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Chapter 2.7

Part 7

Measmos’s office──
In a leather-covered chair behind a huge desk sat a self-important past middle-aged man. Around him, there were four muscular guards standing ready.
Alongside the wall, men that they recognized were standing there.
Shera pointed at them.
「It’s the people that act violently at 《Apetisan》!」
「……There’s no mistaking it.」
「Wha!? You all, you’re from before!?」
The ruffians faltered. It seemed that they did not get the treatment for the fingers yet.
Diablo ignored them and looked at the past middle-aged man that was reclined in the leather-covered chair.
「So you, are Measmos.」
「To think……that you would make it this far……」
With a mortified expression, sweat surfaced on his forehead. So he already knew that the subordinates that he could rely on were defeated.
Measmos himself was of advanced age, and neither SP nor MP could be felt from him. He wasn’t the type that had fighting strength.
──I guess I should strongly threaten him so that he’ll stop his crimes.
「Ku ku ku……Measmos, you have been doing as you please in the town I have made my base, haven’t you.」
「We will ma.s.sacre you -noda!」
Krum shouted.
That was an announcement of murder, and not even a threat of it.
Measmos grimaced.
「Y, you guys……Who are you? Which organization were you hired by? Was it the Commerce and Industry a.s.sociation? The Adventurer’s Guild? The Feudal Lord?」
Krum loudly made a declaration.
「I know not of any organization! This is revenge for disrupting our delicious meal -noda!」
So that’s how it was.
He thought that it was for the sake of helping the restaurant that was in trouble. He

didn’t really understand the order of precedence of a Demon King.
「I’ll pay double! Even triple! Won’t you work for me!?」
She said that she wasn’t hired by anyone but──it seemed that she was too disconnected from Measmos’s common sense.
Rem asked a question.
「……Measmos, do you intend on mending the unjust acts that have been done in this town?」
「What matter are you talking about?」
「……The men over there, they did hara.s.sment at 《Apetisan》. There are even a great number of witnesses.」
He was unnaturally surprised.
「What did you sayー!? Oi, you guys, so you were doing such bad things! I’ll hand you over to the Local Knights!」
「N, no way……」
So Measmos was intending on insisting that the responsibility was not on himself.
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「Hmph……Did you think you would get me to consent with that third-rate acting?」
「I, I get it! I’ll leave Faltra City! How does that sound?」
And then he would commit crimes again in another town.
He was a troublesome opponent. This is why he didn’t want to deal with crime syndicates.
He didn’t want to kill him, but would it be alright to let him go……?
Krum kicked the ground.
*Ton* Making a small sound, she instantaneously drew near Measmos.
Of the four guards that should have been protecting their employer, none of them moved. They probably couldn’t even chase after her with their eyes.
It was a speed where even Diablo could do nothing but watch.
Measmos raised a scream-like voice.
Krum’s eyes shined bright red.

「I said that I would ma.s.sacre you, person of the Races!」

Measmos wasn’t given the time to resist.
Krum side swiped her right hand.
A torrent of magical power would blast away the man’s head, right before that──Shera’s shout of 「Krum-chan!」 resounded.
Having its angle slightly changed, the attack went *jyuu* and went past right over Measmos’s head.
The past middle-aged man, became a past middle-aged bald man.
His head remained, but the hair at the top of his head was completely gone. Behind him──the back of the chair and even the furnishing and the stone wall behind that had vanished.
As if she had torn a painting, the things that were at the end of Krum’s right hand completely vanished.
Diablo was astonished in his mind.
──What incredible speed! An attack I’ve never seen! Was it chantless magic? Or was it an attribute attack?
The awakened state Krebskrum had a way of fighting that was like a child throwing a tantrum. She fired high-powered attacks in rapid succession, but her movements were crude.
Without a doubt, the current Krum was stronger.
If he were to end up fighting her, some sort of strategy would surely be needed──that is what he thought. She was just that strong.
Since the wall made of stone was simply stones piled up, once a hole was opened up, the top came falling down. A loud sound was made, and the wall collapsed.
And then, since this building was a structure where the roof was supported not by pillars but by the walls, the ceiling came down. Normally, they should have been running outside.
However, due to Krum’s intimidating air, Measmos was frozen up like a frog being glared at by a snake.
Even the

/> Even the guards, having been shown overwhelming strength right before their eyes, they couldn’t do anything.
The men that stood alongside the wall became unable to stand.
Rem and Shera gulped and watched attentively.
Even Diablo.
──No, wait? If I keep quiet here, won’t it seem like I was “shocked by Krum”?
Something like that wasn’t Demon King-like.
Diablo snorted.
Krum turned around, and even the gazes of the others turned towards him. Thinking that he had something to say, everyone’s attention gathered on him.
──This is bad. I haven’t thought of anything to say though!
「Hmph……Fuuーha ha ha!」
For now, he bought time with a loud laughter.
Krum pouted her lips.
「What is so funny -noda, Diablo?」
「Something like ma.s.sacring him, that is lenient. I just thought that you were unexpectedly “kind” despite proclaiming to be a Demon King, you see?」
「Hou? Well then, what do you think should be done -noda?」
Thinking about it while they were talking, he tried saying something that would surprise everyone around.

「Measmos, I will not allow you to leave this town!」

The one who raised a loud voice saying 「What did you say!?」 was Krum.
Shera asked him about it.
「Why would you say that, Diablo!?」
「Hmph……To not even understand that, how deplorable.」
──Since I just randomly said that, I don’t get it either though!
However, Rem nodded with understanding eyes.
「……So that is how it is. As expected of you, Diablo. I am always surprised by your discernment.」
「It would seem that you understand.」
While praising her with a condescending att.i.tude──He begged saying “Rem-sama, please do something about this!” within his heart.
She started talking.
「……Even if talking.
「……Even if Measmos left Faltra City, he would surely do nothing but commit crimes in other towns. That is why he would not allow him to leave town.」
「But then wouldn’t he just do bad things again in Faltra City?」
Rem shook her head at Shera’s question.
「……At that time, he would not be let off with just this. That is what Diablo is warning him of.」
「Ahh, now I get it!」
「……As for me, I would expect him to apologize to all of the people that he had troubled up until now, and do respectable business.」
「That’s right! It would be good if he did that!」
「……At any rate, at a time where we hear about infamous things about him again, it won’t be settled with just his hair. That is what you mean, right, Diablo?」
As if seeking a score for her answer, Rem gazed at him.
He replied with a nod.
「It seems that you understand my intentions.」
「Thank goodness.」
*Pan!* Krum put her hands together.
「Ooー, that is amazing -noda! Certainly, it feels like that would be better -noda!」
And then, *ban ban*, she hit Measmos’s shoulder.
「Did you properly hear that!?」
「Y, yes.」
「You should say something along those lines -noda!」
「Ugh!? I, I understand! I will apologize and acc.u.mulate good deeds!」
Measmos got up from his chair and fell prostrate.
Krum magnanimously nodded.
「Umu, I shall believe those words only once -noda. Once you deceive Maou, you will be eaten by a hundred Demonic Beasts. Keep that in mind!」
It is so nice and Demon King-like to have Demonic Beasts obey──that is what Diablo thought.

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