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Chapter 5.3

Part 3

He found himself in a dreary, dried up field.
The red, rust-colored ground continued on endlessly. It was cracked, and not even a single blade of gra.s.s grew on it. Even the sky was red.
It wasn’t an evening glow, but it was covered by red clouds, and was dim.
Diablo surveyed the surroundings.
「What……is this place……?」
「Kasan said that it was 《The End》. This is my first time coming here too though.」
Shera answered him.
Was this Transfer Magic? Or was it an illusion?
The scenery made a complete change, but the figures of the others were there. Not just Shera, there was also Rem, Rose, and Rafleisha.
「……《The End》 huh. For this kind of mechanism to be in the Elf royal family’s graveyard, I hadn’t heard about it at all.」
「It’s amazing, isn’t it. Totally surprising.」
「……There’s one thing I want to confirm but, was it alright to bring me and Diablo who are of different races here?」
Shera made a face that said 「Ah」 to Rem’s question.
「Was that no good!?」
「……Did you not get the Queen’s permission!? Haaー……I understand……Let’s pretend like we didn’t come here.」
「Un. It’ll be alright if we don’t say anything! Rafleishsan too, keep it a secret, ‘kay?」

Without answering her, Rafleisha was in a daze, gazing into the distance.
Shera approached her, and waved a hand in front of her face.
Going *Ha*, she noticed her.
「Wawah!? Wh, what……!?」
「U, um……Are you alright?」
「Eh……Yes, of course. It was a bit, surprised though.」
Going *Ahaha*, both Shera and Rafleisha laughed.
Diablo dropped his gaze to his feet.
Something had fallen and sunk about half way into the ground.
He tried picking it up.
It was a gigantic crystal.
Rose came close to him.
「Master, that is the Summon Crystal of a 《Force Hydra》.」
「What did you say!?」
「There isn’t a level restriction, but there is a race restriction. Only Elves can use it.」
「Something like that is……」
In the same way, Rem dug up a slender sword from the ground. It was covered in red dirt, but a detailed design was applied to it.

this is?」
「That is an 《Acid Orion》, and a 《Corrosion》 effect is activated in its attacks. The level restriction is 160.」
Rem’s eyes went round.
Even Diablo was astonished.
──Did she say the level restriction is 160!?
For the levels of the MMORPG Cross Reverie, 150 was the highest. It meant that slender sword couldn’t be used by any of the Players.
As he thought, this other world was different from point in time of Cross Reverie that Diablo played.
In general, the level restriction was raised semiannually.
He had made this conjecture before, but it seemed that this other world was the original content for the game.
That meant that if Cross Reverie implemented all of the specifications, it would have become this other world. Naturally, it meant that the upper limit of levels would also be much higher.
To begin with, even the existence of an upper limit was unclear.
Rem surveyed the surroundings.
「……Is this, the Elves’ treasury? It’s quite different, from what I thought it would be. Like this, isn’t it almost like a dump site?」
「That is why the Elven royalty do not have an understanding of the treasured articles. Far from just not having an inventory of them, to think that they had not dug them out from the ground to begin with. Moreover, normally they would not know their abilities just by looking at them. We were able to grasp what they were thanks to Rose though.」
Things like Magimatic Maids, he had not seen any other than Rose in this world. He believed that they most likely did not exist in the Greenwood Kingdom either.
She deeply lowered her head.
「This Rose, is happy if she was able to be of a.s.sistance.」
「Umu, that was excellent work.」
While still in a bowing pose, Rose’s shoulders trembled. Going *Nfuー*, she made a rough, nasally breath. She was in a state of being secretly aroused due to Diablo’s words.
Shera shouted from a slightly separated location.
「Diabloー!? Over here! Over here! Come here!」
「Fumu……It would seem that the things scattered about here are the “important thing”. We don’t seem to

