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Chapter 6.3

Part 3

Several bullets of light fell from the sky.
It was the Magic 《Lightning Arrow》. Even just one shot of it was a considerably high grade magic. A Magician that would be able to fire this many of them──Rem knew of only one.
The decorations were smashed, the flower beds were gouged out, and the trunk of the large tree was shaved.
The attending guests raised screams.
There were even figures of some that ran away among them.
The master of ceremonies raised a hysteric voice trying to calm them down, and the priest was the quickest one to run away from the altar.
Durango hurriedly put Shera at his back and protected her.
A bullet of light hit his shoulder.
It flew through the air like a kicked pebbled.
However, it was no wonder why he was nominated by the Queen who had valued his abilities. Although his posture was broken, he withstood it without falling down.
Wind coiled about.
Someone came down from the sky to the altar.
Spreading a black mantle out

like wings, and held a staff at hand. Horns of a devil grew on their head. Proof that the blood of Demonic Beings flowed in their body was tattooed on their face──it was a male Demon.
He stood next to Shera.
He expressed a fiendish smile.
「Ku ku ku……Even if G.o.d acknowledges this, I shall not allow it, you pieces of trash. This is my property! I will not let you all do as you please!」
Throwing the bouquet of flowers in her hands, Shera hugged him.
Going *Tototo……*, Diablo regained his balance.
「Hmph, I will not allow you to get married on your own! I know I said that you belong to me. The one that you will devote your life to, is this Demon King Diablo!」
Going *Demon King!?*, the chaos of the attending guests reached its climax.
Durango drew a long sword from the waist of a guard.
He made a complete change from the dark expression he had a while ago, and was even expressing a smile.
「You said it, that you

you were a Demon King, didn’t you!? You, do you claim to be a Demon King!?」
「Kukuku……I am the Demon King of another world Diablo!」
「I am surprised, to think you were a Demon King……However, I will have you return Princess Shera!」
「Hmph……You are mistaken, youngster. This girl, she is already mine. The one doing the taking back, is me.」
「Saying such nonsensical things.」
「Oh right, a king is needed in the Greenwood Kingdom, isn’t he? In that case, why not have this Demon King Diablo do it, be the king of the country of the Elves! Fuuーhahahaha!!」
「How foolish……Who would ever acknowledge you as king!」
「In that case, it will surely revive, the Demon King that is sealed in this land.」
Among the attendees, the ones who didn’t run away, were somewhat composed.
They listened attentively wondering what he meant.
Diablo spoke with a loud voice.
「Listen well, you riffraff! The 《Demon King of the Heart, Cardia》 was sealed in this land by G.o.d! The king of this country, is the key that seals the Demon

the Demon King. And then, if the absence of the king is prolonged, the seal will be broken before long!」
「You d.a.m.ned fiend……How could you divulge that!?」
Durango readied the long sword, and filled the distance of one step.
Diablo hugged Shera’s waist with his left hand, and turned the staff that he held in his right hand at the opponent.
「If you do not acknowledge me as king, then the Demon King will be revived!」
「As I thought, you are a man of evil……Do you plan on letting the Demon King of this land revive!?」
「I do not care either way.」
「Wh, what!?」
「Whether you acknowledge me as the king of the Greenwood Kingdom──or you don’t and allow Cardia to revive, it doesn’t matter either way.」
「How idiotic. If that Demon King is awakened, the Races will be destroyed, you know!?」
「Hmph……I, will not allow that to happen.」
「What are you saying……!?」
Diablo grandly made a declaration.

「The true Demon King, is me alone! I shall pulverize any fake Demon King!」

Durango opened his eyes wide.
「……P, pulverize!? Are you pulverize!? Are you saying that you will defeat it, that Demon King……!?」
Even the attendees became uproarious.
While shedding tears from the corners of her eyes, Shera expressed a smile that no other smile up until now could compare.
「Waaaan! Diablo! Diablo! Diablo! Diablo! Diablo!」
「O, oi……」
Being hugged so tightly, Diablo forced Shera back.
Rem stood stock still.
The area around her eyes became hot.
Transparent drops fell down along her cheeks.
「……I, was stupid.」
「With My Master’s deep design and forethought, there is no one able to rival him in that regard. However, if you are able to understand the correctness of what is done, then I am sure you at least have the qualifications as a subordinate.」
Rem wiped her eyes.
「……I am pathetic. But next time, I won’t make a mistake. I, am Diablo and Shera’s companion after all!」
「To call My Master your “companion”, how arrogant.」
「Now then, let’s a.s.sist him, Rose!」
Rem started running. The Magimatic Maid followed along without being a half-step late.
「I would even without you telling me!」

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