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Chapter 6.5

Part 5

With the heart portion still floating in mid-air, Rafleisha was carried over by the slender tentacles.
She got down to the center of the plaza.
Her black eyes, shined red.
「I tried coming here, because there was a large magical power……but……to think it was a person of the Races.」
The appearance and voice was that of Rafleisha, but the tone was that of a completely different person.
As if they were the strings of a puppet, tentacles stretched out to Cardia’s main body that was in the sky.
He felt like he would be overpowered by that strangeness.
He would lose if he faltered.
Diablo put strength into his abdomen.
「You……Are you Cardia?」
「That is right, person of the Races.」
「I, am the Demon King of another world Diablo. Do not consider me the same as a person of the Races.」
「Diablo? I have……not heard of you.」
「Kukuku, so the Demon King that lost to G.o.d, and moreover just a mere fragment of it, does not know of me. I am the true Demon King. Be sure to remember that!」
Durango was astounded.
「Is that truly the Demon King Cardia!? Why, did it revive……!?」
Rafleisha simply grabbed her own head with her left hand. Her being expressionless made the eeriness all the more prominent.
「This Dark Elf……was tainted……with hatred, enmity, and resentment. She wanted to kill. The Elves. The Humans. To ma.s.sacre them all!」
With her own nails digging into her, blood ran down on her forehead.
Durango groaned.
「So she was manipulated? The Demon King, doing that to a Dark Elf priest……」
「It is an unleashing……Unleashing of her will……Fulfilment of her true desire! Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!」
Diablo’s group was at a loss for words at the words and actions of the Rafleisha with a strange atmosphere.
However, brushing aside that mood, Shera shouted.
「That’s a lie! She said it after all! That it would be great if the Elves and the Dark Elves got along, she said that!」
Rafleisha’s blazingly shining eyes suddenly went wide open.
「GUUOOo……An Elf!! Elfffff! You d.a.m.ned traitor! Unforgivable! Give him backkkkkー!!」
At the same time she screamed, she stuck the orb out.
Cardia’s tentacles became like whips, and came stretching out this way.
Durango bravely tried to protect her.
Faster than him, Diablo fired magic.
「《Flare Burst》!!」
Explosions took place, and engulfed the approaching tentacles. They were burnt away.
──Yosh, magic gets through to it!
If it possessed Reflection or Void, it would have been a troublesome opponent, but it didn’t seem like it even reduced the effect.
Since it was not yet implemented, he was cautious of just how strong it was, but was it surprisingly soft?
Rem came to Diablo’s side.
「It’s strange……The orb in Rafleishsama’s hands, it is something meant to seal the Demon King……If it were completely revived, then it shouldn’t have any sort of value.」
「Fumu. Then the fact that she is carrying something like that with great care means……」
「Doesn’t it mean that the seal still exists!?」
Having discovered hope, Rem let out a cheerful voice.
Diablo wrinkled his brow.
「Hmph……So it is an “incomplete Demon King” yet again. This makes me quite unwilling. To stand before me in that sort of state……What mockery!」
Diablo turned his Magic Staff into the large sword of light, 《Tonnerre Empereur・Libéré》.
Rafleisha who stood in front of him──was not the target he decided upon. It was the black ma.s.s in the shape of the

