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Chapter 1.4

Part 4

「Fufu……In that case, please excuse me.」
Rafleisha’s hand that was touching his chest slowly moved down.
She touched him from above his clothes.
Being too surprised, Diablo was completely shriveled up. Although he showed a big att.i.tude, he was shaken up in his mind.
「Hmph……What is the meaning of this?」
He asked the question with few words sounding self-important, but saying this much took all he had.
Rafleisha answered while ma.s.saging him with her hand.
「Any woman would be charmed by an attractive man.」
「That’s a lie.」
He declared that right away. Being a Demon King, should he have instead affirmed the evaluation that he was an attractive man?
However, even though he was avoided for being things like ominous or scary, he had never been praised as attractive.
Rafleisha’s hand slid inside of his clothes.
Diablo was about to involuntarily scream like a girl, but swallowed it back down.
Her fingers touched his shriveled up part.
「Ara ara? Could it be that you do not feel any attraction towards me? Are Dark Elves not to your taste?」
「Ugh……It isn’t like that but……」
「Could it be, are you nervous?」
「D, do not say something so foolish. I am a Demon King. As if I would be nervous, with something of this level.」
A dark room.
On top of a bed.
Gripped by a woman who seemed to be skilled.
Honestly, he was shaking. Desperately enduring it so that the trembling didn’t go to his voice, he spoke.
「Answer, my question.」
「Well now, this is troubling. There are no lies in my words of saying that Your Majesty is attractive but……Other than that, I suppose it is as thanks for saving my life.」
「For something of that level? I do not understand.」
「Could I not receive your consent……Your Majesty, I thought that you would be a gentleman that would not seek a reason for these actions. That you would eat me like meat lined

up on the dinner table.」
He might have been seeking reasons for this and that because he was inexperienced.
When it turns into this kind of atmosphere, do riajuus enjoy the deed without any excessive inquiries.
──This really is impossible.
Things like being attractive, or doing this as thanks, they didn’t seem like anything but lies.
If he didn’t hear a reason that he could consent to, he wouldn’t calm down.
Rafleisha stimulated him with her fingertips. Her gentle caressing was just right for his rigid and nervous body.
「Fufu……Have you felt it a bit?」
「Ah, well, umu.」
「I truly only have personal feeling but……Ahh, that’s right, Your Majesty, you were enthroned as the Greenwood King. As the chief of the Dark Elves, I probably have an ulterior motive of wanting to become intimate with you.」
「Fumu, I see.」
Was it alright for the representative of an organization to get intimate with this sort of deed──It wasn’t like he didn’t think that, but it was an explanation with some persuasive power.
The instant his nervousness slackened──
A stimulus ran through his spine as if it had bursted out. It felt as if electricity flowed through his lower body.
「Ara ara……So suddenly……Amazing.」
「Is, is that so?」
「As I thought, it would seem you do not have an abundance of experience.」
──She figured it out!?
As if his heart were grasped, he shuddered.
He reflexively raised his voice.
「Do not say something so foolish! Hagu!?」
Rafleisha pressed her lips against his. She even suddenly put her tongue in.

It was a kiss.
He had it done to him by Rem and Shera when he was summoned to this world, and he had also done it with Krum for the sake of the 《Slave Contract》. He had a pa.s.sionate one with the Zircon Tower City Feudal Lord Lamnites.
However, since her tongue use was quite skillful on top of it being a surprise attack,

attack, Diablo was surprised and froze up.
「Nchu……Chupu……Nfuu……It has been a really long time, since I did it with a man……It really has……」
「Mu? With a man?」
「Juchu! Nfufu……Do you find it strange? The Blackwood Dark Elves are nothing but females after all.」
Now that she mentioned it, there weren’t any men in the Dark Elf village. Since they couldn’t make a living in the forest that was nothing but poisonous plants, it seemed that they went outside to make earnings.
「Do you like women?」
「I do like men as well. I did have a fiance after all.」
The story was that he had been killed by the 《Holy Army》 that the Lifelia King of three generations ago had dispatched. Did they have this sort of relationship?
Counting from there, Rafleisha was quite older than him.
「I have a female lover in the village but……Right now, I yearn for you, Your Majesty.」
Her hand’s movements became stronger.
The stimulus increased.
Involuntarily, he leaked out a moan.
Rafleisha smiled looking delighted.
「Fufu……You are quite sensitive, aren’t you.」
「No, this is……」
「It is fine, at least at a time like this……Just forget everything, and enjoy it, okay?」
Is it alright to forget things?
Although he was thinking about various things, everytime his lower body was stimulated, his thoughts would disperse.
──Ahh, I’m becoming stupid.
Rafleisha’s finger use was masterful, and even though she was touching nothing but a single part of his body, it was as if she were caressing his whole body.
It is said that in the human body, in cases where one knows that there is a stimulus, there is a mechanism that decreases the sensation of that part.
If one got ready for it, it would be hard to feel heat and pain.
Even in regards to the lower body, the stimulus done by another person feels even strong and deeper than a stimulus done by one’s self.
Rafleisha’s lips moved from

