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Chapter 6.4

Part 4

Diablo made a declaration.
「The true Demon King, is me alone! I shall pulverize any fake Demon King!」
「Waaaan! Diablo! Diablo! Diablo! Diablo! Diablo!」
Shera hugged him.
On top of being thirty percent more beautiful than usual by being all dressed up, she was in a dress where her chest was open, and with her continuously pressing those bulges against him……
He felt embarra.s.sed.
If his cheeks were to blush in this situation, the Demon King atmosphere would come to nothing.
Diablo forced Shera back.
「O, oi……」
──Stop it! It’s embarra.s.sing, so don’t hug me in that dress where your chest is just out in the open!
As they were doing that, Rem and Rose dashed over.
「Master, your command──Shall I eliminate the enemy?」
「Enemy huh.」
At Durango’s back, Elven soldiers holding swords and bows gathered.
As he thought, even if he used the effect of his mantle, the 《Call of Darkness》, their fighting spirit won’t break in this situation. The opponent was also desperate. The Elves planned on taking Shera back even if they had to fight.
Diablo raised up the corners of his lips.
「Kukuku……Very well. I shall show you the difference in our abilities.」
The weapon that Elves specialized in was the bow.
However, next to Diablo, Shera was there. Since they wouldn’t be forgiven in the unlikely event that they accidentally shot her, they did not fire their arrows.
In that case, they could only use the sword.
If they planned on slashing at Diablo, they would need to be as fast as the Faltra Feudal Lord Galford.
If they had that sort of speed, the feat of cutting away the 《Lightning Arrow》 should have been possible for them.
──Sorry but this isn’t a situation where I can go easy on you……This will become one-sided you know?
「To think you would oppose me, you d.a.m.ned fools who do not know your place! I shall annihilate you!」
Diablo swung his staff.


It was a level 80 Water attribute Magic.
The Elves were cooled down all at once, and raised screams. They had already turned into a state of being annihilated.
「Gyaaaah!!」「My finger!? My fingers are!」「Frozen……We’re going to be frozen……ッ!?」
As for Durango,

as expected of his POW. His magic resistance properly succeeded.
「Guoooooh!! Everybody, fall back! Spread out!」
The Elves that were still able to fight pulled their injured companions and hid their figures in the forest.
「Hmph……Your skills are quite low, aren’t they?」
「What incredibly powerful magic……!! It couldn’t be, are you saying that you truly are a Demon King……」
「Being unable to use a bow, it would seem you are unable to display your specialty, Durango.」
He shrank away.
It seemed that his level as an Archer was high, but it’s no use if someone who holds a sword separates from the Magician.
Or, did he have a scheme?
The attendees were guided by the guards, and separated from the altar with great haste. Maybe due to always living idyllic lives, they were nothing but people with weak att.i.tudes when it came to a fight.
However, only the Queen ignored the voices of the soldiers and remained.
「Shera! What are you thinking!?」
「I will not allow this!」
「I! As I thought, I choose Diablo to be king!」
「Don’t joke around with me! That person, he claimed to be a Demon King, you know!? He’s not even counted as a person anymore.」
「Even so, I feel that, Diablo is the worthy of being Greenwood’s king!」
「How incomprehensible. You are always, like that! Explain your reasoning to me!」
「Something like reasoning……It’s because I feel that way, that I feel that way!」
──So it’s just intuition.
He didn’t think that Shera could skillfully persuade her with words from the start, but it was a discussion that was worse than he expected.
Naturally, there was no way the Queen would consent to that.
「What will you do about offspring!? Unless you have children, the Greenwood royal family will be destroyed, you know!?」
Going *Kaa……*, Shera’s cheeks went red.
「AuAWAu……Everyone just keeps saying children, children……That’s way too perverted!」
「It’s something important!」
「Even I’m, properly thinking about it! I received, th, this……from Diablo after all!」
Shera pushed her right hand out. In her opened palm, there was a silver ring.
The Queen opened her eyes wide.
「Th, that is……an Engagement Ring!?」

Even Rem and Rose gulped.
Shera nodded.
Diablo tilted

tilted his head.
──Eh? Did I, hand something like that over? Ah……When we were in the treasury of the 《Demon King’s Labyrinth》, was it that!?

Suddenly, Shera stopped her eyes on an article that was on a pedestal.
It was a silver ring.
「Hey, Rem received a ring, right? I also want one, this sort of thing.」
「Do as you like.」
There weren’t any articles that were cursed in the vicinity. Because of that, Diablo didn’t even check it.

Shera shouted.
「If I have this ring, I can have children even if it’s with another race!」
Diablo almost raised a loud voice on reflex.
In the MMORPG Cross Reverie, the Engagement Ring had no effect whatsoever and only filled up an equipment slot.
The Engagement Ring that, due to the requests of a portion of users, could only be obtained in an event that couldn’t be challenged unless they were a couple.
The Engagement Ring where characters that had it equipped had a high probability of being a couple with a fellow Player, and were said to be a riajuu.
Being an item collector, Diablo acquired even that kind of revolting item.
Did he partic.i.p.ate in the couple-exclusive event with someone?
That was a dark past that he didn’t want to remember.

