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Chapter 2.4

Part 4

「This is extraordinarily delicious!? What, in the world is this!?」
「Fu fu fu」
Krum made a triumphant look.
Even Rem and Shera were surprised.
The place was a restaurant of the northern district, 《Apetisan》. They were taken to a high-cla.s.s store, but the prices were considerably fair.
Despite that, the taste was surprisingly refined.
The meat was properly soft, and there was no trouble in biting any of it off. The sauce was a sweet and salty type, and mashed potatoes and a salad came along with it.
As if it were only natural, it was bustling with many customers.
Krum used a knife and fork, and ate elegantly. Since she had eaten everything by using her hands before, she had shown remarkable growth.
「*Uma uma*……This is what true cuisine is! The cuisine of the Races, is delicious. It had turned into quite something -noda!」
Rem and Shera also gave rave reviews.
「……This store, it is wonderful. This is my first time having such tender meat.」
「The mashed potatoes and the salad are amazing tooー. This might be the first time I thought something was even more delicious than the vegetables we eat in Greenwood!」
Diablo stared at the meat dish.
「It’s enough to make you think that it wasn’t made with the same meat as other food.」
It wasn’t boiled or minced, the meat was genuinely tender. Was the quality of the meat different? Wasn’t it close to the taste he at in his original world?
It was difficult to imagine in this other world that didn’t have refrigerators, but was it aged?
As he was having his meal while thoroughly savoring it──
The entrance of the store suddenly became noisy.
「What is it?」
Hearing something that sounded like the angry voice of a man, the customers started to get worried. Even the waiters became uneasy and couldn’t calm down.
Three Adventurer-style men wearing lightweight armor entered.
The man at the lead shouted.
「Oraa! Don’t stand around there! Lead us to our seats!」
Even if it is a store with fair prices, as expected of a store in

the northern district, it was different from a cheap bar. Those sorts of fellows were rare.
From the back of the store, a man with a business suit appearance who seemed to be the manager came out.
「I am terribly sorry. Since it will be a bother to the other guests……」
「We are customers you know!?」
「Don’t screw with me!」
The Adventurer who had a vein surface on his forehead drew the sword on his waist.
The two behind him kicked away the furnishings.
The manager shrank away.
「How could you do such a thing……」
Female customers raised screams, and a surprised waiter dropped some plates. Things had become outrageous.
Diablo have rose up from his seat.
Getting ahead of him Krum jumped out.

「You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! How could you do such foolish actions in a place for pleasant meals -noda! Know some shame!」

She released some bloodl.u.s.t.
It seemed that the Adventurer-style ruffians didn’t understand the difference in ability.
「What the h.e.l.l, a little girl? An Elf? The stench of a Demi-Human!」
「You d.a.m.ned fool……You have made Maou mad. You should atone for that personality and lack of intelligence through a violent death.」
Krum opened up her right hand.
In that hand, a small black sphere appeared.
「Ha? Is that Chemical Elemental Magic? Guhahahahahahaha!」
In this other world, a majority of Adventurers believe the idea that “Chemical Elemental Magic is weak”.
While one’s level was weak, the fact that there was nothing but spells lacking in firepower stood out.
Since even one’s stamina, defensive power, and evasive power were low, the start of it made it a misfortunate Cla.s.s even in the game. There were many cases where one wouldn’t have any good battle results, die before they realized it, and become a burden to their party.
However, in the game, it was possible to level up in a short amount of time. It was only difficult in the first few days.
The firepower rapidly increased, and it would be possible to defeat things before one could get attacked.
It was a Cla.s.s with extremely outstanding offensive ability after growing it. It

