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Part 1

「My great self's name is Emil Byushelbeljel! I am Faltra's strongest 《Superhuman Strength Warrior》 who boasts a level of 99!」
He made a brazen self-introduction.
The man was a Warrior whose body was covered in a golden full-body armor. Despite being Human, he had a large body like a Pantherian male, and he carried a deep red large sword on his back.
It was in the middle of the highway that was headed to the Fortress City Faltra from an eastern town.
A carriage had fallen over.
A bearded man with an appearance that made him seem like a merchant had crawled out from inside of that carriage. So he was a Dwarf in the prime of his life.
「An Adventurer……!? P, please help me!」
「You seem to be in trouble.」
Emil turned his gaze towards the enemy. The carriage falling over was probably due to this monster having done it.
A jet black giant bird, a 《Giant Crow》, had trampled down the carriage.
It had the outward appearance of a crow, but it was big enough that it seemed like it could swallow a person of the Races whole. Its sharp beak was longer than a longsword.
A beast affiliated with the demonic──It was a Demonic Beast.
Rumors that a Demon King had revived in the west had spread. In society, it is said that "Demonic Beasts will increase when a Demon King is revived".
They were dangerous monsters with lively fighting spirits and were far stronger than the beasts of the countryside.
The male Dwarf shouted.
「Please do something about it, Warrior-dono! My daughter is still within the carriage!」
「Daughter you say!?」
Emil opened his eyes wide.
He drew the gigantic sword that he carried on his back.
The magical power that dwelled in its blade turned into flames and scorched the surroundings.
Holding his sword above his head, he readied his sword.
「I love women!」
The male Dwarf displayed a face of regret that said "I sought help from a weird guy".
However, Emil didn't mind it.
「I will say it once more! I love women! This Emil Byushelbeljel is the guardian of all women!」
No matter who made dubious faces at him, he didn't mind them at all. Before the great cause of protecting women, that sort of thing was a trivial matter.
Emil charged towards the Giant Crow.
「Here I come, you d.a.m.ned bird!!」
His opponent opened its wings, and flapped them. Its legs floated away from the carriage.
──So it's running away!?
That was not the case.
Temporarily flying high up, it rushed in from the sky. Many of the techniques of the Races were on the a.s.sumption that the enemy would be on the ground. It was difficult to make an attack towards the sky.
Moreover, with the Giant Crow adding in the force of its descent, the power of its attack was equivalent to a Giant's hammer.
*Guwah* The monster opened its beak.
「Too slow!」
Emil jumped.
He was wearing full-body plate armor, and its weight was about the same as his own weight. A normal person would find it difficult to even stand up in it, and even trained Warriors would probably be able to just barely run in it.
However, Emil had leapt up.
Until he was above the approaching Giant Crow's head.
Not even the Gra.s.swalkers whose traits were keen and nimble movements like that of rabbits would have this much springiness.
He struck his burning large sword on it.
Maybe because it never thought that it would be attacked from above, the Giant Crow was astonished and stopped its movements.
The sound of bones being broken was made.
The Demonic Beast's head was split right in half.
If it were a living beast, then fresh blood would be scattering about, but the Giant Crow was a Demonic Beast. When those die, they turn into particles of light.
Emil's attack vanquished the gigantic Demonic Beast.
*Dan* He landed on the ground.
His mouth curved into a sneer.
「Hmph……Did my strength, once again, captivate a woman?」
Emil turned around.
At the place where the carriage was toppled over, gazes of thanks from the male Dwarf, and his daughter were──
Not there.
No one was there.
Just in case, he checked the inside of the carriage, but although the cargo remained, not even a kitten was there.
They had probably vanished while he was fighting.
Going "Hmph", Emil loosened his mouth.
He brushed up his bangs.
「Good grief, she is quite the shy daughter. To think she would not even be able to face the man she had fallen for.」
Emil was overwhelmingly positive.

Around the time the noon bell rang──

Finally, Emil pa.s.sed through the Faltra City gates.
It was in a solemn state.
Normally, stallholders would be lined up on the main street, and it would be bustling with shoppers.
However, right now, there were almost no figures of residents walking about.
A majority of stores were closed, and only a small amount of inns and weapon stores were open for business.
Only soldiers were great in number.
Heavily armed soldiers wearing armor were found here and there around the town.
Some glared at him, but Emil waved a hand in a friendly manner and greeted them.
「Yo, what kind of festival is going on today?」
「Emil!? So you were alive, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! It's been awhile!」
Several of the soldiers gathered.
In Faltra City, Emil was a celebrity. He was an Adventurer, but as a Warrior that could be relied on, he was also trusted by the soldiers.
Many of them were also his friends.
「So I was alive, you say? Of course I am. My great self is Emil Byushelbeljel! As long as there is a woman to protect in this world, I will not fall!」
「You're the same as usual……However, it's because you're like that that you came back at a time like this, isn't it.」
The soldiers were pleased with their reunion with old friend, but grim impressions were on their faces.
So the situation was that bad huh.
「How are things in the west?」
「The abandonment of Fort Bridge Ulg has been decided. It seems that the Demon King Army has already appeared in the 《Man-Eating Forest》. There are rumors that there's a considerable number of them. Also things like there being large-sized Demonic Beasts.」
「Hou……Makes me itch to put my skills to use.」
The soldiers exchanged glances due to Emil's words.
「I'm really envious of your bottomless positivity. Even though Faltra might be done for this time.」
A different serious-looking soldier nodded.
「Even if there is a barrier that won't allow Demonic Beings through……We can't live for years within the town just like that after all.」
Emil placed his hands on their shoulders.
「It'll be alright!」
「Eh? You, do you have some sort of secret plan or something? Or could it be that reinforcements are coming from the royal capital!?」
「There is no secret plan. And something like reinforcements probably won't come. With the Demon King having been revived, he wouldn't reduce the protection of the royal capital, that Lifelia King.」
「Then it isn't alright at all……」
「But, it'll be alright! Believe in me!」
「While I'm protecting the women, I will absolutely protect you guys as well! That is why, you guys, within the range that your swords can reach, please protect the women!」
Going "good grief", the soldiers made wry smiles.
「Haha……So we're just while you're at it. Well, when I look at you, Emil, I feel stupid for being seriously depressed.」
「It's stupid to even feel depressed. But, this alone is an unmistakable fact……We, are the guardians of all women!」
「Ou, that's right!」
The soldier nodded.
The other soldier raised his spirits high.
「h.e.l.l yeah! We'll do this!」
That energy spread out to those around them.

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