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Part 1

「Sell me all of these.」

The next morning.
Diablo paid a visit to the carriage shop alone.
The Dwarven shopkeeper, who still had a sleepy face, tilted his head.
「Ahn? The Gold Fruit……? It won't work as fodder but……as fertilizer? Are you going to make a field or something?」
「I'll eat them.」
「Hahaha……That sort of joke, has it gotten popular in the royal capital?」
「I am serious. Will you sell them or not, answer me quickly.」
「What will you do, if I say that I won't sell them?」
「In that case, it cannot be helped. If you say that they are harvested on the mountain, then will simply go to the mountain.」
He did not catch sight of them near the mountain trail.
Going by the strength of the monsters, it was difficult to imagine that they would be found that deep in the mountains. Most likely, they are probably found a bit off from the mountain trail.
The shopkeeper shrugged his shoulders.
「This really doesn't seem like anything but a joke but……Well, if you're going to go that far, I'll sell them to you. They aren't really high priced goods.」
Diablo bought the entire cart.

He returned to the inn that they were staying at.
Looking around restlessly, Rem and Shera were waiting in front of the building looking worried.
「Diablo! What in the world is with that……?」
「What, what? Ueh!? Isn't that, the super bitter Gold Fruit thing?」
「……Just when I thought that you left so early in the morning alone……What are you going to do with something like that? Do you plan on making Shera eat them or something?」
「I absolutely don't wanna!?」
Since she raised a loud voice while on the road, the people walking by ended up staring at them. Even though they had appearances that stood out even under normal conditions.
Diablo gave an explanation to the two of them.
No matter what form it was in, he had shown them defeat. Despite that, the girls didn't change their att.i.tude towards him even a little.
That sort of thing, did it have a bit of an influence on his mentality?
He became unable to consider doing the training in secret.
He continued his Demon King role play, but it was a fact that his current self was undergoing training.
Becoming frantic to level up wasn't a disgrace.
「The Gold Fruit, I will eat them.」
Rem and Shera hardened.
Their expressions were stern.
「Ah, um……Diablo……Even if you did lose, I find it questionable for you to worry about it that much.」
「That's right! Everyone loses at some point, you know!?」
「……To begin with, didn't Sasala also say that if you used magic, that you would be stronger than her?」
「There's no reason for you to die!」
「……Weren't you going to partic.i.p.ate in the fight to protect Faltra City?」
「What will happen with the Elven country!? Am I suddenly going to become a widow!?」
Diablo stopped the two that were pressing him.
「Wait, wait. You two are misunderstanding things.」
「……It seems that Gold Fruit are poisonous.」
「If you eat these, you will definitely die, you know? They taste that bad.」
「There is also that sort of theory, but if you eat this, then you will level up──Wasn't there also that sort of information?」
Rem spoke as if to admonish him.
「……To "level up by eating fruit" is it. That sort of, occultic thing, it's impossible.」
「Something like food that can level you up, that's just strange, you know!?」
Even Shera was desperately trying to stop him.
Diablo nodded.
「Your thoughts, I understand them well.」
「……So you understand us.」
「Un, un, let's eat things that are normally more deliciousー」
The two of them showed expressions of relief.
As he thought, he couldn't get them to understand him.

「But, I will eat them!」

When Diablo grabbed a Gold Fruit, he threw it to his mouth.

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