford's body was enveloped in the light of magic.
Maybe there was a Healer among the Local Knights that lined up behind him.
His wounds vanished.
However, the SP that he consumed shouldn't have recovered as well.
Emil made a declaration.
「As if I would run away! This time for sure, I will protect women with my sword!」
「……I will not inquire as to if something had happened in your past. Even knowing your poor ability, I shall have expectations of that strenuous effort of yours.」
The Great Demon King Modinalaam, who raised a shout at a distance so far that they couldn't even tell its facial expression, turned their way.
Galford put himself on guard.
「Here it comes!」
The enemy kicked the ground. As if an explosion had occurred, clumps of earth were blown up.
The concept of distance had already lost all meaning──in an instant that was enough to make them think that, Modinalaam had approached them right before their eyes.
Emil swung his sword.
He would not wait and see. He threw in a full power Martial Art right from the start.
「《Quad Slash》!!」
Due to using a long sword that was lighter than his large sword, it was much faster than before.
Four consecutive attacks that happened at almost the same time.
It was timing where it would hit the Great Demon King that came rushing in.
Even so, Emil was prepared. For whether the attack would be evaded, be flicked away, or cause no damage even if it hit.
Knowing that it was not an easy opponent, he was plenty ready for it.
However, he could not antic.i.p.ate this.
The blade of the sword that struck it──That Modinalaam would bite down on it with its teeth and stop it.
「Wha, what in the world!? My sword is……being eaten!?」
Quite easily, the silver blade was broken.
Even though it should have been a considerably high cla.s.s famous sword that was obtained in the royal capital!
He felt like the black goat face smiled.
Its thin and slender arm thrust out a scraggy fist. Its body was close to the structure of a person of the Races.
──I'll dodge it!
Right where he evaded to when he thought that, the Great Demon King's fist was there.
He was seen through!?
Emil would be punched in the face.
Right before that.
A 《Sword of Light》 tore through Modinalaam's shoulder to its flank.
It did not seem like a sound a living creature would emit. It was a scream that sounded like the noise of a broken musical instrument.
The one that cut it, was Galford.
A satisfactory slash!
Just when he thought that, he clicked his tongue.
「So there was an 《Iron Wall》……huh!?」
It was a Martial Art. It would void all damage.
Modinalaam, while shouting, once again thrust out its fist.
Galford took some distance.
However, even though it didn't look like it was all that fast, it were as if his own movements had become slower.
Rather, he would end up taking the fist as if he were being sucked to it.
A sound like a broken tree was snapped was made.
Galford grimaced. His right arm that had caught the attack was bent in the wrong direction.
Emil doubted his own eyes.
──To think that Galford who is at such a high level would have his arm broken!?
「Uuu……Strong……It's too strong.」
「Not yet! I cannot, fall back over……just one right arm!!」
He sent out the 《Sword of Light》 in his left hand.
Martial Art 《Heat Sonic》──The Sword of Light was clad in bright red flames. On top of that, it was a powerful attack that made eight consecutive slashes.
However, Modinalaam evaded the consecutive attacks with astounding speed.
On the contrary, it bit down on Galford's left arm.
A wet unpleasant sound was made.
*Bicha bicha* Deep red blood splashed and fell to the ground.
Galford raised an anguished voice, and lept away. Incredibly, from the elbow of his left arm onwards was gone.
*Bota bota* His left arm that was dripping blood, Modinalaam held it in its mouth.
──His arm was bitten off!?
Emil's body wouldn't stop trembling.
When he confronted Ryoka, he felt that she was strong. When he tried fighting against her, she was outrageously stronger than he predicted.
However, Modinalaam was different.
This wasn't even a match.
Emil sensed it.
For them, they could not make an attack that would damage Modinalaam. And then, for them, they did not have any means to defend against Modinalaam's attacks.
This could not be called a "fight"……

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