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Chapter 2.2

Part 2

They entrusted their carriage to a carriage shop. The southern district was a neighborhood of merchants, so carriage shops were all over the place.
Not only could they entrust it with them, they could even be asked to water and fodder to the horses and inspect and repair the frame of the carriage.
Since they had gone on a long journey, they also asked to have it inspected.
Diablo’s group of three walked to the bakery 《Peter》.
In front of the store, there was a crowd.
Rem tilted her head.
「……It seems that it’s packed, doesn’t it?」
「It is a bakery with delicious food, and it is lunch time after all!」
He didn’t deny Shera’s words, but he wasn’t satisfied with them. Something was strange about it.
Diablo gazed at the customers, and noticed the ident.i.ty of the out of place feeling.
「A majority of them are men.」
「……Now that you mention it, it’s strange. There would be more female customers if they were just buying bread though.」
「There sure is a good smell in the airー.」
The irresistible fragrance of freshly baked bread didn’t change even in another world. Since there were few chances to eat delicious things, the appeal of it doubled instead.
Even for Diablo who wasn’t picky about his food, he didn’t think of going to a different place since it was crowded.
「……Well then, why don’t we go in.」
Rem said that with a tone as if she were about to go into a fight.
Shera also followed in after her.
He hadn’t seen anything like a queue in this town. In cases where it was crowded, if they waited elegantly, they could squeeze themselves in between those that came afterwards.
The residents didn’t have the concept of “making a line and going in order”. There weren’t even people that disputed about manners.
Rather than it being due to being another world, it was probably just a difference of cultural practices.
However, even without lining up with good behavior, the inhabitants of the town weren’t outlaws, nor were they of a savage tribe. He couldn’t even find people who exercised violence in the first

It was a place where a kindhearted-sounding young man could come up from the side, and, while saying 「Pardon me」 and making a slight bow if their shoulders touched, would buy bread ahead of him……
It was that sort of culture.
──Well, since a Demon King lining up for something is a bit strange in terms of image, it really helps me though.
Diablo’s group entered the store.
There was a counter, and it was possible to buy bread from there and leave. Since gla.s.s was a super high-cla.s.s item, there was no show window. The goods were lined up behind the counter, and they were bought by either pointing at them or using the good’s name.
The clerk was a young Pantherian girl that had the appearance of a maid.
Apart from that counter, the interior of the store had become an eat-in cafe.
There were about forty chairs, and that was a lot in proportion to the s.p.a.ce of the place. They might have been increased in response to the crowding.
There was an explanation when freshly baked bread and coffee came out.
Rem was surprised and pointed her finger.
「……Diablo! That, what is that?」
「O, ou.」
Shera’s eyes also went round.
Edelgart in her battle uniform was there.
She didn’t have make-up that erased the scales of her skin, and her reptilian-looking eyes weren’t hidden either.
She was clearly a Demonic Being.
She only had an ap.r.o.n on her waist.

──Her ident.i.ty is exposed, isn’t it!?
In her hand that usually gripped her spear, she now held a tray, and had tableware piled up on it. She called out to a male customer that had taken a seat.

「Welcome~ ba……ck? Demon King-sama? Demon King-sama!」

The customer delightedly said 「I came again, Edel-chan」, and showed a slovenly expression.
Rem and Shera were shaken by her being in her Demonic Being appearance.
Diablo made a conjecture.
「Is this……that?」
Wasn’t it something like a maid cafe event?
「……D, do you know something about this?」
「Is it alright!?」
Diablo lowered his voice, and told the two of them.
「You should take a closer look. The customers do not

not consider Edelgart as a genuine Demonic Being.」
「……Now that you mention it.」
「No one is scared at all.」
To begin with, Demonic Beings are creatures that hunt people of the Races.
If one were waiting tables at an eat-in cafe, then it was only natural to believe that it was a cosplay of a Demonic Being.
A Dwarf guest that was lined up next to them started talking about it even though he wasn’t asked about it.
「Fufufu……At first, Edel-chan’s make-up being Demonic Being-like became the talk of the town, and then even other clerk-chans started imitating her. And that is why this place had started to be called a “Demonic Being cafe” by the regulars.」
「Wasn’t the customer called a Demon King?」
「Delightful, isn’t it? It’s because the Peter-sans are great at playing along.」
The shopkeepers of this place were three Gra.s.swalker siblings. It seemed that the three of them together were said to be Peter.
To be told that she was Demonic Being-like by customers and turn that into a selling point, their commercial spirit was strong.
Waiting for a while, Diablo’s group was also guided to some seats.
Edelgart came over.
「Looks like you’ve been working well.」
「Diablo-sama……Back? Welcome, ba~ck!」
The current Edelgart, she works under the Demon King Krebskrum──under Krum. Since he had turned that Krum into his slave, she treated Diablo as her superior.
He didn’t know how much of an effect 《Slave Magic》 would show went used on a genuine Demon King but……
It was standard that things like Instant Death, Paralysis, and Petrification would not work on those of the boss-cla.s.s.
Rem looked up and down Edelgart.
「……Didn’t you have make-up put on you, by Mei-chan at the inn?」
「Rain~, fell.」
It seemed that she got wet and the make-up came off.
He understood this after traveling for a bit, but without being restricted to Faltra City, rainy weather was rare. It seemed that it rained more closer to the mountains, and it was more sunny in the plains.
Rain gear wasn’t popularized because of that.
n.o.bles had hats and coats, but normal people didn’t use covering against the rain. Umbrellas didn’t

