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Chapter 6.6

Part 6

When he turned around, it was when someone was coming down from the sky.
There were two people.
One of them was a slender young girl.
She wore a china dress-style outfit where the chest was open in a diamond shape. Her black hair was done up in a side tail to the right.
A Seiryuutou (Green Dragon Crescent Blade)[1] of absurd size was hung at her waist.
She was a beautiful young girl, but it seemed that she was not a person of the Races. From the dress that had a deep slit in it, a tail with scales and resembled that of a dragon’s was hanging out. And she had grown wings from her back.

──A Demonic Being!?
The other one was a giant was more than twice as big as an average person of the Races. It was most likely a man.
It was wearing armor, but there was only one gigantic eyeball on its head. It was a so-called 《Cyclops》-type Demonic Being.
It held a Shakujo (Khakkara/monk’s staff)[2] in its hand. It was only a bit longer than its height, but it was also about five meters long.
Despite having a mouth that was lined with tusks like that of a beast, the Cyclops spoke fluently.
「I thought that I had sensed Cardia’s magical power but……」
It would seem that although they were Demonic Beings, they were not Cardia’s subordinates.
The young china dress girl pouted her lips.
「It’s totally not here.」
「I am terribly sorry. However, is this not the 《Sealing Crystal》 that was in our order?」
The orb that Diablo kicked away earlier was tumbled at their feet. It was the Divine Crystal that sealed Cardia.
Durango shouted.
「Not good! We must not hand that over to the Demonic Beings!」
「One thing after another, what a pain!!」
Diablo readied his weapon.
Rose stepped forward.
「I shall, stop them!」
It was an appropriate judgment. In the event that he used a powerful magic strong enough to repulse the Demonic Beings, there was the possibility that it would also end up destroying the orb.
Separating the enemy from the orb first using close combat was a good plan.
Kicking the ground, Rose closed in on them.
From her back, gigantic machine arms appeared. It was the 《Magimatic Soul》. She abruptly fired a killer technique.
The mechanical arms made a directly horizontal side swipe with the double-headed sword that it held in

its hands.
The Cyclops received it with his Shakujo.
From the battles up until now, they had expected that it would easily bisect him but──
A loud metallic sound resounded.
Immediately following that──The Cyclops went from a receiving stance and fired a “thrust” in an instant. It was as if a motion frame was skipped.
It was way too fast, and he couldn’t see it.
With a speed twice as fast as when she was thrusted into, Rose was blown away.
A cloud of dust was raised, and she had fallen flat on the ground.
Diablo reflexively shouted.
Using her left arm, she raised her body up. Thank goodness, she seemed to be alive.
However, the right arm that should have been holding her weapon wasn’t to be found.
Rose’s right arm was gone from her shoulder!
It had tumbled down in a place distant from her, still holding onto her weapon.
The 《Magimatic Soul》 had vanished. He didn’t know if it vanishes when it receives damage, or if she had put it back but……
The Cyclops talked sounding impressed.
「Hou, so you can still move, doll.」
The young china dress Demonic Being girl with a dragon tail picked up Cardia’s...o...b..
「I will go and deliver this. You clean this place up.」
Durango stepped forward.
「W, wait! Why, are you taking that!? You two, do you plan on reviving Cardia!?」
If they were Demonic Beings, their objective should be the Demon King’s revival.
However, in that case, they should just destroy the orb. Why was there a need to take it away?
The young girl smiled with a grin.
「Fufun……That’s wrong. We won’t let someone like Cardia revive. The Great Demon King Modinalaam-sama is going to absorb this!」
「Great Demon King!? Is that the one who revived in the western Demon King territory……!?」
「I don’t really know how they are introduced for the people of the Races though.」
「That guy, you said they were……going to absorb, Cardia?」
「Even if it were to fight against the Races while still incomplete, it would eventually be forced back, right? It’s because although the people of the Races are weaklings in times of peace, when the fights continue, they suddenly become strong. That is why Modinalaam-sama said that he is going to become complete.」
The Cyclops muttered.
「That is something you must not talk about.」
「Nn? Ah……Erm, then, you go an ma.s.sacre them. If you do that,

that, it’ll be the same as not talking about it!」
「Ufufufufufufu……If I take this back, I will receive praise from Great Demon King-sama. I might become even stronger!」
Durango tried to detain her.
「W, wait! I cannot let you go……ッ!!」
「You fool, concentrate on the enemy before you!」
Diablo shouted.
The young Demonic Being girl already held Cardia’s...o...b..in her arms. If he used a high powered magic, it would only end up destroying it.
In this situation, he didn’t think that making the Demon King revive was the correct action.
──In the worst case, we’ll end up facing against two Demonic Beings and Cardia at the same time!?
It wasn’t a simple enemy even when it was alone.
Rose, who made the 《Magimatic Soul》 appear, defeated a Large Black Dragon with one attack. She was strong enough to mow down the enemy altogether if they were small-type Demonic Beings.
But that Cyclops had floored her with one attack.
He was without a doubt a formidable enemy.
Moreover, going by the att.i.tude of the young Demonic Being girl wearing a china dress, she was probably even stronger than the Cyclops.
──These guys, they aren’t small fry.
They were either equal to the commander of the Demon King army that attacked Zircon Tower City, Vanaknes, or stronger.
The young Demonic Being girl holding the orb spread out her dragon-like wings. She rose up.
「Seeー yaー, I’ll leave the rest to you!」
She flew away.
Diablo didn’t take his gaze off from the Cyclops.
「Rem, Shera, protect Rafleisha and yourselves!」
「……Y, yes. Leave it to us.」
「Un! Be careful!」
The two girls had many experiences of being together with Diablo when he fought against a formidable enemy. They understood how much distance they needed to take.
Diablo turned his Magic Sword towards the Cyclops.
「Hmph……Close combat seems to be your strong point. In that case, let us test out how well you do in a fight against a Magician.」
「How comical.」
「What did you say?」
「When trampling an ant, you do not worry about every little thing like what that ant’s specialty is. All people of the Races, are weak.」
「Kukuku……To think you would treat me like an insect. If you have the ability that corresponds to that tall talk of yours, then show it to me!」
He poured magical power into his large sword, the 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》.
At the same time, the Cyclops moved.
Despite his large