heart that was floating overhead.
「You should scatter away from my magic. I shall give you bullets of purple lightning──《Enel Cannon》!!」
A magnetic field was formed through his magic, and a cannon ball appeared there. In an instant, it accelerated to the point of surpa.s.sing the speed of sound. Combustion spread from friction with the air.
Rem pressed down on the cat ears on her head due to the sudden thunderous roar.
The effect of his weapon was invoked, and the magic was magnified sevenfold. The MP consumption also skyrocketed just as much though.
Diablo shouted.
「If you do not want to get dragged into this, then get away from me!」
「……Y, yes.」
The sh.e.l.l that was sent flying hit Cardia.
Several tentacles were blown away.
──What about the the main body’s magic resistance?
Rem’s eyes opened wide.
「No way!? How could it be uninjured!?」
「Hmph……That is only natural. If it were to go down with just one or two shots of magic, then it would not be called a Demon King.」
Although he said that acting composed, he was fl.u.s.tered in his mind. If his magic was completely voided, far from just one or two shots, it would be uninjured even if he loaded a million shots on it.
Having absolutely no information was harsh.
──Well, if I were part of the front runner groups in the completing of new content, having no information would be the norm though!
Diablo used MP Recovery and Reinforce Magical Power Potions that he pulled out from his pouch.
「Feel terror, you incomplete product! I shall infinitely drive magic into you until you crumble into dust! Be frozen, 《Ice Age》!!」
As if being forced back, Rafleisha shouted.
Cardia’s tentacles bent, and approached once again.
Moreover, this time it was ten at once……And within those, there was another ten.
They pa.s.sed through the wave of extremely low temperature.

With the impact running through him, Diablo fluttered about in midair.
It had quite the power.
His back crashed into large tree.
The air was spit out from the insides of his lungs. He nearly regurgitated his lunch.
Rem and Shera raised screams.
──I won’t allow myself to fall in such an unsightly manner!
Although Diablo had gotten to his knees, he immediately stood up.
His body felt heavy as if he were carrying a lump of lead on his back or something. It seemed that he had received a considerable amount of damage.
──That was incredible might. Its range is super long range. It makes several simultaneous attacks that it doesn’t seem like it’s from a single enemy. And it’s hard to even catch the tips of the tentacles with the naked eye, huh.
Those were quite broken abilities.
「Kukuku……Good, as expected of a last monster. Isn’t this what is expected of a Demon King!」
It wasn’t like Diablo had one-sidedly received an attack.
Due to his freezing magic 《Ice Age》, a majority of Cardia’s prided tentacles stopped moving.
Nevertheless, it seemed that there was no damage to the main body.
Although Diablo took an att.i.tude that had an air of composure, he was thinking about this and that.
Even in the game, there were times where the enemy’s stamina gauge didn’t look like it decreased even though the attacks. .h.i.t. Was there some sort of mechanism to it? Or could it be that due to having an enormously huge amount of stamina, the amount it

it decreased couldn’t observed?
Rafleisha gritted her teeth.
「What’s wrong? Do you not have any weapons other than those tentacles? As for me, I still have many more brutal magic spells. I shall let you try the next one.」
「Kill! Those guys that took that person away……Will not be forgiven! AaAAaaaaAAAH!!」
She wasn’t looking this way.
She was a completely insane Warrior.
Diablo strongly bit down his molars.
「That, again……If you call yourself a king, then you should take pride in standing at the summit even in intelligence. Learn that fights are not so easy that you can win by becoming like a beast of the fields and losing your presence of mind!」
An attack through tentacles just like earlier came.
「Do not bore me, Cardia! 《Lightning Storm》!!」
It was a high level magic that possessed Light and Wind attributes. A tornado obstructed the tentacles, while lightning brushed away the enemy.
No matter how fast the tentacle attack was, it wasn’t as fast as lightning.
Due to the magic that had a quick activation after determining the attack’s target, it gave damage while obstructing the opponent’s attack. The tentacles turned into ash.
If he fired this in rapid succession, at the very least, he wouldn’t be outpushed. All that was left was to deal with how the main body seemed to be uninjured.
Was there some sort of mechanism? Or was it simply st.u.r.dy?
Dazzlingly bright magical power overflowed from the orb, and flowed to Rafleisha.
She spat up blood.
Shera talked.
「Diablo! The Demon King’s power is coming out from that ball!」
──The magical power from the orb is flowing into Rafleisha……And to the Cardia overhead?
It wasn’t the other way around?
He thought for sure that the one floating overhead was the main body, and that after Rafleisha’s role of lifting the seal, she was only being used as a terminal for conversational use but……
Putting things together with Rem’s earlier words, he thought about it.
「Ku ku ku……I understand now, Cardia. You, you are still sealed, aren’t you!?」
「Shut up!」
「So you are only manipulating Rafleisha from inside the orb, giving her magical power, and making her fight. The huge thing above, it’s merely an illusion.」
In that case, no matter how powerful the magic that he hit it with was, no matter what attribute he tried out on it, it made sense that it would seem uninjured.
Diablo fired his magic not at the heart that floated in the sky──not at Cardia, but at the Rafleisha who held the orb.
「《Lightning Arrow》!!」
The high speed bullet of light flew with high precision towards the orb that was in her hands.
The opponent didn’t move.
The bullet of light……

