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Chapter 3.2

Part 2

With everyone together, they had breakfast.
On the table, the usual bread, sausage, and soup were lined up.
In addition to Diablo, there was Rem and Shera. And then, there was Krum and Edelgart.
──Now then, it’s fine to take Rem and Shera along but……
How should he explain his objective?
He worried over that.
It seemed like something inconsequential, but it was an important matter for his Demon King roleplay.
The thing called a Demon King was the last boss, something perfect and final in terms of abilities. They were something that would complacently wait in the Demon King Castle as the Hero slowly raises up their level.
However, if he were to develop as a Warrior-type, then he would surely work hard and go through various difficulties. It wouldn’t go similar to how things were up until now.
Above all, going to the Master Swordsman Graham to request for their teachings, that was definitely not Demon King-like.
While his thoughts weren’t settled──
Rem asked him about it.
「……Diablo, isn’t it about time that you told us? About where we will journey to and for what purpose?」
While stuffing her face eating, Shera talked.
「Hom hu fink ov hit, ve diffent heea avou hit」
「……Don’t talk while you are eating.」
「Gokun! I said──Come to think of it, we didn’t

hear about it.」
It seemed that Shera wasn’t too worried about it. Since she originally had a personality that didn’t think too deeply about things, she probably thought that no matter where he went, it was only natural that they would go together.
So it was too unnatural if he hid it any longer.
Diablo started talking from the information that wouldn’t damage his Demon King image.
「Do you know of the one that lives in the mountains in the northern part of the Demon King territory, the one called Master Swordsman Graham?」
「Master Swordsman?」
Shera tilted her head.
It seemed that Rem, who was a respectable Adventurer, knew of them.
「……I have heard of them. That they point out how to go even further past the limit for those that go down the path of the sword.」
「Umu. He is that sort of existence.」
「So it wasn’t just some fairy tale.」
「It seems that Emil has received his instruction.」
There was no guarantee that it was just like the game, but the fact that he went to meet with the Master Swordsman probably meant that he was greater than level 80.
If he was formerly around level 50, in this short amount of time, he had grown quite a bit.
It was a speed that nearly reached the game’s speed.

/> However, the fact that the Master Swordsman gave him the “go around to various countries quest”, it means that he hasn’t reached the qualifications to take the limit breakthrough trial.
It seems that he hasn’t reached level 99.
Diablo also intended on developing as a Warrior-type. If he was going to fight against the Great Demon King, he wanted to be no less than level 100 which surpa.s.sed the limit of the Races.
Krum, who was having her meal at the next table over, opened her eyes wide.
「Hou! Diablo, so you intend on taking up the sword as well -nanoda na!」
「Ah, well……」
Having suddenly struck on the heart of the matter, he was fl.u.s.tered.
Wasn’t leveling up not Demon King-like?
However, even if he denied it with only words, there wasn’t any meaning to it. In the end, in order to fight against the Great Demon King Modinalaam, there was a need for growth.
He was at a loss on how to answer.
Rem nodded with an understanding face.
「……So that’s how it was. As expected of you, Diablo. Even though you are strong even now, to think that you wouldn’t forget the desire to improve yourself even further!」
「Diablo, are you going to become even stronger!? Amaーzing!!」
Shera’s eyes sparkled.
Krum talked sounding impressed.
「All Maous possess powerful abilities

powerful abilities the moment they were born. They are things that do not even have the concept of becoming stronger -nanoda.」
「Ugh……Th, that is true. Since I am also a Demon King……」
──So as I thought, leveling up isn’t Demon King-like. How should I explain this!?
At this rate, my image will crumble!? is what he thought as a cold sweat went down his spine.
Krum stood on top of her chair as if it were a speech pedestal.
「But, just like 《Insanity》, there are also fellows that absorb other Maous.」
「U, umu.」
「So Diablo is, a Maou that becomes stronger -nanoda na!」
That’s it!
Feeling like he was about to involuntarily raise a voice of delight, he somehow resisted it.
Expressing a cool smile, he magnanimously nodded.
「Hmph……As I am the true Demon King, I am the strongest even in ambition. Isn’t that only natural?」
He wiped off a cold sweat in his mind.
He felt uneasy thinking that his Demon King roleplay would crumble from him leveling up as a Warrior-type, but he was saved.
So it was all thanks to the image that he had built up until now.
Also, the sincerity of Krum, Rem, and Shera were also precious.
From the next table over, Edelgart murmured a retort with scornful eyes.
「Master Swordsman~ is, person of Races? Demon King-sama~……cannot rely, Demon King-sama~……cannot rely, on Races.」
She sharply pointed that out.
However, in regards to that, he had thought of an excuse.
Diablo curved the ends of his lips.
「Hmph……And that is why you lost.」
「It does not matter if they are of the Races or a Demonic Being, if someone is usable, then use them. If they are hostile, then defeat them. That is simply all……To obsess over blood, how narrow-minded.」
Edelgart puffed her cheeks.
「Demonic Beings become stronger if they receive magical power from a Demon King. However, the people of the Races become stronger through training. If you also wish to be useful to Krum, then do not only earn small change at the bakery, but also do not shirk in diligently studying.」
「Already~ know!」
Going *Pui*, she turned to the side.
Edelgart had a position where she could be entrusted with an army of Demonic Beings, but she had a side that was much more childish than Krum.
Diablo had a thought.
──I don’t know if I can rely on the Master Swordsman and level up either though.
There were various points that the MMORPG Cross Reverie and this other world differ on. Really, what kind of being was the Master Swordsman?
Right after breakfast, Diablo’s group received the carriage, and headed to the Demon King territory.

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