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Chapter 2.5

Part 5

The sunshine had fallen to the other side of the western rampart, and the surroundings have become dim.
At the edge of the northern district, it was a place where redevelopment seemed to be popular. Since it was already late in the day, there wasn’t much pedestrian traffic.
There were many buildings that Diablo did not recall.
It seemed that Rem also had similar thoughts.
「……It’s as if it’s a new town.」
The owner who was guiding them spoke.
「Not too long ago, a huge explosion had happened, and the cemetary and rampart disappeared.」
「So it was that place!」
Diablo hit his hands together.
On top of coming through a route different from usual, since the place had changed completely, he hadn’t realized.
It was the place he fought at when Krum had awakened and turned into the Demon King Krebskrum.
It was none other than Diablo’s Maximum Magic 《Apocalypse Abyss》 that had blown away the whole region.
The owner added on to his explanation.
「This area had belonged to Faltra City, but the wrecked ground was leveled, sold to n.o.bles and merchants, and I heard that the rampart was rebuilt with that capital.」
「What about the gravesite?」
/> Shera asked that question.
「A majority of the remains and tombstones had vanished……However, I have heard that the cemetery was relocated outside of the northwestern wall.」
This time Rem tilted her head.
「……It is said that cemeteries outside the wall are devastated by wild animals. I’m amazed that the n.o.bles agreed to that, you know?」
「It seems that there are plans to build a third rampart even further out than it.」
「So selling the land wasn’t just to rebuild the rampart, but to create the funds for a new one as well.」
「Most likely……Ah, there is the Measmos Estate.」
The owner pointed his finger.
At the end of the main street, there was a splendid estate that was a size larger than the surrounding buildings.
The iron gate was even bigger than the one at the Feudal Lord’s estate, and seemed to claim as if they themselves were the rulers of this town.
Rem and Shera, who could see in the dark, gazed at it.
「……There are two guards in front of the gate. There are most likely several people on the inner side of the gate as well.」
「At the windows, there are people holding bowsー.」
「Good work guiding

guiding us here -nano da.」
Krum said that to the owner.
Although he was worried about them, if they could resolve things, then the store could continue to exist──that is what the owner’s face was saying as he looked like he was about to cry at any moment.
If possible, Diablo wanted to do something about this.
Taking along Krum, Rem, and Shera, Diablo went forward to the front of the estate.

A scary faced gatekeeper stood in their way.
「Who the h.e.l.l are all of you? What do you think this place is?」
It was easy to predict that if he were to ignore him and Krum stepped forward, it would turn into a uproar. That being said, neither Rem nor Shera stood up in front of the scoundrel.
Having no choice. Diablo took the lead.
「Hmph……This place is the den of the punk called Measmos or something, is it not?」
The gatekeepers seethed with anger.
「Did you just say punk!? Don’t screw with me! I don’t know who asked you to do this, but Measmos-sama ain’t some small timer that a mere Adventurer can do something about! If you say anything strange, I’ll beat ya ta death, got it!?」

It seemed that there was no mistake that it was this estate.
Krum put up one hand, and let magical power flow out.
「Yosh, it’s annihilation -nanoda!」
「Wait, wait!」
In a rush, Diablo stopped her.
「Why is it no good -nanoda!?」
It’s because I don’t want to stand out──it was hard for him to say that. It would be troubling if Diablo were believed to be afraid of the Feudal Lord.
「Y, you see……Guys like this, they are arms and legs so to speak. We must find the head.」
「I see.」
「Rather, what would happen if the head were absent? It would make it pointless, would it not?」
「Fumu fumu, you are wise -nanoda!」
「Naturally! For I am the true Demon King after all.」
「Maou is also a Maou though! Wa ha ha ha!」
「Fuーha ha ha!」
With two suspiciously dressed people that were loudly laughing in front of them, the gatekeepers exchanged words with each other.
「What should we do?」
「Should we call the Local Knights?」
These guys, unlike bandits, they had an outward appearance of being a business organization. They did not balk at conveniently using the Local Knights when there were problems.
And then, for Diablo, he did Diablo, he did not want them to call the Local Knights. It was because he did not want the Feudal Lord Galford to know about Krum.
「Oi, you all. Guide us to where Measmos is.」
「Wh, what kind of stupid c.r.a.p are you saying!? We can’t let him meet with someone that doesn’t have an appointment!」
「If it’s an appointment, I do have one. Didn’t he just forget to inform you?」
It was a lie.
However, the gatekeepers looked at each other.
One of them said 「I’ll go check」 and went inside.
Diablo nodded.
「It would seem that he is in the estate. Well then, let us go meet with him.」
「So we’re entering here, right -noda na!?」
「Umu. However, I do not like meaningless noise, so I will do this……」
Diablo touched the iron gate.
The remaining gatekeeper shouted 「Don’t touch that!」, and tried to draw his sword.
Going faster than him, he activated his magic.
「Corrode and fall……《Rust Burst》!」
On the surface of the gigantic iron gate, red rust appeared, and in the next instant, it crumbled under its own weight.
The gatekeeper became dumbfounded and stood stock still.
「Uh, ah……!?」
Diablo’s group calmly walked onto the grounds.

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