Just before it hit the orb──swerved.

Diablo didn’t hit it on purpose.
Maybe because she was being manipulated, Rafleisha’s expression didn’t change, but the Demon King’s emotions appeared in the magical power flowing from the orb.
For an instant, it was cut off.
Bewilderment? Surprise? Or was it disappointment?
Diablo shrugged his shoulders.
「If I apply the conditions from the time with Rem, if either magical power is poured into the orb, or if it is destroyed, the seal will be broken, right?」
Or, the Ceremony Magic that undoes the seal. Rafleisha should have known it, but she didn’t hold a ceremony. She was dominated by hatred and turned into Cardia’s puppet, but she might not be completely dominated.
「In either event,

either event, you were hoping that the seal would break from another person’s attack, weren’t you? Naive. Truly naive! Do not clump me together with fools that would indiscriminately exert their power if things turned into a fight.」

──Being cautious of traps when you feel that you’ve won, that is what a Gamer does!

Rafleisha’s shoulders trembled.
「U, UUuu……」
「Hmph……Were you happy since the outside of the seal was right before your fingertips? You made a mistake in judgment, you d.a.m.ned fool. To think that you would challenge this Diablo in an incomplete state.」
「UoGUgu, d.a.m.n, you! d.a.m.n youuuuuuーッ!!」
The Cardia overhead vanished.
So it really was an illusion.
The camouflage was undone.
Rafleisha only made a vacant face and stood there.
A countless number of jet black tentacles grew from the orb that was in her hands.
Diablo curved the ends of his lips.
「Did you think that the people of the Races could not see the flow of magical power? It is because of that foolishness, that you lost to G.o.d.」
In place of a shout, magical power flooded out from the orb.
The tentacles made the air oscillate.
In mid-air, a fireball that shined in a color close to white appeared. It were as if a small sun had sprung forth close to the ground.
It was enough that the heat could be felt even when away from it.
The ground was burned.
Rafleisha, who was directly below it, would not get off scot-free.
It was an attack that he had not seen before.
──Is it magic? Or could it be a special attribute attack!?
Controlling the small sun, Cardia shouted through Rafleisha’s mouth.
「Scatter away……《Falling Solar》!!」[1]
「So it was chant magic!」
Diablo stuck out his left hand.
What was fitted on his finger was the 《Demon King’s Ring》. It would reflect any and all magic──Even if it was magic that a Demon King fired.
*Kiiiiin* A high-pitched sound was made.
An undulating effect spread out in the air.
The gigantic fireball that came falling returned to the sky just like that.

