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Part 1

One month later──
December was close to ending.
Being atop a mountain, it had become fairly colder. Even so, when compared to his original world's j.a.pan, the changes of the four seasons were gentle, and there wasn't really a need for heavy outfits that kept out the cold.
It was after breakfast.
The talk started from Diablo.
「Sasala, about how much more time do you think is needed for the rest of the training?」
「Eh? Training is something that continues throughout one's lifetime, desu……」
「No……I'm not talking about that sort of spiritualism. I'm talking about how much more time until I can take the trial for breaking through the limit and getting to above level 99.」
She hung her head down.
「ッ……Y, yes……Of course, you would worry about that.」
His body had already recovered from being strange due to the Gold Fruit, and he had acc.u.mulated a fair amount of training with the sword. It was probably a good time for him to test his strength.
「I have a single goal of breaking through the limit. However, I cannot be absent from Faltra City for long. If you say that I cannot take the trial for a while, then I will need to return there temporarily.」
「Yes, I understand……Please……let me think about it for a bit.」
Saying that, she then kept silent.
Diablo turned his eyes to Rem and Shera.
「What will you two do?」
「……For me, I will only do even just a bit more training while you are staying in this area.」
「Are you not going to take the trial?」
「……Giving up before challenging something, is not something that I like to do but……as I am now, I do not believe that I have reached the limit of the Races.」
Certainly, Diablo losing to Rem and Shera in their practice times, hadn't happened.
Shera raised her hand.
「I'll, take the trialー」
「Wha!? ……Shera, you can't even win against me, you know!?」
「I mean, doesn't it sound like fun?」
「……The Master Swordsman's trial, I've heard that if you fail it, then you will definitely lose your life.」
「I don't want, anything painfulー.」
Rem desperately trained saying that she would catch up to him even if it was just a little. In that alone, her growth speed was number one.
Shera partic.i.p.ated with the reason of being because she would be bored alone. She was lacking enthusiasm though……
According to Sasala's judgement, it seemed that Shera was the one blessed with talent.
Going "Come to think of it, this girl was also a genius", he remembered.
Even when she was just a child, she was a level 40 Archer──And even though she hasn't done much adventuring, she had now pa.s.sed level 80.
Shera herself aspired to be a Summoner, but possessing a natural talent as an Archer, it seemed that she also had a hidden apt.i.tude as a Warrior.
After that, Sasala shut herself deep within the estate the whole time.

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