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Chapter 2.9

Part 9

The sun sank.
It was almost time for dinner.
Diablo was alone in their room.
Rem had gone to meet with the Magician’s Guild’s Celes to report that the Demon King’s soul had been completely taken out of her.
Edelgart worked at the bakery today as well. She might be the most admirable among them.
And then, Shera and Krum were in the room next door.
The two of them were playing there.
Shera would teach her a song she made, and talk about their adventures.
Since he was alone for the first time in a while, Diablo had a water tub prepared in his room.
It was in place of a bath.
It healed the fatigue of the long trip──he wasn’t able to relax enough to say that, but when would be the next time he would be able to take things slowly like this.
When washing his body, he wanted to properly wash it.
Right when he was about to take his clothes off, the door was opened.
「Ooh, so you were here, Diablo.」
「What do you need?」
The one that entered the room without even knocking was Krum.
She had hidden her 《Slave Choker》 and her tail that was a sign of being demonic with flashy clothes.
「Shera had fallen asleep -noda.」
「When you all were singing?」
「When she was telling stories of your journey. She was well asleep -nanoda.」
「She might have acc.u.mulated a lot of fatigue. Various things had happened in her homeland after all.」
「Before she fell asleep, she said something that I was very curious about -noda.」
──Is it about the Great Demon King?
Once she knew of its existence, how would Krum act. He didn’t think that she would join forces together with them and make

a united front but……what would she think of Diablo’s group as they fight against the Great Demon King?
Krum asked him a question.
「It seems that marriage is when men and women of the Races join together, right?」
「So it was about that!」
「Am I mistaken?」
「No……Well, you aren’t mistaken. I became the King of the Greenwood Kingdom, and Shera became the Queen.」
There was probably no need to purposely talk about how he had failed at the bridal night.
Krum talked sounding curious.
「It seems that the Races do the thing called marriage.」
「Do you all not do it?」
「Umu! The Demonic Beings do not do it either. Ah, but, since Edelgart said that “Demonic Beings bear children”, they are the same as the Races aren’t they -nanoda na!」
「What did you say!?」
That was a setting that wasn’t stated in the MMORPG Cross Reverie. He couldn’t even imagine the appearance of those grotesque monsters raising children.
However, Edelgart’s appearance, it was attractive even from the point of view of the Races. Would she also eventually become pregnant with a Demonic Being child?
For a moment, he imagined it, and got a strange feeling.
「What about……Demon Kings? Having children.」
「I do not know. Maou has never gotten married, or given birth to a child -noda. Maou has never heard of the other Maous doing so either.」
According to the legends, it seems that the current Demon Kings are fragments of the first Demon King who was smashed by G.o.d.
「So Demon Kings only revive……」
「It is because I have not tried before. If I did, it surprisingly might be possible. Should I do the thing called marriage?」
「Diablo, you know the method of making children, correct?」
「Fu, fuhahaha! Of, of course, I obviously know about it!」
He unconsciously averted his gaze.
「Yosh! Then teach it to Maou!」
──What, did she say?
Something like child making, he had erotic game level knowledge about it, but having no actual experience with it, there was no way he would have the confidence to teach her about it.
Besides, although Krum was a Demon King, her appearance was nothing but that of a little girl.
「It is impossible for children.」
「What are you saying? Maou has lived for so many months and years that it is it a pain to count them all. Well, Maou was sealed within Rem for a long time though.」
「Ahー……In other words……The thing known as child making, it is something that adults do, and no matter how old you are, you have the appearance of a child so……」
Krum pouted her lips.
「I told you I am not a child. When I go to restaurants, I am treated as a splendid lady you know!? Ahh, should I ask the fellows that treat me like that?」
「Wait wait!」
「So it is no good. In that case, as I thought, you should teach me.」
「Ah……Uh……I, I get it……Then, eventually. For I am busy right now.」
「Umu! It is a promise -nanoda!」
It was a whole faced smile.
A smile as if a kindergartener had gotten a promise that they would be bought a stuffed toy. To teach a child that would make this kind of expression about child making, he thought that it was an out even in another world.
Saying “come to think of it”──she changed the topic.
「It seems that there is a fellow professing to be the “Great Demon King”, isn’t there?」
So Shera also talked about that.
He felt that this was an important matter that should have come before the

before the matter of marriage but……he didn’t really understand the order of precedence for a Demon King.
「It is the 《Demon King of Insanity Modinalaam》. It seems they are absorbing the other Demon Kings.」
「Fumu fumu……The method of becoming stronger with that, Maou has also thought about it thoughー」
It has been nothing but surprises.
「Krum, are you able to do the same!?」
「There is no way that there is anything that fellow can do that Maou cannot -noda! However, when absorbing others, the thing known as myself would fade.」
「So it isn’t just their abilities but even their personalities that get mixed in?」
「I have not tried it, but I only have the knowledge of it. Maou does not want to lose herself -noda.」
「That is only natural.」
「However, 《Insanity》 desired it personally -noda na……That is very like that fellow -noda.」
「Do you know Modinalaam?」
「We were originally one after all.」
I see, so it’s something like siblings, is how he understood it.
If there isn’t a great difference in their abilities……
「Modinalaam seemed to know the whereabouts of the other Demon Kings. Most likely, they were able to detect their magical power. Krum, is it possible for you as well? I would like to know that fellow’s location and movements.」
She tilted her head in contemplation.
With a snap, she pointed at the window.
「It’s that way, very far.」
「That’s plenty! If it gets closer, be sure to tell me. When I am not here, ahー……Let’s make arrangements so that you can contact me.」
Surveillance from the Feudal Lord and the Adventurer’s Guild should be attached to her anyways. Let’s ask them to serve as a method of contact while they’re at it.
Krum nodded.
「If I notice something, I shall tell you -noda.」
「It concerns whether /> 「It concerns whether or not this town will be protected. I leave it to you.」
Fortress City Faltra is a key location that connects the Demon King territory and the Lifelia Kingdom territory. If this place were to fall, a great number of the people of the Races would become victims.
Suddenly, he spoke out doubts that he had for a long time.
「Demonic Beings are considerably strong even when alone. They take tactics that are different from the ones that the troops of the Races take. It should be possible to ignore Faltra City that has a barrier that wards the demonic, and attack the towns behind it. Why do they always attack from the front?」
Even in the game, and in this world’s history, the Demon King army’s invasion pattern was unchanging.
Krum stuck out her chest.
「Isn’t that obvious? If there is a fight, there is meaning to showing off one’s ability. Sneakily hiding and attacking the back, what would that conflict be for!」
「Fumu……I see.」
So going around doing schemes to do this and that wasn’t Demon King-like.
Attacking from the front, obtaining victory, and displaying strength, that would become a symbol of fear.
Krum went *don* and hit her own small chest.
「Do not fear, Diablo! During your absence, leave it to Maou -nanoda!」
「I shall place my trust in you.」
There were times where he felt unease from their sense of values being too different, but he did not have any doubts of the fact that Krum’s abilities were excellent.
If a large army of Demonic Beings were to attack, she would not lose. The Feudal Lord Galford was here as well after all.
Krum pointed her finger.
「Putting that aside……What is this -nanoda?」
At the water tub that was placed on the floor.

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