Cardia, through Rafleisha’s eyes, dumbfoundedly gazed at that spectacle, and seemed to have already forgotten to even let out a voice.
He spoke even more overbearingly than ever before.
「Ku ku ku……Just now, did you, do something?」
In his mind, he wiped a cold sweat.
──Thank goodness Magic Reflection was able to workkkkkー!!
Since it was an unknown attack, in all honesty, he was extremely nervous. It’s because he felt that it would be dangerous if it made a direct hit.
Cardia was not implemented in the MMORPG Cross Reverie that Diablo knew of. It was most likely going to be implemented in the near future, and a monster greater than level 150. In other words, that just now was probably magic learned at above level 150.
Feeling a danger to his life for the first time in a while, he shuddered.
*Goton* The orb tumbled to the ground.
It separated from Rafleisha’s hands. She, while remaining expressionless as usual, leaked out a voice of deeply held resentment.
「F, for this Demon King……to lose to a mere inferior person of the Races……How could this be……」
「Are those, words for when I’ve cleared this? You are lacking ingenuity.」
「Due to this useless thing……Received humiliation.」
He had a bad premonition.
The tentacles that stretched out from the orb that had fallen to Rafleisha’s feet, all of them had lost strength, and languidly sprawled out languidly sprawled out on the ground.
However, one of them was sharp like a long sword, and stretched straight out.
Cardia’s tentacle pierced her abdomen.
It pierced through even her back.
As if she had regained her sanity through the pain, Rafleisha raised a scream with her own voice.
Cardia’s tentacle vanished, and even the discharge of the sinister magical power from the orb had stopped.
However, this wasn’t the time to focus on that.
Rem and Shera raised screams, and Durango bit his lip.
Blood loudly spilled out.
Rafleisha crumbled down.
「Ah……!? Ahh……!?」
「Don’t screw with me!」
──That unreasonably stubborn third-rate b.a.s.t.a.r.d!! On top of thoroughly using her, it took her down with it!?
Diablo ran to her.
Kicking away the orb that tumbled to her feet, he knelt down next to Rafleisha who was in a pool of blood.
「Don’t die!」
Rem came running over. Shera was also with her.
Durango talked sounding vexed.
「It’s no good……With this injury……She can’t be saved.」
「Sorr……plea, se……forgive……」
Shera grabbed her stretched out hand.
「The one to blame, is the Demon King! There’s nothing to forgive. Rafleishsan, you aren’t at fault!」
「My, weakness……Forgive, me……Forest……to the……Dark Elves……」
「I’ll keep our promise!」
With blood stained lips, Rafleisha expressed a smile.
「Thank, good……ness……you……were……the……prin……」
Strength was being lost from her hand.

Diablo used an 《Elixir》.

Rafleisha’s wound closed up in an instant, and her HP made a complete recovery. Incidentally, her MP also made a complete recovery, and any and all Bad Statuses were normalized.
She repeatedly blinked her eyes several times over what had just happened.
「……Eh? Wh……at?」
「I gave you the order “don’t die”, you know, Rafleisha?」
While feeling relieved that he made it in time, Diablo talked with a solemn voice.
「Wha!? Are you saying you brought her back to life!?」
Having already given up hope, Durango opened his eyes wide.
Even if 《Elixir》 was the strongest recovery potion, it was unable to resurrect people. He only made it in time to heal her.
Shera hugged Rafleisha.
Rem breathed a sigh.
「Fuu……You’re the same as ever, Diablo. I have no idea just how many people have been saved thanks to you.」
「Hmph……I merely found it irritating for things to go Cardia’s way, and lightly prevented it.」
Rafleisha stared at her own hands, and was dumbfounded.
「I, am not……dead……?」
「Making me spend time like that. Once you’ve calmed down, tell me what happened. Well, I can imagine the gist of it though.」
While being disoriented, Rafleisha raised her body, and lowered her head while kneeling.
「Diablo-dono, I nearly took the lives a great number of people. To think that you would even save this body of mine on top of obstructing the Demon King Cardia’s revival……Just how in the world should I thank you. Offering my life to you would be insufficient.」
「Due to a fool a.s.suming the t.i.tle of Demon King appeared before me, I merely crushed its schemes. It is not like I had tried to save you.」
「Even if that is the case, I shall never forget this favor for the rest of my life.」
「Do as you wish.」
When he thought that the first stage was completed, Rose, who was standing in wait behind him, raised her voice.
「Master, I sense high density magical power!」

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Original: オチルソラ. I wasn’t sure if I should keep it at “Ochiru Solar” or not. The moves are usually said in English or close to it.

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