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Chapter 2.8

Part 8

The next morning──
The dinning hall of the 《Relief》 Inn.
Diablo’s group took a somewhat late breakfast.
At a four-person table, Rem was on the right side, and Shera was on the left side. On the opposite side sat Krum and Edelgart.
With her right in between Shera and Edelgart, it took the form of them looking after Krum.
It was the usual bread, sausage, and soup that they had, but the taste of the 《Relief Inn》 that they hadn’t had in a long time felt strangely delicious.
It felt as if they had returned back home.
Beyond the entrance of the dining hall, the inn’s front desk was there. From there, the poster girl Mei’s small scream of 「Hii!?」 could be heard.
Diablo turned that way.
「Did an insect appear or something?」
「……Mei-chan doesn’t seem like she would be surprised with something of that level though.」
Rem tilted her head.
Incidentally, this Rem was courteous in her speech, but there were many times where she would purposely address people without an honorific. The Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster Sylvie, the head of the Magician’s Guild Celestine, the High Chief Priest Lumachina. And she even did it with Diablo.
She would not obey anyone──as if it were the embodiment of her pride of that.
However, only with Mei did she lose to her persistent demand of calling her “Mei-chan”.
Shera also turned her gaze to the dining hall entrance.
Her wooden spoon fell from her hand as she raised a scream. Wondering what was going on, Krum and Edelgart also chased after her gaze.
A stern man not appropriate for the dining hall had come in. He wore a military uniform, and a single blade sword hung on his waist.
Diablo instinctively half rose to his feet.
In order to hide his agitation, he cracked a joke.
「Kukuku……Is that alright? When a public character uses a dining hall in a uniform, it seems that complaints will come from virtuous citizens, you know?」
「Are you having breakfast this late? Adventurers really do live

slovenly lives.」
The one that appeared was the Feudal Lord of the Fortress City Faltra, Chester Ray Galford.
He was accompanied by two Local Knights as his escort.
The other customers hurriedly stood from their seats.
Galford was known for being strict, and the only one who would confront him was none other than Diablo who tried to criticize him.
They didn’t want to get dragged into any trouble──that is probably why they did that.
Diablo asked him a question.
「What do you need?」
「Today, it is not with you. There are certain suspicions, on that child over there.」
It seemed that Krum caught his eye.
She brushed her hair away looking irritated.
「Who are you -nanoda?」
Before things grew worse, Rem cut in.
「……He is the Feudal Lord of Faltra City, Krum.」
「Feudal Lord?」
「……The development of the town, a lot of it was done due to this man’s work. Krum, even the bakery and restaurant that you love, they are there thanks to his management.」
「Ooh, is that so -nano ka! That is quite great, isn’t it. I shall praise you -noda!」
She had the appearance of an innocent little girl.
However, the eyes of Galford who was gazing at Krum weren’t smiling at all.
Thanks to Krum’s physical appearance, he also seemed like a deviant but……even Diablo had the prudence to not say that out loud.
Shera leaned forward so as to cover her.
「Erm……What do you need, with Krum-chan?」
「I had obtained some very interesting information from a secret agent that infiltrated a certain organization. That child Krum, she had used a technique that he had never seen before, and of all things, she claimed to be a “Demon King”.」
It seemed that a spy on the Feudal Lord’s side was mixed in among the Measmos Family’s henchmen. Was he a guard, or a ruffian?
──You’re surprisingly zealous about your work, aren’t you, d.a.m.ned Galford.
Rem objected.
「Feudal Lord! Krum is still a child!」
「Be at ease, for I have not truly accepted it. I intend on having her