Umbrellas didn’t even exist. Since there wasn’t any waterproof cloth, there wasn’t any way to make them.
Rem talked with a look of amazement.
「……On rainy days, you should have just taken the day off.」
「Suddenly, being absent, from work is~ bother, to store?」
「Ugh……That is a sound argument but……」
She didn’t think that she would be persuaded about the awareness of responsibility in a job by a Demonic Being.
Shera suddenly raised her voice.
「Demon King Roll!」
Diablo thought that his heart stopped. He privately called the way he acted as a Demon King as a “Demon King role play”.
Shortened, it was a Demon King role.
He panicked thinking that the secret he hid at all costs had finally been exposed.
Edelgart nodded at Shera’s words.
「One~, Demon King Roll.」
When he dropped his gaze onto the menu──
Mixed in with things like the Demonic Being Galette, the Demonic Beast Pancake, and the Magic Pie, there was the Demon King Bread Roll.
Diablo breathed a sigh, and wiped off the cold sweat.
So it wasn’t as if he was exposed.
Rem called out to him.
「……Is something wrong? You are looking pale.」
「Ah, no……It’s nothing.」
「……I am thinking of having a Magic Pie. What about you, Diablo?」
「Cheese Bread.」
The menu limited to the Demonic Being Cafe was attractive as well, but the cheese bread of this store was superb.
Since he was planning on leaving the town again, he wanted to eat it before that.
「……Well then, three coffees along with all of that.」
「Certain, lyー」
Edelgart went to the back to give the order.
Looking at the way she worked, not only did she wait tables, she also did quite a bit of chatting with others.
Customers that gave personal narratives, customers that solely talked about their hobbies, customers that drank alcohol during the day.
There were drunkards and customers with loud voices, but being a cafe, there weren’t any customers that were that boorish.
Rem gazed at the store interior.
「……This sure is a peculiar store, isn’t it?」
「Is it unusual?」
「……Yes. To begin with, cafes had only been made a thing recently.」
It was only /> It was only recently that a certain cafe that was popular in the royal capital opened up a branch store in Faltra City’s central district. It was a high-cla.s.s store that the common people could use due its location and its prices, but stores that imitate it have increased one after another.
He thought that this place was also one of those, but the atmosphere was quite different.
Since Edelgart came carrying the bread and coffee at just the right time, he tried asking about it.
「Who was the one that thought of this store?」
「Peter? Friend, saw~ at royal capital? Saw!」
She was hard to understand.
Rem digested it.
「……Since a friend of the shopkeepers of this place, saw a similar store at the royal capital, they decided to imitate it, is that it? It wasn’t a so-called cafe, but a place where Demonic Beings serve the customers?」
「Demonic Beings~, wrong. Over there, mamono?」
She asked several questions to Edelgart who was lacking in words as usual and got some information out of her.
「……It would seem that the one in the royal capital is a Monster Girl Cafe. It seems that the ones waiting the tables have horns and fangs attached and cosplay as them.」

──What’s up with that, I want to try going there.

It sounded fun.
If I knew about it when we stayed at the royal capital, I would have gone──is what Diablo thought, but he didn’t let it show on his face.
A Demon King going to a Monster Girl Cafe was a considerably hard thing to do.
──Someday, I’ll secretly go there, alone!
He secretly resolved to do that.
Nevertheless, just who would have thought of the business conditions of a Monster Girl Cafe? Even though even normal cafes had just been made recently.
Diablo was summoned from his original world, and was transferred to this other world.
Since he had the appearance and abilities of his game character, so it might be a bit different from a normal transfer but……
Could there be other transferrees similar to him?
Taking a cup of coffee into his hand, he thought about that sort of thing.

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