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Chapter 2.3

Part 3

According to the carriage shop, the back axel was warped.
Since the body is close to new, you must have either carried some pretty heavy luggage, or climbed steep differences in level, is what they were told.
Diablo was reminded of Rose.
In order to repair the damage on her, she was lying on the maintenance bed that was on the lowest floor of his base, the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》.
With her weight, the reason was probably because they drove it on plains that weren’t paved.
Rem negotiated with the carriage shop, and she was able to get them to repair it within their budget and done in about three days.
Since they had entrusted the carriage to them, they headed towards the western district on foot.

Half past three──
Around the time the sun had gone down a bit, they arrived at the 《Relief》 Inn.
Their dearly missed home, it wasn’t like that is what it was, but he did feel relieved.
The poster girl Mei waved her hand.
「Wow, welcome back☆

Rem-chan, Sherchan, Diablo-san, have been doing well -nya?」
「AH! Krum-chan!」
Shera rushed over while shouting.
It seemed that she had just come back after going out.
Krum opened her eyes wide.
「Oo, so you’ve come ba……Uwaah!?」
Shera jumped at her and hugged her closely.
「We’re backー!!」
「U, umu……What happened, Shera? The aura you are clad in is different. I wondered who you were.」
「Hoe? Did something about me change?」
Letting go of Krum, Shera stared at her own hands and legs. She was able to see the flow of magical power.
However, it seemed to be a different kind of change from that.
Even Diablo did not feel that Shera was any different from before.
Rem talked with a pensive look on her face.
「……Could it be, does it have anything to do with how she became Queen?」
「Hou, so you became something like that, Shera.」
「Yup! I got married to Diablo.」
Since her talking voice could be heard even in the dining hall, the customers were surprised, and became noisy.
Mei clapped

clapped her hands.
「That’s amazing -nya! Congratulations on your marriage☆」
「Thank you, Mei-chan!」
「But, what do you mean by Queen?」
「Erm……Actually, I, was the princess of the country of Elves. And now I’m the Queen.」
Mei turned her gaze towards Diablo.
「The King -nya?」
「Hmph……Since I was asked to do so, I merely went and became it.」
It seemed that there was some sort of change in Shera now that she had become the Elven Queen.
He didn’t get it at all.
Come to think of it, when he had brought Lumachina along, something similar had happened. Lumachina evaluated Krum as having a “sinister, dark, evil power”, and Krum made a racket saying that Lumachina “had G.o.d’s stench”.
It seemed that a real one could tell.
Since Diablo was only doing a Demon King act, he was nothing more than a Demon Magician.
Krum folded her arms.
「Well, it is fine. I am displeased with G.o.d’s stench getting stronger, but Shera is Shera after all. You have done well to come back safely -noda. Maou

-noda. Maou shall praise you -noda!」
「Ehehe, thank youー.」
Rem took out a bag.
「……We stopped by 《Peter》 on our way back. We bought some biscuits, but would you like some?」
「Ooh! You are thoughtful as usual, aren’t you, Rem!」
「……Thank you.」
When she held one out without delay, Krum accepted it with her mouth.
Her speech and att.i.tude sounded conceited, but her behavior was like a puppy being fed.
Diablo asked a question to Mei.
「Were there any problems?」
「It’s all fine♪ But since Edelgart-chan has recently been going out without make-up, there might be rumors about her going about?」
「With how things are going for her, it shouldn’t become a bother.」
「Since the Feudal Lord of Faltra City is a strict person, be careful, okay☆」
「I know.」
It wasn’t known to the public but Diablo had fought against Faltra City’s Feudal Lord Galford before.
Having somehow won against him, Diablo made him believe that “opposing Diablo isn’t profitable”.
However, since he was the Feudal Lord, if he came to know that a Demon King a Demon King and a Demonic Being were in the town, he wouldn’t be able to stay silent.
He needed to hide the ident.i.ties of the two girls.
「Diablo, let us go!」
With a snap, Krum pointed outside.
「Did you not hear us? When everyone was talking, you thought “it does not concern me” as usual, didn’t you?」
「Hmph……Do not say something so foolish.」
──Since it’s exactly as you said, you made me get fl.u.s.tered, you know!?
Rem followed up.
「Seeming to have a recommended restaurant, Krum invited us to go there.」
「Biscuits are supreme, but there is something called appropriate cuisine for dinner -noda. You should enjoy the wonderful treat to dinner that Maou has chosen.」
「Fumu……I shall go along with that.」
Frankly, he did not have many expectations of it.
He had tried eating the cooking of several stores, but all of them just grilled the meat and put salt and oil on it. The taste overflowing with rusticity wasn’t bad, but there weren’t any stores that he felt were special.

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