to be mistaken that they are the Elves’ treasured articles though.」
「This rough treatment of it all, I find it hard to understand.」
While saying that, Diablo and the others headed to where Shera was shouting from.
The ground came to an end.
It was a cliff.
The ground was torn, and turned into a large valley. Although it was called a valley, the opposite site was distant to the point that it was blurry. And it was deep to the point that they couldn’t see the bottom.
Shera pointed down.
「Th, this is the “important thing”!」
At the bottom of the valley, there was something pitch black.
At first, it seemed like water or something had acc.u.mulated, but that wasn’t the case.
It was a monster.
At its center, there was a mysterious...o...b..that was several times his own height. Cable shaped things crept around it. It seemed as if tens of thousands of serpents were squirming about.
Rem shrank away from the cliff.
「……ッ!? Could it be, a Demon King!?」
「What did you say!?」
「……Ah……Um……Although I haven’t seen something like that before, that is how I felt. It might be due to me having been near one this whole time though.」
As if to check on it, she touched the pouch on her waist. The remnants of the Demon King that was sealed within her were transferred to the 《Divine Crystal》.
Shera tried to cling onto him and asked.
「By Demon King, you mean that Demon King!? A real one!?」
Diablo was distressed.
──Since it’s a new monster, I can’t tell what it is without the name display!
Unfortunately, the kind feature of opening a window and referring to its profile didn’t exist in this other world.
He sent his gaze to the reliable Rose, but she only glanced below the cliff, and didn’t say anything.
Since she was a treasury watchman, she had an abundance of knowledge related to items, but she might not be well-informed about monsters.
Rafleisha opened her mouth. She muttered as if she were speaking to herself. She had a vacant expression and looked like she was daydreaming or

daydreaming or something.
「……《Demon King of the Heart, Cardia》……That is the source, the one who brings about, the fire of life……The power to change this world……」
「Oi, if you know about it, then speak.」
She regained her expression as if she was brought back to her senses with Diablo’s voice.
「O, oh please……I also only remember what I heard in old stories and don’t know much about it, you know? It is the name of the Demon King said to be sealed in this land.」
「So that, really is a Demon King. Did you say the 《Demon King of the Heart, Cardia》?」
「It most likely is.」
Hearing that story, Shera’s complexion became paler and paler.
「It’s a D-D-D-Demon King!?」
「Princess Shera, calm down. Most likely, that really is a Demon King, but it is sealed.」
「U, un.」
「It’s moving a bit but……If it revives, we probably won’t get away safely. This is only a guess though.」
「Thank goodness it’s sealedー.」
Rem talked while staring at the Demon King.
「……So the “important thing” that the Elves were entrusted with by G.o.d, was about the Demon King.」
「So it would seem. The seal itself should be somewhere though?」
「Erm, could it be this? “KOuNSOaU”」
When Shera said some mysterious words again, a rainbow-colored gem appeared in mid-air. Its size was about that of a basketball.
Several rings encircled the surroundings of the gem. They were like the rings of Saturn.
Rafleisha opened her eyes wide.
「……ッ……This is, amazing. This is my first time seeing such a large Divine Crystal. As expected of the thing that can seal the Demon King itself!」
Shera gazed at the rainbow-colored gem.
「What’s wrong, Shera?」
「Well, it looks like this seal is the same as the Greenwood Forest, and receives power from G.o.d. But, since Tou-san has died……」
「Wha!? Is, is that alright!?」
「It doesn’t look like it will be broken today or tomorrow but, it looks like it’s slowly weakening.」
Shera said that without hesitation, but it was considerably important.
The Demon King’s seal is weakening!
And then, this meant that if the Greenwood Kingdom doesn’t have a king, the seal will the seal will break before long.
Rem wiped sweat off from her forehead.
「……I understand the reason why the Queen forced her daughter to get married, and is performing the wedding so hastily. This is far from just the forest’s blessings.」
Diablo was also of the same opinion.
「This concerns not just the Elves, but the life and death of the Races.」
「……And the fact that she did not tell us about this despite this, is this a secret only to the Elves?」
「Or maybe, it is a secret only the Elven royal family. The more people that know about it, the easier it is for the secret to become public knowledge.」
「……Certainly, there is no need to inform the citizens about this. I also feel like I know the reason why the treasured articles weren’t collected all that well despite them being scattered about.」
Even if it was sealed, there isn’t anyone that would want to get close to the Demon King.
Compared to the monsters that had made their appearances up until now, the 《Demon King of the Heart, Cardia》 had an extremely grotesque appearance.
Just how much would its strength be?
For the nature of MMORPGs, the Players steadily get stronger. Inevitably, they get as strong as the new event monsters.
The fact that Diablo did not know about it meant that this thing was not implemented──the possibility that it would appear in a future event was high.
In the game, he had defeated the 《Demon King of the Brain, Enkvalos》 going solo, but he should consider this 《Demon King of the Heart, Cardia》 being of a higher level.
The Lifelia Kingdom’s guarding against the Greenwood Kingdom isn’t strong. The line of defence of the Races is heavy against the Demon King territory in the west, while this place was inside of it. There wasn’t a large defensive point from here to the royal capital.
Alicia who was at the royal capital, Lumachina at the Grand Chapel, the employees of the 《Phoenix House》 inn, Diablo remembered the various people that he met in town.
──If this guy were to revive, everyone would die.

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