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Chapter 2.11

Part 10

Excitedly, Krum took off her outfit.
「Yosh, wash me!」
Diablo thought about it.
──How did it turn out like this?

Diablo gave an explanation about the water tub.
「This is, something to wash the body with.」
It seemed that she did not understand.
「Since the Lifelia Kingdom is arid, it doesn’t have the smell of sweat, but even so, I feel like I want to be hygienic, you see.」
「Fumu fumu……?」
「To begin with, do Demon Kings have the concepts of “hygiene” and “unsanitary”?」
「Occasionally, you use words that I do not understand the meaning of, don’t you -noda na!」
──As I thought, with the cultural sphere of the Middle Ages, she doesn’t understand.
Since germs and viruses weren’t discovered (although it was unknown if they even existed in this other world), there wasn’t the concept of sterilization.
Even so, fortunately enough, toilets existed in the Lifelia Kingdom. Bathtubs weren’t popularized, but they did exist among the n.o.bles and in high cla.s.s inns.
Underwear was also widely used.
In the Middle Ages of his original world, both toilets and underwear weren’t popularized. It was said that they would put a pot in the corner of the room, and dump it into the back alleys from the windows……
So harsh.
He occasionally read about it in literary creations where the story was staged not in other worlds but in the real Middle Ages but……
No matter how cute of a heroine they were, they would do it on the wayside. Moreover, since paper was a super high-cla.s.s item, something like toilet paper did not exist. And if they were commoners, they would also have no underwear──Diablo ended up thinking about such things. It was something quite harsh.
Putting that aside, he tried to teach Krum about the concept of hygiene, but it was difficult.
Getting tired of it midway, he drastically simplified it.
「Ahー……In other words……Since it feels good, I wash myself.」
「I see! So it feels good. That is important!」
It didn’t get through to her, but he got her to consent to it.
However, after that, he received an unforeseen request from Krum.
「Maou also wants to try it out -noda!」
「Mu? That it, I do not mind but……」
「Well then,

I shall have you wash me!」
The moment she said that, Krum took off her outfit.
Diablo panicked.
「Wh, what!?」
「What is it? When washing the body, you take off the clothes, right?」
「That is right but……」
*Shun* The ends of Krum’s eyebrows dropped.
「Is Maou not allowed?」
「Ah, no, it is not a problem even for Demon Kings but……」
There was a huge different problem.
An unpleasant sweat went down along his back.
However, if he prohibited her from even trying it out even though she had finally gained an interest in it, Krum would be baffled, as well as be sad.
──Now that I think about it, since she is still a child, just washing her body wouldn’t be a problem, right?
Krum was a Demon King, so she didn’t particularly have a being that could be her parent.
The origin of the Demon King might exist, but just like the origin of G.o.d, it wasn’t told even in the legends.
Right now, they themselves were parent subst.i.tutes.
Wasn’t this the thing known as child rearing!?
Diablo settled his resolve.
「Umu! There shouldn’t be any sort of problem! Probably.」
「Yosh, then wash me!」
Krum excitedly took her outfit off.
She became stark naked.
Her chest was slender with no ups and downs, and her ribs were faintly showing.
Her skin had not a single blemish like that of a doll, and was so perfect that it seemed like a work of art.
Even down below, it was smooth and completely different from that of an adult, but tried to not look all that much.
──She really is a child.
Krum tilted her head.
「What is wrong -noda, Diablo?」
「Ah……No……It is fine. It is completely wholesome after all! If there were someone that would call this unwholesome, then their head is simply unwholesome. I am merely washing a child after all. Now then, sit within the tub.」
「Fumu fumu」
Doing as she was told, she quietly settled down in it.
It would be small if Diablo were to use it, but when Krum got in it, it was like a bathtub.
He placed a water jug in the tub.
He wet a cloth with water.
「Since it will be a bit cold, be sure

sure to endure it.」
「Is it as much as Ice Magic?」
「It is not that cold.」
Thinking about it closely, even if he shot 《Absolute Zero》──one of the strongest Water attribute magics, and causes any and all kinetic energy to be completely lost for eternity──on her, it probably wouldn’t get through to Krum.
It would only seal her movements for an instant.
Diablo put the wet cloth on her leg.
*Biku* Krum’s waist went up.
「Hyahyah, it is cold -noda!」
「I, I see……Are you surprisingly weak to cooling-type attacks?」
「I can endure it, but cold things are cold.」
「I see.」
「Your magic as well, it was at the level where I lost an arm, but it was quite painful after all?」
「……I find it questionable how you could compare the coldness of a wet cloth with the spell 《Absolute Zero》.」
In this other world, he had not fought against a serious Demon King. His opponents had either lost their presence of mind, or was sealed……
He was having feelings of unease for the fight against the Great Demon King Modinalaam that should happen in the near future.
For the time being, he concentrated on what was in front of him.
Diablo washed Krum’s legs with the wet cloth.
Seeming to have grown accustomed to the coldness of it, she now twisted her body seeming like she found it ticklish.
Her beautiful white skin that was like porcelain, when he touched it, it was soft and silky. Even though it was only wet, the cloth slid without getting caught on anything.
Having come to this other world, many unforeseen things had happened.
However, washing a Demon King was something he had not considered even in his wildest dreams──he was submerged in that strange deep feeling.
After her legs, he washed her arms.
Since she said that it would be fine to wet her hair as well, he washed away the sand and dust with water. He also washed the horns that grew out from her head.
──So these are the real thing huh.
Krum’s horns had a way of growing where her scalp became hard and projected out. In Diablo’s case, they were an effect of his 《Distorted Crown》, and he only looked

