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Chapter 3.1

Part 1

Morning of the third day──
Diablo woke up earlier than usual, and headed to the dining hall alone.
On the bed, Rem and Shera were still asleep.
They would probably wake up if given another thirty minutes though.
Thinking that he should have breakfast together with them, he asked Mei, who was at the counter, for only coffee.
He sat down in his usual chair.
Those that would go on journeys, they would finish up breakfast before sunrise, and would have already departed.
Maybe because it was a time in between that and normal hours, there weren’t any other guests.
He was alone.
Without having internet, a book, or TV to look at, and without playing any games, he absentmindedly sipped his coffee──this kind of time, he didn’t have it in his original world.
「……It sure is peaceful.」
Things like the

Great Demon King that was expanding their power in the west, the unsettling movements of the royal palace, or the mystery of how he was summoned……They all felt like distant affairs.
*Tatata* The sound of footsteps coming down the stairway was made.
Someone burst into the dining hall.
The one that raised their voice and appeared, was Rem who was still in her sleep-wear.
He was startled by her immodest appearance.
「Wh, what is wrong, Rem!?」
Discovering Diablo and going “Haa~~~”, she breathed a sigh of relief. She put a hand on the wall and looked exhausted.
「Since you weren’t in bed when I woke up even though it was still early, I thought that you had gone alone.」
「Me, go alone?」
「……It was because you mentioned going on another journey after returning to Faltra City.」
Suddenly, he remembered the conversation they

they had in the country of the Elves.

「First, it is Faltra.」
「……After that, will we be headed to a different place? I believe that there was a request from Sylvie saying that she wanted us to partic.i.p.ate in the city’s defensive battle though?」
「This is necessary for the sake of that.」

Diablo even planned to depart today.
The objective, to level himself up.
As a result of that, he wasn’t sure if he should take Rem and Shera along. He might be able to concentrate better if he were alone.
──So I also had the hand of leaving them behind?
He thought that for a moment, but after thinking about it carefully, the negotiations for the inn and the carriage shop, they were mostly left to Rem. When they were sleeping outdoors, she would also make the fire and do the cooking.
And Shera, even

Shera, even in times where they were taking a short break, she could pick fruits and berries, and could hunt. She was also good at discovering watering places.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, those kinds of factors didn’t exist, and Diablo didn’t learn how to do them.
──Isn’t it impossible for me to travel alone?
Folding his arms and looking self-important, he leaned his body on the back of his chair.
「Hmph……It would be faster if I were alone, but since I felt like drinking coffee this morning, I took it slowly.」
「I will be going together with you after all!」
Rem placed her hand on her own chest.
It was an expression full of determination. That was fine but……
Her appearance right now, although he had become used to seeing it when they were sleeping, when in the bright dining hall, she was so she was so lightly dressed that it seemed like her precious spot would show through, and Diablo felt like he would blush.
He averted his gaze.
「I, I get it, so go and get changed. What do you plan on doing if other guests come?」
「Eh? Ah……Hyaah!?」
Probably having panicked quite a bit since Diablo wasn’t in the bed, it seemed that she had forgotten her own appearance.
Rem, who had become bright red down to the nape of her neck, hurriedly left the dining hall while covering her body with both hands.
「P, please wait for me! I’ll get ready right away! Absolutely wait, okay!?」
She dashed up the stairway.
Even though the square surface of the cloth isn’t different from her usual appearance, it must still be embarra.s.sing to be in her sleep-wear in a bright place huh──is what Diablo thought.

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