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Faltra City──
Snack time.
Krum was eating biscuits at 《Peter》.
「*Uma uma*……As expected, Peter's biscuits are tasty -noda! When speaking of Peter, it has to be about the biscuits -nanoda!」
「Haha……This place, is a bakery though.」
Having come out to serve customers since they were lacking manpower, Peter No. 3 (the youngest brother) made a wry smile.
He was a Gra.s.swalker baker, and wore a red ap.r.o.n. His long rabbit ears and big tail were the trademarks.
「Maou likes the biscuits -nanoda.」
「Well, I'm grateful for that but……Occasionally, I'd like it if you ate some bread too.」
Edelgart stood behind Peter who said that.
「Demon King-sama~……Oppose her? Oppose? Punish?」
Peter No. 3's rabbit ears trembled.
「Awawa……W, welcome to the biscuit store 《Peter》! Biscuits, areー theー bestー!」
Krum held her sides laughing.
「Hya hya hya……Wasn't this a Demonic Being Cafe!?」
「If you understand that, would you at least order a drink, Demon King-sama!?」
Peter's rabbit ears drooped.
Edelgart took the round tray in her hand and pointed it at the tip of Peter's nose as if it she were holding a spear or something. When it poked him, it felt like the tray would p.r.i.c.k him even though it shouldn't be able to.
「Demon King-sama~……desires water. Fetch it? Fetch it!」
「You want me to do it? Aren't you the employee, and I'm the manag……Ah, yes! Water, coming rightー up. Please wait a moment!」
Peter ran to the counter.
He immediately came back bringing water.
「Here ya go, Demon King-sama.」
*Dan!* Krum hit the table with both hands.
Scattering fragments of biscuits, she shouted.
「They moved!」
「Hie!? Th, the biscuits did……?」
「Modinalaam did!」
Peter was unable to understand.
However, due to Diablo, the story was spread beforehand.
A single man who should have been a customer hurriedly came rushing over. He knelt down at Krum's side.
「That story, could you please tell me about it in detail!?」
「You are?」
「I am a subordinate of Feudal Lord Galford-sama.」
When Peter suddenly looked around, the Adventurer men, the Magician men, and the Priest men, they all made serious faces and turned their gazes towards Krum.
──Eh? What? These people, are they all connected to Krum-chan? No wonder it was crowded even though it was only four in the afternoon!
Feudal Lord Galford, Adventurer's Guild Guildmaster Sylvie, Magician's Guild Head Celestine, High Chief Priest Lumachina, Krum was made a target of surveillance by all of these people.
As a result of every organization dispatching several subordinates, it turned into this kind of situation.
Krum folded her arms.
「Hmph……Well, although I am not please with all of you accompanying me in droves……since it was my master's command, I shall tell you -noda.」
She pointed to the west.
「Modinalaam has moved. They are headed here.」
「ッ!! W, when will they reach this town!?」
「I do not know! But, at this rate……It'll be after nine days. Since they are slow, they are probably together with other Demonic Beings.」
「Thank you very much!」
The man who was dressed as an ordinary person stood up and saluted. He urgently left the store.
The others did the same.
「So they've come!」「It's going to start!」「It's war!」
It's war!
It's war!
It's war!
Those kinds of words were overheard.
Krum reseated herself in the chair.
「Hmph……It's finally gotten quiet -noda. Well, that's probably only for now though.」
「Demon King-sama~, Modinalaam……is?」
「What will you do, Edelgart? Rather than this Maou, isn't Modinalaam a Maou closer to what you wish for? That fellow intends on fighting against the Races.」
「Nn……Edelgart has~, sworn loyalty to Krebskrum-sama? Has sworn loyalty! No, more. Will not, change.」
「Is that so.」
「This 《Peter》~, will disappear~? Troubled? Job, disappear. Demon King-sama's biscuits, cannot buy? Troubled!」
「Umu……So you do understand. I shall give you a biscuit.」
With Krum holding it out, Edelgart held it in her mouth.
Eating it up, she even licked the small fingers that held it. She displayed an ecstatic expression.
Going *Ha!*, Peter No. 3 opened his eyes wide.
「Those guys, they dined-and-dashedー!?」

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