only looked like he had horns.
As if to ascertain the feel of the material, he caressed them with his hands.
*Piku* She made a slight movement.
「Mu……Did it tickle?」
「Umu, it is because it is not touched by others all that much.」
「So you have senses in your horns as well……」
*Chon chon* He poked it with his fingertip.
Krum drew her head back.
「Hafuu……St, stop it -noda, Diablo……That place, it looks like it is a bit delicate.」
「Let us leave it at pouring water on it.」
Diablo’s horns were for decoration so there weren’t any sensations in them. This is a good reference──is what he thought.
And then, he washed Krum’s back.
Her torso was slender, and she had thin flesh to the point that he could tell the ups and downs of her spine.
From her tailbone area, a tail with scales like that of a dragon was grown out. It was a characteristic tail that was bifurcated at the tip.
Since it was swaying left and right, Diablo grabbed it with his hand.
「Krum, I shall wash this place as well, got it?」
「Hau……D, do it gently, okay?」
「O, ou.」
She probably wasn’t aware of it, but those were suggestive words.
Putting water on it, he wiped it with the cloth.
*Fururu* The muscles along Krum’s spine trembled.
「What is wrong?」
「N, no……It just felt a bit cold……maybe, -nanoda. Do it quickly, okay?」
Diablo made a wry smile.
「Even though you can endure Absolute Zero, it was cold?」
「That is how it felt -noda.」
Krum’s cheeks were dyed red.
──This is child rearing. This is child rearing. This is child rearing.
While chanting that in his mind, Diablo moved the cloth.
When he wiped the base of the other side of her tail, Krum reacted with a start.
「Was it cold?」
「Hafuu……I am fine……」
「I see.」
Since she was a Demon King, he didn’t think she would catch a cold, but thinking that he should finish this quickly, he wiped with the wet cloth.
「I, I suppose that’s it?」
「Do it……further……in -noda」
Krum raised up her hips.
Her tightly closed legs were opened.
Going *kapaa*.

Isn’t that place no longer the base of her tail, but the tail, but the base of her legs?
Diablo involuntarily hardened up. It wasn’t in the strange meaning, but people come to a standstill when surprised.
While looking over her shoulder, Krum expressed an alluring smile that wasn’t like that of a little girl.
「Fufu……You, even though you can boldly stand off against Maou, you are a strange fellow that becomes nervous at times like this -nanoda」
「Ugh!? I, I am not nervous. You as well, even though you can endure my absolute magic, to start twitching just from some water, you are an odd fellow.」
He faltered for a moment, but since it was an important spot, it needed to be hygienic.
From behind Krum, he stuffed his hand in between her legs.
He pressed the wet cloth on her lower body.
「Hmph……Maou wouldn’t do that with just some water……Hyau!?」
「You did.」
「Th, that was different -noda! That just now, it was because you suddenly pressed and hit me. Look, do it once more -noda.」
「Like this?」
「Nn……Uuu……O, once more.」
「Like this, right?」
「Au……It, it was because you caressed, that sort of place……Nnn……」
「N, now then, I suppose that is enough?」
「You can’t.」
Krum closed both of her legs, and held the hand that held the cloth in between.
「Hafuu……A bit more……It is no good if you, don’t properly wipe it -noda……Nnn」
「I think that it is already plenty clean though……」
Krum’s eyes had a dazed and bewitching feeling to them.
Diablo moved his hand as she requested.
She twisted her body.
「Nn……fuu……nn……I see……This is, quite……haun……I understand……maybe, -nanoda.」
「What did you understand?」
「Certainly, washing the body……feels good.」
「It, it does, doesn’t it!? Washing away the sweat is something that feels good.」
「Nn……That it……does……hafuu……nn……nn……ah……It feels good, Diablo.」
「Ah……ah……nn……A, a bit more……」
「O, ou.」
*Bikun* Krum arched her spine.

──It was probably because the water was cold, surely.

*Fururu* She trembled.
*Chupapa……* A sound started to be made, and in the water that was gathered in the tub, a gold color mixed in.
Diablo reflexively half rose to his feet.
「Fuan……Nnn……Ah……It, it looks like……it came out.」
「So it came outー」
「Nhaa~……Diablo. Washing the body……it feels good -noda naa」
「Y, yeah, so you understand.」
With an absent minded expression, Krum nodded.
After that, he thoroughly washed her again.

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