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Chapter 3.3

Part 3

When Diablo escorted the damaged Rose back to his base, the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》, he brought back some different equipment.
After starting their journey, he put them on.
With gold hemming on black, it was armor that was flashier than before.
He also had a mantle and gauntlets with similar designs.
These would increase the amount of experience obtained──They were equipment that had that sort of effect. It was unknown if they would have an effect even in this other world but……there was merit in trying it out.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, since he reached the upper limit of the Magician’s level, he hadn’t used it all this time, but when he was first starting, he frequently equipped it.
Even though this was his first time equipping it in this other world, he somehow

found it strangely nostalgic.
Since its abilities as armor were low, there was a bit of danger to using it, but he decided to prioritize developing his Warrior-type level right now.
However, he kept only his 《Distorted Crown》 equipped. Feeling that he would seem pathetic if it was exposed that his horns were just decoration, he didn’t take it off.
Even his weapon, he chose one for earning experience points. The long sword that hung on his waist, it was the 《Seraphic Sword》 that Warriors greater than level 70 could equip.
When compared to weapons of the same level, its offensive ability was lacking, but it had an effect of increasing the amount of obtained experience points.
──Can I use it?
If it was only equipping it, it was possible even in the game.
However, even if

if a Magician used a sword and metal armor, they couldn’t make use of the abilities.
In this other world, it seemed possible to develop multiple Cla.s.ses.
In that case, even for himself who was currently a Magician, he should be able to use a Warrior-type weapon.
The 《Seraphic Sword》 was for use for those level 70 and up.
Before, Diablo received an evaluation of being around level 40 as a Warrior from Emil. In fact, aren’t I a bit higher than that──that is what he thought, but even if he was generous in evaluating himself, it didn’t feel like he would be level 70.
To use the 《Seraphic Sword》, he would need to level up.
With that being the case, against the monsters that he would normally blast away with magic, he purposely challenged them in close

in close combat.

Diablo struck his sword on it.
The shining blade pierced the neck of the gigantic snake, the 《Madara Snake》, that appeared from the lake.
Blood scattered about.
──Kuh……So I can’t cut it down!
The 《Madara Snakes》 in the game were around level 60. In this other world, they had the impression of being a bit weaker.
This time, receiving cover from Rem’s Summoned Beast and Shera’s bow, they safely defeated it.
──But if it were a one-on-one, it seems like it would be a pretty close fight. As I am now, would I be around a level 50 Warrior-type?
He keenly felt it when the battle was over.
Even if this place was another world, it was still reality.
There is no result screen when there is a victory. A cheerful BGM A cheerful BGM didn’t ring, and fanfare when obtaining a level up or a rare time doesn’t exist.
It was dull.
Above all, there was no actual feeling of obtaining experience.
Numbers weren’t displayed.
He understood the reason why people adored games over work and studies.
Reality, was just too bland.
By defeating this monster, would he get experience points? How much more experience would he need to acc.u.mulate before he can level up? Was the equipment working?
He didn’t know at all.
「A s.h.i.tty game.」
「……What’s wrong, Diablo?」
「It is nothing.」
He felt respect for Rem who had developed as far as level 50 as a Summoner which she wasn’t suited for despite having this depressing system.
Right now, he had no choice but to believe that he was earning experience points just like in the game.

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