moved from Diablo’s mouth, to the nape of his neck.
And then, she caressed the tip his chest with her tongue.
The muscles along his spine trembled.
Her tongue flickeringly stimulated the tip.
「Nfufu……So this place is sensitive as well.」
This was his first time knowing that was a weak spot for men as well.
When he was detached from his Demon King role play, Diablo would become unable to speak out words other than things like 「Ahー」 and 「Uhー」.
And then, before he knew it, his clothes were taken off.
She was surprisingly skillful.
She also stripped.
Within the darkness, dashed with a vague light, only the contour of her naked body could be seen. On top of having a slender waist, she had two gigantic bulges.
Being released from the binding of her clothes, *tapun*, they swayed.
「Please stare at them, Your Majesty……I, shall make you feel good.」
Being played with for so long, Diablo, who was shriveled up at the beginning, had become about eighty percent energetic.
Rafleisha held it in between her demonic b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
There was a tremendous amount of pressure.
It felt as if his whole body was fit in between her t.i.ts.
She let out a sigh.
「Nfuu~……This firmness. This heat. As I thought, men are wonderful. And above all, Your Majesty’s has a splendidness that I’ve never seen before.」
──I’m melting.
Both his brain and body were melting. He had that sort of sensation.
It felt like submerging in warm water on a cold day.
Diablo breathed out plenty of his breath from the depths of his chest.
Rafleisha’s body swung up and down.
This felt good. As if he were receiving a ma.s.sage while submerged in a bath.
His body being released from the gravity, only the sensation of a certain point remained.
Sweat rose to the surface of her skin.
「Nn……nn……nn……nn……How, is it, Your Majesty?」
「Fufu, that face of yours, it would seem you would seem you are very pleased with it. I will make you feel even better.」
Not only did Rafleisha swing her body up and down, she raised the bulges of her chest with her hands, and dropped them.
With her chest of quite amount of weight hitting against Diablo’s body, *pachin*, the sound of flesh colliding with flesh was made.
Being vigorously rubbed, the stimulus became even stronger.
It was a strong stimulus that probably could only be obtained with demonic b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
The good feeling that was like being in a lukewarm hotspring steadily changed towards an oppressive attack.
Diablo’s breathing became rough as if he had done an all out sprint.
「Ugh, kuh」
「HAAAN! Ah! Ah! Ah! My tips are……they’re tingling……Nnah! Ah! Nn! Hiau……!!」
「Ra, Rafleisha……」
「Nnuu……Your Majesty’s thing, its steadily, getting harder……Nn! Getting hotter……Fuan! It’s amazing……It’s steadily getting energetic……Ah! Hiah! It’s like a rod of burning iron. Ah! Nn! Fuauuuh!」
「Uu……I’m already……」
「AAAAH, please! On me, Your Majesty’s──By all means, put it on my body! Ah! Ah! Your Majesty’s thing, for it to become, this hot……Ah! Nn! Amazing……This is, a first! It’s a first for me! Aah! Aaah! I’m, getting burnnnned!!」
The sound of footsteps were made outside of the room.
*Dokan!* Making a loud sound, the guest house shook.
The door’s room──
was kicked open!?
*Biku* Rafleisha stopped moving.
Diablo was pulled out from the pleasure, as if cold water was splashed on him. Sobering up all at once, he looked at the entrance.
*Fuuuu……* The intruder let out a breath like that of a carnivorous animal.

「……You’re so loud that I can’t sleep, you know?」

It was Rem.
Her eyes were sparkling in a golden color.
Anger was being released from her whole body.
It were as if she herself had become a Demon King or something.
*Gaku gaku* Rafleisha trembled in fear.
Even in this sort of situation, Diablo said it straight out with his Demon King role play!

「……I am sorry.」

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