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Chapter 2.1

Part 1

Two weeks later──
The calendar had changed to November. Even if it was a warm region, the strong winds felt cold.
Shera leaned out from the carrier of the carriage as far as she could.
「It’s Faltra!!」
「……Be sure you don’t fall out.」
Rem who was at the driver’s seat said that while making a wry smile.
Diablo nodded in a composed manner.
「So we’ve finally arrived.」
「……It’s good that we didn’t run out of food. I was wondering what would happen to us when we were kept from moving for three days due to that thunderstorm that happened on the way here.」
「Umu, it was long.」
There was a double meaning to Diablo’s words.
After departing the Greenwood Kingdom of the Elves──
They escorted Rafleisha to the Dark Elf Village of Blackwood, and they would travel for fourteen days to get to the Fortress City Faltra.
Finally, they had arrived.
It was a long journey.
However, it

was not only in that meaning──Rem had finally talked to him normally again.
She was the type to quietly be mad for a long time, but this time, it seemed that she really could not stomach how he had gone along with Rafleisha’s seduction. She didn’t even speak for a long time.
Her p.r.i.c.kling gaze had finally returned to the friendly atmosphere it had before.
Diablo breathed a sigh of relief in his mind.
──Let’s stop going with the flow from now on.
He firmly decided that.
At around noon, the carriage pa.s.sed through Faltra City’s eastern gate.

Rem pulled the reins, and made the horses walk slowly.
On the roads, crowds of people were coming and going, and it felt like they would b.u.mp into them. On both sides of the main street, stall holders had opened up shop. Having changed into a marketplace, they were spurred on by the crowds.
「……This town is the same as usual. It isn’t

isn’t on the same level as the royal capital though.」
Since Diablo was bad with crowds of people, he shut himself in the carrier. It was better since he was riding the carriage, but he would feel sick just looking at crowds.
Shera spread out both hands.
「There was so many more people in the royal capital, wasn’t thereー.」
「……It was much easier to drive carriages in the royal capital though since the roads were wider.」
「Rather, aren’t there more people than before?」
「……That’s certainly true.」
「Is there a festival or something?」
「……There shouldn’t be any plans for that, but something might have happened.」
Shera changed topics.
「I’m really hungryー. Why don’t we have lunch?」
「……At this rate, it looks like it might take some time before we reach the inn, so that might be good.」
「I want to quickly meet up with Krum-chan, but she’s probably gone out anywayー.」
「It did seem like she had recently gotten into an

into an eating tour after all.」
Seeming to be pleased with the food of the Races, it seemed that Krum would always be outside at midday and in the evening. Everyday, she would be eating at some shop.
She had a personality that respected food the point that she said that she would “stop destroying the Races since the biscuits were delicious”.
Among the Demon Kings of the MMORPG Cross Reverie, there were those with nicknames such as 《Demon King of the Brain》 and 《Demon King of Insanity》, but for now, would her’s be 《Demon King of Appet.i.te Krum》?
The funds for her eating tour are said to be earned by her subordinate, the Demonic Being Edelgart, doing a part-time job at the bakery 《Peter》.
「It would be good if problems haven’t occurred but……」
Shera turned around at Diablo’s muttering.
「What are you talking about?」
「It seems that Edelgart is working at the bakery, you see.」
「Ahh, that’s the store that sells store that sells the biscuits that Krum-chan loves so much, isn’t it.」
「She should be in disguise though.」
「Mei-chan’s make-up, it’s amazing, so I’m sure she’s fine.」
Krum had horns and a tail, and Edelgart had scales and reptilian-like eyes. For those connected to the demonic, they were moderate characteristics, but it would surely be a major incident if they were discovered.
Even though a lot of noise was made over Diablo’s horns alone……
Rem, who was holding onto the reins, asked a question.
「……Shall we try going over there?」
「Let’s goー.」
Shera raised her hand.
Right now, they were in the eastern district, and the bakery 《Peter》 was in the southern district. The inn 《Relief》 was in the western district.
It would be a bit of a detour, but the path might be less crowded if they leave this main street that had changed into a marketplace.
「I do not mind.」
And that is what they ended up doing.

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