his large build, he had an uncommon speed.
In an instant, he appeared right before his very eyes.
「Ze ah!」
He came with a thrust with his gigantic Shakujo. Diablo invoked his magic faster than that.
「《Darkness Cannon》!!」
It was a high ranking Darkness attribute magic. A jet black cannonball was fired. Moreover, due to the effect of his weapon, seven shots were scattered like a buckshot.
The Demonic Being’s silver armor was smashed up.
The Cyclops was taken aback in a showy way.
However, Diablo’s field of vision was also dyed red.
Even despite choosing magic that had an especially fast activation even amongst the other high power magic spells, he ended up with a simultaneous strike with this Demonic Being.
Moreover, even though it looked like he didn’t use a big move against him, he had received a good amount of damage.
It seemed that the Cyclops also found the simultaneous strike to be surprising.
「A mere person of the Races had……!?」
He raised an astonished voice.
Diablo raised up the ends of his lips.
「Good……You’re pretty tough. You’re much more of a formidable opponent than even Cardia, aren’t you. You mere underling!」
「Be crushed!」
Making use of the difference in their height, he slammed the Shakujo into him from overhead.
When he thought that, the ground was already gouged out.
He was truly fast.
「However, your movements are simple!」
If it went as he expected, it was possible to evade.
Although Diablo was a Magician, due to this foresight and reaction speed, close combat was his strong point.
He thrust the 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》 which had the shape of a sword.
With a Magician’s STR, even if it was a high level weapon, he couldn’t expect to make any significant damage with a physical attack.
That wasn’t his aim, and he fired a magic that could only be used at point-blank range.
「Become ash──《Matoi Izuna》!!」
At the tip of the sword, a clump of lightning appeared. The shining sphere was absorbed into the Cyclops’ large build.
*Bachi bachi* Sparks spread.
With his whole body making spasms, the Cyclops shouted.
*Gutsu gutsu* His gigantic eyeball was boiling.
《Matoi Izuna》 was a Wind and Light attribute magic. After continually giving slip damage for a fixed amount of time to the opponent and paralyzing them, it had an effect of giving a large amount of damage.
An explosion occurred.
A pillar of light pierced the heavens.
When Demonic heavens.
When Demonic Beings were defeated, they would change into particles of light.
However, before Diablo’s eyes, the Cyclops was standing there despite his whole body being scorched.
「Kill, you!」
「d.a.m.ned st.u.r.dy fellow……」
While shouting, the Demonic Being blindly swung his Shakujo.
So against Diablo who made predictions and evaded, this was an attack to not let him do that. Despite him being in this kind of situation, it was a calm judgment.
With his options reduced, Diablo could only fall back.
However, in terms of speed for closing the distance, the Cyclops was higher.
The Shakujo drew near.
「That is an appropriate attack, I shall praise you. However, you aren’t watching your surroundings, are you.」
The Cyclops’ head flew.
At his back, Rose, who had made the 《Magimatic Soul》 appear, stood there. Her right arm was missing, but she had her left arm make a directly horizontal sweep.
Matching that movement, the gigantic arms that extended out from empty s.p.a.ce held the double-headed sword in its left hand, and made a directly horizontal side sweep.
「Fuuー, fuuー……I will not, let you interfere……with Master!」
「Good job, Rose. Leave the rest to me.」
Her lips trembled.
Rose was a Magimatic Maid, a machine. Both her expressions and her gestures should be the operating results of her AI. Even so, her emotions were transmitted to him to the point that it hurt.
She had pride. She wouldn’t let it end with her losing.
In order to let Rose attack, Diablo induced the Demonic Being to chase after him in a straight line.
Even after losing his head, the Cyclops was not extinguished.
Even without a field of vision or thoughts, his fighting spirit was still going strong, and he was still swinging his Shakujo. His attack that was like a tornado was still going strong.
Diablo readied his large sword.
「You’re a tenacious fellow. I shall give you another shot! 《Matoi Izuna》!!」
The large bodied Demonic Being was smashed up.
Finally, the Cyclops became particles of light, and dispersed.
Rose nodded looking satisfied.
Rem and Shera raised an applause, and Rafleisha let out a sigh of relief.
With the battle of a whole other level that happened before his eyes, Durango was astounded.
The Elves ran over from within the forest while raising their voices. Diablo put up his guard, wondering what was going on.
The Elves shouted.
They were, words praising his victory.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: 青龍刀
[2] Original: 錫杖

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