It shouldn’t be made light of.
And then, there was one more thing they were mistaken about.
Krum wasn’t a Chemical Elemental Magician, she was a Demon King.
Diablo shouted.
「Do not kill them!」
「Be crushed! 《Thanatos》!!」
The small black sphere that Krum fired hit the ruffian’s sword.
A swirl of black and purple spread out, and the sword was sucked up.
「U, uoah!?」
「Let go of it!」
Hearing Diablo’s voice, the ruffian hurriedly opened his hand.
Like how sugar melts into coffee, the sword vanished into the swirl.
*Bota bota* Blood dripped down.
「Uaaah……My fingers are……!?」
It seemed that since he was slow in letting go, his fingers were caught in the magic.
The man’s companions raised screams and backed away.
Krum pinched the iron-made choker that was fitted on her neck.
「Since my master said “do not kill”, I had no choice but to let you off with just your sword……d.a.m.ned blockhead.」
Diablo stood beside her.
「Suddenly firing magic that surpa.s.ses the limits of the Races like that. For these kind of guys, you could have repelled them with a single hand.」
「Are you telling Maou, to touch this kind of sc.u.m? How filthy.」
「Good grief.」
Diablo took a long sword out from his pouch.
The blade dimly shined.
Three pairs of pure white, pigeon-like wings opened up from the sword guard.
《Seraphic Sword》
Seeing its majesty, the ruffians backed off.
Krum knitted her brows.
「You, what is that, that divine sword? Such bad taste.」
「Don’t say that. For the sake of a certain objective, I expressly brought it out from my 《Treasury》.」
Diablo turned the weapon towards the men.
After being glared at, seeming to have finally sensed the difference in ability, they finally turned their backs to him.
Scrambling to be first, the ruffians ran away.
Krum looked dissatisfied.
「Are you letting them get away?」
「Hmph……Leave them be.」
Of course, for Diablo, he couldn’t stand those guys, but all the same, he didn’t want to be a murderer.
That being said, if he were to hand them over to the Local Knights, the fact that Krum used super

used super high level magic would be made public.
He wanted to avoid having the Feudal Lord have an eye on her.
Diablo put the sword away.
Rem and Shera rushed over.
「……Everything seems to be alright now. I was wondering how things would turn out.」
「Krum-chan, you don’t have any injuries, do you!?」
「There is no way Maou would fall behind that thoughtless person.」
「Thank goodnessー.」
「……Rather, I was in suspense wondering if you would seriously injure them.」
Rem breathed out a sigh.
It would have been a serious injury if they were in his original world, but this other world had priests. There were also recovery potions. Let alone fingers, even lost limbs could be restored.
With those men having been driven out, the strained atmosphere inside the store subsided.
The employees appeared all together, and went around apologizing to the customers for the uproar.
The man with a business suit appearance talked to Diablo’s group as they went “good grief” and tried to return to their seats. He introduced himself as the owner of this restaurant 《Apetisan》.
「Dear guests, I have caused you some trouble.」
「……It was misfortunate, wasn’t it.」
「Yes. I am thinking of closing the store for today. Dear guests, I believe it would be best if leave the northern district quickly.」
He brought up something strange.
Rem asked him about it.
「……What do you mean by that? Those people from earlier, are you saying, that they weren’t just some drunkards?」
The owner talked sounding apologetic.
「Y, yes……Since about two months ago, the Measmos Family started demanding money from us. When we refused, at the beginning, it was at the level of dumping trash in front of the store but……Recently, they have been doing this sort of thing where the subordinates march into the store……At this rate, the store will……」
「What do you mean by the Measmos Family?」
Shera tilted her head, and Rem explained.
「……If I had to put it bluntly, they are a criminal syndicate. They threaten merchants and demand money, and they also steal and scam.」
「That sort of thing exists!?」
「……The Local Knights are Local Knights are investigating, but they are a bunch that don’t leave behind evidence after all.」
「I mean, the people from before!」
「……Even if they were caught, they would surely insist that they “don’t know anything about Measmos”. There wouldn’t be much meaning to it.」
「Diablo, can’t you do something?」
Shera gazed at him with eyes that seemed to implore him. Even if she said that, they were a bunch that were like the yakuza or the mafia. It probably wasn’t a problem that could be resolved that easily.
If possible, he didn’t want to get involved with them.
「Hmph……For a foolish bunch like them──」
「It’s annihilation -nano da!」
Krum raised her voice.
After going “Eh?” and looking at her face, anger was burning in her eyes.
「You, you won’t say that we should leave them as is, will you!? They are a vermin that have built a nest in our base, you know.」
「U, umu, naturally, it is annihilation.」
「Yosh! Let’s go -noda!」
「You should wait. Do you know the location?」
「You don’t, do you? Man, it is unfortunate. If only we knew their location, I would have completely annihilated them but. We will have to try again another day……」
Although he was making a bewildered face, the owner raised one hand.
「Um……If it’s the Measmos Family’s estate, then I know the location.」
Krum leaned her body forward.
「Then lead us there!」
「Y, yes.」
The owner nodded.
It as no longer an atmosphere where he could say that he “didn’t want to get involved with them”. Not just Shera, even Rem who was usually composed was making a motivated face.
Come to think of it, Rem had become an Adventurer in order to defeat the Demon King that was sealed within her. It was her nature to try and resolve things if there was a problem.
Diablo breathed a sigh in his mind.
「Krum, try not to stand out too much, got it?」
He had whispered that into her ear, but he was doubtful if she could hear him. The young Demon King’s red eyes were brightly blazing.

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