──I made a second account, made a couple with myself, and partic.i.p.ated!

To think that the Engagement Ring that he only had bitter memories of was “an item to make children with other races”.
Moreover, to think that Diablo ended up giving that to Shera.
──Nono, wasn’t that supposed to be impossible to transfer. I was able to transfer it over to Shera so simply. Is it because this isn’t a game but reality? That degree of freedom is way too high, other world!
An unpleasant sweat came out.
To think that him, someone who was bad at even just conversing with another person let alone have love experience, of all people ended up proposing to the princess of a country.
Are you telling a pillbug to fly through the sky?
Stop it……It’s dark and cool under a rock and it feels good. Don’t try and drag me out into a place where the sun hits!
Inside of

/> Inside of Diablo’s head, nonsensical thoughts swirled about.
「Fu, fuhaha……」
He ended up letting out a weird laughter.
Rem breathed a sigh.
「……It would seem that we didn’t know much detail about the Engagement Ring, doesn’t it?」
「There isn’t a description of it in this Rose’s database either.」
「……It isn’t a weapon after all.」
「If that is equipped, then the possibility of this Rose being blessed with Master’s child is……」
「……Before that, didn’t you call yourself a doll? You aren’t even “another race”.」
While they were having that kind of back and forth, Diablo regained his normal thinking process.
He was in the middle of battle right now.
If he thought about unnecessary things, he might take an unexpected counterattack.
──I need to concentrate!
In other words, he shelved the personal relations problem, and escaped from reality with the battle.
The Queen made a bewildered face.
「No way……This can’t be……」
It was an Engagement Ring from a Demon that called himself a Demon King. As a mother, it was surely a shock.
Within the chaos, there was a calm man.
Durango readied his sword, and stood in front of the Queen.
「Queen, please fall back! This is no longer a time to be exchanging words!」
「What are you doing, guards! Would you take the Queen away already!」
Receiving an order, the Elven soldiers finally came using force. Raising the Queen up with several people, they carried her out of the plaza.
At last, only the ones fighting were left.
The spectators gulped and watched them from outside of the plaza.
Diablo squared off against Durango.
「Now then, I suppose I will defeat you now. If you do not wish to die, then you should submit to me.」
「Fuu~……You are a mysterious man.」
「What are you talking about?」
「I mean, while saying such violent things, you didn’t lay a hand on the soldiers and attendees that were running away.」
「That is──」
As he was about to say something, Shera covered him.
「It’s because Diablo is actually really kind!」
「Tha, th-th-that isn’t the case! I merely thought nothing of the small fry! You should also step back!」
He pushed Shera behind him.
Having understood him, Rem caught her, Rem caught her, and dammed up the mouth of the Elf that talked a lot with one hand.
「……Are you stupid? Diablo is displaying his ability, and trying to make the Elves obey him through fear.」
「Moga moga.」
With that explanation as well, it really destroyed the atmosphere though.
Diablo turned his Magic Staff, the 《Tonnerre Empereur》, towards Durango.
「Enough of the drivel……Hurry up, and come at me!」
「Yeah, it’s on!」
The ground shook.
The forest became noisy. Birds flew away, and the voices of beasts were raised.

Fireb.a.l.l.s came falling from the sky.

Not just in the plaza, fireb.a.l.l.s fell even outside of it where the Elves were.
Explosions occurred.
Diablo raised his voice.
「What in the world!?」
「Th, that’s cowardly, you know!?」
「You fool! This is not my magic!」
Rose made a warning.
「Master, I sense high density magical power! From the north-northwest direction──」
Without having to be told that, even Diablo could feel it. Magical power poured down on him as if he were standing in the middle of a storm.
Looking at that direction, his body trembled with a bad premonition.
「……ッ……The graveyard.」
Maybe having noticed the same thing, Durango fl.u.s.teredly made a commotion.
「It can’t be!? This is too early!」
「Tsk……So the seal was weakened much more than expected. Or maybe, its magical power was strong enough to wrench it open.」
「No, even in the past records, there is no way the seal should have broken this fast!」
Beyond the trees, a black object could be seen.
It was gigantic as if a castle were floating. It had a shape similar to a distorted strawberry. Going *Dokun, dokun*, it pulsated.

《Demon King of the Heart, Cardia》

It slowly came travelling through the sky.
Countless tentacles grew out from the black orb. It looked as if a cl.u.s.ter of serpents squirmed about it.
Above the sinister Demon King, the figure of some person was there.
It was most likely the one that took part in this unforeseen revival.
They held a orb that shined red in their hands.
Their silver hair swayed in the wind.
Their eyes were black, their skin was dark brown as if sunburnt, and their ears were long.
It was Rafleisha S. Orangewood.

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