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Chapter 2.6

Part 6

Shuffling about, guys that were either Adventurers or mercenaries came rushing out from the estate. They seemed to Measmos’ private army.
They possessed surprisingly high level weapons. They seemed a bit more able than the guys that gather at the Adventurer’s Guild.
「To challenge me with only that level, how foolish.」
Diablo stuck out his right hand and fired 《Lightning Arrow》.
When he had just come to this other world, he was worried about not having a staff in hand, but he had already gotten used to it.
Arrows of light flew.
They ran through the soldiers. Those guys raised screams and collapsed.
Krum made a curious-looking face.
「You used quite the plain magic, considering it is you, didn’t you? What happened to that thing that you used on Maou, that thing?」
「I think you said it was 《Apocalypse Abyss》.」
──That would turn this whole area into a vacant lot again, you know!?
「Hmph……I said that I do not like noise.」
「You used it on Maou, did you not?」
「You could not be defeated with normal magic, you see. It is not needed for the bunch here.」
「I don’t understand? The guy called Measmos, he might be considerably strong. Or rather, it would be interesting if he were -noda!」
「Do not expect much.」
What would happen if he really were strong.
《Apocalypse Abyss》 was a spell that could slaughter a gigantic

Demonic Beast. A person of the Races that would require that, as if there would be one──is what he thought.
Above all else, if he were that strong, he probably wouldn’t use a crime syndicate in a provincial town. That sounded like he would be a person that would be cut above the rest in the royal capital.
He destroyed the entrance door.
He gave the order 「Be sure to monitor things from the sky」 to Shera. If the Local Knights came running, or if there was anyone that ran away from the estate, there would be a need to deal with them.
At times like this, Shera’s Summoned Beast 《Turkey Shot》 was handy. By sending the bird-type Summoned Beast out to fly, it was possible for the pract.i.tioner to share its field of vision. According to Shera, it was something like seeing things from the sky while naked. No, the naked part probably had nothing to do with it. Nothing to do with it.
They randomly went through the estate.
Opening door after door, a great number of subordinates came out each time. There were mercenaries that wore black mafilike suits, or lightweight armor.
They systematically blew them away.
Krum stopped her feet.
At almost the same time, Diablo also noticed.
There was a man slowly walking from the end of the hallway. His atmosphere was different from the others.
Muscles that

that were like armor.
He had an extraordinary look to him. His eyes were sharp, and there were sword cuts on his cheeks and forehead.
Let’s leave it to him──having looks that said that, the other guys withdrew. So this meant he was fairly skilled.
That man opened his mouth.
「Good grief……To think that there were fools that would barge into the estate of the Measmos Family……It seems that you didn’t know that I was employed here, did you?」
A black suit that withdrew to being alongside the wall muttered.
「Uugh……《Scarface》 has finally come out.」
「Is he strong?」
The one next to him asked that question.
「He really is……Having partic.i.p.ated in the Orc subjugation operation that happened three years ago, he is a man who is a living legend that was said to have defeated the group’s leader, a 《Grand Orc》, in a one-on-one fight.」
「Wha!? A Grand Orc!?」
「Moreover, he did it barehanded.」

The man called Scarface lightly clenched both of his fists and took a stance. It was a natural stance that had no strain.
Diablo was not familiar with empty handed martial arts, but he could feel the awesomeness of it.
──It seems that he’s a 《Monk》.
Not using weapons at all, or using defensive gauntlets to protect their limbs at most, it was a Cla.s.s that did not rely on equipment.
Being a derivative of the Warrior-type, its physical abilities

physical abilities were high.
「It is a principle of mine to not strike women and children but……it is different if it is for work. I have no intention of going easy on you. Remorse in the next world.」
Krum tilted her head.
「Are you, Measmos?」
Rem told her in a low voice.
「……He just said that he was employed here.」
「So he isn’t Measmos! Even though Maou said that she had come here to meet with Measmos, it has been nothing but misses! Where is he -noda!?」
Scarface expressed a fearless smile.
「If you win against me, I shall tell you.」
「Is that so! In that case, I shall face you. Come at me -noda.」
「Against a child like this……This truly is an unpleasant job.」
The moment it seemed that the opponent stepped forward──the distance had already been filled. At the same time, he fired his left fist.
*Paan!* A loud sound resounded.
Krum’s face──or rather Diablo’s right hand that was stuck out in front of it, caught the opponent’s attack.
He showed a composed-looking expression, but it hurt quite a bit. He probably couldn’t put strength into his right hand for a while.
Scarface displayed an astonished expression.
「You caught……my fist!?」
「I suppose that is it for a normal attack. Martial artists should use 《Martial Arts》.」
「Tsk……To think I would have to unleash this against an opponent of the Races! 《Claw Rush》!!」
The opponent’s Rush》!!」
The opponent’s fists shined.
Diablo used 《Omit》, and instantly activated his magic.
「《Flare Burst》!!」
However, before the attacks of both sides, the match was decided.
It was Krum’s front kick. Having no beauty of an unarmed martial arts kick, it was an ill-formed kick where only her toes were kicked out. However, it was abnormally fast.
On top of that, the moment it made contact, it exploded.
Scarface, without even being able to guard against it, was promptly sent flying in a showy way. Breaking through the estate’s stone wall, and into the yard.
Having lost its target, Diablo’s magic was cancelled.
Krum put her hands on her waist, and stuck out her chest.
「Funmu! Take that!」
「You went too far.」
「I held back enough to not kill him, you know?」
「Didn’t he say that he would tell us Measmos’s whereabouts?」
「Ahh, oh shoot -noda!」
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
Rem and Shera, maybe due to having sensed the difference in ability, weren’t impressed or surprised.
However, Measmos’s subordinates were astonished, and froze up.
Their voices trembled.
「Im, impossible……!? Is this, a nightmare?」
「With a kick of a small girl……the legendary man was……!?」
「This is a lie, right……!?」
Diablo made a coercive tone of voice.
「Oi, you all, I will ask this only once. If you value your lives, then answer me.」
They got Measmos’s whereabouts from the subordinates.
They kicked open the door.

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