her examined by the Magicians. I shall have her accompany me to an army facility.」
「Th, that is……」
Things became bad.
If someone who could see the flow of magic were to examine her, they would most likely notice something.
At the very least, they would probably be able to tell that he was not a person of the Races. Whether she was a Demon King or a Demonic Being aside.
And then, Krum was not good at keeping secrets.
「That is needless -nanoda! Maou is Maou! What is there to hide!?」
Rem pressed down on her own forehead and hung her head down.
Shera’s eyes were spinning.
Edelgart looked like she would start a fight at any moment. It looked like she was trying to ask that they get Krum away while she was fighting.
Naturally, Galford antic.i.p.ated that.
「I have prepared two layers of barriers surrounding this inn. If you take any strange behavior, you all will surely lose much. You should just follow what I say.」
Diablo glared at him.
「So you intend on stirring up trouble with me, do you, Galford?」
「That is not my intention, but there are also things that I cannot overlook. For example, if a Demonic Being were to slip into my town……」
In this place that had such a dangerous atmosphere, the inn’s poster girl Mei was able to step in. Behind her, there was also the figure of a man that seemed like a customer.
「Can I have a moment -nya?」
Galford didn’t take his eyes off of Diablo.
「I believe I should have given the order that no customers be allowed in?」
「Nn~, he isn’t a customer -nya. It seems that he wants to say his thanks to Krum-chan☆」
Mei stepped to the side.
The one that came, was the owner of the restaurant 《Apetisan》.
Noticing that even the Feudal Lord was here, he bowed his head several times.
「Th, this is, I am terribly sorry for cutting in on what seems to be an important discussion. It’s just, would you allow

you allow me, to say at least a few words?」
Galford nodded.
After the owner gave a bow to him, he lowered his head to Diablo’s group.
「Everyone, I am truly grateful for all that you have done! After that, a person of the Measmos Family came and promised that they would “no longer demand any money”. They even made an apology for all of the matters that had happened up until now!」
「Umu umu.」
Krum folded her arms and displayed a satisfied looking expression.
The owner’s eyes were moist.
「Thanks to all of you, it seems that I’ll be able to keep the store running. And just when I thought that I had no choice but to either pay the money or close up the store……T, truly……Thank you very much!」
He had a tearful voice which showed just how distressed he was about this.
Shera cried in sympathy.
「Uuu……That’s great! That’s really great!」
「……I do think that it is great but……How did you figure out our whereabouts?」
Rem asked him that question.
While wiping his eyes, the owner expressed a smile.
「Since she is a very young girl that goes around to stores alone and gives criticism like a professional, Krum-san is famous among the restaurants of Faltra City. And although this may be rude of me, everyone else is quite characteristic as well.」
Now that he mentioned it……
A Demon with horns (the truth is that its only an effect of the equipment, so it only looks like that though)
A black haired Pantherian (a majority possess hair and tails that go from orange to red)
A big chested Elf (generally they are flat chested)
Moreover Rem and Shera had 《Slavery Chokers》 attached to them. People walking about with these on were rare.
──Could it be that we stand out more than I thought we did?
It seemed that he could figure out that they were staying at this 《Relief》 inn after doing a bit of investigating.
Krum expressed a smile towards the owner that stated his thanks several times.
「That is times.
「That is good -noda! But the one that told Measmos to do good things was Diablo after all. Maou had intended on ma.s.sacring him -noda! As I thought, Diablo is great!」
Galford, who was listening in away from the table, twitched his eyebrows.
He felt that she said something unnecessary.
The owner of 《Apetisan》 withdrew.
And as if to replace him, a person in charge of another store appeared.
It seemed that this one had paid a large amount of money to Measmos. “It seemed like I was going to go out of business, but you saved me!” is how they were thanked once again.
Even after that, one after another came by……
Before long, a line was made outside of the inn.
When the tenth person came about, Galford opened his mouth.
「It is about time to go.」
Rem made a protest, and Edelgart clenched her fists.
Galford stopped them by putting out one hand.
「There is, no longer any need for Krum-kun to accompany me.」
Going 「Hoeh」, Shera, who had hugged Krum closely so as to protect her, raised a surprised voice.
What did he mean?
Rem asked him.
「……May we hear the reason?」
「There is no way there would be a Demonic Being that would be thanked by this many citizens. I am busy. I have no time to investigate unlikely suspicions, that is what it means.」
「……Y, yes! Krum is a very good girl!」
「If that is the case, then it is truly welcome.」
Abruptly, Galford approached Krum. His right hand extended to his sword.
「You, what would you do if a Demon King drew near Faltra City?」

「No matter who they are, those that hinder Maou’s meals, they will be given destruction -noda.」

It was an immediate reply.
Going *hmph*, Galford’s mouth loosened and he left.
Withdraw──That is the order he gave to his subordinates.
Not just the two Local Knights that accompanied him, there was most likely a great number of subordinates that surrounded the inn.
When Galford left the inn, the thing that was like a feeling of oppression vanished.

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